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Introduction to Instagram Hacking Tools with Termux? Tutorial Step-by-Step guide

Termux is a popular Linux emulator widely used by those interested in hacking Instagram using a password list. With numerous tutorials available, it simulates the terminal environment of Kali Linux, enabling the installation and operation of various Kali Linux system tools. Despite its vast capabilities, the application is lightweight, with a size of fewer than 300 KB. As a result, it has garnered a significant user base of over 5 million people who have downloaded it from Google Play. Stay with SPY24 to learn how to hack Instagram with Termux completely.

Tutorial: Hacking Instagram with Password List and Termux

In this section of the SPY24 website, we provide you with a tutorial on hacking Instagram with the Termux program. It may have happened to you or people around you that their Instagram account has been hacked, and they are unable to do anything about it. We have introduced various ways to recover an Instagram account in the SPY24. The focus of this guide is to demonstrate how a smartphone and a single application can be used to hack Instagram with a password list.

Tutorial: Hacking Instagram with Password List and Termux

What is Termux?

Termux (according to the explanations on the Termux website) is a Linux terminal emulator software for Android that works without requiring root access on Android devices. This powerful program has many features such as the ability to install Python, Ruby, and other programming languages on Android. To install this tool, you can download it from the Termux website or get it from the Google Play Store.

What is Termux?

As we mentioned, the Termux application is a Linux terminal emulator. So if you are familiar with Linux, you can easily run Linux commands in Termux. Below are some common commands in Termux that we have prepared for you:

  • apt upgrade: Upgrade programs
  • apt update: Update programs
  • apt install name: To install tools (you can type the name of the desired tool instead of “name”.)
  • pkg install package-name: To install packages (you can type the name of the desired package instead of “package-name”.)
  • chmod + x name: To change the access of a file (you can type the name of the desired file instead of “name”.)
  • ls: To list the contents of the directory you are in.
  • cd: To change the directory
  • <git clone <cloning URL: Download a file from GitHub (you can type the GitHub address of the desired file instead of “cloning url”.)
  • ifconfig: To find out your local IP on the network
  • su: Upgrade your access to superuser
  • pwd: Shows your current location.
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Reasons to use Termux:

No need for root access: The only requirement for using Termux is that your Android version must be higher than 5.0.
No special settings are required for installation: You can easily download it and wait for it to install without any special settings.
It is lightweight and small in size: Termux has a size of fewer than 200 kilobytes, which increases with the download of various packages. You can even delete packages that you don’t use.
There are many packages and bundles available: The packages available in Termux give you a lot of flexibility while being small in size.
It is continuously updated: Termux is updated daily, and new features and packages are added to it. You can even create your own custom package.
It supports programming languages: It supports programming languages like Golang, Lua, PHP, Python, and C/C++, so you can easily type and compile these languages on your mobile device.

Why should we use Termux?

Portability of Termux: By using Termux, you can perform your desired activities anywhere. For example, imagine that you need to be close to a system to hack it. Doing this with a mobile phone is much easier than doing it with a laptop.

No need to root your phone: Almost all terminal software available on Google Play requires rooting your phone, but Termux does not require rooting your phone, and it only needs your Android version to be higher than Android 5.

Easy setup: Installing this software is very easy, and you will not need any additional work.

Small size: The size of the Termux software alone is less than 200 kilobytes, but its size will increase by installing various packages. Of course, you can easily remove packages that you do not need.

Availability of various packages: The Termux packages allow you to perform different operations. The size of these packages is very small, and you can delete them anytime you want. For this reason, the data consumption and overall size of this software are very low.

Continuous updates: The Termux software is updated daily, and you can use new features and packages every day.

Support for different languages: This terminal supports various programming languages such as Golang, Lua, PHP, C/C++, and Python. Therefore, you can program with all of these languages on your mobile phone and easily run the written programs.

Support for Python: The best feature of this software is its support for the Python programming language. There are numerous libraries for Python on the internet that you can use to perform various tasks with just one line of code.

Prerequisites for Instagram hacking tools using Termux

  • Git package
  • Python and Python2 package
  • Lolcat package

How do you install prerequisites?

  • Installing Git package in Termux
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Git is a version control system used to track code changes during software development.

This tool was designed to coordinate work between programmers, but it can also be used to track changes in any set of files.

To install the git package, enter the following command in Termux:

pkg install git -y
  • Installing Python and Python 2

Python is a general-purpose programming language that can be used for back-end development, software development, data science, and system scripting, among other things.

To install the Python package, simply use the following command:

pkg install python && pkg install python2
  • Installing the Lolcat package

Lolcat is a tool for Linux, BSD, and OSX that is similar to the cat command but has more colorful output.

