How to Share Files on a Network Using SMB Protocol Ubuntu?

Until yesterday, file sharing across networks between different operating systems (like various versions of Windows, Linux, and Mac) was considered a big nightmare. But today, without needing any special software, operating systems can interact and communicate with each other.

For network file sharing, you should utilize the SMB protocol. Windows uses SMB for file sharing. The Mac operating system and most popular Linux distributions also support SMB. Microsoft also couldn’t resist the open-source project Samba and is now fully committed to its development. You can also read the article “How to Change the MAC Address in Ubuntu Linux?

Network File Sharing Using Linux

In Linux, you can share a folder using the file manager.

Next, the process of doing this in the Nautilus file management program on Ubuntu 22.04.2 will be explained. The procedure will be similar in other file management programs as well.

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First, you need to open the file manager and right-click on the folder you want to share, then select Properties.

Select the Local Network Share tab and enable sharing for the desired folder.

If it’s your first time intending to enable the sharing option, you will also need to download and install the Samba software.

Then, apply your sharing settings after installing Samba, and also make sure that you have clicked on the Create Share button to start sharing the folder.

Accessing Shared Folders in Linux

The file management program of your Linux operating system installed on your system likely has a network browser. Using it, you will be able to access the shared folders on the local network.

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To do this, click on the Browse Options in the sidebar of the file manager. Then, double-click on the Windows Network option and twice on your workgroup (by default, its name is WORKGROUP). After that, to view the shared files, double-click on the desired computer.

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For direct connection to a computer, select the Connect to Server option in Nautilus and enter an address like smb://COMPUTERNAME to reach the computer.

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Note: You need the internet to install the Samba sharing service.

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