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The Internet and mobile applications have changed all aspects of our life, especially our daily communication. Privacy is the key issue surrounding the internet that got many users sensitive, especially parents who are worried about their children’s activity on the Internet. You can use the spying app to stay in the loop as your teenager explores online. This app will let you monitor all incoming and outcoming calls and messages on the targeted phone. So parents could see who their teens are communicating with to protect against online predators, and businesses can monitor their employee’s activities on the Internet.

Here, you’ll find a full comprehensive Xsoft App review, one of the parental control apps for both Android and iOS devices.

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Introduction To Xsoft App

XSoft stands for Controlled Development System which is a company that provides Software development services to find solutions for privacy problems through mobile applications. This Spying app gives you access to others’ phones, and you can buy it from anywhere in the world at online and offline stores with one year guarantee. XSoft is a complete development tool that is used to program your PLC, which will save you a measurable amount of time setting up your applications.

After installing the app, you can access all information you want from the targeted phone. The application is user-friendly, and that is the best option for monitoring a person’s phone. 

Introduction To Xsoft App

This Spy Mobile Phone Software in India works on spy cameras and also spy software that can be run on all types of Mobile phones, including  Phones, Android,  Nokia, BlackBerry, and Windows. Their function depends on the targeted device operating system and also the root access ability.

It has been an awesome journey for us since we started dealing with the kind of spy mobile phone software services. We have been in this business for the past two decades, and in these two decades, we got love and great support from you, all credit goes to our customers who made this journey successful, and due to our customers, we hold a strong position in the market. Our services of spy mobile phone software in Delhi are the best in the market. The best and unique thing about our mobile phone application is that it can easily be compatible with any cell phone, irrespective of its operating system. This cell phone application easily helps in accessing the data of cell phones. Only we are in this market that gives one year guarantee in spy mobile phone software, and you can get our product from any corner of the world. You just need to install this application on your cell phone and it can be turned into a magical device, so what are you waiting for get your product ordered from our reputed shop of Spy Mobile Phone Software in Delhi.

As our company has been working in the field of spy cameras and spy software for the past two decades, we do not just sell only our product, but the satisfaction of the customer is our top priority. The unique selling property of our product is that it can track data around the globe Spy Mobile Phone Software in India is available at a reasonable price from an online store, so contact your nearest dealer shop. Hurry, our stock is for a limited period.

We are one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of spy applications, so while making these applications, our engineers made the device so that it may support all mobile phones, whether it is Android, Nokia, Windows, iPhone, or BlackBerry. Once the software is installed in the phone, the tracking is easily done. We assure you that our product is blissful for all. Tracking information from targeted mobile phones was impossible.

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How does Xsoft work?

Knowing how this app works helps you to get to your result much more efficiently. These applications use a secure sockets layer (SSL) connection to protect personal data and run in the background so no one would understand you are spying on them. As soon as data is transferred to the server, you can see it via a web-based dashboard. The data would be uploaded from the targeted device to the remote server.

How does Xsoft work?

Keep reading for essential steps for using this app.

Step 1: Purchase Xsoft

Step 2: After payment, Xsoft will send you the user ID and password, and also download the link and complete guide to install it

Step 3: Download it from the link

Step 4: Create an account

Step 5: Install it on your device

Step 6: Enter the information of your partner’s phone Code or IMEI

Step 7: Start monitoring and reading messages.

All data are stored in your dashboard so you could access them later and check them out in detail with high concentration. The storage place gives you to track activity for a long time to analyze information more efficiently, which would help the proficiency of businesses.

Most spy apps can be installed on the chrome extension. Installing spy mobile apps on an extension makes ad campaigns much more accessible and provides insightful data on ads.

Follow  these general installation steps:

1- open your chrome browser

2-  choose the Xsoft extension

3- Click on add to chrome

Please approve the trustable extensions only. To use the extension, click on the Icon on the address bar and consider that if you are working on a computer that is for another organization or school, some extensions might be blocked.

