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16 Best Screen Recorder Apps for Android and iPhone

Do you know which applications are the best Android and iPhone screen recorders? In this article from SPY24, we introduce the top Android screen recording apps and the best iPhone screen recorder app.

After the popularity of several desktop video recording software, screen recording applications have recently entered the smartphone market, and the number of available apps is growing every month. Suppose you want to show someone how to log in to their account on a website. You could write them an email or take multiple screenshots to guide them, but the best thing you can do is to record your screen while performing the steps. When you record your screen, you can also capture all the taps and swipes, mouse movements, and clicks so the other person knows exactly what to do. In this article, you can find the best mobile screen recording software suitable for your needs and easily download and install it via the provided link. READ More: How to Take Screenshots Off A Cell Phone Remotely.

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Which is the best screen recorder app for Android and iOS mobile phones?

Screen recording, also known as screencasting, is mostly used when making instructional videos, product demos, and other videos that require video instructions. With the help of a microphone, you can even guide someone on the video and send them the video. Moreover, you can even record games in the same way. To record your phone’s screen, you will need a screen recording app for your iPhone or Android. In the following, we will introduce some of the best mobile screen recording software to you. Due to the wide variety of screen recording apps for iOS and Android in the stores, comparing all of them and finding the best app for your particular device can take days. This overview of the top screen recording applications for iPhone and Android in 2023 makes things easy for you.

Best Download the screen recording apps for your phone

In this section of the article, we intend to introduce the best apps for recording videos from Android and iPhone screens. First, we will provide you with a list of software and then go on to introduce and review each one separately.

  1. AZ Recorder
  2. Go Record
  3. DUU Screen Recorder
  4. Super Screen Recorder
  5. !Record it
  6. TechSmith Capture 
  7. Screen Recorder! Record Now
  8. +Screen Recorder
  9. Screen Recorderº
  10. XRecorder
  11. Screen Recorder V
  12. One Shot 
  13. Screen Recorder
  14. Mobizen
  15. ADV Screen Recorder
  16. Lollipop Screen Recorder

The best screen recorder app should have the following important features:

  • Ability to provide many high-quality files in a short amount of time.
  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Ability to record all audio and visual components and animations.
  • Ability to record webcam footage.
  • Ability to record system sound and microphone audio.
  • Free and accessible.

It should also provide users with the necessary tools to easily and comfortably record their screens. Based on these seven features, you can download the best screen recorder app according to your needs.

There are many uses for screen recording apps. As you know, the most comprehensive and influential media is video. Video content helps increase the quality and efficiency of your training. You can use this feature to report site and software malfunctions, collect instructional videos, and more.

In recent years, particularly with the spread of the coronavirus, many classes are held virtually, and seminars are conducted as webinars. Screen recording apps help you capture class and webinar footage.

Nowadays, instructional videos, ASMR, fun and entertainment, and more are available on YouTube. If you don’t want to save YouTube videos, you can use Android and computer screen recording apps. There are also different ways to download YouTube videos. To learn about these methods, refer to our article on the best way to download from YouTube.

In response to the question of what screen recorders are for, we can mention three cases:

  • Screen recording for instructional videos
  • Screen recording for capturing important information
  • Screen recording for gaming.

1- AZ Screen Recorder – The Best Mobile Screen Recording App for Android and iOS

Whether you are looking for a screen recorder for Samsung, Huawei, iPhone, or any other phone, it doesn’t matter! AZ is one of the best mobile screen recorder apps that, with suitable controls, a wide range of recording settings, and a primary video editor, can be the most appropriate option for recording and editing videos from your phone’s screen.

You can adjust the necessary parameters using a small popup window that appears as soon as you start recording from your phone’s screen. You can also enable touch images on the screen and record microphone sound if desired. The settings provided in this app allow you to adjust video resolution, frame rate, and orientation when recording video footage from an iPhone or Android and even turn on time-lapse recording when necessary. You can use the links below to download the AZ Screen Recorder for iPhone and Android with sound.

AZ Screen Recorder

The AZ Screen Recorder app has been an excellent and efficient option among the best mobile screen recorder apps, offering many of its features in settings and options mentioned so far. This practical app allows you to capture parts of the screen or sections that you need to prepare a video based on your needs and even supports sound. You can access the download link, advantages, and disadvantages of the app below.

