12 Best Phone Remote Spy Camera Apps in Android (2023)

With the increasing concerns about security and safety, it is becoming increasingly essential to have access to reliable monitoring tools. Phone remote spy camera apps can help you keep an eye on your kids, protect your business, or ensure your safety by allowing you to monitor remotely from your phone. They offer peace of mind knowing you can check on things anytime, anywhere. These apps are incredibly versatile and provide a range of functionalities that can help you capture photos and record videos, without being detected… This article will explore the top 10 best remote spy camera apps.

List Of The Best Camera Spy Apps:

Here is the list of the most popular Spy Apps:

List Of The Best Camera Spy Apps

Name of the apps Is it available for both iOS and Android? Can I hide the app? Free trial? Price
SPY24  Yes Yes Yes 30-Day Free Trial
iKeyMonitor Yes Yes Yes Free Plan Forever
OgyMogy Yes Yes No $43/ month
uMobix Yes Yes No $49.99 1 Month
TheWiSpy  Yes Yes No $15.99
For 1 Month
TheOneSpy Yes Yes No 01 month
FlexiSPY Yes Yes No 01 month $79
AlfredSilent Yes No No free
Silent Camera Yes No No free
Spyera Yes Yes No 01 month $89
mSpy Yes Yes No 01 month $39.99
Spokeo Yes No No 01 month $19.99
Clevguard Yes Yes No 01 month $24.99
EyeZy Yes Yes No 01 month $22.99

SPY24 App – The Best Free Phone Spy Camera App 

SPY24’s RemCam feature allows you to take control of a mobile device’s Camera from a remote location without being detected. With its special feature, this app lets you take two photos at the same time – one with the phone’s camera or front-facing camera and another with the rear-facing camera. The pictures taken with RemCam are automatically uploaded to a secure online portal for later viewing. Unlike other competitors, this feature is exclusive to SPY24, making it a valuable tool for mobile surveillance.

SPY24 App – The Best Free Phone Spy Camera App

RemCam by SPY24: The Undetectable Mobile Monitoring Solution for Real-time Location Spying and Covert Monitoring

SPY24’s RemCam feature is a powerful tool for mobile surveillance. With RemCam, you can take control of a device’s Camera from anywhere and anytime, allowing you to monitor your target’s surroundings remotely. This feature lets you preview the photos before saving them and allows you to download them to your PC. Additionally, RemCam enables you to go undetected while monitoring the target phone’s camera, giving you the advantage of gathering valuable information without being detected.

How Can RemCam’s Remote Spy Camera Feature Benefit You?

SPY24’s RemCam is a remote spy camera app feature that allows you to see through a mobile device’s Camera, making it a helpful tool for various situations. Here are some of the many useful features and benefits for different users:

spy24 app

Parents: With RemCam, parents can have peace of mind knowing their children are safe. They can remotely turn on their child’s cell phone camera to see where they are, especially when they are out at night or on a school trip. This feature enables parents to make informed decisions and help keep their children safe.

Employers: RemCam can help employers ensure that their employees who work from home are at their computers during billing hours or that teams who have offsite visits are at the site. Additionally, the remote spy camera app feature can prevent employees from sharing sensitive information with a rival company, helping to protect the business and everything they’ve worked hard to build.

Individuals: RemCam is also helpful for individuals who want to increase their safety or keep an eye on their belongings. Users can install the app on their mobile devices, or loved ones as a home surveillance mechanism. These apps can also be used to monitor pets, observe maids’ behavior when you’re not around or check on the safety of your children with a babysitter. They provide a way to monitor things remotely and ensure everything is as it should be. Additionally, RemCam can help users find their phone or tablet if it gets lost or stolen.

