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Secretly Monitor Your Employees

SPY24 offers an all-in-one monitoring feature that makes it possible for business owners to protect their sensitive information, increase productivity, and track workplace issues. Our employee spying feature is the most comprehensive solution to your business concerns. With SPY24’s monitoring feature, entrepreneurs can easily track emails, browser history, internet usage, communications, texts, representatives’ locations, and many other vital activities. If you want to have an extra pair of eyes to watch your employees, you’d better opt for our employee monitoring feature. No matter if your computers are working with Windows or Mac or you’re giving your employees Android or iOS cell phones, SPY24 is fully compatible with all operating systems. The good news is that we’re offering a 1-month free trial to let you test our app. Then, you can easily buy a subscription at an affordable price and use SPY24 on multiple devices. So why wait? Start your monitoring journey with SPY24 by clicking on the button below.
Employee Monitoring App

How Does SPY24’s Employee Monitoring Feature Work?

Don’t worry about setting up the app. You just need to watch this tutorial to see how easy it is to monitor your employees using SPY24.

What Monitoring Features Does SPY24 Offer?

Here is a complete list of monitoring features SPY24 offers to employers:

Email Tracking

Track all the received and sent emails on your company’s computers.

Social Media Monitoring

Monitor all the working communications on social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram.

Live Screen Monitoring

Watch everything that’s happening on your computers. You can also take screenshots to save the activities of your employees.

Browser History Tracking

Check what websites have been visited by your employees during working hours.


Keep track of every keystroke on your computer to see what employees are typing.

Startup & Turn-off Timestamps Monitoring

Keep a record of the times your employees turn on and off your computers.

Installed Apps Tracking

Check all the software programs that employees install on company-owned computers.

Remote Locking

Remotely lock your company’s computers whenever you feel something wrong is happening. This is great to prevent data leakage and other security breaches.

Call Recording

Record every conversation that’s made using your company’s devices.

Location Tracking & Geofencing

Watch your employees when they’re on a mission to make sure they’re going to the right place at the right time.

Remote Data Wiping

Remotely wipe harmful data from your computers whenever you think there is a danger.

Call Logs Tracking App

Your employees’ calls, SMS, and a hefty phonebook could have a plethora of workplace-related secrets and revelations. Start using SPY24 for a better insight into your company’s under-the-table activities.

IPhone Employee Tracking App

Don’t just monitor specific phone logs; rather, monitor your employees entire cell phone with an iPhone tracking app that even works without any app download or installation on the target device

macOS Tracking Software

Install the SPY24 Mac Spy app on the Mac desktop or laptop you want to spy on so you can keep track of everything it does.

Windows Monitoring Software

Windows monitoring software lets you spy on desktops and laptops running Windows from afar. Using a Windows spy app, you can watch what's going on in secret.

Android Phone Monitoring

First Spy App for Android Phones that Doesn't Need to Be Rooted and Has 24/7 Online Support. Install an Android spying app to secretly track GPS and monitor screen, camera, and microphone activity on any Android device that hasn't been rooted.

What Are the Benefits of An Employee Monitoring App?

Here are the reasons why you have to use an employee monitoring app in your business:

Increase Productivity 

One of the most important concerns of employees is the method of monitoring employees’ productivity. In fact, you don’t know if your team members are doing the right thing with high efficiency. They might bring many excuses to explain delays and you can’t prove their weak productivity unless you have concrete evidence. So what to do? SPY24 has a great solution to your problem. You can easily monitor every activity of your employees on your computers using our employee monitoring feature. With this app, you can track and save everything from emails to phone calls. So if you see that an employee is doing something personal with your computers, you can quickly recognize and take suitable measures. This is the best method to measure productivity and make your employees do what you’re paying for without face-to-face arguments.

Prevent Data Leakage

Leaking sensitive business data or information about your new products can cause considerable financial loss. The wisest course of action is to use a proper tool to prevent this from happening. SPY24’s employee monitoring feature can help you instantly detect any unwanted communication and file transferring from your computers and prevent data leakage. SPY24 lets you monitor emails, social media chats, and any suspicious activities on the computers’ screens. So if you think that your employees can access your sensitive data and send them to your competitors, you’d better think of our employee monitoring feature.

Solve Workplace Issues

Arguments between employees always happen, and you need to take care of these issues and manage the workplace. The thing is that sometimes you can’t judge without having enough information about your employees’ activities. So it’s good to monitor all the work communications to be able to track the issues and see who is responsible for them. This way, you can ensure that all team members are behaving according to your policy and no misbehavior happens.

Why Is SPY24 Best for Monitoring Employees?

There are so many monitoring apps on the market and you might be confused when choosing one of them. Here are the reasons why we believe SPY24 is the best spy app for monitoring employees’ activities:

The Most Comprehensive Set of Spying Features

SPY24 offers more than 250 features and sub-features and is the ultimate solution to every need. Therefore, you don’t need to install any other app to monitor a specific activity.

Multiple Devices Using One Package

You don’t need to buy a subscription for each device. You can install and use SPY24 on all your systems with one payment.

Compatibility with All Operating Systems (PC & Phone)

You can use SPY24 on PCs, cell phones, tablets, iPads, and iPods. It’s compatible with Windows, iOS, macOS, and Android so you don’t need to be worried if you have several different devices in your workplace. 

Non-Rooted & Non-Jailbroken

A majority of SPY24’s features can be run without having to root Android cell phones or jailbreak iOS devices.

Free Trial for 30 Days

SPY24 offers the longest period of free trial and is the best employee monitoring app in this regard.

24/7 Customer Support

You can contact us if there is any issue. We have a responsive team of customer support you can’t find anywhere else.