Following, we will look at various features of this spying app that provide accessibility to a targeted device.

Features of the Xsoft App

Features of the Xsoft App
  • Mobile monitoring

Xsoft App will let you monitor calling. In other words, you will have access to all incoming, outgoing, and even miscalled. Furthermore, you will see all incoming and outgoing SMS and also the Contact list y besides. You will even get specific contact alerts.

  • Location monitoring

 This feature allows accurate location tracking using GPS technology. You will get the exact location of the targeted phone.

  • Camera monitoring

 Camera monitoring will let you spy on the cellphone camera, which will help parents to monitor their kids to protect them from sexual crimes against children who are sharing private photos online with anyone.

  • Hidden mic recording

Hidden mic recording will enable you to record around the cellphone via a mic, so parents could listen to conversations of their kids when they get suspicious.

  • Screenshot capturing

This feature will let you have constant access to the screen, and apart from capturing live screens, this spy app can also show you the captured screenshots that are stored on the targeted mobile phone.

  • Safety and confidentiality

 Your data will be protected, and you could be sure of their safety.

  • Powerful database

 The database of this spying app will let you access big data collection in absolutely no time.

  • Checking the social media account activities of the target

All impressions, shares, likes, texts, and videos on social media can be monitored, which is great for parents to check their kid’s social media activity and security and also for business to help their marketing and advertising based on users’ social activity.

Following is the list of social media applications that you can monitor by using Xsoft:

  • WhatsApp
  • iMessage
  • Facebook
  • Twitter messages

We will look at how the Xsoft app is working iOS and Android devices.

Xsoft app for iPhone and Android Download

There are two methods for the Xsoft app to run on iPhone

  1. iCloud account
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In this method, apps download phone backups from the targeted device‘s iCloud account, which is the best way to access the data as there is little need to access the targeted device

you need the user’s iCloud username and password and also iCloud backups should have been enabled on the device and 2 authentications should be enabled for you to access the backup data of the targeted device


  • No need to install the App on the device
  • Not affecting the Updates and factory resets
  • Need to access just two authentication codes.


  • Less access to social media
  • No access to phone calls, listening and recording

2-jailbreaking the phone and installing the software on the phone itself.

In this method, apps have permission to access data on the device, and apple is quietly strict in case of accessibility, but it seems that jailbreaking goes beyond the limitation.


  • More information on calls and social media (You will not have access to Snapchat or Tinder)


  • Being complex
  • Need for physical access
  • Voiding the warranty of the device
Checking the social media account activities of the target

Xsoft app pricing

  • There are several products and prices list you can find below
  • Spy mobile phone for windows
  • PRICE:20000- Free payment on delivery is available
  • The private number is shown during the call
  • PRICE:10,000
  • Spy Software for Nokia Mobile Phone
  • PRICE:20000/- Free payment on delivery is available
  • PRICE:20000/- Free payment on delivery is available
  • Spy Software For I-Phones
  • PRICE:20000- Free payment on delivery is available
  • Spy Software for Android Mobile Phones
  • PRICE:20000/- Free payment on delivery is available
  • Spy mobile phone software
  • PRICE:15,000- Free payment on delivery is available
  • Call Recording Software
  • This is free

Xsoft App review

xsoft app2

Xsoft customer service: Customer satisfaction in Xsoft is the top priority of this company. So with exceptional customer service, you can reach to account manager 24/7 in case of any questions or problems. They will contact you as fast as possible to be there for you at the right time. The security and also confidentiality of information are guaranteed by Xsoft. There is also one year guarantee for spy mobile software.

Pros and cons of Xsoft App

There are advantages and also disadvantages for marketers and drop shippers in using this spy app:


There are many advantages to using Xsoft App. First and foremost is that they can help parents in this digitalized world that has brought many phycological problems for everyone, especially teenagers who are dealing with many problems. By using these apps, parents could monitor their kid’s activity so they are lessening the risk of cyberstalking, cyberbullying, and body shaming. also, by location, parents can check on children or pets not being lost. Furthermore, the apps also can be used to check the location of mountaineers and hikers who are stuck in the mountain avalanche.