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AZ Screen Recorder Features:

  • Useful and practical settings
  • Ability to set quality
  • Support for audio recording
  • Simple user interface
  • More than 50M+ million downloads on Google Play
  • Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
  • Suitable for all age groups

Pros: Compatibility with all smartphones, providing key and useful settings, availability of essential parameters
Cons: Premium version available, which requires a purchase to remove ads.

2- Go Recorder – The Best Android Screen Recorder App for Games

This screen recorder app for your phone is ideal for recording video games, and you don’t even need to root your mobile device when creating a screencast. This app is very user-friendly and allows you to easily record HD videos with just a few taps. Before starting the recording, you are faced with a 3-second delay when launching the Go Recorder app, which you can use to prepare to capture your iPhone or Android screen.

Go Recorder

After recording, you can use the Go Recorder app for quick editing and deleting unwanted parts of your video. The software also allows you to share your videos on Facebook, YouTube, and other popular social media sites. If you’re looking for the best app to record footage from your phone’s screen while playing games on an Android or iOS device, Go Recorder is a great option.

If you’re looking for an app to capture footage from your phone’s screen, there are many options available, so you need to determine your specific needs before choosing an app. Go Recorder has excellent features that provide ease of use and better functionality, including good settings options that allow you to record videos according to your preference and needs. This app is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms, and you can download it from the following links.

Go Recorder App Features:

  • Ability to add music to video files
  • Basic video editing section
  • Sharing capabilities for recorded videos
  • Ability to set video quality levels

Pros: Supports audio recording, offers different modes for capturing video, has a relatively simple but professional interface
Cons: Contains ads. Its settings may be confusing for some users

3- DU Recorder – The Best Android and iPhone Screen Recorder App in terms of Recorded Video Quality

The DU Recorder app allows users to record their smartphone screens with a quality of 1080 pixels and a speed of 60 frames per second at a rate of 12 megabytes per second. This app supports a wide range of video sizes, frame rates, and bitrates, allowing you to choose the screen recording quality that best suits your needs.

DU Recorder

DU Recorder also allows you to use FaceCam to create picture-in-picture videos. With this app, you can create gameplays, tutorials, product or app reviews, and interesting GIFs.

DU Recorder includes video editing, direct playback, and image retouching functions. This top-rated screen recorder app for both iOS and Android is a versatile tool that offers advanced features, allowing you to create high-quality videos. While it doesn’t have VFX or filters to enhance the overall look of a video, it is still a reputable and multi-purpose tool for screen recording on both platforms. You can download the screen recorder app for iOS and Android through the links below.

Features of the DU Recorder app:

  • Professional image and video editing
  • Ability to add subtitles to videos
  • Support for ambient sound while recording screen
  • Key settings that are useful and easy to adjust

Pros: Supports common audio and video formats, fast saving speed, ability to edit and create videos as desired
Cons: Some features require purchasing the premium version.

4- Super Screen Recorder – Phone Screen Recorder without Watermark

Super Screen Recorder provides a user-friendly and lightweight interface, as well as a powerful video editing tool. Additionally, you do not need to root your phone, and there is no time limit for recording.

Super Screen Recorder offers high-quality videos. It also gives you complete freedom in setting resolution, frame rate, and bitrate. Additionally, it has pause/continues functionality and allows you to hide the floating window.

The Super Screen Recorder app has been a completely different option among the best Android screen recording apps. As you can see from the image below, by installing one app, you can have access to several useful tools. The practical settings and complementary tools have undoubtedly been a good option for you, and you can access other information and features of the app below.

Super Screen Recorder

This app also supports FaceCam, a GIF maker, and a brush feature that helps you enhance your designs and videos. The software does not use any special watermark but allows you to add your own watermark to advertise your brand. Use the links below to download the best mobile screen recorder app, Super Screen Recorder.

By installing and launching the Super Screen Recorder app, you can access many parameters and modes, all of which are designed to solve your problems. If you have decided to download the Super Screen Recorder app for Android or iOS, you can access its links below, which undoubtedly know that this app is an excellent choice for recording sound-enabled mobile screens with many sections and good settings.

Features of Super Screen Recorder app:

  • Ability to make clips from scratch
  • Supports other audio and video files
  • Professional interface with easy access to tools

Pros: Allows you to create GIFs, enables you to add a watermark, and gives you access to many parameters.
Cons: You need to purchase the premium version to access all sections.

What are the best screen recorder apps for iPhones?

