World's Most Powerful Parental Control App SPY24™

Experience the world’s most potent parental control app that lets you manage content and usage on all devices and reclaim precious family moments. With our app, you can monitor and manage your kid’s cell phone activities such as location, internet usage, phone logs, app blocking, geofencing, and many more features to ensure their safety and well-being.

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Parental control

Parental controls made easy

Safeguard Your Child on the Internet

Guarantee a well-rounded and secure digital experience for your child

Monitor with Personalized Control

Tailor website access, establish time constraints, restrict apps, receive updates, and beyond

Build positive digital habits

Assist your child in fostering a sound connection with technology

Comprehensive Parental Control Tools to Safeguard Your Kids Online

Explore the features of SPY24 by clicking below and discover its capabilities

Restrict unsuitable apps, games, and sites. Permit access to kid-friendly websites while automatically blocking potentially dangerous ones.
Obtain a streamlined, real-time overview of your child's browsing history, YouTube views, social media usage, screen time, location, and more.
Combat screen addiction, maintain family moments, and promote healthy sleep patterns with consistent time limits and scheduled breaks. Plus, pause the internet with a single click.
Keep track of who your child is calling and messaging, and read their texts. Additionally, block communication with specific contacts. Calls and messages for iOS require a Mac computer
Verify your family members' whereabouts on the map and review their location history. Get notified when they enter or leave your designated areas.
Besides the real-time dashboard, receive comprehensive daily, weekly, and monthly email reports on your child's online activity. Set up alerts for specific actions and enable them to send an SOS if they require assistance.
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Assisting You with Your Concerns

Regardless of your child’s age or needs, SPY24’s parental control tools minimize the online risks they may encounter.
Employ SPY24 to oversee messages, social media activity, and phone contacts to promptly identify and block cyberbullies.
Utilize SPY24 to establish screen-free intervals before bedtime, helping your child avoid sleep-disrupting blue light exposure.
Leverage SPY24 to set device and app usage limits, preventing screen addiction in your kids.
Apply SPY24 to restrict access to adult sites and monitor your child's YouTube views, shielding them from distressing material.
Implement SPY24 to regulate screen time and scrutinize social media content, reducing the likelihood of depression and low self-esteem in your child.
SPY24 allows you to supervise your child's messages and social media posts, ensuring they don't disclose personal information to strangers.
Refer to SPY24's parenting tips articles for guidance on discussing online predator avoidance with your kids.
SPY24 empowers you to filter websites, apps, and videos accessible to your child, minimizing distractions from their education.
Utilize SPY24 to set time restrictions for specific games or block them entirely, averting gaming addiction in your child.
SPY24 enables you to designate screen-free periods, ensuring your child appreciates quality time away from electronic devices.