User-Friendly Dashboard

SPY24 provides you with an easy-to-use online dashboard that is accessible via any browser. So you don’t need to install an extra app to track your target computers.

Completely Undetectable

SPY24 works in a complete stealth mode, and therefore, can’t be detected by your employees.

As you see, SPY24 has everything you can expect from a monitoring app. So why wait? Try our free trial to experience a different workplace.

Why Is SPY24 Best for Monitoring Employees?

Frequently Asked Questions:

It’s a piece of software that allows company owners to monitor all the activities of their employees on company-owned devices like computers, tablets, and cell phones. The app should be installed on the device and be connected to the internet. Then, it can send real-time data to a remote server from which the employers can monitor all the data.

Here are the most important advantage of using an employee monitoring app:

  • Monitoring employees’ efficiency and increasing their productivity
  • Keeping a record of emails and making sure that no data leakage happens
  • Tracking employees’ behaviors to prevent issues among colleagues
  • Prevent security breaches
SPY24 has a great set of employee monitoring features, making it the best option available on the market. It’s compatible with all operating systems and doesn’t need rooting or jailbreaking. SPY24 works completely hidden and can’t be detected by your employees. It can send the collected data to your dashboard and you can see them later or download them to your computer. The prices offered by SPY24 are affordable and the free trial is 30 days long, which is longer than that of any other app.

You can start monitoring your employees by the steps below:

  • Create an account
  • Go to your dashboard and choose your target devices
  • Buy a package according to the number of your devices
  • Download and install SPY24 on all devices
  • Get back to the dashboard and start monitoring everything you want
No! Installing any spy app on people’s cell phones or computers is illegal. You can’t see or collect other people’s data without their permission. Employee monitoring apps are only allowed on company-owned devices.
Yes! SPY24 offers a 30-day free trial, making it easy for you to test its features.
No! When you buy a package from SPY24, you’ll get access to all spying features. In fact, the plans are fully inclusive, and therefore, you don’t need to pay for each employee monitoring feature separately.
No! SPY24 needs a working internet connection to send the collected data to your dashboard. Of course, without the internet, SPY24 collects the data and can send them after the internet connection is back.
Yes! SPY24 lets you send remote commands to the app to take screenshots. Then, the app sends you the screenshots and you can see them using your dashboard.

4 Easy Steps for Monitoring Your Employees

Now that you’ve become familiar with our employee monitoring feature, you can start protecting your business. You just need to do the following process to monitor your employees’ activities.

  1. Create an Account for Free

First, you need to sign up on our site to get your free dashboard. 

  1. Choose the Target Devices & Buy a Plan

Go to your dashboard and choose the target devices you want to monitor. You’ll see Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android options. Then, you can buy a package according to your needs or continue with the free trial.

  1. Download & Install SPY24

Now, you have to install SPY24 on your company’s devices. This is a straightforward procedure and doesn’t need expertise. You can also see a tutorial about the installation process.

  1. Start Monitoring Your Employees

You’re all set. The only thing you need to do is to log in to your dashboard and track everything remotely.

You Can Totally Rely On SPY24 – We’ve Got Your Back

SPY24 won’t leave you alone with your subscription, because, for us, your satisfaction is on top of everything else, and with that, we promise to deliver only the best mobile spying app experience that you will never have like it again!

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Technology now makes it possible for employers to keep track of virtually all workplace communications by any employee. Generally, it is permissible for you as an employer to monitor your own computer systems including, but not limited to, employees’ work email communications and internet usage. Employers are free to monitor these communications as long as there’s a valid business purpose for doing so. On the other hand, if your company takes affirmative steps to protect the privacy of employee emails, it might have restricted its ability to monitor these communications. Employers can monitor employees’ emails at work but need to approach this with caution and careful consideration. SPY24 is a versatile and reliable mobile phone tracking application that enables you to monitor received and sent emails to employees’ cell phones during their work hours.

SPY24- What You Need To Give You An Upper Hand

In the past, it wasn’t possible to monitor if the employees were carrying out their duties or not. They could waste important working hours on social networks or on a gaming application. However, currently, with the assistance of SPY24, one can easily monitor and take control over all the mobile phone undertakings by the employees with a lot of ease. This app will tell you whether your workers are putting their mobile phone devices in the correct usage. This will definitely result in highly improved production for your business.

Stay Happy With Your Business Improved Production

SPY24’s hidden call recording application is considered the best application for the new generation as a call tracking tool, and now people can get all the information about their beloved one’s activities on devices more efficiently without letting them know. They can stalk to gather all the data of calls from the device. The users do those phone calls by installing the application on their equipment. Any individual is willing to know about all the things which are done by their friends or Partner, can use the format of the hidden application. The tool will let you know how many calls are done by the monitored devices, and what kind of conversation they had with the person. The tracking tool is highly recommended by users who want to control someone’s device properly. The SPY24 application is the next generation of technology, which will help parents to keep their eyes on their children and people on their partners, and so on.

Secure Your Company From Information Leakage

Has it ever come to your mind that those drivers working for you may just use the vehicles you have placed under them to carry out their own business? Is your company’s vehicle being taken advantage of by your workers? SPY24 installation will inform you of the exact locality of your employee’s mobile phone device through the easy-to-use control panel. On top of this, this app will give you all the cell phone movement past. With this, you will get to know if the vehicle has kept its route or not.

Monitor Your Employee’s Mobile Devices From A Safe Distance

Should your employees have your business’s vital information on their mobile devices? What would happen should they lose their cell phone with the company data on them? The good news is that you have the ability to monitor and take control of all your business cell phones across the globe by making use of the SPY24 application. It enables you to take over any mobile phone you have targeted. This basically means that you can erase any information on such a cell phone or even switch it off!