SPY24 of Features:

  • Take control of a target device’s Camera remotely and discreetly

  • Preview and download photos from the Camera

  • Undetectable monitoring to avoid suspicion

  • Real-time location tracking to stay on top of the target’s movements

  • Capture photos with both front and back cameras for comprehensive monitoring

  • Live camera streaming

  • hidden camera connects

  • Live surround listening

  • Camera bug

  • MIC bug

  • Screenshots

  • Screen recording

  • GPS tracker

  • IM’s Screen Recording

  • VoIP call recording


Computer Monitoring PC and Mac Monitor

  • Android smartphone

  • IOS

  • Mac

  • Windows

Get Started With SPY24 In 3 Simple Steps

Step 1: Subscribe To SPY24


Choose the subscription plan best suits your needs and select your preferred payment option.


Step 2: Download And Install SPY24

install spy24 app

Follow the easy-to-understand instructions we’ll send you via email to download and install the basic version of the SPY24 app on your desired device.

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Step 3: Start Monitoring With SPY24

Step 2: Download and Install SPY24

Once you’ve completed the setup process, log in to your SPY24 dashboard using the account information provided to start monitoring in just a few minutes.


Capture Images Remotely With IKeyMonitor’s Spy Camera App

Suppose you’re looking for a discreet and efficient way to monitor an Android device. In that case, iKeyMonitor’s Spy Camera App is a great option. With this app, you can remotely activate the target device’s front or back Camera to capture images and view them on the Cloud Pane. This feature can help you stay informed about what’s happening around the target phone without being detected.

ikeymonitor1 1024x577 1

Powerful Features Of IKeyMonitor’s Spy Camera App

Here are the two devices’ key features being offered by iKeyMonitor’s Spy Camera App and their benefits:

  • Turn on the Camera remotely and take photos: With this feature, you can remotely activate the target device’s camera and capture images discreetly without being detected.

  • Choose the Camera you want (front, back): The app allows you to switch between the front and back cameras of the target device, depending on your needs.

  • View the photos on the Cloud Panel: Once you capture the photos, they will be uploaded to the Cloud Panel, which you can access from anywhere, making it a convenient way to monitor the device.

Compatibility and Requirements for iKeyMonitor’s Spy Camera App

Here are the compatibility and requirements for using iKeyMonitor’s Spy Camera App:

  • iOS: Compatible with all IOS and iPad devices

  • Android: Compatible with all Android

  • iOS (JB): Compatible with jailbroken iPhone and iPad devices

  • Android(Root): Requires rooting of Android device

  • iOS(iCloud): Requires iCloud credentials for iOS devices

Remember that while the Spycam app is versatile, some key features require specific conditions to be met. Nonetheless, iKeyMonitor’s Spy Camera App provides various options to accommodate many users with different preferences and needs.


  • Advanced tools without rooting Android smartphone

  • Android and iOS are compatible.

  • Screenshots and digital images work.

  • Online data dashboard Free plans are ineffective.


  • It uses a lot of batteries.

  • Without app-blocking tools,

  • Rooted phones support web history.

  • Surround recording requires rooting.

OgyMogy Tracker App: Remotely Access And Monitor Cell Phone Cameras

OgyMogy Tracker camera app allows you to remotely access and monitor the front and rear cameras of the target device remotely on any Android phone or tablet device. The app records short videos of the surrounding environment, which you can view via the online dashboard. By using this app, you can easily bug someone’s cell phone and monitor their surroundings through visuals and voices; This provides an opportunity to keep track of the target person’s activities and stay updated on what they are doing while their Camera is bugged.

best spy camera apps2 1 1024x576 1

OgyMogy Video Camera Tracking App for Parents and Businesses

From a Parental Perspective:

As a parent, it’s natural to worry about your child’s safety and hidden camera activities, especially when they hang out with friends or hide their whereabouts. OgyMogy Video Camera Tracker App can help ease your concerns by allowing you to remotely control your child’s mobile Camera, record short videos of their surroundings, and monitor their activities in hidden camera locations; This helps you ensure their safety and prevent any bullying incidents.

