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How to Change Skype Password on Desktop (Forgetting New Password)

Skype is a software that allows users to make phone and video calls using VoIP technology (voice over internet protocol). This software can be considered a messenger that provides features such as file transfer, video conferencing, and voice messaging to its users. However, you may face the problem of forgetting your Skype password. In such situations, you should either change your Skype password or recover it. In this article from SPY24 App, we have decided to address how to recover the Skype password. So stay with us until the end of this article.

The problem of forgetting the Skype password

This software is available for free on Android phones, iPhone operating systems, Mac OS, Windows, BlackBerry operating systems, and Linux. In previous tutorials, we fully explained what Skype is and how to use it. One of the common problems that may occur when working with different software, including Skype, is forgetting the password when logging into the program. Forgetting the password of a software or website makes it practically impossible to use it. Various software and websites have considered mechanisms for solving this problem.

How do I change or reset my password for Skype? Sign into your account. Select the change password link. We’ll take you through the process of changing your password.,process%20of%20changing%20your%20password.

In 2014, Skype was able to account for 40% of international call volume. Perhaps compatibility with different operating systems is one reason for this popularity.

Steps to recover your Skype password:

First, we recommend that you choose a username and password that you will always remember. Alternatively, you can note them down in a suitable place or use password storage software like KeePassXC.

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1. Launch the Skype program.

2. To enter the Skype software, you need to enter your username (usually your email address).

Be careful when entering your email address, as the password recovery code will be sent to this email.

3. After entering your email, click on the Next button.


4. At this stage, you will be asked for your login password, and if you enter the wrong password, you will face an error similar to the image below, indicating that the password is incorrect. If you have forgotten your password, click on the reset it now or forgot password option.

forgotten your passwor

5. If you have forgotten your Skype password, you can recover it using your email. You need to verify your email address by clicking on the Get Code button, as shown below. Skype will send you a code to confirm your email.

Skype password

6. Receiving a code from Skype is a security measure to prevent fraudulent access. Now, please check your email.

7. Enter the code sent by Skype in the corresponding field and click on the Next button.

Please note that you should quickly enter the code received in your email into the Skype program. These codes usually expire after a few minutes.

Skype program

Sometimes, in the process of recovering your Skype password, in addition to email, you may also be asked to verify your phone number.

In this case, enter your phone number and click on the “Send code” button to receive the verification code on your phone number.

Send code

As shown in the image below, after receiving the verification code, enter it and click “Submit”.

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Finally, the following message will appear, indicating the end of the password recovery process.

How to change Skype password:

How to change Skype password:

To change your Skype password, follow the 7 previous steps mentioned above in full, and then you can set a new password. The new password must have the following conditions:

  • A combination of uppercase and lowercase English letters
  • A combination of numbers and characters such as @,! #
  • A minimum of 8 characters

Of course, you can also use password-generating software to create a strong password. Enter the new password in the two fields specified in the image below and click Next.

new password

After this step, a message about changing your Skype password will appear, which actually means that Skype has confirmed your new password. From now on, you can log into Skype with this password. We recommend that you write down or save this password somewhere. To log in to Skype, click Sign In again.

Skype has confirmed

By entering your username (email) and the new password, you will be able to enter the Skype environment.


Skype is one of the most popular software for making video calls among users, which has been released in various versions for operating systems such as Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, and more. In this tutorial, we have addressed how to recover your Skype password. Therefore, if you encounter a problem with forgetting your Skype password, you can reset it and change your password. In the future, you can also log in to the Skype application with your username, which is your email, and the new password.  SPY24 is useful! You can also read our other articles such as Best Skype Spy Apps and Is Skype Free? How can we make free phone calls?

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