SPY24 Review: Is SPY24 the Best Spy App? Offers a 30-Day Free Trial!

It’s a nice thing to be able to see a log of where a child has been on the Internet.” – Bill Gates The Internet is like a vast ocean of information, where a child can be exposed to a plethora of possibilities. Approximately 80% of the Internet, on the other hand, is something you don’t want your child to be exposed to.

And this is one of the primary reasons why every parent feels forced to utilize parental control software. And, to be honest, these spying apps can help you shield your child from harmful web stuff.

Furthermore, having a spying drone hovering over your children’s internet behavior makes it easier for you to safeguard them from online bullying. SPY24 reviews are one such monitoring program that we recently examined, and to be honest, we went beyond with our testing.

And how did we react? Yes, to a certain extent. There are a plethora of reasons why you might fall in love with this software. Nonetheless, the app is far from ideal. Why is this the case? To find out if SPY24 is worth your money and time, read our comprehensive review.

So, grab a cup of tea and get right in.

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What Is SPY24? SPY24 Review in 2023

Now everyone knows what SPY24 is. But for those who are not familiar with it, SPY24 is a software application that allows users to monitor the activities of their cell phones and computers remotely. It is becoming increasingly popular due to its ability to track location, texts, calls, emails, and other activities without the user’s knowledge.

It is possible to use SPY24 on Android and iOS devices. Thus, you don’t have to worry about the operating system on your child’s device. With SPY24, parents can now monitor their children’s online activities, providing them with peace of mind and assurance that their kids are safe.

Let’s talk about the versions that are supported now. SPY24 has been designed to be compatible with all versions of Android that are running 4.1 or higher. For iOS, the app is compatible with all versions of the operating system, which makes it easier for users to access the features of the app regardless of what device they are using.

How Does SPY24 Work?

Ensure your children’s safety online with the powerful SPY24 app. This app is designed to help parents track their children’s browsing history, block unsafe content, and view call and text messages. With real-time alerts for dangerous activities like cyberbullying or suspicious behavior, SPY24 provides peace of mind for parents.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • Compatible with macOS and Windows
  • Real-time tracking and alerts
  • Detailed analytics of children’s online activities
  • Block unsafe content

The SPY24 app supports both iOS and Android devices, giving parents flexibility in monitoring their children’s online safety, regardless of the device used. Additionally, the app provides detailed analytics to help parents identify potential threats or issues.

Data tracked by SPY24 is updated every few minutes, ensuring real-time access to your children’s online activities. Monitor phone calls, messages, social media activity, and more with just a few clicks.

By using SPY24, you can keep a close eye on your children’s digital lives and take action to protect them from potential hazards.

What are the features of Spy24?

Here is the list of features available on SPY24:

SPY24 is a powerful spying app. With this app, you have almost everything you need to track each step of your child’s or your employees in your hand. Also, it is easy to work with. So, you will have an effective tool to monitor their online activities. Below we will explain some of the most important features.

SPY24’s Features:

SPY24 App Dashboard 

Once you’ve set up the target device, the SPY24 Dashboard will display all the relevant data. With automatic updates every few minutes, you can easily see when the information was last refreshed. The Device Model and OS Version are also visible on the dashboard.

SPY24 App Dashboard 

The dashboard streamlines your monitoring experience by highlighting important information, saving you time and effort. Examples of this data include:

  • Recent calls
  • Last Known Location
  • Most frequent calling contacts
  • Latest 5 messages
  • Most messaging contacts
  • Phone Activity (app usage)

By providing quick access to key data points, the SPY24 Dashboard allows you to efficiently monitor the target device and stay informed about its activities.


The SPY24 Tracker has the ability to log every incoming and outgoing call. It not only captures essential details such as timestamps and the duration of each call but also provides access to the contact list on the targeted device. This allows you to discern who your child is communicating with over the phone, offering insights into their conversations based on the chronology of the calls.

SPY24 Call Tracking Feature 

SPY24 Call Recording:

SPY24’s call recording feature provides comprehensive insights into all calls made and received on the target device, allowing you to stay informed about your child’s or employees’ phone conversations.

SPY24 Call Recording:

Key Features:

  • Detailed call information: View the time of the call, duration, type (incoming or outgoing), contact name or phone number, and location and GPS coordinates at the time of the call.
  • Listen to phone conversations: Use this feature to monitor who your child is talking to or keep track of your employees’ phone communications.

