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Instagram IP Address Finder Free– Find Someone’s IP Address on Instagram

The majority of people in our world, including introverts, use Instagram and other social media sites. While some people use Instagram to interact with their friends and family and share intriguing content, others use it for marketing their businesses to a larger audience.

Your identity becomes public online when you interact with the social world. Even if you choose not to provide your personal information, an IT expert can still learn a lot about you by tracing your IP address, including who you are, where you live, and what you do.

In essence, a computer or smartphone attached to a network is identified by its IP address. In particular, it’s employed to keep track of someone’s identification and present location. You can quickly determine who created an Instagram account with this method. For advertising and brand promotion, a lot of websites and internet portals search for an Instagram user’s IP address.

At the same time, other people track an Instagram user’s whereabouts using their IP address. Also, it aids in retrieving private and sensitive information about a specific individual, such as their Instagram registered email address, country name, other social media accounts, and a lot more.

This article will teach you a free method for discovering someone’s Instagram IP address. You can use identical techniques to trace an Instagram profile’s IP address in real-time on Google Maps.

Why Should You Find IP Address from Instagram?

Let me first clarify why you would need to discover someone’s Instagram IP address. There are five main causes.

Reason 1: If someone were to create a fake Instagram account and use it to threaten or bother you by sending direct messages to your private Instagram account, the only way to get rid of them would be to find them. Defamation or blackmail can both be proven using the accused’s IP address as evidence.

Reason 2: IP tracking is required if you want to spot any fraudulent movement or suspicious login attempts on your Instagram account. If your account is a victim of identity theft, then tracing the IP address is the only method to lessen the chance of rumors being propagated.

Why Should You Find IP Address from Instagram?

Reason 3: Did you start your business on Instagram, or do you run an internet business? Hence, you must advertise your products, and in order to do so, you must keep track of your clients. Finding the IP address is the only way to move forward. It is easier to promote the merchandise if you learn where your buyers or client’s locations are. By sending direct messages to every Instagram follower, you may also determine the demographics and purchasing preferences of the customers to target your items.

Reason 4: Using Direct Messages as a call to action option allows you to personalize your items rather than merely firing bullets into the air. It makes it much simpler to persuade customers and market your business.

Reason 5: IP tracking is a compelling procedure to reveal the accounts that post negative evaluations about your products and produce a deceptive formation. They are nothing more than tactics used by rivals to impede your business. So, you can stop these individuals from harming your reputation on internet sites by tracking their account location.

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Before you start, it’s important to note that social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and others do not allow any third-party applications or websites to trace the IP address. We strongly advise you to check the license and terms & conditions of any such applications you may be using to ensure that they are legal. The tools listed here are purely for amusement.

How to Find Someone’s IP Address on Instagram

How to Find Someone’s IP Address on Instagram

1. Instagram IP Address Finder by BeenVerified 

We want to know who owns the account and where they now reside, which is why we need to obtain the IP address from Instagram. And BeenVerified should be your first choice for monitoring social media accounts. BeenVerified, which is powered by billions of public records and data culled from more than 55 social networks, enables you to locate all information pertaining to an Instagram account, frequently including contact information and current address.

  1. Open BeenVerified Username Search to find an Instagram account.
  2. Click Search after entering the Instagram username.
  3. Await BeenVerified to perform a database search. You’ll see all the information related to the Instagram account, including the owner’s true name, present address, and phone number, after it finds a match.

2. Instagram Location Tracker by iPlogger

Use Instagram IP Address Finder by iPlogger and type the Instagram username into the provided box to identify someone’s IP address on the social media platform. The IP address associated with the entered Instagram username will then appear when you click the Lookup IP Address button.

Wait a few seconds, and the IP address will appear highlighted in bold on the right-hand side of the search field. You must understand that this might not be the current address. But the last time, you copied the Instagram account’s URL or username. If you don’t think this will help, try the following approach.

Instagram Location Tracker by iPlogger

An easy-to-use program called Instagram Location Tracker by iPlogger lets you look out for someone’s IP address for free as well as follow their Instagram account’s position. Simply paste the username there after copying it, then tap the Track Location button.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. On your phone, launch Instagram Location Tracker by iPlogger.
  2. Enter the Instagram user name you wish to find the IP address for.
  3. Tap the Track Location button after that.
  4. That’s it; the IP address of the Instagram account will appear after that.

3. Grabify IP Logger (Instagram Ip Address Finder Free)

In essence, this is the IP address tracker used to follow profiles across numerous social media platforms. Have you heard of IP Logger or Grabify? These websites, which have the only objective of tracking the IP address of the owner of an Instagram account, were created by the same household. To begin, you must convince the individual whose IP address you wish to trace to click on the link to a photo or video on a meme that you would send. You need to earn that person’s confidence in order to do this, and the IP Grabber gets to work as soon as the user clicks on the post.

Grabify IP Logger

While we acknowledge that this takes time, being a little patient is necessary to obtain what you genuinely need. Now move on to the instructions and follow them precisely to avoid failing your objective. Your real-time IP address will be displayed in the results after using IP Grabber.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Launch the Instagram app on your iPhone or Android phone.
  2. If you want to find someone’s IP address, copy the link to their profile.
  3. Open your browser and go to the Grabify IP Logger page.
  4. Add the copied profile link to the space provided and select “create 
  5. URL” from the menu.
  6. It will generate a new IP tracking link, which you should copy.
  7. Start a conversation with the target user right away, stay in touch for a while, and then email them an IP tracking link.
  8. Request that they click the link to view the engaging material. The Logger website will record their profile IP address when they click on it.
  9. All you have to do to see the IP is to reload the page.
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Remember to turn on the Hide Bots option so that only real IP addresses are displayed, and bots are hidden. To avoid confusion, we would urge you to turn off the bot toggle button on the application page. As a result, you may see more information than just the IP address, including the person’s location, the area they are in, their pin code, and the device they are using to access their Instagram account.

