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Remotely Block Calls on Your Kid’s Phone

Are you worried about strange calls on your kid’s cell phone? SPY24 has the ultimate solution to your concerns. With our call-blocking app, you can easily block, restrict, and control incoming & outgoing calls on your kid’s cell phone. SPY24’s remote call blocker is a hidden monitoring app that enables you to remotely take control of the target device’s calls. This is also great for employers who want to restrict calls on company-owned cell phones. The good news is that it’s compatible with both Android and iOS devices and comes with a 30-day free trial. So why wait? Try our call blocker to see the peace of mind it brings to your life.
Call Blocking App

How Does the Call Blocker of SPY24 Work?

Wanna know how to restrict incoming calls on your kid’s phone? Watch this video to see how easy it is via SPY24.

What Features Do I Get from SPY24’s Call Blocker?

Let’s see what exactly you can do using our app blocker:

Block Stranger Calls

You can block all the incoming calls from strangers on your kid’s cell phone to protect them from bullies.

Restrict Incoming & Outgoing Calls

You’ll be able to restrict calls on your kid’s cell phone to prevent him/her from spending too much time and money on his/her cell phone.

Get Updates on Call Logs

SPY24 sends you instant updates on the call logs to inform you of the newest activities on the target cell phone.

Block Suspicious Numbers

Using SPY24, you can block suspicious numbers on the target device to make sure everything is OK.

Why Do I Need a Remote Call Blocker?

There are many situations in which a call blocker is necessary. Here are some examples:

Workplace: Increasing Employees’ Productivity 

Calls might take a great portion of employees’ time each day. Unfortunately, some employees use the company’s cell phones or computers for personal use. So what can you do to prevent this? A call blocker can help you control and block personal calls on company-owned devices. If you use SPY24, you’ll get a full package of employee monitoring features, including a hidden call blocker. This way, you’ll have full control over your employees’ activities, such as calls, emails, screen time, etc.

Family: Ensuring Teens’ Safety 

Teens’ relationships are one of the most challenging concerns of parents these days. All teens want a cell phone and internet connection and this might bring some dangers to your family. If you want to make sure that they’re not in contact with strangers or bullies, you have to think of a tool apart from talking to them face-to-face. SPY24 has a comprehensive set of parental control tools that ensure children’s safety. One of the best features we offer is a call blocker that allows you to monitor, control, restrict, and block calls on the target device. If you have several children, you can buy a package for multiple devices at an affordable price.

Relationship: Catching Cheaters 

When you’re in a relationship, you expect that your partner doesn’t have secret talks with other women. Sometimes, even married men might be enticed to have a chat with other girls and women apart from their wives. The best method to catch your cheating husband is to install a spy app on his cell phone. Using the spy app, you can monitor all his communications and also block or restrict incoming calls without him knowing. You can discover any suspicious number and also call the cheating woman to prevent her from ruining your life.

Block Your Kid’s Suspicious Calls in 4 Easy Steps

Convinced? You can use our call blocker without any expertise. You just need to follow the steps below:

  1. Create a Free Account

Sign up to get your free online dashboard where you can control everything. 

  1. Select Phone & Plan

Now, you have to choose the target cell phone from the available options on your dashboard.

  1. Download & Install SPY24

To block calls on the target device, you have to access it and install SPY24. Sometimes, you have to enable installation from unknown sources.

  1. Block Calls

Now, you can easily block calls from your own SPY24 panel, which is accessible from any browser.

Block Your Kid’s Suspicious Calls in 4 Easy Steps

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes! There are many remote spy apps that allow you to block someone’s calls remotely. Of course, you need to install the app on the target device to be able to control the calls.
Yes! Call blocker apps need to be installed on the target device so you have to access it one time.
SPY24 is the best spy app that offers a call-blocking feature. You can use its free trial for 30 days. After that, you have to buy a plan to continue using the app.
You just need to create an account on SPY24 and install the app on the target device. Then, the app provides you with an online dashboard where you can monitor every activity on the target device, including the call logs. You can send blocking commands from your dashboard to the target device. Of course, you need a working internet connection on the target device so that the app receives commands from the server.

You can:

  • Restrict incoming calls to strangers
  • Block suspicious numbers on the target cell phone
  • Spy on call logs
  • Get full reports on timestamps and contacts’ information
SPY24 offers lots of other spying features along with the call blocker. The most important features are social media monitoring, call recording, location tracking, geofencing, camera hacking, ambient voice recording, and internet history tracking.

Here is a summary of the SPY24’s benefits:

  • No limit on the number of calls you block
  • 30 days free trial
  • Numerous other features like call recording
  • Compatibility with iOS and Android
No! Doing anything on other people’s cell phones without their permission is against the law. You’re not allowed to install any spyware on someone’s cell phone. However, there are some exceptions like parental control and employee supervision that are different from malicious hacking.
There might be several problems. First, check the internet connection and make sure that the target device receives the blocking commands. Second, check your plan to make sure it’s not expired. Finally, don’t hesitate to contact our team 24/7.


Incoming calls blockage. Don’t be amazed by the fact that some incoming calls need to be blocked. For example, a rival company seeking some important information about your company might direct the call to your worker. Failing to stop such a call may result in a loss of your company information. On the other hand, your kid might be receiving calls from a bad company or a person that you might find not fit to have a conversation with. Stopping such a call can be very good for them. We have the solution for you to be able to block an incoming call either on your children’s or workers’ cell phones.


Our advanced yet simple-to-use application will be very helpful in efforts to block all incoming calls that you may deem to be risky for your either company or family. It can do this by:

  • Getting a complete blockage of all unwanted incoming calls including the private numbers that have the caller ID
  • Recording of calls trials from the already blocked ones
  • Make a review of all stored data concerning the blocked numbers and you will get all this info in your control panel any time you need to
  • Have a look at the obtained data on your computer with or without the internet connection in the form of a spreadsheet download

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