How to Install Spyier App Download Free Android & iPhone (APK)

These days, spy apps are a growing market. These programs enable us to defend our loved ones against online dangers. To monitor their children’s activities, parents frequently use these programs. Utilize a spy app on yourself to locate your phone if you misplace it.

If you’re looking for an easy and dependable way to keep an eye on any Android or iPhone device, Spyier App is the right choice for you. It provides not only thorough and accurate remote monitoring through any web browser but also enables easy installation without jailbreaking or rooting the monitored phone. So what are you waiting for?

The powerful features of this cell phone tracking and monitoring app are described in this article’s review of Spyier. Authentic customer reviews from Spyier are used to describe its qualities.

What is Spyier?

A target device’s activities can be remotely observed using the phone tracking and monitoring program Spyier. In addition to other things, it enables users to keep an eye on phone calls, text messages, social media activity, web browsing history, and GPS location tracking.

What is Spyier?

With the help of Spyier, devices can be monitored covertly. It’s crucial to use monitoring software sensibly and within the bounds of the law, but it’s essential to keep in mind that in some jurisdictions, doing so without the device owner’s permission may be illegal. Furthermore, Spyier is just one of numerous comparable phone monitoring and tracking programs that are offered in the market.

Spyier’s Features

Spyier is a monitoring and tracking app for phones that come with a wealth of cutting-edge features. The following are some of Spyier’s salient characteristics:

Call Tracking: Spyier allows users to keep track of all incoming and outgoing calls on the targeted device. Call logs can be viewed, along with contact names, numbers, call durations, and timestamps.

Text Message Monitoring: Spyier enables you to keep track of all sent and received texts, even those that have been deleted, on the target device. You can see the timestamps, the message’s content, and the sender and recipient’s phone numbers.

Social Media Tracking: Spyier has the ability to monitor a variety of well-known social media platforms, including Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, and more. On these platforms, including photos and videos, you can view every message and piece of media shared.

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GPS tracking: Spyier provides sophisticated GPS tracking capabilities that let you follow the target device’s location in real time. And a little more.

keylogger: The keylogger function of Spyier lets you record each keystroke made on the target device. This includes private information entered into the device, like usernames and passwords.

Web Browser Monitoring: Spyier gives you the ability to keep track of the downloads, bookmarks, and history of the target device’s web browser.

Spyier can keep track of all the pictures and videos that are stored on the target device, including any that were taken with the camera.

Monitoring all installed applications on the target device is possible with Spyier. You can monitor the app’s activity and see how long it’s been used.

Remote Control: Spyier enables you to take control of the target device from a distance. The device’s data can be deleted, it can be locked, or unlocked, and you can even take screenshots of it.

Spyier can be used in stealth mode, which means it runs in the background without the target user noticing. This makes it possible for you to covertly monitor the target device.

Parents, employers, and individuals can keep an eye on what the target device is doing with the help of Spyier’s extensive collection of monitoring and tracking features.

Installing Spyier on Your Android and iPhone Devices

We’ll explain how to quickly and easily install the Spyier app on both Android and iPhone in this article if you’re looking for a simple way to do so on your Android or iPhone device.

You can keep an eye on any mobile device with just three easy steps

Obtain Spyier

Choose a plan from the price page, please.

Spyier needs to be installed.

Follow the on-screen instructions after selecting the desired OS (iOS or Android). Setting up only requires five minutes.

Create a system for tracking.

From any computer with access to the Spyier dashboard, you can start remote monitoring.

How to Installing Spyier on an Android Device

Create an account: Visit the official Spyier website and sign up for a free account. Choose a subscription plan that meets your needs and provides access to the features you need.

Install the app: After creating your account, follow the instructions provided to install the Spyier app on the target Android device. To do this, you will need to have access to the target device and enable the installation of apps from unknown sources.

Set up the app: Once the app is installed on the target device, log in to your Spyier account from any web browser and enter the device’s information. This will activate the app on the target device and allow you to start monitoring its activities.

How to Spy on an Android Phone with Spyier

These three easy steps can help you start monitoring the Android device:

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1. Visit the pricing page and select a plan.

2. The target phone with Spyier installed.

3. Any web browser can begin monitoring.

We’ll walk you through the installation procedure here:

Step 1. Make your selection on the pricing page

1. Select a suitable package by clicking “Get Spyier” and taking advantage of the offer. No sign-up is required.
2. You will receive an email with account information and a password to log in to Spyier as soon as the purchase is completed successfully.
Enter the name or nickname of the person you want to monitor on the first page of the Setup Wizard. Choose the operating system that is currently installed on the target smartphone or tablet. With different setup procedures for Android phones and iPhones, respectively. In this instance, click “Android” to continue. A few changes must be made to the target device.

How to Spy on an Android Phone with Spyier

3. Getting ready to install Spyier on the phone is the next step. Settings – Security should be chosen. Enable “Unknown Sources” and then tap “OK” here.