In recent years, the iPhone platform has had more apps compared to the past. In this article from the SPY24 website, we aim to introduce you to the best screen recorder app for iPhone, which undoubtedly, by installing them, you can solve many of your problems in terms of filming the screen. It should be noted that all the apps introduced in the iPhone app section were also available for the iPhone, but the options below were only specific to iOS and had significant differences with them. In the following, we will introduce you to the best screen recorder app for iPhone.

1- !Record it – The best screen recording app with Facetime for capturing phone screen videos.

This software offers remarkable features. In addition to recording your phone’s display, it allows you to use the Facetime camera to record your reactions. The Record It app also has editing capabilities and allows users to share files via AirDrop or Open In.

This screen recording app was developed primarily for iOS 12 or higher single-touch controls, and its video editing features include cropping, rotation, different filters, adjustable playback speed, and various background options. Videos are saved in the app for quick access, but you can also save them in the camera roll or upload files to YouTube. Click on the link below to download the screen recorder app for iOS with sound! Record it.

!Record it

Record is a screen recording app that has many features, which we will discuss below. Note that this app can directly access your gallery to play images and recorded videos, and you can directly share them on various social networks and messaging apps. You can access the download link for this app below.

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Features of the Record app:

  • Completely exclusive to iPhone
  • Easy and fast sharing of captured videos
  • High-quality video recording

Pros: Various useful tools and sections, support for social networks, simple and user-friendly interface.
Cons: It may not be a good option for multitouch, but it is good for single-touch.

2- TechSmith Capture – A screen recorder app for iPhone with a small size and simple interface

Those who have Apple mobile devices can easily use this app to record their screen feed. The TechSmith Capture software allows you to record video from your iPhone screen with standard resolution, but you cannot change the bitrate or access other advanced settings.

Another drawback is the lack of emojis or VFX to add to your videos, but with the 3D Touch feature, you can easily overlook this flaw. The 3D Touch feature gives you easy access to the screen recorder on iPhones with just a simple tap. Although TechSmith Capture does not have video editing tools, it allows you to easily transfer your files to Snagit or Camtasia and use them for editing. Unfortunately, TechSmith Capture’s sharing options are also disappointing because you cannot upload your clips directly to Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter.

TechSmith Capture

It is worth noting that among the mobile screen recording apps, TechSmith Capture is one of the oldest in this field, and with its old experience and many features, it has been able to cover many user needs in various fields. TechSmith Capture has a simple interface that allows you to start the screen recording process with a simple touch, and later you can access the advantages, disadvantages, and download links of the application.

TechSmith Capture Features:

  • Very user-friendly
  • Use of 3D features
  • Easy transfer of videos

Pros: Simple interface, high speed in storage

Cons: No video editing tool, does not support sharing on social networks

3- Screen Recorder! Record Now – The best mobile screen recording software with animation effects

This app is an excellent screen recorder for recording all kinds of instructional videos, gameplay recordings, video demos, and various other clips on the iPhone. As the name suggests, its primary goal is high-quality screen recording. The Record Now! software has a fast and easy editor that allows users to adjust their clips by cutting them or adding interesting effects. This app also includes animation movements that will be particularly useful for people who record instructional videos.

Screen Recorder!

If you want to have access to a sound screen recorder on the iPhone and take advantage of high-level settings and features to create instructional files, our recommendation is to use the Screen Recorder! Record Now app, which has become one of the most popular options for iPhones today and has many advantages. A simple video editor is included in the Screen Recorder! The Record Now app allows you to edit your videos and add beautiful effects to them.

Screen Recorder! Record Now Features:

  • Availability of a video editor
  • Supports various networks
  • High speed in storage and high-quality recording

Pros: The best option for making instructional videos, support for audio during screen recording

Cons: The full version requires payment

4- +Screen Recorder – The best application for recording videos from your phone screen with adjustable video speed

With the Screen Record Plus app, you can record your favorite games and applications. This mobile screen recorder app has all the standard features found in other apps, along with an incredibly powerful editor that allows you to adjust the recording speed of the video, change the display orientation, and even add filters. You also have the ability to adjust the quality and screen recording settings.

+Screen Recorder

+Screen Recorder is a powerful yet relatively unknown app among the introduced app, which may not offer more iPhone screen recorder settings than other options, but it’s worth noting that it has a high level of power that can make you independent of similar apps. +Screen Recorder features a video editor, and we will discuss its main advantages for you, dear users.