From a Business Perspective:

Maintaining discipline in the workplace can be challenging, as many users and employers cannot always be present with their employees. OgyMogy Video Camera Tracker App is a valuable tool that enables business owners to control the cameras of their business-owned devices remotely.

OgyMogy Video Camera Tracking App Features:

  • Record short videos of the target device’s surroundings

  • Remotely access and control the front and back cameras of mobile devices

  • Monitor teens’ hidden whereabouts and prevent bullying incidents

  • Keep track of employees’ activities in the workplace and ensure productivity

  • Ensure the safety and security of your loved ones or business assets

  • Maintain discipline and prevent any unwanted activities.


  • The OgyMogy Video Camera Tracking App is compatible with Android smartphones, including smartphones and tablets. The app works on Android OS versions 4.0 and above.


  • Controlling cell phone cameras discreetly yields quick results.

  • Real-time audio, video, and photography are possible.

  • Cameras work best for spying on kids’ cell phones.

  • This app can be used on rooted and unrooted phones to monitor an employee’s surroundings at work.

  • This simple app has the best Android spy cam capabilities.

  • Hide on targeted Android phones.

  • Its subscriptions are cheap, yet it works well.


  • Does it support IOS and iPads?

  • Remote phone installation was impossible.

UMobix Video Stream Feature: Monitor Your Child’s Surroundings In Real-Time

With uMobix’s video stream feature, you can easily spy on a target device’s surroundings in real-time. Parents can utilize this tool to ensure their child’s safety when they are out with friends or at school. It’s a useful tool to have in such situations.

umobix4 1024x538 1

By remotely activating the background video recorder on the cell phone camera through uMobix software, parents can instantly see what’s happening around their children. The video stream feature allows you to monitor your child’s surroundings and determine if there are any potential bullies nearby. You can access the streaming video from the target device on your dashboard, giving you peace of mind knowing that your child is safe.

To use this feature, install the uMobix software on the target device and access your dashboard. This see-through phone spy camera feature lets you spy on your child’s activities at any time.


  • Android 

Spy On Video Recording With TheWiSpy App

TheWiSpy App is the best app that allows you to capture photos and monitor video recordings on a target device easily. With this app, you can:

highster mobile price

  • Watch all saved videos: Use the app’s spy live video camera feature to watch every saved video on the target device.

  • View video logs: Spy on videos and their logs from an online portal of the TheWiSpy app.

  • Secretly view sent/received videos: Monitor all videos secretly with TheWiSpy’s spy camera video app.

To get started, subscribe to the premium edition of TheWiSpy, choose a mobile monitoring plan, and follow the emailed instructions to download and install the app on your desired device. Then, log in to your TheWiSpy dashboard using the provided account information to start monitoring two devices.


  • Android 

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  • One of the best undetectable spy camera programs.

  • Subscriptions are cheap and easy to set up.

  • Rootless traits.

  • claims to capture phone surroundings.


  • Poor client service.

  • Exclusive features malfunction.


Monitor With Ease: Spy On Camera Using TheOneSpy App

TheOneSpy is a powerful monitoring app that lets you watch your target mobile device’s Camera. With this app, you can secretly make video recordings and access the targeted cell phone’s front and back Cameras. TheOneSpy guarantees the best results for its users, providing them with efficient and reliable monitoring services.

best spy camera apps1 1 1024x576 1

Beneficial Points of Video Camera Spy App for Efficient Tracking:

  • Video camera spy app defined

  • Remote control over the targeted phone

  • Access to front and back cameras on the targeted device

  • Ability to make recordings of surroundings

  • Convenient viewing of surrounding videos through a web portal


  • Android


  • It supports Android and iOS.

  • Easy-to-install spy camera software. It supports Android 4.4.0–11.0.

  • It’s invisible on target phones’ OS systems.

  • The spy camera app hides mobile app icons.

  • It protects kids from neighboring predators.

  • Android cameras can be utilized without rooting.

  • Subscription options are affordable.


  • Remote installation requires physical access to the system.