Secondly, they can be used to check on the location of patients who are suffering from Alzheimer’s or any other aging disease.

Finally, the productivity of employees has been increased significantly by checking them during working hours.


Everything has advantages, and Xsoft App is not an exception. Although they are completely safe and secure, there is always a possibility of being hacked by hackers to misuse them. The second disadvantage of these spy apps is the combability with the targeted devices, which might be challenging, so you might root or jailbreak your phone before installing them. The next cons would be their focus on special platforms. For example, some of them focus on Facebook and Instagram rather than others.

Xsoft App aggregation software

This aggregation software collects data from different resources and then analyzes information which is extremely helpful for other words, apps are cleaning data that can be used for further research. Furthermore, they have easy access to data storage.

Xsoft app for iPhone and Android Download

Marketing data aggregation tool pipe the data from social media and different platforms and send the data to spreadsheets and visual tools where the data can be analyzed more efficiently, which have a great effect on marketing performance.

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Xsoft VS SPY24

Features: SPY24 VS Xsoft: SPY24 have various features which enable you to monitor your family and friend and also your business. Here is a list of features of SPY24 VS Xsoft that would help you to compare the two products and make the decision to order them.

SPY24  Best Features


The  SPY24 dashboard is One of the best features of this app. That gives you access to all features in less than a second, which makes it easy to tab the feature you want. 

Monitor Calls

This would allow you to see the contact name, number, the duration of the call, and the time and date of the targeted phone, which is useful for parents who are concerned about their teen and also for employers to monitor their staff call during working hours so they will be updated on business transactions.

Track Text Messages (SMS)

The SMS tracking function has a specific tap, and by clicking on that, you will have access to all information about them, like the content, the number of who sent them, and the exact time that the message was created.

Internet History

The  SPY24 claims to give you the ability to track websites that the targeted phone has visited.

Location tracking 

With this feature, you will be able to know where someone is any time you want as long as the phone is connected to the Internet. this function is useful for parents or employers who want to know the exact location of their child and employees.

Social media tracking

Following is the list of  some of the social media applications that you can monitor by using SPY24:


Instagram is a social network platform that allows you to share your photos, stories, reels, and also videos with the friends and followers you care about. SPY24 will let you view all sent and received text messages and shared links in Instagram direct. The app enables you to see who has followed or unfollowed you, and who is not following you back, it helps you track new followers,  and check what are they doing. You can even see the followers who have never liked or commented on your posts. 


 Facebook is a popular social platform that allows you to connect with friends and families all around the world. SPY24 will enable you to track all Chat Conversations, Dates, screen recordings, voice messages, and  Calls through Facebook Messenger.


WhatsApp is a free messaging app that has many users from over 180 countries. By Using SPY24, you can monitor WhatsApp messages, photos, videos, voices, documents, and calls.


Twitter is an online social media service that allows you to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick messages. SPY24 will let you see direct messages, images, videos, tweets, followers and following, notifications, and also timestamps which enables you to know exactly what time and date a particular activity occurred.


Telegram is a cloud-based messenger that allows you to send and receive messages.  You can access the telegram profile and see all sent and received messages, contacts, and multimedia with the SPY24.


Skype is a  telecommunications application best known for video conferencing. SPY24 will give you access to all chat, Call Logs, photos, videos, and also a contact list with detail about their name, number, and profile photo.


The signal is an American privacy-focused messaging application. All text messages (including disappearing ones), Contacts, and All other activities on this app can be monitored by SPY24.


Snapchat is a popular messaging app that lets users exchange images and videos (called snaps) that are meant to disappear after they’re viewed. The greatest function of this app is the filters and lenses that make this app fun to use between friends and family members. SPY24 will give you access to shared media, chats, Friend lists, snaps saved, and the Time and date of snaps. You can also read our other articles, such as the best Phone Tracker Apps.

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