Features of the +Screen Recorder app:

  • Offering different modes for video recording
  • Useful and practical settings

Pros: Ability to add filters to the video, adjustable video quality

Cons: Has not reached the popularity it should have

5- Screen Recorderº – A screen recording app for lightweight phones

This app has an incredibly simple and user-friendly interface. It has the common features of a screen recording app. There is the ability to add an audio file while recording the iPhone screen. You can also adjust the recorded video quality. This app has ads due to being free, but these ads will be removed by purchasing the premium version of the application.

Screen Recorderº

Screen Recorderº app, which has a high similar to Samsung’s screen recorder, has been a good option and, of course, the latest option among screen recording apps for iPhone, which has some good tools and features. When using the app, you must be prepared to see ads as they have removed their premium version.

Features of the Screen Recorderº app:

  • Simple and stylish user interface
  • Various options for recording videos

Pros: Adjusting the recording settings, useful tools

Cons: Relatively high amount of ads

What is the best screen recorder for Android?

It can be said that almost all of the iPhone screen recorders with the sound that was mentioned in the above description are among the most popular and professional ones for iOS. In the following, we introduce some key applications in this area that have been released for Android. If you are an Android user and looking for the best screen recording software for your phone’s display, refer to the list below. We introduce several popular and useful Android mobile screen recording software options.

1- Screen Recorder by InShot (xRecorder) – Best Screen Recorder for Android

InShot, which is a well-known app in the field of video editing, has a separate app for recording the Android screen that has many good features. The controls of this app are very easy to use. It also has a painting tool that allows you to mark any part of the screen you want. Additionally, you have control over the quality of the recorded video and can determine what quality it should be recorded and stored at. Another good feature found in this screen recording app for Android is support for multiple audio sources.

Screen Recorder by InShot (xRecorder)

This app has been the best option among screen recording apps for teachers due to its high-quality features, and it can provide you with other good features that you won’t need another app for. It is recommended that you share your opinion about the screen recording app with us.

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Features of InShot Screen Recording app:

  • One of the strongest apps in the world in this field
  • Various powerful modes for making and editing videos

Advantages: Complete settings for each section of the app, creating videos from scratch, dozens of other excellent features

Disadvantages: Has a premium version

2- Screen Recorder V – The Best Phone Screen Recorder Without Watermark

This application has many features similar to the AZ Screen Recorder app, especially in the settings it provides. With the help of this app’s settings, you can change the video resolution from 240p to 2K and the video frame rate from 24 to 60. Unfortunately, the 2K quality is only available in the pro version of this app, and you cannot use it in the free version. Additionally, this application can simultaneously record internal and external audio.

Screen Recorder V

If you are looking for a screen recording app for an old phone, this app will be a good option for you, as it supports both old and new phones and has attracted many users. It is recommended that you share your thoughts about this app with us. Continue reading the article for more information on screen recording apps with SPY24.

AZ Screen Recorder Features:

  • High-quality support during video recording
  • Professional editing and saving of videos


Supports 2K quality

Ability to share recorded videos

Cons: Premium version available

3- One Shot – A Suitable Mobile Screen Recording App for Gaming

If you’re looking for quality, smooth performance, and simplicity, the One Shot app is right for you. Unlike many screen recording apps, there is no need to pull down the notification bar and click the Stop option; simply press the power button. With this app, you can also record high-quality videos and upload them directly to YouTube.

One Shot

However, this app will add a watermark to your video, and this watermark can only be removed in the paid version of the app. To download this app, which is the lightest Android screen recording software, use the link below. Send us your suggested apps not listed in the list of mobile screen capture apps.

Features of the One Shot App:

  • Simple and smooth user interface
  • The ease of use with the app, as mentioned in the description above

Pros: Easy access to tools and settings, YouTube support for video sharing

Cons: Lacks professional tools and modes

4- Screen Recorder with Webcam Support

If simplicity is what you are looking for, then Screen Recorder might be the best option for you. This app allows you to quickly and easily record video of your Android phone’s screen by pressing a blue button. This blue button is located at the top of the screen that opens on your phone.

Screen Recorder with Webcam Support

This app can record sound from your Android phone screen at up to HD resolution and a maximum of 60 frames per second, allowing you to make your clips more interesting with logos, images, and various text. The ability to turn on and record a microphone is also very useful for educational and gaming videos. Webcam support is also available. Use the link below to download the Screen Recorder app for recording videos from your phone screen. Please continue to our list of screen recording apps for more options.