Why is this feature useful?

Call recording is a valuable tool for concerned parents or employers who need to monitor phone conversations to ensure the safety, well-being, or productivity of their children or workforce.


  • One-sided recording: The call recording feature may not capture both sides of the conversation in some cases.
  • Audio recording sources: SPY24 offers a selection of audio recording sources to choose from for optimal performance on your device. However, this does not guarantee that both sides of the call will be recorded on all models.

Despite its limitations, SPY24’s call recording feature offers an enhanced level of monitoring for phone conversations, helping you stay informed about your child’s or employees’ communications. This feature is a valuable addition to your monitoring toolkit, ensuring safety, well-being, and productivity in both personal and professional contexts.

SPY24 Call Blocking:

SPY24’s call Blocking feature allows you to restrict incoming and outgoing calls from specific numbers, offering greater control over phone communications for your child or employees.

SPY24 Call Blocking:

Key Features:

  • Block unwanted numbers: Prevent calls from predefined phone numbers.
  • Manage blocks from the dashboard: Easily manage all call blockages through the user-friendly dashboard.

Why is this feature useful?

Call blocking is a valuable tool for parents and employers who need to protect their children or employees by restricting access to certain phone numbers. This feature can help:

  1. Prevent communication with harmful individuals: Stop your child from engaging in potentially dangerous or inappropriate contact.
  2. Maintain productivity: Ensure employees are not distracted by personal calls during work hours or prevent communication with competitors.

By using SPY24’s call-blocking feature, you can enhance the safety and well-being of your children or employees by effectively controlling their phone communications. This additional level of control helps maintain a secure and productive environment in both personal and professional contexts.

SMS and MMS Monitoring

SPY24’s SMS monitoring features stand out among other phone trackers, providing users with an efficient and easy-to-navigate experience. Here are some key aspects that make it exceptional:

SPY24 SMS Tracking Feature
  1. Conversation View: SPY24 displays messages using a conversation view, making it easier to follow and understand the context of each text exchange. This feature sets it apart from other phone trackers, which often lack this user-friendly interface.
  2. Detailed Information: Each SMS comes with valuable information such as the contact’s name, the date of the message, and any MMS attachments. This allows users to quickly find and analyze specific messages without having to manually sift through each conversation.
  3. Room for Improvement: Despite its impressive features, SPY24 could benefit from incorporating filter options and search functionality. This would enable users to perform custom date queries or search for specific phrases, making the tool even more powerful and efficient.
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Overall, SPY24’s SMS monitoring capabilities are impressive, offering users a seamless way to monitor text messages. However, the addition of filter options and search capabilities would greatly enhance the user experience and make it even more robust.

SPY24 SMS Alert: Custom Keyword Notifications for Text Messages

SPY24’s SMS alert feature notifies you when a specified keyword is detected within an SMS or MMS, helping you stay informed about your child’s communications.

Key Features:

  • Instant keyword alerts: Receive notifications when a predefined keyword is contained in a text message.
  • Manage keywords from the dashboard: Easily manage your custom keywords through the user-friendly dashboard.

Why is this feature useful?

The SMS alert feature is particularly valuable for parents who need to ensure their child’s safety and well-being. Some situations where this feature may be helpful include:

  1. Monitoring for bullying: If you suspect your child is a victim of bullying, you can set keywords related to harassment to be alerted when such words appear in their messages.
  2. Preventing contact with harmful individuals: Create alerts for keywords associated with potentially dangerous or inappropriate relationships to stay informed about your child’s communications.

By using SPY24’s SMS alert feature, you can quickly gain insights into your child’s text messages and take action when necessary to protect them from harm. This additional level of monitoring helps maintain a safe and secure environment for your child.

SIM Card Monitor with SPY24

Stay ahead of the game with SPY24’s SIM Card Monitor feature, designed for detecting suspicious activities even when multiple SIM cards are used by the target individual.


Key Benefits:

  • Monitor multiple SIM cards from one dashboard
  • View all incoming and outgoing calls, messages, and online activities
  • Instant notifications when a new SIM card is activated
  • Secure storage of information in the cloud

Ideal for parents, employers, and others who need to keep track of loved ones or employees, the SIM Card Monitor allows you to stay informed and take immediate action if needed.

By providing your email address, you’ll receive instant notifications when a new SIM card is activated, ensuring you’re always in the loop. With secure cloud storage, the privacy of the individuals being tracked is protected, and the information is only accessible to the user.

