How A Tracking App Can Help Protect Women Who Walk Alone In The City

Walking the city streets alone at night can be a terrifying experience for anyone, especially for women. Although women nowadays are more than capable of taking care of themselves, statistics show that they are still more likely to become victims of crimes when they are by themselves as compared to men.

Governments around the world are trying to make their cities as safe as possible for their citizens, men and women alike. In the UK, the government is working hand in hand with telecommunication companies and other technology firms in trying to come up with a system that can track a person’s location and automatically alert the local authorities if they do not arrive at their destination on time. 

While this is an excellent combined effort from both the government and private corporations, this service has yet to be launched to the public despite being over a year into development. The worst news is that this is the UK government working and not the US. Maybe they are waiting on the results of this service from our European neighbors before implementing their own. So as the think tank continues to work on the project, the women in our lives continue to be at risk of violence whenever they are out on the streets by themselves.

But why should you wait when there are already phone tracking apps that can do all that and more? 

phone tracking apps

Mobile phone monitoring apps are programs that not only can provide you with the location of someone’s phone, but also allow you to view the contents of the phone, either from a computer or from your own phone. These programs gather data and store them in secure servers that only you can access. Aside from data access, these apps also allow you certain control over the phone you are monitoring. You can block apps that you deem harmful from being installed, as well as prevent the user from visiting inappropriate websites. All of these can be accessed in real-time so you can be notified immediately if there is a threat or unusual activity on the phone.

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With SPY24, monitoring the location of your loved ones is just one of the features it can provide you with.

What Is SPY24

SPY24 is a cell phone tracker application that allows you to view the contents of someone else’s phone from your computer or from your own phone. Introduced in 2019, SPY24 continues to be the market leader among other phone monitoring apps because they continue to improve their product to keep them up to date with the latest monitoring trends and technology.

What Is SPY24

SPY24 delivers all the information you need and more. Aside from GPS tracking, this feature-packed app can also obtain emails, call logs, text messages sent and received, browser history, and social media content from all platforms.

How to Use SPY24

Once you have downloaded and installed  SPY24 on your target phone, you now have access to all the data that’s inside it. After logging in to your secure account, you will be forwarded to your dashboard. Think of the dashboard as your control center. From there, you can jump from one piece of info to the next, which are all neatly organized into categories, so you can easily jump to important, need-to-know, data.

Here are some of the features of SPY24 that can help assure you that your family is safe both in the real world and in the online space: 

  • GPS Tracking
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With accuracy up to within 50 feet, the mobile tracker feature is updated at frequent and regular intervals, so you can be sure that your loved ones are in a safe and secure place when they are out and about in the real world.

  • Phone Calls and SMS Tracker.

Get a complete history of call logs and text messages your loved one has sent and received. Know the phone number they call most often. iMessage can also be accessed if your target phone is an iOS device.

  • Browser and Email History

Make sure that they are only visiting age-appropriate sites by viewing their browsing history. Every page visited from every browser used can be viewed via your dashboard. All email details, sent and received, can also be viewed.

  • Word usage alerts

You can set SPY24 to alert you whenever certain words are being used on the phone. The keylogger feature can record words like pregnancy, drugs, guns, profanity, and whatever else you think is inappropriate. You will know whenever your child is using them on their phone. 

  • Social Media Activity

Gain access to all social media platforms they are on: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. Know if someone unknown is trying to communicate with them or if they are victims of cyberbullying.

  • Photo and Videos

Pictures and videos, both taken and received, are viewable on your SPY24 secure account. Make sure that they have not been sent – and are not sending – anything inappropriate

  • Apps Monitoring

Know not only all the apps that have been installed on the phone but also the apps that are currently active/running.

  • Remote Locking and Diagnostics
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The software also allows you to check the phone’s battery life, WiFi and Bluetooth connection status, and IMEI number. It will even allow you to remotely lock the device, very useful in case the phone gets lost or stolen.

  • Remote Uninstall

Once you are convinced that the device is being used appropriately and responsibly, and you feel that there is no longer a need for more monitoring, you can easily uninstall SPY24 by sending an SMS to the target phone.

With all this information and control available to you to ensure the safety of those that we care about, consider SPY24 as a parental control app that can not only work for certain apps and websites but for the whole phone and everything in it.

Does SPY24 Really Work?

As mentioned earlier, SPY24 has always maintained its status as one of the best phone monitoring apps out there. With over a million downloads and thousands of testimonials sharing how SPY24 has helped them in one way or another, this app is not just hype. It is 100% guaranteed to work and will get you the information that you are looking for, whenever you need it.

Does SPY24 Really Work?

With apps like SPY24, we no longer have to wait for any other program that can keep our ladies safe. While we do welcome any and all additions to the safety of women when it comes to our loved ones, the best defense is what we have available right now. And phone tracking apps are among the best that we have.


How Can I Track A Phone Location?

Using Phone Monitoring Apps that have a GPS location feature is the best way to track a phone’s location.

How Can I Track A Phone For Free?

Google Maps can track your phone’s location for free.

Can I track a cell phone with just a number?

Yes. You can use a phone number lookup program to give you a general estimate of a phone’s location.

Is it legal to spy on someone’s text messages? 

If access to private communication is done, without consent, then it is illegal to do so.

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