How to Increase Your Instagram Followers With Termux?

Hello dear SPY24 users, in this excellent tutorial, we intend to teach you how to get free followers with the Termux program, which is a very simple and good program. Stay with us until the end of the tutorial. You may ask what is Termux? Well, we explained a lot about the Termux program and also explained how to make a virus with Termux in previous articles. Click on the link to download and read the article.

In this article, we intend to teach you how to increase your followers with Termux.

Perhaps you are also looking for a quick and cost-free way to increase your followers, and in this article, we will teach you how to increase your followers with a few lines of code in Termux.

Installing and running Termux:

You can download and install the Termux program from the end of the page, and then by clicking on (here), you can see the commands and tutorials related to Termux.

Executing commands and increasing followers:

Now enter the Termux program and enter the following commands in order; first, install the prerequisites of the tutorial and update the repositories:

pkg update
pkg upgrade

pkg install git

pkg install openssl-tool

pkg install curl

Well, first install the GitHub tool needed to get followers:

git clone

Then open the tool with the following command:


Enter the file with the following command:

cd insfollow

And run it with the following commands:


Now enter your ID and you will see your followers start to increase.

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I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Let us know how many followers you got each time you ran this command?!

Tips: After entering the commands, enter your Instagram username and password, and after the process is complete, make sure to change your account password. Patience is very important in this tutorial.

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