Contacts Monitor with SPY24

Keep an eye on your child’s contacts and stay informed with SPY24’s Contacts Spy feature.

Contacts Spy

Key Features:

  • View all contacts saved on your child’s phone
  • Receive notifications when new contacts are added
  • See call history and phone numbers of new contacts
  • Block contacts to ensure your child’s safety

With SPY24, you can easily monitor your child’s contacts, ensuring their conversations are safe and appropriate. Receive notifications when new contacts are added, and check call history and phone numbers for any concerns.

If you find any contacts that could pose a risk to your child, use SPY24 to block them, preventing any further communication. This powerful tool helps parents protect their children and maintain peace of mind.

File Explorer – Remote File Download with SPY24

Get remote access to files stored on a device using the SPY24 File Explorer feature. This service allows you to:

SD Card Memory 
  • Backup media files
  • Access local files
  • Save images and videos from Facebook
  • Save images and videos from WhatsApp

Why is this feature useful?

  • For parents: Ensure the safety of your children by monitoring the content stored on their phones and preventing them from getting involved in potentially dangerous activities.
  • For employers: Keep track of the files your employees send or receive on their phones to ensure the security and integrity of your business.

Restrictions to be aware of:

  • Only locally stored files can be downloaded.
  • A sufficient internet connection is required on the device to download the files.

With the SPY24 File Explorer feature, you can remotely access and download files, giving you better control and insight into the content on your child’s or employee’s device.

GPS Position History with SPY24: Real-Time Tracking and Location History

SPY24 provides a comprehensive solution for locating mobile phones and maintaining a history of GPS positions. This powerful tool offers real-time tracking and a range of features to help you monitor the whereabouts of your loved ones or employees.

Location tracking 

Key Features:

  • Live tracking: Track the position of the phone in real-time.
  • Detailed GPS data: Retrieve GPS position data every hour, including date, longitude, latitude, and location address.
  • Customizable interval time: Set the tracking interval to 15 minutes instead of 1 hour for more frequent updates.
  • Google Map integration: View GPS location on Google Maps and track the phone’s position.
  • Mobile network tracking: Retrieve position via the mobile network if GPS is disabled.
  • Comprehensive location information: Access GPS coordinates, date, accuracy, speed, and location address.

Why is this feature useful?

  • Child safety: Protect your children by monitoring their travel and ensuring their safety.
  • Employee monitoring: Keep track of your employees’ movements and verify their adherence to assigned routes or locations.

SPY24’s GPS Position History feature offers real-time tracking and a wealth of location data, making it an indispensable tool for safeguarding your children and monitoring your employees’ travel.

SPY24 Geofencing Feature: Enhanced Safety and Peace of Mind

The SPY24 Geofencing feature is a powerful and user-friendly tool designed to help you set up virtual boundaries for your children, ensuring their safety and giving you peace of mind.

Geofencing Feature 

Key Features:

  • Virtual boundaries: Set up designated safe zones or restricted areas for your children.
  • Real-time alerts: Receive notifications when your child enters or exits the specified area.
  • Increased safety: Monitor your children’s whereabouts and keep them safe by knowing their location.
  • Peace of mind: Rest assured, knowing that you will be alerted if your child enters an area you consider unsafe.

SPY24’s Geofencing feature provides an easy and secure way to monitor your child’s location, ensuring their safety and offering you the peace of mind you deserve.

SPY24 Social Media Monitoring:

SPY24’s social network monitoring feature provides a robust and versatile solution for tracking activities across a wide range of social media apps. It goes beyond just the popular apps, offering monitoring capabilities for various platforms.

Social Media Apps Tracking Feature 

Supported Social Media Apps:

  • Snapchat
  • Instagram
  • Telegram
  • iMessage
  • Tinder
  • Viber
  • …and more

Key Features:

  • Easy-to-use conversation view: View all interactions in a clean and organized manner, making it simple to monitor a variety of social media platforms.
  • App-specific capabilities: For apps like WhatsApp, SPY24 provides additional features like tracking outgoing and incoming calls.
  • Versatile tracking options: Whether you’re using the SPY24 Snapchat tracker or the SPY24 Instagram tracker, you’ll have access to comprehensive monitoring tools.