  • It works with jailbroken iOS.

Discreetly Take Over A Phone Camera Spy  With FlexiSPY’s RemCam Feature

FlexiSPY’s RemCam feature allows you to remotely access and control a target phone or device’s Camera, discreetly taking up to two photos at a time from both the back and front cameras. Once installed on the target phone or device remotely used, pictures captured with RemCam are automatically uploaded to your secure online portal for convenient viewing later. This unique feature is exclusive to FlexiSPY and cannot be found with any other competitor.

FlexiSpy - WeChat Tracker App

Spy Camera Feature:

  • Control a phone or device’s camera from anywhere

  • Preview and download photos

  • Stay undetected

  • Track the target’s location

  • Capture photos with front and back Camera

  • remote spy camera app


  • Android 


  • Android and iPhone camera spy software

  • A multi-featured app.

  • Recording the environment with the target device’s camera.

  • Stealth mode hides it.


  • Non-jailbroken phones are not yet compatible.

  • Rooted Androids have exclusive functionality.

  • SPY24, the greatest alternative, is cheaper than the most expensive software.

Alfred – More Than Just A Security Camera

Alfred is an innovative and robust security camera app with more features than a typical expensive one. It is included in the list of the top 10 best Spy Camera+ apps for Android and iOS. With Alfred, you can get live streaming, instant intruder alerts, night vision, walkie-talkie functionality, and unlimited cloud storage to store, share, and playback your video footage.


How Does It Work?

Using this app is simple – all you need is a two mobile devices or phone and a tablet. After downloading and installing the app on both devices, the tablet becomes the camera that records everything in its surroundings. Meanwhile, the other mobile device or phone functions as the viewer and background video recorder, letting you see everything that the camera is recording. With Alfred, you can easily monitor your home, keep an eye on your baby or pet, and even use it as a walkie-talkie to communicate with your family. This app is an all-in-one solution to fulfill your security needs.

Here are some of the features of the app:

  • 24/7 Live Stream: You can watch high-quality live videos from anywhere, anytime.

  • Smart Intruder Alert: The Camera can instantly alert you when it detects any movement.

  • Unlimited Cloud Storage: You can store, download, and share your video footage anytime with unlimited cloud storage.

  • Night Vision: It can provide enhanced security in low light conditions with night vision.

  • Walkie-talkie: You can use it to interact with visitors and pets, soothe babies, and even deter potential thieves.

  • 360 Camera: With both lenses, it covers a larger area.

  • Additional features: You can also use Zoom, schedule, reminder, trust circle, siren, and more.


  • iOS

  • Android 

Silent Camera: Take Photos Stealthily

Silent Camera is an app designed for smartphone using to take photos covertly without the shutter sound. The app is free to download, and in-app purchases are optional. However, it is only compatible with Android devices and unavailable for iOS and Windows.


  • Silent camera mode

  • Simple and easy user interface

  • Free to use with optional in-app purchases

  • hidden camera App


  • Available for Android

  • Not available for iOS and Windows

Spyera – The Ultimate Spy Camera App

Spyera is an effective and easy-to-use spy camera app that remotely monitors activities on phones, tablets, and computers. With many features, such as live call and video recording, GPS tracking, and instant messaging monitoring, it’s the perfect tool for monitoring your loved ones or employees.

Spyera Is a Top-Performing Spy App Known for Its Advanced Functionality

The app is undetectable and can operate under wraps, with many useful features ensuring your surveillance remains discreet. It’s available on all mobile platforms and has a simple installation process.

However, Spyera’s pricing scheme may not be suitable for everyone, as the premium edition paid packages the app offers are relatively expensive compared to its competition.