Features of the Screen Recorder app:

  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • The ability to enable and disable settings for your videos

Pros: Webcam support, high-quality video recording, sound recording support

Cons: It has a premium version

5- Android Screen Recorder App; Mobizen Screen Recorder

Mobizen is a visual and user-friendly screen recording software designed specifically for Android phones. With Mobizen, you can record, edit, and capture video clips, games, and applications. This app supports HD image quality and allows you to record your face thanks to its face cam support.

Android Screen Recorder App; Mobizen Screen Recorder

This app comes with a complete selection of video editing features for Android. The Mobizen software does not require rooting your phone and enables users to remove watermarks for free using the Clean Recording mode. The application itself is also free, meaning you may encounter some ads, but you can use in-app purchases if needed. It is recommended that you share your opinion about the screen recording app with us.

Features of Mobizen Screen Recorder app:

  • Ability to use watermark for video
  • Completely free without any cost required

Pros: Face cam support, audio recording while capturing the screen

Cons: Does not have access to professional options

6- Android screen recording app; ADV Screen Recorder

ADV is another nominee for the title of the best screen recording app for Android, as it provides most of the expected features. Unlike other options on this list, this application allows users to record their phone screens with two different engines. In addition, you can add your desired resolution, frame rate, bit rate, layout, and text to the clip.

Android screen recording app; ADV Screen Recorder

While recording, you can also record front and back camera videos. Moreover, this screen recorder app allows you to pause whenever you want. ADV does not add any special watermarks and does not require root access. Additionally, you will have a three-second countdown before starting to record the screen. This minimal and free application has a negligible amount of ads and in-app purchases. Stay with us for the rest of the article on screen-capturing apps for smartphones.

Features of ADV Screen Recorder:

  • Simultaneous video recording of the screen and the back camera
  • Presence of useful and special watermarks

Pros: Providing practical options for user notification simple and completely user-friendly interface

Cons: In-app advertisements

7- Android screen recording app; Lollipop Screen Recorder

Lollipop is a user-friendly and easy-to-use screen recording app. This app is designed for smartphones with Android 5 or above. One of the positive features of this app is that you do not need to root your phone to install it. You can easily share the videos recorded by this app in other apps. With this app, you can adjust the resolution and orientation of the clip.

Android screen recording app; Lollipop Screen Recorder

Lollipop Screen Recorder probably has the easiest usage among the apps on this list and even supports recording audio! If you only need a basic screen recorder app and do not care about any of the features mentioned in this list of apps, this app is the best screen recording app for you. The article on introducing the best screen recorders for iPhone and Android has come to an end, but if you have any questions about how to activate the iPhone screen recorder, you can follow us in the comments section.

Features of Lollipop Screen Recorder:

  • Providing a list of tools and features related to recording
  • Simple interface with a user-friendly environment

Pros: Providing basic and completely practical features, supporting various networks

Cons: In-app advertisements


As mentioned above, there are numerous screen recording apps available for creating instructional videos, gaming sessions, or video demos. This article introduces some of the best screen recorder apps for Android and iOS. Readers are invited to share their experiences with these apps, as well as suggest any additional ones that may be missing from the list.

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What is the best screen recording software for Android?

This article introduces 16 of the best screen recorder apps for Android. After reviewing each app’s features, users can select their preferred app.

How can I record my phone screen without any apps?

Newer Android and iPhone models come equipped with a screen recording feature. Users who do not require a professional screen recorder can use this built-in capability.

What is the best screen recorder for Android and iPhone?

Our recommendations for the best screen recorder apps for Android and iPhone include AZ Screen Recorder, Super Screen Recorder, XRecorder – Screen Recorder, and Record it. These apps have been downloaded millions of times from Google Play and the App Store and receive high user ratings.

What is the best screen recorder for Xiaomi, Samsung, iPhone, and Huawei gaming and games in general?

Overall, there are many suitable screen recorder Apps available for Xiaomi, Samsung, iPhone, and Huawei devices; however, we recommend using the built-in screen recorder available on your phone, which is easy to use. If you wish to download additional apps, we suggest AZ Screen Recorder, Super Screen Recorder, XRecorder – Screen Recorder, and Record it.

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