SPY24’s social media monitoring feature is designed to provide you with a complete and user-friendly solution for keeping track of your children’s or employee’s social media activities across various platforms. With its unique abilities and extensive app support, SPY24 is a valuable tool for maintaining safety and security in today’s digital world.

SPY24: View Photos, Images, and Video Uploads

SPY24 provides a comprehensive solution for monitoring and managing photos, images, and video uploads on a target device. It effectively detects and uploads new content, making it easy to review and stay informed.

Photo and Image Monitoring:

  • Quick detection: SPY24 efficiently detects newly taken photos and uploads them to the dashboard.
  • Organized by date: Photos are organized according to the dates they were uploaded, making it easy to find specific content.
  • Original file names: Photos retain their original file names, allowing you to determine the exact time a photo was taken.
  • Comprehensive access: View all photos taken, download photos/images, and access information on the time, date, and location where the photo was taken.

Video Uploads:

Using a Phone to Record Sound 
  • Consistent layout: The video uploads section has a similar layout to the photos section, with the addition of video thumbnails.
  • View and download: You can view or download videos, which are uploaded by default only on a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Organized by date: Like photos, videos are also organized according to date, but only those taken after SPY24 installation will be uploaded.

Why is this feature useful?

This feature allows you to preview all photos taken and videos captured by your children or employees, helping you stay informed and ensuring their safety.

With SPY24’s photo, image, and video monitoring features, you can keep track of the multimedia content on the target device and ensure the safety and security of your children or employees.

SPY24 App Blocking: Enhanced Control and Restrictions

SPY24’s app Blocking feature offers a powerful tool for controlling and restricting app usage on the target device. This functionality allows you to prevent access to specific apps, ensuring the safety and security of your children or employees.

SPY24 App Blocking: Enhanced Control and Restrictions

Key Features:

  • Block any app: Since SPY24 provides a list of all installed apps on the target device, you can block any app by simply tapping the “Block” button.
  • Black screen: When the target user attempts to open a blocked app, they will be presented with a black screen.

Limitations and Considerations:

During testing, it was observed that the app-blocking feature may not always work as intended. In some cases, it was still possible to access a blocked app. Therefore, it’s recommended to use this feature only when necessary, as it could potentially reveal your monitoring activities.

Despite its limitations, SPY24’s app Blocking feature offers an added layer of control and restriction for parents and employers looking to ensure the safety and security of their children or employees. By blocking access to specific apps, you can prevent exposure to inappropriate content or minimize distractions in the workplace.

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SPY24 Monitoring Installed Applications

SPY24’s feature for monitoring installed applications helps you stay informed about all the applications installed on the target device. This capability allows you to track new applications and games that are installed on your children’s or employees’ phones.

SPY24 Monitoring Installed Applications

Key Features:

  • Notification for new installations: Receive alerts when a new application is installed on the target device.
  • View all installed applications: Access a comprehensive list of installed applications, including games, social networks, and more.

Why is this feature useful?

Monitoring installed applications enable you to:

  1. Keep an eye on new applications and games installed on your children’s phones, ensuring that they are not exposed to inappropriate content or engaging in activities that could compromise their safety.
  2. Monitor the applications installed on your employees’ devices, helping you maintain productivity and security in the workplace.

By staying informed about the applications installed on the target device, you can take appropriate action when necessary, ensuring the safety and well-being of your children or the productivity and security of your employees. SPY24’s monitoring of installed applications provides an essential tool for maintaining control and awareness in today’s digital world.

SPY24 Wi-Fi Monitoring and Blocking:

SPY24’s Wi-Fi monitoring feature provides valuable insights into the Wi-Fi networks your child connects to, ensuring their safety and security while using the internet.

Turn on and Turn Off the Wifi 

Key Features:

  • Detailed Wi-Fi information: Access Wi-Fi SSID and BSSID, connection time, and GPS coordinates of the Wi-Fi access point.
  • Map view: Switch to the map view to see all Wi-Fi connections at a glance.
  • Block Wi-Fi connections: In the list view, you have the option to block specific Wi-Fi connections.


While the Wi-Fi monitoring and blocking feature is a useful tool, it’s essential to use it with caution. SPY24 relies on a Wi-Fi connection to send the collected data to your dashboard. Blocking Wi-Fi connections may impact the app’s ability to transmit this information.

By using SPY24’s Wi-Fi monitoring and blocking feature, you can gain better control and awareness of the Wi-Fi networks your child connects to, ensuring their safety and security. However, it’s crucial to use this feature responsibly to maintain seamless data transmission and monitoring capabilities.

