Monitoring Alerts

Receive Alerts When Spying on Android & iOS

Do you want to get notified of what your kids are doing on their cell phones? SPY24 has a great instant alerting feature that sends you alerts immediately after your kids do a specific action on their cell phones. Whether they use specific words when chatting, or go to specific locations, you’ll be instantly updated. This way, you can take suitable measures before something terrible happens. SPY24’s instant alerting feature is compatible with all devices and doesn’t need rooting or jailbreaking. You just need to install SPY24 on the target device to get updated when your kids do something important. So why wait? You’re just a few clicks away from our 1-month free trial to see the difference it makes in your daily life.
Monitoring Alerts

SPY24 Instant Alerts on Android and iPhone?

Learn how to use SPY24 instant alerts on Android and iOS.

What Features Does SPY24’s Monitoring Alert Offer?

Here is a list of what you get from the alerting service of SPY24:

Alerts on Contacts

Determine suspicious contacts on the target device to receive instant alerts when there is any related activity.

Alerts on Words

Add specific words to your watchlist so that the app sends you alerts when the user sends/receives these words via SMS or instant messaging apps.

Alerts on Locations

Choose specific areas for check-in and check-out alerts. When the target user goes/leaves a specific location, you’ll be updated.

Alerts on SIM Card Changes

Set alerts for the time the user changes the SIM card on the target device.

Alerts on Emails

Set alerts on emails so that SPY24 sends you a notification when the target user receives/sends an email.

Alerts on Apps

Watch installed apps and get alerts when the user removes/installs an app.

Alerts on Calls

Get updated for incoming and outgoing calls by setting alerts.

Alerts on SMSs

Set alerts on SMSs to get a notification when the target user receives/sends a text message.

Alerts on Internet Usage

Set alerts on the amount of data the target person uses.

Alerts on Websites

Set alerts on specific websites to watch the internet activities of the target user.

Alerts on Keylogger

Keep an eye on every key your kid using while texting with some unknown numbers or a person with our keylogger monitoring feature. It Shows you all the keys pressed at the time of chat or searching something.


You can secretly monitor call recording of your company owned mobiles as well as your kid’s mobile and prevent them by bullies or voice phishing with SPY24 hidden Call recorder.

Why Are the Benefits of Setting Alerts on the Target Device?

You might wonder why someone might want to get alerts from other people’s cell phones or computers. Overall, this feature can benefit three specific groups as follows:

  1. Parents

One of the most important benefits of instant alerting is parental control. Imagine that you’re out and want to know what your children are doing, to whom they’re talking, and if they’re staying home or going out. You can’t constantly call them to get updates, so what can you do? The best way to keep an eye on them is by installing a spy app to get alerts on their activities. SPY24 will send you instant alerts on their location changes, their calls, their internet usage, and also the specific words they use in their texts. So if you want an extra pair of eyes to watch them, you’d better install SPY24 on their phones and add specific items to your watchlist to bring peace of mind to your life.

  1. Employers

If you have a business and want to monitor the activity of your employees, you can use a spy app with an instant alerting feature. If you get notified of every important activity of your employees, you can be sure about their productivity and their compliance with your business policies. For example, if they send or receive emails, you can make sure that all the emails are business-related. You can also get alerts on specific words they use in work-related communications. This way, you can track possible issues and solve problems between employees if there is any misbehavior.

  1. Partners

Don’t you want to catch your cheating husband? You can easily get alerts on specific calls on your husband’s and figure out if he’s talking to another woman. This is the best way of taking instant measures to catch your husband in the act.

So why don’t you try our free trial to see if you can catch him when he’s cheating on you?

Why Should I Choose SPY24 to Setting Alerts?

There are numerous spying apps that offer instant alerts, but SPY24 is something else. Here is why:

Unlimited Number of Alerts

You can define as many alerts on the device as you want. There is no limit on the number of words you want to track on the target device. This is a great advantage because many tools have limitations.

Variety of Alerts

You can set alerts almost on every act on the target device, from messages to internet usage. SPY24 is the most comprehensive spying app on the market in this regard.

Compatibility with Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows

You can hardly find any other spying tool out there that is compatible with all operating systems. SPY24 is the best option for you because it works well on iOS, macOS, Android, and Windows.

Non-Rooted & Not-Jailbroken

You don’t need to root Android devices or jailbreak iOS devices to use SPY24 on them.

Here are some other advantages of using SPY24:

  • 250+ monitoring features 
  • 24/7 Support
  • Easy installation process
  • Diverse packages for multiple devices
  • Free trial for 30 days
Why Should I Choose SPY24 to Setting Alerts?

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, you can. There are some spy apps that let you set alerts on specific activities on cell phones and receive notifications when there is a change in those activities.
No! You can’t watch other people’s activities on their phones without their permission. Also, it’s illegal to install any app on other people’s devices to collect any type of data without them knowing.
SPY24 is the most advanced spy tool that lets you set alerts on your kid’s cell phone. You can define watchlists on specific words, locations, contacts, and many other activities on the target device. SPY24 also offers 250+ spying features with a 1-month free trial. Moreover, you can use it on any operating system without having to root or jailbreak the target device.
First, you have to create an account on SPY24. Then, you’ll be redirected to your dashboard where you can choose the target device and a package to buy. After that, you need to download and install the app on the target device. Finally, you have to go to your dashboard’s Settings and from there find “Add Watchlist Words.” Now, you can define the words to get alerts on them when your kid uses them.
It’s super easy to watch for specific locations on your husband’s cell phone. You just need one-time access to your husband’s phone to install SPY24. After that, you can create a free account on SPY24 and buy a subscription. You can then go to Settings and add Watchlist Locations. The geofencing feature on SPY24 lets you know when your husband goes or leaves specific places. The good news is that you’ll get a free trial for one month.
No! SPY24 does need rooting for setting alerts.
No! SPY24 offers fully inclusive packages using which you can monitor every activity on the target device.

How Does SPY24’s Instant Alerting Feature Work?

Watch this tutorial to see how you can receive monitoring alerts from your kid’s cell phone via SPY24:

  1. Create a Free Account

It takes a few seconds to create an account on SPY24.

  1. Select the Device & Package

On your dashboard, you have to choose the target device from the available options (iOS, macOS, Android, and Windows.) Then, you can buy a package or use the free trial.

  1. Download & Install the App

Try to access your kid’s cell phone and install the app. This takes a few minutes and doesn’t need any expertise. You can also count on our help if you face any difficulties.

  1. Determine Watchlists

Now, you have to get back to your dashboard and determine the specific alerts you want to receive. You can add your watchlist to receive instant alerts on them.

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