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SPY24’S Skype Tracking Feature:

Mainly created as a computer software for making and receiving calls from all over the world, Skype has become so popular that right now it has more than 300 million active users. With decent connection considering the application and its features being free, Skype is convenient both for personal and business situations. For it being free to call anyone from anywhere, this application became popular among teenagers and adults all the same. But being a parent, one of the most important things to us is our children’s safety. On internet, there are people who have harmful behaviors or harmful intentions. SPY24 is here to help you with yet another new and awesome feature for its phone tracking application. With this feature, you will be able to track and monitor all of your children’s online activities on Skype. Or if you’re a businessman with secrets to your successful business, SPY24 with its features can help you put an end to the information leaks that you’re having among your employees.
SPY24’s Skype Tracking Feature

How To Monitor Skype On Android & IPhone Via SPY24?

Watch the tutorial and find out how you can monitor WhatsApp chats, call logs and contacts from an Android or iOS device.

Spy On Skype Messages With Our Skype Tracker Feature

Monitor and Track Skype chat on iPhone, Android. SPY24 Skype Spy is a great skype monitoring software. You can spy on skype to ensure your kids safety and employees honesty.

Call Recording:

With SPY24 have a full voice recording of all of the voice calls made and received by the targeted person on Skype. These recordings will be from the calls that are made after the installation of SPY24 on the target’s phone.

Screen Record LIVE:

Keep monitoring, hearing, and seeing everything that the targeted person does on Skype LIVE and even 24/7 via this amazing feature of SPY24

Key Logs:

Not only you can see and track everything they send, you can see, monitor, and control everything they write and don’t send on their conversations. You can even block words that you think are not suitable for your beloved people.

Can SPY24 track conversations on Skype?

SPY24 has different features for different parts of an application that is being tracked. For every conversation on Skype, we first have the other end of the conversation. And now comes forth the contact listing feature of SPY24. This feature gives you a list of all the people that the target is talking to on Skype. This list comes with full detail linked to each one of the contacts including phone numbers and email addresses, any status or information that the contacts themselves have put on their Skype accounts, and even the exact date and time when the target started a conversation with each one of them and much more.

After the other end of the conversation, we have the messages themselves. SPY24 has a text tracking feature and media tracking feature for tracking, saving, and sending all of the messages in a conversation to SPY24’s database. These messages include all text messages, videos, photos, audio files, voice recordings, locations, links to other websites, document files, etc. These files that are saved and sent to the database of SPY24 will be having their exact date and time of creation or modification linked to them as well. Do not worry because you will never miss any kind of message that they send or receive in their conversations with others.

What can SPY24 record from Skype?

With SPY24’s screen recording, you will be able to see and hear everything they do. This feature will send you a notification and starts a LIVE video sharing the targeted person’s phone screen right from the time when they launch Skype until they close it. This LIVE video will have a quality equal to the connections of both the target’s phone and your own device. You can change this feature’s setting if you ever want its start trigger to be for other applications as well so that you can see what’s happening whenever they change applications.
If you ever need just the voice recording of the targeted person while they’re on Skype, you can use the voice recording feature that lets SPY24 record all of the voices around the targeted person’s phone. This feature can record all of the voices even if the targeted person is not on a call with others. SPY24’s voice recording feature can be both a 24/7 LIVE voice recording like the LIVE screen recording feature, or it can be just for the calls and just record the calls made by the targeted person on Skype, save them, and then send them to the SPY24’s database so you view and listen to them whenever you want.

Spy on Skype Conversations & Messages

What can you control on Skype using SPY24?

With SPY24, you can control many things ranging from the words they can receive or write to the people they can talk to, from their phone’s internet connection to their saved files from Skype’s conversations. SPY24’s Skype Key Logging feature helps you not only to see all of the words they want to write before they send them, but you can also even control the words that they can say or view in conversations with others. With this feature, you can block the use of some inappropriate words that you think are not suitable for your child’s behavior. For the contact listing feature too; not only you will have a full detailed feature of the targeted person’s contacts, but you can also even block them from your target’s phone so they don’t talk to each other on Skype.

Which Apps Could Be Tracked?

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, you can monitor Skype messages using a monitoring app like SPY24. The app accesses all Skype messages sent or received (on the monitored device) and automatically uploads them to your web account from where you can view or download them anytime.
SPY24 allows you to remotely track Skype, but there’s a precondition to that: If you are going to track a Skype account that is linked to the targeted person’s Android device, you would need a one-time installation of SPY24’s application on the targeted person’s device.
SPY24 works in the offline mode, too, so even when the targeted person’s device isn’t connected to the internet, it would continue to track their Skype conversations and contacts (Android only) that are linked to the targeted person’s device. However, all those Skype logs monitored in offline mode will only be accessible once the targeted person’s device is connected to the internet.
Any Skype conversations available on the target device upon the installation of SPY24 will be uploaded to your SPY24’s web account. However, if there are any Skype messages or call logs that are deleted prior to a backup by SPY24, you won’t be able to retrieve them.
SPY24 is the best Instant Messaging application tracking software. Skype can be monitored on phones and PCs. SPY2’s Skype tracking feature allows users to remotely track the targeted person’s Skype conversations of the Skype account that is linked to their device using an online dashboard tab of the users’ SPY24 accounts in the SPY24’s website. SPY24 also has a feature that makes its icon and its application hidden and invisible so neither the targeted person nor any file scanning application can find SPY24 on their phones and therefore you won’t be noticed while tracking their phones in any kind of way.
Yes. SPY24 has features specified for tracking many Instant messaging applications. SPY24 is also undetectable by the targeted people. Without the targeted person’s knowledge, you can track their Skype chats, texts, and calls on their Skype application that is linked to their device. SPY24 phone tracking application can also hide its icon.
Yes, Skype can be monitored remotely. You need a phone tracking application with Skype tracking feature or only a Skype tracking software. But if the application with Skype tracking feature has more features as well, then it would be a waste to not get access to that application. Install SPY24 phone tracking application and use the Skype tracking feature to track the targeted person’s Skype account that is linked to their device. The people who are monitoring their targeted person’s Skype account that is linked to their device can read chats, calls, and texts.
SPY24 cares about your data’s safety. Therefore, its database’s security level is very high. With many times testing its security there will be no room for your data leaking from our database to the internet. The only person who will have access to those pieces that you requested will be you and only you. You will be able to view all of those pieces of information in your SPY24’s web account’s dashboard.


