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Obtaining Someone Else’s Instagram Password (3 Ways to Hack Instagram Password)

Instagram password hack software: Instagram is one of the most important programs that many people in the world use today and engage in various activities. In recent years, Instagram has been one of the most important social networks that have been used for entertainment, news, earning, or even business promotion, and it is very important for all people.

Hacking Instagram is one of the topics that worries many people because their Instagram account can be a source of income or advertisement, as well as a lot of information about their personal life.
On the contrary, there are many people who want to succeed in hacking the accounts of their friends and relatives so that they can monitor and control their activities. One of the ways to hack Instagram is to hack it using different programs.

Hacking Instagram with a program is one of the methods of hacking Instagram. many people look for different programs so that they can hack other people’s accounts and monitor them. In this article from the SPY24 site, we intend to introduce you to the best Instagram Password hacking software.

What is the Instagram password hack?

Password cracking is of the most important methods of hacking social networks such as Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Password cracking is one of the normal hacking methods that are used in most places and accounts that are hacked. In fact, in many cyber-attacks, hackers are trying to crack system or account passwords.

Cracking the password is one of the easiest ways to hack Instagram; Of course, provided that the account that you intend to hack has a simple and normal password, which, of course, few people use simply passwords nowadays. But overall this method is very easy.

What is the Instagram password hack?

You just need to find the program and tool for this task, give it enough time, and the program will test different passwords for you and hack the account. Unfortunately, Instagram has not activated the I’m not a robot feature for its site, and this allows different programs to test millions of different passwords in order to succeed in hacking their desired account. But the important thing is that nothing like a weak password can please hackers who hack Instagram accounts in this way. Weak passwords are easily hacked in the shortest possible time and make the work of hackers easy. In the table below, you can see the list of 20 weak passwords in 2019.

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1: 12345
2: 123456
3: 123456789
4: test1
5: password
6: 12345678
7: zinch
8: g_czechout
9: asdf
10: qwerty
11: 1234567890
12: 1234567
13: Aa123456
14: iloveyou
15: 1234
16: abc123
17: 111111
18: 123123
19: dubsmash
20: test

Obtaining other people’s Instagram passwords; hacking Instagram with a password

Almost all Instagram hacking methods involve finding or cracking your Instagram password to be able to hack into your account. Most different methods are designed in a way that the hacker tries to steal or break your password, either easily or with difficulty. In the following, we intend to explain the three main methods of obtaining other people’s Instagram passwords to you.

1: Password Crackers

Password crackers are a category of programs used to break and find different passwords and are used to access other people’s accounts. These programs are one of the methods of hacking Instagram, which unfortunately Instagram has made their way easier and does not prevent these programs.

Password Crackers

We are all familiar with the reCAPTCHA code or “I’m not a robot” from Google. Many websites put this code on their site to prevent robots from accessing the site and hacking social media accounts. The absence of this code allows various robots to easily enter the Instagram site and check the required password to easily hack Instagram accounts using their password.

2. Keyloggers

Keyloggers are also a type of malware that can be installed on Android, Windows, or any other operating system and record all keyboard clicks in a Log file, which is then sent to the hacker. In this method, hackers can easily obtain your password by tricking you into entering it and forcing you to log into your account.

SPY24 – Keylogger App
SPY24 – Keylogger App

3. Phishing

Phishing is one of the most important methods of social engineering used to obtain someone else’s Instagram password or any other password. In this method, which is also known as hacking Instagram with a fake page, the hacker creates a program or a fake Instagram login page on the internet that deceives you into entering your login information, including your username and password. If you do this, instead of logging into Instagram, you have handed over your password to the hacker.


Other types of programs and websites that are used for phishing include programs that deceive Instagram users. For example, some Instagram follower tracking programs ask for your username and password, and if you enter them into the program, you have put yourself at risk of being hacked. Be sure to read the following: Instagram Hack with Phishing (Creating a Fake Instagram)

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Introducing some Instagram Password hacking software:

Instagram password hack software; Top 3 Instagram password cracker

1: Termux

Termux is one of the most famous and popular hacking and Password cracking tools in the world, which is known as one of the most well-known hacking tools in the Linux operating system. You can use this password cracker on various programs such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or even WhatsApp and use it to hack your desired accounts as easily as possible.


2: Instasheep

Instasheep is another program that is used for cracking Instagram passwords, and many people use it to hack accounts that have simple passwords and gain access to them. Of course, there is a fight over this program in the Internet world. Some say it’s a fake app just for fun, some say it hacks the hacker’s own phone, and some give a guarantee that the app works well.


3: Sentry MBI

Another program that you can use with Windows to hack different Instagram accounts is the Sentry MBI program, which is actually an automatic attack tool and is used in various cyber-attacks to take over accounts. This program quickly checks millions of usernames and passwords and performs hacking.

Sentry MBI

How to deal with Password hacking programs

Choosing a strong password: leaving a strong password for the account can be your best way to deal with hacking by different hackers. For a strong password, you should include lowercase English letters (a, b, c, …), uppercase English letters (A, B, C, …), numbers (1, 2, 3, …), and special characters such as (!@#$%&) to create a strong password. If you don’t have the patience to do this, you can use password generator sites like Password Generator or Last Pass and create your desired password and save it somewhere.
Change your password periodically: Another way is to change your password once a month or every two weeks to reduce the possibility of hacking.

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Method for preventing password cracking:

There are two methods for preventing the leakage or cracking of Instagram passwords, each of which can easily protect you against the hacking methods mentioned above. The first way is to use a strong password. Password crackers cannot hack complex passwords, so you can prevent password crackers from accessing your account by using a strong password that should be long and contain lowercase and uppercase English letters, numbers, and special characters. But what if this password is leaked?

Method for preventing password cracking:

Two-factor authentication is your second strong defense against hackers, and by using it, you can easily put your hacking concerns aside. By enabling this option, you will receive a six-digit code from Facebook, the parent company of Instagram, after each login, and you will not be allowed to log in until you enter this code. Hackers also have no way to find this code without access to your SIM card and phone. Therefore, two-factor authentication can be considered your best defense against hackers.


In this article from SPY24, we tried to fully teach you about password cracking, Instagram password hacking software, and how to deal with them. With this information, you can secure your Instagram account easier and prevent it from getting hacked.

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