Spyera App of Features:

  • Remote camera access on phones, tablets, and computers

  • Live call recording and listening

  • GPS tracking and geofencing

  • Device screen capturing

  • Instant messaging monitoring

  • remote spy camera app


  • iOS

  • Android 


With mSpy, users may keep tabs on the target device’s whereabouts as well as its activities such as text and call recording, social media tracking and website browsing history. Apart from these functionalities, mSpy also provides remote camera access which enables users to secretly capture images and movies using the target device’s camera.

mspy 1024x538 1

Employers who need to keep an eye on company-owned devices or parents who want to make sure their kids are safe may find this feature very helpful. The remote spy camera feature of mSpy allows users to covertly record pictures and videos from the target device in order to monitor its surroundings.


Taken all together, mSpy provides a full range of tracking and monitoring features for Samsung phones and other devices, including the option to remotely access the camera for increased security and surveillance. To achieve a range of goals, like keeping an eye on immediate family members or ensuring the security of company-owned devices mSpy offers a comprehensive range of features.


  • Comprehensive monitoring features: mSpy offers a wide range of tracking and monitoring features, including call and text message monitoring, social media tracking and website browsing history.

  • Remote camera access: The app allows users to discreetly capture images and videos using the target device’s camera without the user’s knowledge.

  • Suitable for parental monitoring and employee surveillance: mSpy can be used by parents to ensure their children’s safety or by employers to monitor company-owned devices.

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  • Privacy concerns: The use of remote spy camera apps raises privacy concerns, as it involves capturing images and videos from the target device without the user’s knowledge or consent.

  • Legal implications: The use of such apps may be subject to legal restrictions and regulations and users should ensure they are in compliance with applicable laws before using them.

12. Spokeo

Popular search engine and background check website Spokeo gives customers access to social network profiles, public records and other personal data. Spokeo is an app that can be used for tracking and monitoring people even if it isn’t a remote spy camera.

What Is Spokeo App and How Can You Use It?

Giving consumers access to a person’s phone number and related details is one of Spokeo’s primary functions. Information like the person’s name, address, email address, social media profiles and more may be included in this. Users may be able to follow and keep an eye on the actions of the person linked to the phone number using this information.


Spokeo may not offer as much remote camera access as other spy camera programs and it is still useful for monitoring and spying. Spokeo can be used by parents to keep track of their children’s activities or by employers to keep track of company-owned devices.


  • Access to public records and personal information can be useful for finding and reconnecting with people.
  • It can be used for legitimate purposes such as background checks and verifying information.
  • Can be used by parents to monitor their children’s activities and whereabouts.
  • Provides access to a wide range of information, including phone numbers, addresses and social media profiles.


  • Raises privacy concerns as it allows access to personal information without consent.
  • May be used for unethical or illegal monitoring and surveillance purposes.
  • Legal implications associated with using the service without proper authorization.
  • The cost of subscription plans may be prohibitive for some users.
  • Potential for misuse of the information obtained through Spokeo.

13. Clevguard

Clevguard is a well-known Android remote surveillance camera app that lets users access and manage the camera on a target smartphone.

Clevguard is a potent tool for remote surveillance because of its many functions. On a target device users can remotely access the camera to view live video and adjust its features. Employers that need to keep an eye on company-issued gadgets or parents who wish to monitor their kids’ activity may find this to be especially helpful.

ClevGuard Review

Because it can be used to monitor loved ones’ actions and surroundings and assure their safety, the app also gives users a sense of security. With Clevguard parents can monitor their kids to make sure they’re safe and not acting inappropriately. Employers can also use the app to keep an eye on employees’ proper use of company-issued gadgets.


  • Remote monitoring: Clevguard allows users to remotely access and control the camera on a target device, providing real-time surveillance capabilities.
  • Security: The app can be used to ensure the safety and security of loved ones by monitoring their surroundings and activities.
  • Parental control: Parents can use Clevguard to keep an eye on their children and ensure they are safe and not engaging in inappropriate behavior.
  • Employee monitoring: Employers can use the app to monitor company-issued devices and ensure employees are using them appropriately.


