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Keylogger For MAC Feature:

Keyloggers are spy apps that let you keep track of all the keystrokes on cell phones, laptops, and computers. With a MAC keylogger, you can see every single pressed key on a laptop without being detected. So if you install a MAC keylogger on a laptop, you’ll be informed of all the usernames, passwords, texts, contact names, numbers, and notes on the target MAC. SPY24 has the best keylogger for MAC in the world. With our MAC keylogging spy feature, you can easily see all the typed content on the laptops of your children or your staff. So if you want to see their social media chats, usernames, passwords, and other text content on their MACs, sign up and start monitoring.
Keylogger Mac OS Free Download

How To Monitor MAC Keystrokes Via SPY24?

See this tutorial on how to monitor SPY24’s MAC keylogger.

Best MAC Keylogger

Here is a summary of what you can fetch on MAC via the keylogging feature of SPY24:


See everything the MAC user writes without being detected.


Explore all the typed credentials on the target MAC, including usernames and passwords of social media apps such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, and any other online applications.


Read everything the user writes in their emails on their MAC.


You can keep track of the exact time and date of each keyboard activity on the target computer.


Automatically take screenshots of all running programs on the desktop. This is a great way to keep a visual record of every log of apps, emails, and websites.

Copy/Cut And Paste

Keep track of everything that has been copied to the clipboard on the target MAC, including passwords and usernames.

Browsed Websites

Track all the websites that the target user has explored on their browsers. You can keep a record of all the URLs that the user has visited.

Opened Programs And Folders

Keep track of all the logs to all programs and folders on the target MAC.


Keep a record of every cookie that has been cleared from the target MAC.

Why Should You Use A MAC Keylogger?

You might ask why someone needs a keylogger for a MAC. Remember that for several reasons, a person might have to track the computer of his/her children and employees. For instance, when your children write and send something to someone using their computers, you might wonder what they’re typing. That’s where the keylogger will be useful because it lets you track all the keystrokes to see what they’re typing. In fact, a MAC keylogger is a fantastic way to make sure they’re not typing anything dangerous or disrespectful.

Moreover, if you have your own business, you have to keep track of the activities of all employees on the company-owned computers. A keylogger can offer many benefits in this situation. First, you can make sure that none of the important credentials are compromised because the keylogger can track all the typed characters. Second, you can make sure that the employees are not using the company’s computers for personal emails and chats.

SPY24 offers various types of features for tracking computers and cell phones, and the MAC keylogger is the best one for these situations. The MAC keylogger lets you track all the pressed keys on a MAC.

The keylogging feature is a simple method for tracking computer activities. With the MAC keylogger of SPY24, you can see all of the keystrokes on MAC, including credentials, social network chats, emails, notes, and any other texts on the target MAC.

Overall, the MAC keylogger feature is great for two specific groups:

Parents: Parental Supervision

One of the greatest worries of all parents is the inappropriate content of what their kids type on their computers. Using SPY24, you’ll be able to see every written word on their MACs, making sure that they aren’t sending anything wrong.

Employers: Activity Control On Company-Owned MAC

Employers should always be watching what their employees are typing on the company-owned systems. If you want to track the activity of your staff, the MAC keylogger is one of the best solutions. Using the keylogger feature of SPY24, you can see all the keystrokes on your company’s MACs. This way, none of the important business information will be transferred without your knowledge. Also, you’ll immediately figure out if anyone changes the username and password on the computer.