SPY24 Browser History, Website Blocking, and SMS Command:

SPY24 offers a range of features to monitor and manage the target device’s browser history, block websites, and control the phone remotely via SMS.

Browser History:

SPY24 Browser History
  • View browsing history: SPY24 allows you to view the target’s browser history, including deleted entries.
  • URL and date: Access information about the URL and the date the site was visited, helping you draw valuable insights.

Blocking Websites:

Blocking Websites:
  • Block and manage: Restrict access to dangerous or inappropriate websites by blocking them from the dashboard.
  • Private navigation: The website blocking feature also works in private browsing mode.

Why is this feature useful?

This feature helps you ensure the safety of your child or employees by restricting access to sensitive or harmful websites.


Supported browsers include Google Chrome, Firefox, UC Browser, Android browser, and Samsung Internet for Android.

SMS Command:

SMS Command:
  • Remote control: SPY24 allows you to control the target phone remotely by sending SMS commands from another phone to the monitored device.
  • Possible actions: Ring the phone, enable Wi-Fi, retrieve location coordinates, and block the phone.

Why is this feature useful?

These features can be helpful when the target phone is not connected to the Internet.


SMS Command is available only on Android devices with version 13 or lower.

With SPY24’s browser history monitoring, website blocking, and SMS command features, you can maintain a higher level of control and awareness over your children’s or employees’ online activities and device usage. These tools help you ensure their safety and security while using the internet and their smartphones.

SPY24 Keylogger and Keyword Tracking

SPY24’s keylogger and keyword tracking features elevate mobile phone monitoring by providing comprehensive insights into the target user’s activities and allowing you to create custom alerts for specific keywords.


Keylogger Feature 
  • Raw keystrokes: SPY24’s keylogger captures all the keystrokes entered into the target device, providing a detailed record of the user’s inputs.
  • App-specific information: The keylogger indicates the app in which the keystrokes were recorded, offering context for the target user’s activities.

Keyword Tracking:

image 220
  • Custom alerts: With SPY24’s keyword tracking, you can set up notifications to be alerted when specific keywords are detected.
  • Rule creation: To create a custom alert, specify the target keyword, the app/location it should be monitored in, and whether or not to receive notifications when the keyword is detected.

Why are these features useful?

These advanced monitoring tools can be particularly beneficial in the following situations:

  1. Parental control: SPY24’s keylogger and keyword tracking allows parents to stay informed about their children’s activities and intervene when necessary to ensure their safety.
  2. Employee monitoring: These features can help employers maintain productivity and prevent sensitive information from being shared inappropriately.

By incorporating SPY24’s keylogger and keyword tracking features into your monitoring strategy, you can gain a deeper understanding of the target user’s activities and receive custom alerts for specific keywords that matter to you. These advanced tools offer an enhanced level of control and awareness in both parental and professional monitoring scenarios.

SPY24 Audio Recording: Discreet Ambient Sound Monitoring

SPY24’s audio recording feature allows you to capture the ambient sound of the target phone with just a single click, providing valuable insights into the surrounding conversations of your child or employees.

Voice Notification Feature 

Key Features:

  • Ambient sound recording: Record the ambient sound for durations ranging from 1 to 20 minutes.
  • Download and playback: Download the recorded audio file and listen to it using a VLC media player or other compatible players.

Why is this feature useful?

The audio recording feature can be helpful in the following situations:

  1. Employee monitoring: Stay informed about your employees’ conversations during work hours and ensure a productive work environment.
  2. Child supervision: Gain insight into what your child discusses with friends, helping you protect them from harm.


  • In-progress calls: Recording will not work if a call is in progress on the target device.
  • Free version limitations: With the free version of SPY24, you can record ambient audio for only 2 minutes.

Despite its limitations, SPY24’s audio recording feature offers a discreet way to monitor the ambient sound around the target phone, helping you stay informed about your child’s or employees’ conversations. This added level of surveillance can be invaluable in maintaining a safe and productive environment in both personal and professional contexts.

SPY24 Remote Photo Capture: Discreet Visual Monitoring

SPY24’s remote photo capture feature allows you to take a picture using the target phone’s camera with just a single click, providing visual insights into the phone user and their surroundings.

