How Can We Find the MAC Address of an iPhone?

Most institutions and companies use closed or limited IP Wi-Fi, so it’s not surprising if they ask you for your phone’s MAC Address (Media Access Control). You might not know what a MAC address is and feel a bit confused initially. Every phone, like a fingerprint, has its unique MAC address used to connect to the internet. In this part of the SPY24 tutorial, we will teach you how to find the MAC address on an iPhone.

We will explain the MAC Address mechanism further below and, ultimately, address common questions about it. Also, the tutorial on “How to Find Mac Address Windows 11” may be helpful to you.

What is the iPhone’s MAC Address, and what is its purpose?

The iPhone and iPad MAC address is a unique identifier that distinguishes your phone from other devices connected to the same Wi-Fi. The Internet Network Controller (NIC) assigns the MAC address to devices capable of connecting to the Internet. This chip is integrated into the motherboard of newer iPhone and iPad models, but it can be removed in some older models.

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For example, when you turn on a modem, it locates all nearby devices using their MAC addresses. That’s why a device without a MAC address cannot connect to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

The MAC address is particularly useful when you want to separate devices connected to a shared Wi-Fi or limit their access to the modem. For example, you can set your modem to only accept devices with specific MAC IDs. Your modem will reject any MAC address not registered on it, just like a username.

Now you understand why companies and institutions ask you to provide your phone’s MAC address. However, some people try to trick the modem by using a technique called “MAC address spoofing” and connecting their phone to it.

Various programs for creating “MAC address spoofing” are available on the internet, but fortunately, using this technique on iOS is not easy. Since the introduction of iOS 16, you can convert your MAC address to a private MAC ID. However, this does not mean that you can create random MAC addresses for your iOS.

How to find the MAC Address on an iPhone and iPad:

  1. Open Settings;
  2. Go to General;
  3. Tap About;
  4. You can see your device’s Wi-Fi MAC address next to Wi-Fi Address; the Bluetooth MAC address is also displayed next to Bluetooth.

And that’s it! Now just hold your finger on the MAC address IP, and then tap Copy. With this, you can share your MAC identifier with anyone you want.

How to find the MAC Address on an iPhone and iPad:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we change the MAC address of our iPhone and iPad?

Yes and no. You can set your MAC address to private or public mode if you wish, but you cannot change its identifier because the MAC Address is pre-registered on your phone’s motherboard.

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Is the MAC address the same as the Wi-Fi address?

Yes. The Wi-Fi address is the same as the MAC address, but remember that Bluetooth also has a MAC Address. Therefore, the Wi-Fi address of your iPhone and iPad is a type of Media Access Control (MAC) identifier.

How do we find the Wi-Fi MAC address of the iPhone?

As explained above, you can find the Wi-Fi MAC address of your device by going to the About section of the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.

Can two devices have the same MAC address?

Each device has its own unique MAC address. Therefore, no two devices can have the same MAC address.

How many MAC addresses can a device have?

Usually, each device has one MAC address for an Internet network. However, to be more precise, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet (cable connection) each have their own unique MAC address.

Is the MAC address similar to the IP address?

No. The MAC address is always the same regardless of location and Internet network, but the IP address changes depending on location, network, etc. Additionally, the IP is actually an Internet protocol.

Knowing what a MAC address is and how you can access it will eliminate many of your concerns and confusion. We hope this information was useful and helps you resolve any MAC Address problems.

You might think that someone could track you using your iPhone or iPad’s MAC address, but this is not possible. However, when we connect to a network, it’s like we’re sharing our phone’s MAC addresses with others. So feel free to share your MAC address with anyone who asks, and don’t worry about it. If you have any questions, you can write them in the comments section below. READ More: How to Get Mac Address Windows 10.

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