Remote Data Wipe For Android and iPhone

Remotely Erase Someone’s Data

SPY24 has launched another great spy feature that not only allows you to track data on the target device but also gives you the ability to erase data remotely. Our remote data wipe feature lets you instantly wipe all or part of the data saved on the target device. Using SPY24, you can track all the data without being detected and when you erase them, the user will see a pop-up message that says the data has been removed by a third-party app. Of course, you can talk to the user about the reasons you’ve used SPY24 for monitoring and erasing their data. So whether you’re worried about the content of your kids’ cell phones or even want to clean your company-owned devices, SPY24’s remote data wipe is your best choice. The good news is that you can use our free trial for one month to see the quality of our app and also get to know our other monitoring features. Then, you can buy a subscription plan with just a few clicks and use SPY24 on several devices simultaneously.
Remote Data Wipe

How To Remotely Wipe Phone Data Using SPY24?

Find out how SPY24 lets you remotely wipe phone data from monitored Android and iOS devices.

What Does SPY24’s Remote Data Wipe Offer?

Our remote data-erasing feature is a great tool with the following features:

Remove Saved Contacts

Using the remote data wipe feature of SPY24, you can easily erase any unwanted number from the contact list.

Erase Photos & Videos

SPY24 allows you to delete inappropriate pictures and videos from the target device remotely.

Wipe Documents

Remove any saved documents that might be sensitive or contain confidential information.

Remove App Sources

You can block unwanted apps and remove the file source (apk or iOS) from the target device.

Clean Cached Data

SPY24 makes it possible to clean the target device from the cached data.

Delete Downloaded Data

You’re allowed to remove all the downloaded files to make the device faster or save your kids from inappropriate files.

Internal Storage

SPY24 can erase all the files from the internal SD card and doesn’t delete files stored on external SD cards.

Location Tracker

Remotely track kids' and teens' hidden places and actions where they used to spend time outside the house with GPS location monitoring.

Browsing Activities

Supervise children most frequently visited websites with internet browsing history tracking software.

Why Do You Need A Remote Wipe Data Spy App?

Have you ever watched your husband’s phone or seen any inappropriate content on your kids’ mobiles? What did you do? Of course, the wisest course of action is to talk to them to delete inappropriate content from their device.

But what if they don’t do that or maintain some of the data on their device without your knowledge? That’s why you need a remote spy app to track their files and remove some of them if required.

In sum, having a remote data wipe has three main advantages as follows:

  1. Monitoring Kids’ Activities

If you think that your kids are downloading and watching inappropriate content, such as pornographic videos, on their phones, you can use a remote data wipe. SPY24 lets you track everything on their phones and, finally, erase all unwanted files without their permission. Of course, you’ll remain undetected as long as you’re tracking them. When you erase their data, they’ll receive a popup message that informs them of a third-party app. It’s recommended that you talk to them in this situation. 

  1. Tracking Company-Owned Devices 

You can also use a data wipe feature on your company’s computers and cell phones. This will help you remove unsolicited files from your devices without touching them. If you think that your employees are using the devices for personal use or saving some confidential data on the computers, you can track the files using SPY24 and remove them remotely.

  1. Lost & Stollen Devices

When you lose your cell phone, or someone steals it, you must make sure that your data is safe. SPY24’s remote data wipe allows you to erase all confidential data from your phone without touching it.

How Does SPY24’s Remote Data Wipe Work?

If you think that erasing a cell phone’s data from a distance is impossible, you’d better watch this tutorial video.

  1. Create an Account for Free

The first step to using our remote data wipe is to create an account.

  1. Choose a Plan & Device

You can choose the target device from the given options on your dashboard and buy a package accordingly. You can also continue with the free trial.

  1. Download & Install SPY24

You can easily download and install SPY24 on the target phone without having to root or jailbreak it. Here is also a guide to the installation process.

  1. Track Data & Erase 

Now, you’re all set. You can remove anything suspicious from the target device using your online dashboard.

How Does SPY24’s Remote Data Wipe Work?

Frequently Asked Questions:

A remote data wipe is a piece of software that when installed on a device can receive erasing commands from a remote server.
No! Anything stored on a person’s computer or cell phone is the property of that person and can’t be damaged by anyone. Also, installing a third-party app for erasing files from someone’s device is illegal. There are some exceptional situations such as parental control or employee monitoring in which you can use a remote data wipe app.
SPY24 is the best remote data wipe app out there. It’s offering more than 250 monitoring features that let you find any unwanted activities and files on the target device. Then, it can receive an erasing command from a remote server to remove unwanted files. It’s compatible with all operating systems and doesn’t require rooting. With affordable and diverse pricing packages, SPY24 is the best choice available in the market.
Yes! SPY24 offers a 1-month free trial, which is longer than what any other spy app offers.
Yes! SPY24 offers various packages, some of which support multiple devices with a single payment.
No! SPY24 can work without rooting the target Android device.
SPY24 has the ability to remove all types of data from both Internal storage space. SPY24 doesn’t delete any file from the external SD card.

Here are the benefits of using s remote data wipe:

  • Remove confidential data from stolen devices
  • Erase inappropriate files from your children’s devices
  • Remove unwanted files from the company-owned devices

Why Should You Choose SPY24 for Remote Data Wiping?

Here are some reasons why SPY24 is the best tool to monitor and delete data from a cell phone without touching it every time:

Working for Non-Rooted Android Devices

With the new advancements in the security of Android devices, many of the apps offer rooted spying features, especially if you want to do something remotely. In fact, collecting data is a relatively easy task for many apps and can be done without having to root the target device. But when it comes to performing an act remotely, such as deleting a file, many spy apps need rooting. SPY24 is one of the few spy apps that offer remote data wiping on non-rooted Android devices.

Offering 250 Monitoring Features

The main question is how you can find inappropriate data on the target device to delete them remotely. SPY24 offers 250+ spying features on Windows, iOS, Android, and macOS and lets you find anything suspicious on the target devices. So it’s the best tool to track and remove unwanted files.

Here are some other advantages of using SPY24:

  • Offering a free trial of one month.
  • Having 24/7 customer support.
  • Monitoring and removing all the data using an online dashboard that is accessible on any browser.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Easy installation process.
  • Diverse packages.
  • Supporting multiple devices.

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