Our Skype spying application would come in as an aide in monitoring the Skype chats of your kids and workers. You will be able to read incoming and outgoing conversations, which take place through chats on the target device. It is essential if you are watching your children or employees. Skype spy tools of SPY24 will gather all data for you – content and accurate time of messages, Skype account data of receiver and sender. Thus you will be well-informed day-to-night with our Skype monitoring tool.

What are you worried about? Let us know and we shall give you a definite solution for your problem with spy Skype. Our Skype spying application comes with the following provisions:

  • Reveals all Skype conversations with the inclusion of contact details, the timing, and when exactly that took time
  • Get all addresses on Skype tracker
  • Logging data from Skype can be accessed with the dating and timing
  • Can monitor all the documents received or sent via SPY24 Skype tracker
  • The ability to get all this information with or without internet connectivity and the result can be saved on a computer in form of a worksheet


Monitor your employee’s skype chats and gossip on which they do use company-owned cellphones and monitor their client meetings call logs, and chats with our skype monitoring feature.

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Skype Chats Tracker – Best Skype Monitoring App

SKYPE SPY: Most popular social media on the phone is Skype. It entertains and assists in socializing and eases work, but the intended good use can fall into bad hands. It can either be your kids or workers who might end up using this app wrongly. It’s your right as an employer or parent to monitor what is taking place in social media when in use by the mentioned group. This might come in handy when the need comes to stop what can be harmful to your kids or company.


Long ago, the Skype service outgrew the reputation of just an audio/video call instrument and turned into a real business tool. In some aspects, this took place due to the reliability and security of this service. However, nothing is perfect. Today, we are happy to introduce SPY24– an advanced phone tracking application helping to spy on someone using Skype. Track your employee’s Skype activity, and leave all your doubts behind! a real business tool. In some aspects, this took place due to the reliability and security of this service.

How To Monitor Skype Messages & Calls

Skype is a program that allows any cyberspace user to communicate with friends, relatives, and business partners. To start using this service, you should spend 5 minutes on the program installation. Interestingly, even less time is needed for its cracking. Do you want to know how to perform the latter? If you are willing to use a Skype spy app such as SPY24, follow the instructions given below. Buy SPY24. Can you spy on Skype? If you can’t, it’s time to take action. And the first thing to do is to choose one of the three subscriber packages designed to satisfy your needs. Stop thinking that tracking someone’s phone is too intricate! The advanced Skype monitoring app is so deliberately structured that it can be used by any average PC/smartphone user. After SPY24 purchasing, download the software to the target cell phone and install it. Don’t worry! You’ll receive emailed instructions on how to install the application when your payment is confirmed. Follow the directions, and you will be able to track someone’s Skype totally effortlessly! To start monitoring, you should log into your User Dashboard. Just create a user account and access texting, incoming/outgoing calls, GPS location info, multimedia, or browsing history at will. There is nothing impossible with a Skype spy like SPY24. Try it and say goodbye to all unpleasant surprises.

Skype Monitoring In Detail

Allowing to communicate with any user all over the world, Skype is a very advanced and popular service. Its developers did their best to make it reliable and safe. However, anticipating every aspect of growth is quite a hard thing to do. So, the question “how to spy on Skype” is heard more and more frequently from day to day. In fact, there are several ways to solve the problem, and one of them is the SPY24 Mobile tracking App. Like other Skype spies, the above-mentioned application provides access to the following benefits: View all texting. Is there anything wrong with your child’s behavior? Have you noticed that he or she is concealing something from you? This useful Skype spy feature lets you spy on someone with Skype without getting revealed. Just download SPY24 Phone Monitoring software to the target device and be aware of everything that’s going on. Track call logs. Can you secretly spy on someone’s Skype talks? If not, you probably don’t know about the new SPY24 functionality. A new generation application was created to make visible all calling data of your target. All you need is to install the program on his or her device and observe someone’s Skype call date, time, duration, as well as browsing history whenever you want. Monitor multimedia files. Are you still unsure of how to spy on Skype? SPY24 lets you exercise it in a trouble-free way. It’s over with hidden photo or video content on your kids’ smartphones. Just select one of the offered customer packages on our official website, make a payment, install the software, and use it at any time. Becoming a SPY24 user, you won’t reverse the course. Unlike the market SPY24, it provides you with highly-accurate information, a 100% confidentiality guarantee, and a low-price offer.