Now go to Grabify’s home page if you’re curious to learn more about this person. Insert this URL into the dialogue box, but this time choose Tracking Code rather than Create URL. To your amazement, the result box now allows you to access more information about the person.

Moreover, keep in mind that customers who use residential proxies cannot use the procedure. But there is a catch to your disappointment—if they choose not to click on the URL, all your efforts will be for naught. Therefore, if you’re seeking an alternative approach, we also have another trick in the bag.

4. Social Catfish

If using your username as a search term doesn’t work, you could have more luck looking through the pictures. Additionally, when a person uses aliases on other websites, this approach can occasionally be effective. And we advise Social Catfish for that job. It is an effective reverse image search tool that locates people. You can learn a person’s real name, present address, and dating profiles by using a photo or even an Instagram avatar.

Social Catfish

Visit Social Catfish to look for someone using their photo.

Choose an Instagram avatar or photo to upload, then select Search.

The search could take a few seconds to finish. After finishing, unlock the complete report to access the pertinent data. Identity, contact information, current address, and dating profiles are typically included in the results.

5. Spokeo

Spokeo has also established itself as a user-friendly search engine, ranking first as the best IP address search engine. It allows you to view a person’s profile on various social networks. You can search a person’s profile using your username, or phone number. You can also obtain more information about the individual, such as their current address.


6. Command Prompt

Before you begin using this technique, make sure that you continue to communicate with the person whose IP address you like to track. Maintain his or her attention with your talk. If there are any other chat boxes open, close them so that the only program running is your chat with this specific person.

There are background apps that continue to run without your permission. Don’t forget to shut them down as well. You can close such repetitious apps on your computer by using Task Manager. Returning to your conversation with the individual, you can also try to start a video or voice call instead of chatting because it aids the individual in gaining trust.

Make sure you start a conversation with the target individual on Instagram Direct Message while they are online. Keep the message window open when starting the Command Prompt. Press Enter to run the program after typing “netstat -an”. You may find the IP address of the Instagram user by looking through a list of IP addresses.

Command Prompt

Your work is not yet finished; you still need to track down the individual and gather information from their IP address. Now, go to the IP Address Tracker tool, which is free.

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Now, as soon as you launch the tool, a dialogue box will appear asking you to input your IP address. You can find details about the account holder in the result section.

Also, you learn about the person’s geographic location, including its latitude, longitude, nation, and even subcontinent, as well as the connection they are using.

7. Create Custom Instagram IP Grabber

If the strategies haven’t been effective for you thus far, how about being your own boss? You don’t understand what we’re saying, do you? Thus, we’re here to thoroughly go through everything with you. You should build an IP-grabbing website from the ground up, as advised. Although it could seem difficult at first, if you are a tech whiz, you will find it to be fairly easy.

You must either be tech aware yourself or locate someone who is. Why do we say that, then? If you are a developer or at least familiar with website design, you can set up a specific website made just for collecting IP addresses from online visitors. Now all you have to do is benefit from the free hosting.

Moreover, don’t forget to acquire a memorable domain name, which is necessary. If you knew who your target user was, that would be easy. We’re confident you can look through their posts even if you don’t have access to their account and see what you can come up with. The next best choice, if none of the other options appeal to you, is to get a domain name that makes you want to click the link it contains.

The ability to customize your own IP-capturing website is by far its most significant advantage. Nonetheless, we advise you to construct your scripts in a way that allows you to obtain their IP address from the backend. You would need to be an expert at writing scripts and invest some money if that wasn’t already clear.

Internet users are growing savvier and are less likely to fall victim to shortened URLs, redirects, and sites designed to trick others, despite the development of IP collection programs. Thus, if you are capable of making one, please go one step further and make a more credible site to increase your chances of success.


How can I prevent the tracking of my IP address?

A proxy or VPN that hides your online identity by hiding your IP address can help you prevent your IP address from being monitored.

Can I find a deleted Instagram account’s IP address?

Yes, it is feasible to locate a deleted Instagram account’s IP address.

Can Instagram prohibit IP addresses?

IP blocking typically happens when Instagram interprets your behavior as coming from a bot. This indicates that it is against the rules to mimic bots on the website; if you do, utilizing the genuine bot can have the same effect.

What is Instagram IP infringement?

According to this policy, if you repost content that violates someone else’s copyright or other intellectual property rights, such as trademarks, your account may be canceled or your user page deleted.

Can I use Grabify legally?

The use of third-party programs like Grabify is legitimate. These tools are authorized to perform IP tracking operations. These kinds of programs are also used by many large corporations to locate IP addresses.

Can Instagram stop me from using sites like Grabify?

No, Instagram is unable to prevent you from using Grabify because it is a legitimate website. But Instagram has the ability to disable a bad URL link. Spammers, fake websites, and incorrect URL domains might be present in these broken links.

Are there any click limits on the link that IP logger websites create?

No, clicking on the links that IP logger websites create is not restricted. The links that are produced include standardized domains that have been GDPR-approved. Moreover, spam links are not permitted on IP logger sites. Therefore, there are no restrictions on them.


What are the numerous methods that have been successfully covered in this post to obtain an IP address from Instagram? The instructions provided in this article are all straightforward, practical, and simple to follow or comprehend. Please share this article with your loved ones if you enjoyed it. We hope you find this article in SPY24 useful! You can also read our other articles, such as Best Instagram Spy Apps.

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