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SPY24’S Viber Tracking Feature:

For a time, Viber was one of the most popular Instant Messaging applications and still is the most used application for many people. And, as there are good people there, so are the cyber bullies, hackers, data thieves, etc. For protecting ourselves and your beloved people whom you care about from these kinds of people, you will need to be there personally so you can help them by teaching them the proper way of interacting with others. But that is kind of both impossible and a little weird for us to do. But SPY24 has been and will always offer to help us in protecting our loved ones.
SPY24 Viber Spy App

How To Monitor Viber On Android & IOS Devices Via SPY24?

Watch a tutorial to learn how SPY24 not just monitors Viber chats and group chats but also all shared photos on the target device.

SPY24 Features:

SPY24 is a software system that will allow you to log in from any computer and supervise any smartphone based on BlackBerry, Android, or iPhone in real-time. After installing it on any phone that is given to a family member or an employee of yours, you can monitor what is done with it from your computer. Using a username and a password of your choosing, you can supervise the following without being detected.

Spy On Calls

Call Logs: See the numbers that your children or employees have called. Or what numbers have called them. In addition, you can see how many calls were made to each number, at what time they were made, and how long each call lasted. Also, if the number is registered under a name in the phone’s memory, you can see it.

Spy On Text Messages

Sent/Received Text Messages: You can read any message that was received or sent from the phone. The messages are logged into your SPY24 account as they are generated, so you can read them EVEN IF the holder of the phone erases them.

Track GPS Location

View their Location: With this feature working for you, your child or employee will not be able to lie about their locations again. You’ll get to know where the user of the monitored phone had been on a certain date at a particular time with complete location details on the map that includes the latitudinal and longitudinal details of the place.

SPY24’S Viber Tracking Feature’s Capabilities

Text Message Tracking:

The main purpose of Instant Messaging applications is that you would be able to send text messages to others and receive the result or answer from others faster than regular messaging applications. So, the main purpose of the Instant Messaging application Trackers has to be tracking the text messages sent and received in the conversations that the targeted person’s account is one of the ends of them. With this feature of the SPY24 phone tracking application, you will be able to track all of the targeted person’s text messages sent and received. These messages are sorted based on the conversation names that the targeted person’s account is one end of them. These text messages are saved in the dashboard tab of your SPY24 account on the Spy24 website and it is saved as a document-type file. The files get updated whenever there is a new message sent or received in the conversations. You will also get notified by SPY24 whenever this update happens.

Media Tracking:

All of the Instant Messaging applications support different kinds of files to be sent in the users’ conversations including videos, photos, voice recordings, documents, etc. And Viber is one famous application that made using stickers and emojis popular. With this feature of SPY24, you will be able to monitor all of the files that the targeted person has sent or received in their conversations with other people. These files are saved by their own file types and they will be sorted based on the conversation names that the targeted person’s account is one of the ends of them. These files get updated whenever there are new media files sent and received in the conversations. You will get alerted whenever there is a new file being sent or received in the conversations related to the targeted person’s account. You can also view and monitor the conversations that you think are suspicious of being dangerous for your beloved people in the dashboard tab of your SPY24 account on the SPY24 website.

What Is Monitoring?

Call Tracking:

After text messages and media files are sent in the conversations, the next most important purpose of Instant Messaging applications is for people to be able to talk. Now Viber was one of the earliest applications of its kind that granted us the ability to call others. With this feature of SPY24, you will be able to see the details of the calls made including all of the ends of the calls, the exact date and time the calls started and ended, etc. These details are saved in the dashboard tab of your SPY24 account in the SPY24 website and they are saved as document files that are sorted based on the conversation names that the calls occurred in. The dashboard tab will get updated whenever there is a new detail about a call that has been made after the installation of SPY24. You will also get alerted whenever this happens. You will be able to view the details of the targeted person’s calls and you can monitor them. You will be able to download the details of the calls that you see as suspicious calls. You will be able to do so in the dashboard tab of your SPY24 account on the SPY24 website.

Call Records:

Next to the details of a call being made, there are the actual voice recordings of the same calls with both the main voices and the ambient voices of both ends of the calls. With this feature of SPY24, you will be able to have voice recordings of all the incoming and outgoing calls that are being made after the installation of SPY24 on the targeted person’s device. This feature records all the calls from the start of them until the end of the calls. These calls are saved in the dashboard tab of your SPY24 account on the SPY24 website. You will be able to visit the dashboard tab specified for your SPY24 account as well and check all the recordings as well as many other features that SPY24 offers. These voice recordings get updated whenever there is a new call that has been made that the targeted person’s account is one of the ends of it. You will also get alerted whenever there are such updates happening.

Screen Tracking:

To spice things up even more, SPY24 will start recording the screen with all the sounds that are around the targeted person’s device whenever they launch Viber on their device and the recording continues until they close the application. You will be able to see whatever they see, hear whatever they hear, etc. These recordings are live and these will be kept in your spy24 account’s dashboard tab on the SPY24 website. You will be alerted whenever they are launching Viber.

Remotely record and monitor the Viber IM screen with Viber Screen Recorder.

SPY24’S Viber Tracking Feature’s Installation


For SPY24 phone tracking application to work properly on Android devices, you need them to be rooted. After making sure that they are rooted, then you will only need One-Time physical and manual access to the targeted person’s device for installing SPY24 and you will be able to keep track of their activities on their Android device.