  • Privacy concerns: Using a remote spy camera app raises significant privacy concerns, as it allows access to someone’s personal space without their consent.
  • Legal implications: There may be legal implications associated with using the app without proper authorization, especially in cases where privacy laws are violated.
  • Misuse potential: There is a potential for the app to be misused for unethical or illegal surveillance purposes.

14. EyeZy

EyeZy is another phone remote spy camera app for Android users. EyeZy, like Clevguard, allows users to remotely access and manage the camera on a target device letting them to view real-time footage and take control of the camera’s functionalities.


The program is touted as a tool for parents to monitor their children’s activities and for businesses to keep a watch on company-issued gadgets. It gives consumers a sense of security by monitoring their surroundings and behaviors.

EyeZy has important ethical and legal ramifications, nevertheless, much like any other remote spy camera app. The program gives access to someone’s private area without that person’s consent which raises serious privacy concerns. In addition to possibly breaking privacy regulations this can present ethical questions.

If privacy regulations are broken, using EyeZy without authority may also result in legal repercussions. Because it could be interpreted as a breach of privacy and trust utilizing a spy camera app can also cause trust problems in interpersonal relationships.


  • Provides a sense of security for parents and employers by allowing them to monitor the activities of their children or employees.
  • Can be used to ensure the safety and well-being of loved ones by monitoring their surroundings.
  • Offers real-time access to the camera on a target device, allowing users to take control of the camera’s functions.


  • Raises significant ethical concerns regarding privacy and consent, as using the app allows access to someone’s personal space without their knowledge or consent.
  • Can potentially violate privacy laws if used without proper authorization.
  • May lead to trust issues in personal relationships, as it may be seen as a violation of privacy and trust.


What Is A Phone Remote Spy Camera 

A phone remote spy app or Android remote camera spy app is a mobile application that allows you to remotely monitor and record video or audio from a mobile device’s Camera or microphone. These apps are often used for security or surveillance purposes.

How Do Phone Remote Spy Camera Apps Work?

Phone remote spy camera apps work by installing an app on the target device that allows you to access and control the Camera or microphone or other devices remotely. The remote spy camera app or cam app then streams the audio or video to a remote server where you can view or listen to it in real-time or later.

Is It Legal To Use Phone Remote Spy Camera Apps?

It depends on the laws of your country or state. In some places, using spy cameras or other apps for legitimate security or surveillance purposes, such illegal purposes such as monitoring your home or business, is legal. However, using these or other apps just to spy on someone without their knowledge or consent may be illegal.

Is it possible to access a phone camera remotely?

Numerous apps are available for remotely accessing a phone camera, but not all of them are worthwhile. If you’re looking for the best options in this category, you might consider checking out iKeyMonitor and SPY24. Together, these two apps provide remote access and support for Android devices.

Is there a spy camera app for Android?

Yes, the SPY24 application allows you to remotely control the camera of your Android phone.

Do spy camera apps really work? 

The spy24 application has been secretly installed on the phone of your target person and it can spy through live streaming record videos. It is also free for thirty days.

Which is the best secret camera app for Android?

Below are the best Spy camera apps for Android:

  1. SPY24 

  2. iKeyMonitor

  3. OgyMogy

Final Words

Phone remote and spycam app and camera apps have become famous for monitoring activities on phones, tablets spy cameras, and computers. These apps can be valuable for various purposes such as for parents who want to keep an eye on their children’s activities, employers who want to monitor their employees’ productivity, and individuals who want to ensure the safety of their property.

Various phone remote spy camera apps are available on the market, with such apps as SPY24, FlexiSPY, and Spyera. These apps offer different features for remote commands best spy camera, including live streaming, GPS tracking, geofencing, device screen capturing, and instant messaging monitoring.

SPY24 App is an Android-based spy camera app that offers advanced features like live streaming, motion detection, and remote control of the Camera. The app is user-friendly and straightforward to install and use, and it runs in stealth mode, making it impossible for the target user to detect. We hope you find this article in SPY24 useful! You can also read our other articles, such as the best phone tracker app without permission.


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