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How to Brute Force ZIP File Passwords Cracking (Complete Tutorial)

Join us in this tutorial to learn how to perform Brute Force and ZIP cracking to obtain the password for this type of file.

Brute Force and ZIP Cracking

ZIP files are one of the most useful files that are widely used, and many people use the ZIP format to password protect and compress their files. Sometimes, we may need to open a zip file if we don’t have the password. The best attack we can implement to open these types of files is a Brute Force attack. If you’re not familiar with these types of attacks, we recommend you check out the Brute Force attack tutorial on SPY24. We have introduced a useful tool for cracking ZIP files in the tutorial on cracking Zip file passwords, but in this tutorial, we want to introduce another high-speed tool.

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Introducing Zracker Tool

Zracker is a very useful and simple tool for all types of operating systems, and it is very easy to work with. By using this tool, you can crack or Brute Force the password of a ZIP file. The cracking speed of this tool is very high, and it uses your hardware resources such as CPU cores to have a better speed for better results. We recommend that you have a suitable password list for better results with this tool. We also suggest checking out the Cranch tool tutorial, which we have taught many interesting methods in this regard, and the tutorial on Kali Linux.

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How to Crack a ZIP File Tutorial

To crack a ZIP file using this tool, you need to have Python 3 installed on your operating system. If you are using Windows, go to the link below and download the tool graphically and enter its directory via cmd. If you are using Linux or an operating system in which Git is installed, download the tool using the following command and enter the downloaded directory:

git clone
cd Zracker

Then, to run the tool using Python 3, run the following file:


Tutorial on cracking Zip file passwords with Zip-Cracker

To use this tool, you need to have Python 2.7 installed on your operating system, which can be installed on any operating system. After installing Python, which is included by default in most Linux distributions, download the tool on your system using the following command:

git clone

Then, enter the downloaded folder:

cd Zip-Cracker

After entering the main folder of the tool, execute the main file with Python and read its guide using the -h switch:

python -h

For example, to crack a Zip file, enter the following command:

python -f -d passwd.txt

Use the -f switch to specify the Zip file you want to crack and use the -d switch to specify the password list you have prepared for cracking and testing passwords in the Zip file. To create strong and custom passwords, you can use a password list tutorial. Note that the advantages of this tool over other tools are its high speed and its ability to run on all operating systems.

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To perform a brute force attack on a Zip file, after running the tool with the above command, enter the number 1. The tool will ask you for the address of the Zip file, the exact location where the Zip file is located and you want to brute force it. Then it will ask you to enter your password list address. After that, enter the CPU core value that you want to allocate to the brute force attack, and then the attack will start. You can wait for it to find the correct password, which will be displayed to you.

Other ways to crack a Zip file password:

There are many tools for cracking compressed file passwords, which are different from each other. However, there are also websites that break the password for a compressed file and deliver it to you for a fee. This is why there are many scam sites for this purpose, and you need to be very careful.

Security against cracking a ZIP file password:

To prevent a Zip file password from being cracked, use advanced compression software such as WinRAR and use complex and new algorithms. Choose a long and difficult password that includes at least 15 characters and hard characters other than letters.

Note: Excessive use of hardware resources can cause problems with your system. Therefore, be careful to use your hardware resources as needed for brute-force attacks.

Good luck.

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