For SPY24 phone tracking application to work properly on IOS devices, you need them to be jailbroken. After making sure they are, just like Android devices, you will need One-Time manual access to the targeted person’s device for installation, then you will be able to keep track of the targeted person’s activities on their IOS devices.

Viber Spy Tool

Frequently Asked Questions:

With SPY24 Viber tracking feature, all Viber text messages and call logs will be automatically uploaded to your web account from where you can access them anytime.
You would require one-time access to the target device to download and install SPY24 on it. Upon successful installation, you can track the targeted person’s Viber account without accessing the target device again.
Any Viber call logs, messages, or photos available on the target device prior to the installation of SPY24 will be retrieved and uploaded to your SPY24 web account.
Yes, SPY24 provides you the convenience of exporting all the monitored Viber logs from your SPY24 web account to your personal computer.
SPY24 is the best Viber screen recording software, allowing you to record videos from Instant Messaging applications like Viber. It secretly records Viber videos and uploads them to a website. Users can watch typed messages, chat conversations, media, and VoIP calls via the dashboard.
SPY24 is a covert and undetectable cell phone monitoring application. Therefore, it has the most effective tools for recording mobile phone screens containing social messaging applications, such as the Viber messenger application. Users can use the Viber screen recorder on any mobile device to record and save multiple short videos to the dashboard. Live Viber screen recording enables you to monitor the social networking application in real-time.
Yes. On a cell phone, you can see if someone is typing in Viber. Viber screen recorder software can be used on a Viber-enabled phone. It lets you record videos on a Viber screen and watches the target person’s messages, chats, and more in real time. Viber screen recording software can receive recorded videos. Users can watch videos to see what the target typed on Viber.
Yes. The SPY24 Viber tracking feature can record conversations, text messages, shared media, voice calls, and voice messages. Viber records all activity. The dashboard lets you record short videos. Downloaded videos can be viewed on a smartphone’s screen.
Do you wonder with whom your loved one is conversing? Then it would be helpful to have a spying tool that monitors their activities and reveals their chats. Consequently, users can monitor the Viber Instant Messaging application by installing the SPY24 phone tracking application and begin locating their conversations in real-time and understanding what they are discussing with others. This allows you to quickly view their conversation, group chats, and call logs.
You want to track a social messenger application without the device. SPY24’s Viber Tracking Feature. Find out your employee’s social media conversations and the child’s call details or chats. You must install SPY24 on the targeted person’s device first.
When selecting the most effective tracker app for a loved one, you carefully review the installation instructions to safeguard your online activities. With their classified features, SPY24 can indeed track the targeted person’s online activities on their device. It is the best option for all worried parents and business-minded employers to monitor the target. SPY24 is not only capable of recording conversations. In addition, it provides full access to the specified resources without any technical issues.
Yes, SPY24 phone tracking application has the perk of being undetectable and grants you the power to secretly monitor Viber chat, voice calls, and media files. In iOS and Android devices, it operates in stealth mode.

Is SPY24 For You?

Parents: If you want to monitor your child, SPY24 is the perfect solution for you. Parents need to be aware of their child’s activities and whereabouts to keep them safe. If you find out something that is concerning, you can immediately take action to correct whatever is going wrong. On the other hand, if you find out all is well, you’ll finally have peace of mind.

Employer: You want to trust your employees, but you can’t risk it. Confidential company information can easily be compromised. Work can be sloppy. Excuses are often being given for arriving late at work. And the list of problems with employees goes on. With SPY24, now you can monitor your employees’ phone activities 24/7 and ensure their productivity at work.

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Best Viber Monitoring App – Viber Tracking Application

Viber is one of the most popular applications for Android, iOS, Windows, and other communication platforms. If you don’t know how to spy on Viber, the answer is easy – download SPY24, a Viber spy application for Android. The SPY24 Mobile Tracking app monitors every Viber text message, an audio file, and video file, and allows you to track someone’s activity. Check on your workers, control your kids, check on your husband or wife, and so on.

What Is Viber?

SPY24 is a special Viber tracking spy application that allows users to track messages and calls (both received and sent). If you really want to view activity in Viber, Facebook, and WhatsApp, you can do it using the SPY24 Phone Monitoring Mobile Software. The clever software saves all SMS and calls. It can take screenshots and photos. Using it, you’ll be able to track web history and geo-position.
SPY24 Cell phone tracker is useful for parents, couples, and businessmen. There are tons of ways to use and get benefits from it.

SPY24 Shows you:

1. Check the number and name of the sender.

2. Read secret messages.

3. View call logs.

4. Monitor date and time stamps.

5. Look at photos and pictures the user receives or sends.

How Viber Monitoring SPY24 Can Help

SPY24 is the best Viber spy based on application reviews. Users noticed that it can help in these ways:

1. Increase the productivity of employees. Many people prefer to waste their work time chatting, writing messages and sending photos instead of doing a good job. Our SPY24 Mobile Monitoring Software can tell you when this situation happens. What you do afterward is up to you.

2. Protect children from horrible cyberbullying. This significant problem affects many kids. How can parents know whether their children have suffered from cyberbullying? First, they need to install SPY24 Viber monitoring app, then monitor their kids’ activity and talk with them.

3. Save your family When a person is jealous, it destroys the family. If you want to be sure your husband or wife hasn’t cheated on you, choose SPY24.

The Viber logs can be useful in detecting cyber fraud and tackling many personal and work tasks. SPY24 is an application that helps people save their businesses and families.