How to turn on and off a hotspot

Key Features:

  • Front or back camera: Take a photo using either the front or back camera of the target phone.
  • Flash control: Use the flash if necessary to capture a clear image.
  • View the photo: Access the captured photo directly from the dashboard.

Why is this feature useful?

The remote photo capture feature is beneficial in various situations:

  1. User identification: Find out who is actually using the target phone, whether it’s your child or an employee.
  2. Monitor surroundings: Gain visual insights into the environment around the phone user, which may help ensure their safety or assess their productivity.

By incorporating SPY24’s remote photo capture feature into your monitoring strategy, you can gain valuable visual information about the target phone user and their surroundings. This added layer of discreet surveillance can be useful in maintaining safety and productivity in both personal and professional contexts.

SPY24 Audio/Video/Screen: Live Environment Monitoring

SPY24 enables you to view the target phone’s environment in real-time, offering a comprehensive look into the phone user’s activities.

Screens That Are Live Are Streamed 

Key Features:

  • Live phone camera: View the phone’s camera feed in real-time.
  • Live screen viewing: See what’s happening on the target phone’s screen.
  • Selectable camera options: Choose between the front and rear cameras as needed.

Why is this feature useful?

The live environment monitoring feature can be helpful in various situations:

  1. Child supervision: Keep an eye on the content your child is viewing on their phone, ensuring they are not exposed to inappropriate or harmful material.
  2. Employee monitoring: Gain insight into who your employees are talking to or what tasks they are working on during work hours.


  • Screen viewing icon: When viewing the screen in real-time, an icon is always displayed on the target phone’s screen. This may alert the phone user to the monitoring, potentially affecting the discreet nature of the surveillance.

Despite its limitations, SPY24’s live environment monitoring feature offers a valuable way to stay informed about your child’s or employees’ phone activities. This real-time monitoring capability can help ensure safety and productivity in both personal and professional contexts.

SPY24 Schedule Restriction: Controlled Phone Usage

SPY24’s schedule restriction feature enables you to limit the target phone’s access to applications, helping you manage and control phone usage.

Key Features:

  • Customizable schedule: Select specific days, start times, and end times for each restriction.
  • Multiple restrictions: Add as many restrictions as needed to create a tailored usage plan.

Why is this feature useful?

The schedule restriction feature can be helpful in various situations:

  1. Controlling phone usage: Limit the time spent on the phone to encourage healthy habits and prevent excessive screen time.
  2. Parental control: Restrict access to your child’s phone during study hours, bedtime, or family time to promote focus, sleep, and quality time together.

By using SPY24’s schedule restriction feature, you can create a structured environment to manage phone usage effectively. This tool can be especially valuable for parents looking to maintain a balanced and healthy relationship between their child and their phone.

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SPY24 Monitoring Features: Event History, Statistics, and Data Reports

SPY24 offers a comprehensive set of monitoring features that provide insights into the target phone’s event history, usage statistics, and data reports.

SPY24 Monitoring Features: Event History, Statistics, and Data Reports

Event History Monitoring:

  • Calendar event alerts: Receive notifications when a new event is added to the target phone’s calendar.
  • Event details: View the title, description, start date, end date, and location of each event.

Why is this feature useful?

  • Employee scheduling: Stay informed about your employees’ schedules and planned activities.
  • Parental oversight: Keep track of your child’s upcoming events and commitments.

Statistics Monitoring:

  • Communication trends: View who your child or employee most frequently communicates with via SMS or calls.
  • App usage: See which applications are used the most on the target phone.
  • Website visits: Discover the most visited websites on the target device.

Why is this feature useful?

  • Behavior analysis: Gain insights into your child’s or employees’ communication habits and online activities.

Data Reports in Various Formats:

  • Exportable data: Generate reports in PDF, Excel, or CSV formats.

Why is this feature useful?

  • Recordkeeping: Retain a record of the monitored data, enabling you to review and analyze the information later.

By utilizing SPY24’s event history, statistics monitoring, and data report features, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of the target phone user’s activities, habits, and interactions. These insights can be invaluable in maintaining safety, security, and productivity in both personal and professional contexts.

SPY24 Remote Control: Comprehensive Monitoring and Management

SPY24’s remote control features offer a wide range of capabilities, enhancing your ability to monitor, manage, and protect the target phone.