To install the Lolcat package, use the following command:

pip install lolcat

Tutorial on Instagram password hacking with Termux:

Tutorial on Instagram password hacking with Termux:

To hack an Instagram password with Termux, you need to follow these steps step by step.

To start, make sure you have installed the correct version of Termux on your phone. Also, make sure that the stable packages are installed. To do this, run the following commands:

apt update
apt upgrade

If you receive the [Y/N] message, press the Y key on your keyboard.

In the next step, you need to enter the following commands:

pkg install git
pkg install python
pip install requests
pip install wordlist
pkg install wget

You may receive a yellow warning message with the text “Warning: You Are Using pip version” at this stage. If you receive such a message, you can update pip with the following command:

pip install –upgrade pip

And finally, execute the following command:

pip install argparse PySocks asyncio proxybroker

Now it’s time to download and install the necessary tools for hacking Instagram. To do this, download the Instahack package from GitHub using the following command:


Then execute the following commands:

cd instahack

The contents of the folder should include three files:

  1. Pass.txt: This file contains a list of passwords.
  2. Proxy.txt: This file contains a list of proxies.
  3. This file is the main Instagram hacking tool.

The Pass.txt file contains a list of potential passwords that users may use. You can also add your own passwords to this list or remove them. In this method of hacking Instagram, brute force attacks are used. This means that different passwords are tried on the target account until the correct password is found. Therefore, the more complete the password list, the greater the chance of success.
To start the attack, run the following command:


After running the tool, you will be prompted to enter the username of the target user. If you see the message “Do you want to use a proxy (y/n),” press the N key on your keyboard to not use a proxy. However, if you want to try a large number of passwords, you should use a proxy to avoid getting blocked.

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If you encounter the message “Please add a delay between the brute-force action (in seconds),” it is better to enter a number between 60 to 120. This will slow down the hacking speed but will reduce the likelihood of being blocked by Instagram.

Method 2: Instahack Termux Instagram Tool

Instahack is a bash-based script officially used for testing the password strength of Instagram accounts from Termux with brute force attacks.

This script works on both rooted and non-rooted Android devices.

  • Install Instahack

Type the following commands one by one to install the instahack tool on your Termux.

git clone
cd instahack
bash setup
Instahack Termux Instagram Tool

Method 3: Inshackle Termux Instagram Tool

Inshackle is a bash-based script created for Instagram followers and other useful features.

This script works on both rooted and non-rooted Android devices.

  • Install Inshackle

Just type the following commands one by one in your terminal.

These commands will help you install the inshackle package.

git clone
cd inshackle-bot
Inshackle Termux Instagram Tool

Method 4: INSTA-BF Termux Instagram Tool

This tool works through Brute force attacks, you just need to add a proxy.

Install INSTA-BF

To install INSTA-BF, type the following commands in your terminal.

apt update && apt install -y git && git clone && cd insta-bf && chmod +x * && sh
INSTA-BF Termux Instagram Tool

Method 5: OSI.IG Termux Instagram Tool

OSINT Instagram receives a wide range of information from an Instagram user account that you usually cannot obtain just by viewing their profile.

  • The information you can obtain with this tool includes the following:
  • User ID, number of followers, number of uploads, profile picture URL, business list
  • Most used hashtags and mentioned accounts
  • If an email is used anywhere, it will be displayed
  • Access to posts
  • Install OSI.IG

You can install this tool on Termux by entering the following commands.

pkg install -y git
git clone && cd osi.ig
python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt
python3 -u username
python3 -h

Method 6: Instaloader Termux Instagram Tool

This tool provides you with information, including:

  • Download public and private profiles, hashtags, user stories, feeds, and saved media
  • Downloads comments, geotags, and captions of each post
  • Automatically detects profile name changes and renames the target directory accordingly
  • Allows precise customization of filters and media storage location
  • Automatically resumes interrupted previous downloads
  • Install Instaloader:
pip3 install instaloader
instaloader profile [profile ...]

Method 7: Advphishing

Advphishing is an advanced phishing script for the Termux platform.

This tool has a special feature that sends the user credentials to the email address provided by you.

When the victim enters their username and password, you have to go to the original website and use those credentials to send the real OTP to the victim.

When they enter that OTP, such OTP will also be with you, and you will be allowed to access the user account before them.

git clone
cd AdvPhishing/
chmod 777 *


In this article on the SPY24 App website, we tried to provide you with useful information about hacking Instagram with Termux and a password list. However, if you are familiar with this program or use another method, we would be happy to share it with other users in the comments section. SPY24 recommends hacking Instagram with Termux as the best method.


Does the tutorial on hacking Instagram with Termux work?

Yes, it definitely works. Five million users have installed the Termux app.

What operating system does the Termux emulator resemble?

Termux emulator resembles the Linux operating system.

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