Employers: Activity Control On Company-Owned MAC

Why Is SPY24 The Best MAC Keylogger

Here is a summary of what makes SPY24 the best MAC keylogger:

  • Seeing all the written text on MAC
  • Taking screenshots
  • Watching all the explored URLs
  • Monitoring opened programs and folders
  • Good compatibility with Android, iOS, and Windows along with macOS
  • Offering 30+ more spying features, apart from the MAC keylogging feature
  • Offering multiple device monitoring
  • Checking data using a single dashboard
  • Small file size
  • 1-month free trial
  • 24/7 support
  • Easy installation process
  • Completely undetectable
  • Various pricing packages
  • MAC Devices: Our MAC monitoring software is compatible with EL Capitan, Leopard, Mountain Lion, Lion, Yosemite, Mavericks, Catalina, Sierra, and Mojave. It is also compatible with MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, and Mac Mini, Apple M1, Apple M2.
Why Is SPY24 The Best MAC Keylogger

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes! Despite what many of us think that macOS is famous for being a secure operating system, you can still track its keystrokes using SPY24.
SPY24 is the best keylogger for MAC. Using SPY, you can track every keystroke on the target macOS.
A keylogger can track all the activity of a user on the keyboard. This can be used to monitor his/her activities on the MAC and read out all the entered words on emails, login data, chats, etc.
It depends on the keylogger spy app you’re using. SPY24 is the safest keylogger for MAC and works completely undetectable. With an extremely small file size, the user will never feel its presence. Also, SPY24 will not appear in the program lists so it can’t be detected easily.
A MAC keylogger records what the user types on the computer without them knowing. So it’s spyware.
Yes! Tracking other people’s activity without their knowledge is against the law. The keylogger feature can only be used by employers on company-owned systems or by parents for parental control purposes.
Keyloggers are sometimes called keystroke loggers so these are the same.
No! The keylogger feature sends the data to your remote dashboard so it needs an internet connection.
Yes! SPY24’s MAC keylogger shows the target user’s keystrokes, including usernames and passwords.
SPY24’s MAC keylogger does lots of things along with logging keystrokes and recording texts. It can log clipboard texts, record data that you copy/cut and paste from anywhere else, and track all keyboard activities like opening folders, docs, and apps.
A keylogger is a kind of spyware that collects every keystroke on a system.
Keylogger can track every activity on the target MAC, including virtual keyboards.
SPY24 has the most advanced and complete set of features for spying on Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. You can use SPY24 to monitor social media, emails, cameras, surrounding voice, calls, SMSs, and locations.
No! When you buy a subscription or use the free trial version of SPY24, you’ll get all the features, including the keylogger. In fact, the MAC keylogger is inclusive within the SPY24’s packages.
Yes! SPY24’s MAC keylogger can record every pressed key on the target MAC, including the admin password.
Yes! SPY24’s MAC keylogger records everything that has been copied or cut to a clipboard and pasted anywhere.
Yes! SPY24’s keylogger can get screenshots of the MAC desktop on a regular basis that you define. This way you can keep a record of everything on the target MAC.
Yes! The MAC keylogging feature of SPY24 keeps a record of every opened program and any logs to your emails or other apps.
Yes! You need to have one-time access to the MAC computer to install SPY24.
SPY24 is compatible with macOS and all the newer versions of mac OS.

Parents To Use Child Monitoring Software

Are you worried about what your children do on your smartphones? Do you need a way to see what they do so that you can keep their activities in check? Now you can monitor their mobile activities thanks to SPY24 child monitoring software for smartphones.

SPY24 is the number one program that helps parents monitor and restrict their child’s mobile phones. No other child monitoring software has as many monitoring and filtering features. With this powerful yet simple-to-use program installed onto your child’s smartphone, you will be able to log in to your private account to view the activities and set restrictions.

When you use SPY24, you’ll learn what your child does on the smartphone. And you will be able to set restrictions and filters in order to control how the phone is used.

Monitor Activity

Set Filters & Restrictions

  • Application Filter
  • Website Filter
  • Time Restrictions
  • Child Contacts Filter
  • Geo-Fencing Alert

Monitor Websites Visited

The modern smartphone comes with an internet browser, which means your child has access to uncensored material through it. He doesn’t understand the consequences of being exposed to inappropriate websites. If you don’t want your child to develop an addiction to porn on his phone then you need SPY24 child monitoring software. With it installed on your child’s mobile device, you can see what websites he visits and block the sites so he does not return to them. You can also use the web filter feature to block categories of websites such as pornography, gambling, and violence.

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