Key Features:

  • Vibrate/ring the phone
  • Send a voice message to the phone
  • Send a text message to a popup on the phone
  • Send an SMS as if it were from the monitored phone
  • Recover GPS position
  • Take a screenshot
  • Recover data remotely (SMS, Calls, Contacts, History, Social Networks, etc.)
  • Retrieve phone information
  • Hide/Show application icon in the menu
  • Enable/Disable Wi-Fi
  • Restart the phone
  • Format the phone
  • Block the phone

Why is this feature useful?

These features can be beneficial in various situations, such as:

  1. Locating a lost or stolen phone: Use GPS tracking, ringing, or vibrating the phone to help find a misplaced or stolen device.
  2. Data recovery: Remotely retrieve important information like SMS messages, call logs, contacts, and social media activity.
  3. Remote management: Control Wi-Fi settings, restart the phone, or even block the phone if necessary.
  4. Discreet monitoring: Hide the app icon to maintain discreet surveillance or take screenshots to visually monitor the target phone’s activity.

Overall, SPY24’s remote control features offer a comprehensive set of tools to manage, monitor, and protect the target phone. These capabilities can be invaluable in maintaining safety, security, and productivity in both personal and professional contexts.

SPY24 Compatibility

SPY24 is compatible with all Windows, Mac, Android, and IOS-powered devices. For Android devices, although one-time access is required for the installation of the app, the installation process is quick and simple. Moreover, it can be done without rooting the device.

Operating SystemMinimum Version
Android:Works on Android OS Versions 4.x, 5.x, 6.x, 7.x, 8.x, 9.x, 10, 11, 12, 13
iOS:Works on iOS Versions 6.x, 7.x, 8.x upto 16.5
macOSWorks on macOS Versions 13.3.1
WindowsWorks on Windows Versions 7.x, 8.x upto 13

How Can I Use SPY24 to Track Someone?

After installing, you can easily monitor your target person’s data. And if you find any type of difficulty, you can easily contact customer service. For your guidance, a step-by-step guideline is given below:

How to install SPY24 on Android?

Step 1: Register an Account

Search for the official website of SPY24 by typing “www. SPY24.io” in the search bar, and SPY24 sign in there by using your email address.

Register an Account

Step 2: Set up the Tool

You have to follow the guidelines depending upon the product you are purchasing to set up and install the app on the target device.

Set up the Tool

Note: you may have to perform some additional steps depending on the product you are purchasing. For instance, if you are going with SPY24 iOS devices, then you have to connect the target device with USB and WiFi.

Step 3: Access Online Dashboard

Through SPY24 login, go to your dashboard and start monitoring.

Access Online Dashboard

How to install SPY24 on an iPhone?

Here are the steps to installing SPY24 on Windows:

  1. Sign up and buy a subscription for an iPhone device
  2. Access the target iPhone and download the file from the site
  3. Click on the downloaded file and tap on “Install.”
  4. The Installer will automatically install the app in a few seconds

How to install SPY24 on macOS?

Here are the steps to installing SPY24 on Windows:

  1. Create an account for free
  2. Buy a subscription for a macOS device
  3. Access the target Windows and download the compressed file
  4. Extract the file and open the extracted file
  5. Open the “lib” folder
  6. Tap on “UScreenCapture” file
  7. Open PMSConfig file after the installation
  8. Log in to your account from the target device
  9. Copy the product license from your online dashboard
  10. Paste the code in the Settings

How to install SPY24 on Windows?

Here are the steps to installing SPY24 on Windows:

  1. Sign up for free
  2. Open the welcome email and go to your dashboard
  3. Access the target Windows and download the compressed file
  4. Extract the file
  5. Open the extracted file and open the “lib” folder
  6. Click on “UScreenCapture” file
  7. After installation, open PMSConfig file
  8. Log in to your account
  9. Go back to your dashboard and copy the product license
  10. Paste it in the bar on the Settings window

How much does SPY24 cost?

SPY24 has a variety of plans for different types of users.

Android Packages

One month – $0 

Three months – $50

Six months – $76

12 months – $120

For Android users, the Android Packages are:

Windows Packages

One month – $25

Three months – $46

Six months – $60

24 hours – $0

For Windows Packages, the costs are:

iOS and macOS Packages

One month – $25

Three months – $46

Six months – $60

24 hours – $0

For MAC and iOS, the Packages are:

SPY24 Review: Why is it the best choice?

In our review, we highlighted a number of reasons why SPY24 is the best monitoring tool on the market.