How to Spy on an Android Phone with Spyier

Go to 1. The setting, 2. Google, 3.  Security, 4. Google Play Protect Disable Improve harmful app detection and Scan device for security threats.

How to Install Spyier App Download

Step 2. Set up the Spyier application.

1. You can now install Spyier on the phone after preparing it. A download button for the Spyier app can be found on the Set-up Wizard page. The download page can be accessed using the target phone. Any installed browser on the device can be used. Slide right to begin the app download (see illustration below). Following the completion of the download, locate the APK file in the “Downloads” folder or the “Notifications” pop-up window. Choosing INSTALL and OPEN will launch the application.

Set up the Spyier application

2. Once you’ve launched the app, please read the EULA and Privacy Policy before selecting the agree option. If you want to sign into your paid Spyier account, you should enter your email address and password on the following screen.

EULA and Privacy Policy

3. After making a few adjustments to the target phone’s settings, you’re almost finished. The Setup Wizard will assist you in completing the process. Please be aware that for Spyier to function, all permission requests must be granted. You have the option to hide the application after making these adjustments. If you decide to hide Spyier, the app icon will disappear from both the drawer and the list of installed apps. The app will function covertly. To access the app, simply dial **001** whenever you want.

After making a few adjustments

Step 3. Any web browser can begin monitoring.

Now that Spyier has been successfully installed, you can use any phone or web browser to remotely access the application. Access to the device physically is no longer required.

Any web browser can begin monitoring

Installing Spyier on an iPhone System

Create an account: Register for a free account by going to the Spyier official website. Select a subscription package that offers access to the features you require and satisfies your needs.

Verify the target device: To monitor an iPhone device, you will need to verify the device’s iCloud credentials. By logging in to the Spyier website and entering the device’s iCloud information, you can accomplish this.

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Start monitoring: Once the target device is verified, you can start monitoring its activities from your Spyier account. 

A Quick Guide to Quickly Tracking an iPhone or iPad.

There are just two easy steps to take:

1. Make a plan.

2. Start monitoring the iPhone or iPad by logging into the control panel.

We’ll demonstrate how to install it:

Step 1. Pick a package.

By clicking the “Get Spyier” button, select a package.

Step 2. No app download is required; simply follow the setup wizard for the iPhone.

After you purchase Spyier, you’ll get an email. Click “Start Monitoring” to access Control Panel and launch the remote installation process from this page. Remember that Spyier can be installed from any browser on a computer or mobile machine. Enter the target’s name (which becomes the name of the phone) first on the Setup Wizard’s first page, then choose “iOS(iCloud)” as the phone operating system.

Installing Spyier on an iPhone System

2. Type your iCloud ID and password into the following screen. Be aware that the following prerequisites must be met in order to successfully monitor the target iPhone or iPad without jailbreaking:

iPhone or iPad without jailbreaking

3. Next, choose the iOS device that you want to keep an eye on.

iOS device

4. Thank you for successfully setting up Spyier. To start remotely watching the iPhone, simply click the “Start” button. It should be noted that the data may not be synced with Spyier’s servers right away. Any web browser can be used to access the Spyier control panel.



In conclusion, Spyier is a powerful and versatile monitoring software that allows you to keep an eye on any mobile device. With its comprehensive set of features, you can monitor text messages, call logs, social media activity, GPS location, and more. Spyier is easy to install and use, and it doesn’t require rooting or jailbreaking the target device.

If you are a concerned parent who wants to keep an eye on your child’s mobile activity or an employer who wants to monitor employee activity on company-owned devices, Spyier can be a valuable tool. It allows you to monitor mobile activity discreetly and ensure the safety and security of your loved ones or your business. We hope you find this article in SPY24 useful! You can also read our other articles, such as Spyier App Review.


Q: Is spyer lawful?

  • A: The legality of using Spyier or any similar monitoring software depends on your local laws and regulations. Using such software responsibly and within the bounds of the law is essential.

Q: Should the target device be jailbroken or rooted before using Spyier?

  • A: No, Spyier can be installed on the target device without requiring rooting or jailbreaking. This means that the target device’s warranty and security are not compromised.

Q: Does Spyier empty the battery of the target system?

  • A: No, Spyier is built to run in the background without consuming the target device’s battery. This ensures that the device operates normally while being monitored.

Q: Can Spyier be detected by the target user?

  • A: No, Spyier operates in stealth mode, which means it operates in the background without being detected by the target user.

Q: Can Spyier monitor social media apps?

  • A: Yes, Spyier can monitor popular social media apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, and more.

Q: How do I install Spyier?

  • A: To install Spyier, you need to create an account on the Spyier website, select the target device’s operating system, follow the installation instructions, and enter the target device’s information.

Q: Can Spyier monitor multiple devices?

  • A: Yes, Spyier allows you to monitor multiple devices from a single account.

Q: Is Spyier’s data secure?

  • A: Yes, Spyier’s data is encrypted and stored on secure servers. Only you can access the data through your account.

Q: Does Spyier offer customer support?

  • A: Yes, Spyier offers customer support through email and live chat.

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