SPY24 boasts more features than any other surveillance service, and it’s more affordable than any other service. Adding new information is even faster than expected. When a notification is sent to the target device, you will be notified within a few seconds.

It is, therefore, your best option to get SPY24 if you want a spying app that is effective.


  • A real-time update of all activities is provided.
  • Using advanced features doesn’t require rooting your phone.
  • One of the cheapest surveillance apps on the market
  • Keystroke logging programs can be hidden.
  • There is a free trial available, but some services are limited in their use.
  • Live Panel worked smoothly during testing.
  • Change is possible in some situations.


  • It needs one-time access to the target device.

SPY24 Review: The Final Word

So, you’re probably wondering if we think SPY24 is a good option for you. As you may have noticed from our SPY24 review, this parental control app has a lot of great features.

However, some of the features were either broken or not operating at all. However, in defense of SPY24, we’d like to point out that the functions that didn’t work for us might work for you, as spy app functionality varies by device.

If we don’t answer the questions that users frequently ask, this SPY24 review will be incomplete.


Can I get a free trial of SPY24?

Yes, there is a free trial for the SPY24 app. You can visit their official website and select the “Free Trial” option. However, please note that the free trial is limited in terms of features and duration.

Is it necessary to root your device to use SPY24?

No, you do not need to root your device to utilize SPY24.

Is SPY24 safe to use?

Yes! SPY24 is one of the most advanced monitoring features that ensure your confidentiality. You can be sure that you’ll remain undetectable, and the target user doesn’t recognize that you’re spying on them.

What are the alternatives to SPY24?

The most famous alternatives to SPY24 are:
SpyBubble Pro

How to reset SPY24?

You need to get in touch with one of our Customer Support representatives.

How to contact SPY24 customer support?

You can always contact SPY24 customer support using the following emails:
Sales Department: [email protected]
Technical Support: [email protected]
Billing Department: [email protected]
Press and Media: [email protected]
Affiliate Info: [email protected]
Support Live Chat

What is the privacy policy of SPY24?

SPY24 only gathers two types of information: Personal information that you voluntarily provide when registering for our services. Site usage and activity tracking information that we gather automatically as you access SPY24. SPY24 ensures that it uses cookies only for enhancing user experience.

How to reset SPY24?

You need to get in touch with one of our Customer Support representatives.

What are the customer reviews of SPY24?

SPY24 has good customer reviews due to its versatile set of features and also a responsive team of customer support. A majority of customers have recommended the app to their friends and have given 5 ratings in the reviews.

How to Uninstall SPY24?

To uninstall SPY24 from an Android device, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Settings menu.
  2. Select App Manager.
  3. Look for an app called “Update Service,” which is the name that SPY24 uses to conceal its presence on the device.
  4. Once you locate the Update Service app, select it.
  5. Next, go back to the App Manager page and look for the “WIFI Service” app.
  6. Click on the ‘Uninstall’ option to remove the SPY24 app completely from the device.

Is it possible to set up SPY24 without having access to the target phone?

No, you won’t be able to set up a SPY24 account unless you have physical access to the phone. Previously, it was possible to set up the account on the iPhone without requiring physical access, but this is no longer available.

Where Can I See The Target Device’s Data?

By entering your SPY24 Dashboard in a browser, you may see all of the target device’s tracked data.

Is it possible to install the SPY24 app without them realizing it?

You can install SPY24 without the target phone’s knowledge if you have physical access to it. And they’ll never realize you’re keeping track of their information.

In your SPY24 account, how often is the data from the target device updated?

The data for the target device is updated regularly. And when I say regularly, I mean every few minutes. The last updated time is displayed in the top left corner of the SPY24 dashboard.

Is it possible to use the SPY24 app in stealth mode?

No matter what OS system we’re talking about, the SPY24 only functions in hidden mode. The icon that was left on Android is useless because you can’t modify anything with it.

How to cancel a SPY24 subscription?

If you want to cancel your subscription, you have to get in touch with our customer support.

What are the terms of service of SPY24?

Here is a summary of the SPY24 terms of service:


The Site and SPY24 Services may only be used in the following cases:

  • For the purpose of parental control.
  • By users on their own devices.


To subscribe to the Service, you must place an order.

Your Responsibilities

Content in the Services may be protected by the intellectual property rights of others. Please do not collect the data unless you have the right to do so. You, not SPY24, will be fully responsible and liable for what you copy, upload, download, or otherwise use while using the Services.

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