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Introduction to ADDSPY: You are probably looking for a specific phone tracking app for your kids to meet your needs as well as be efficient. AddSpy child monitoring app, you can monitor social media apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Skype, Tinder, call recording, and live locations in the easiest and most convenient way. And also track many other activities of your kids without rooting.

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AddSpy Review


AddSpy is a special Android monitoring app that is planned specifically for parents and employers. AddSpy assists them in tracking the activities of their employee or children in real-time. With the AddSpy app, you can monitor many attributes like Totally hidden.


How Does ADDSPY Work?

If you want to know how the Addspy program works, just keep reading this article for a few minutes. We can say AddSpy is a specific Google Duo tracking spy application that lets users track calls (both obtained and dialed). If you indeed want to view acting in Google Duo, Facebook, and other social media, you can do it using the AddSpy Phone Monitoring Mobile Software.

The smart software keeps all SMS and calls.

Features of ADDSPY

Features of ADDSPY

WhatsApp Tracking

WhatsApp is one of the most liked applications now, which was basically meant for socializing and exchanging important messages. 

By considering this issue, it might be shocking to find out that your kids or staff may not be utilizing this app as desired. Children might be getting the fault ideas from an unwanted corporation or employees exchanging important and monopolized business information that may put your company at risk.

All you need is to take an inspection of the condition by looking at all their activities on WhatsApp using a highly thought-out and reasonable AddSpy App. WhatsApp spying application will highly help in monitoring WhatsApp conversations on your kids or workers’ phones.

Call Recordings

AddSpy suggests the advantage of recording each and every call from your desired phone remotely spy call recorder. You will be given a unique chance to listen to both recorded incoming and outgoing call logs. 

It is clear that you will be able to listen not only to a spied person speaking but also to a person he or she is talking to. AddSpy Call Recording feature runs perfectly on Android phones. Do you require to know what your target people are chatting about on their phones? Are you afraid of damaging activities of your employees that they might attempt over the phone? Are your kids entertained with the phone at exotic times?

Then it would just be great that you are capable of monitoring all their calls with a view to avoiding any untoward event. Well, AddSpy can assist you here easily.

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Parental Monitoring

These days, smartphones are widely used among the majority of people, especially youths. Actually, many of us can’t persist in our life without a mobile device on a daily basis. We use it for chatting, entertainment, paying, working, and so other actions. 

However, many adults are getting addicted to smartphones as well as kids. Unfortunately, there are great fake messages and improper content sent by online predators; your children are those who are particularly vulnerable to that information. 

To prevent your children from being tempted, it’s wise to keep an eye on their devices. 

AddSpy, an occupational monitoring solution provider specializing in tracking and monitoring tools for smartphone users, helps you get access to Contacts, Calls, Text messages, location, photos, and multiple social apps like WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

Employee Monitoring

Technology now provides it possible for employers to hold track of virtually all workplace communications by any employee. Usually, it is allowed for you as an employer to monitor your own computer systems, including, but not limited to, employees’ work email communications and internet usage. 

Employers are free to monitor these communications as long as there’s a valid business target for doing so. On the other hand, if your company takes affirmative steps to protect the privacy of employee emails, it might have limited its ability to monitor these communications. 

Employers can monitor employees’ emails at work but need to approach this with precaution and exact consideration. 

Instagram Tracking

Instagram may make dangerous for your lovely kids. The biggest question is coming into your mind “How? ” Kids may become friends with scammers, cyber bullies, and online predators. There is a good occasion to monitor kids’ Instagram profiles by simply becoming a follower, but you can’t see kids’ direct messages and chats; it’s still a mystery for you as a parent. 

With the AddSpy app, you will be able to see your kid’s ongoing chat activities on Instagram Direct Messages. Whether a message is sent or received, you can read it sitting in your workplace. 

Keep a sharp eye on your kid’s Instagram activities with AddSpy’s terrific parental control app feature.

AddSpy is a versatile and trusty mobile phone tracking application that enables you to monitor received and sent emails to employees’ cell phones during their work hours.

Email Monitoring

Whether you run a building business, landscaping or cleaning company, a delivery service, or any other business with field staff, you require to know where your people are so you can properly send team members and get work done.

Time is significant these days, something that small businesses need the most. Therefore, they still want to supervise and track their employees during work hours. AddSpy is the final mobile phone tracking app that comes with an exact GPS location tracking specification. Android operating systems are worked smoothly with this phone tracker.

It enables you to monitor employees’ recent GPS location or route history on a virtual map remotely. Apart from tracking employees’ location, you are able to spy on text messages, calls, Snapchat, WhatsApp, web browsing history, photos, video, apps, E-mails, etc., on the target phone covertly.

Pricing Plans for ADDSPY

According to your budget, you can check subscription plans. This Phone Tracking Application comes with many of the features at suitable prices. Check out ADDSPY pricing plans according to your feature requirements.

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Pricing Plans for ADDSPY

ADDSPY is offered in three items which are one month, four months, and 12 months with their own features:

    • BASIC



ADDSPY Customer Support Review

ADDSPY Customer Support Review


Most android devices with more than 30+ unique features are supported by Addspy.


In case you have any queries or facing any technical issues, the customer support team is accessible to help you 24*7


your staff and kids together can be monitored on a single dashboard with an easy and simple interface.


Addspy application is very rapid and light in use, with excellent Compatibility with most android devices.

Social Media Monitoring

Monitor Social media apps like WhatsApp Chats, Instagram Chats, Facebook Messenger, Snapchats, Viber Calls, LinkedIn, etc., with AddSpy Cell Tracking App.

Works in Stealth Mode

AddSpy App stays hidden in the device and totally works in stealth mode. It can’t be discovered by any of the Anti-Virus Apps.

100% Data Privacy

AddSpy regards customer privacy and confidentiality and, at AddSpy, make you assure that it never leaks or sells your data to anyone else.

In the end, we are the outstanding Mobile Phone Monitoring service provider in India, with more than 3000+ satisfied customers and 99% satisfaction results. We are committed to providing you with 24*7 support whenever it is required and urgent.

ADDSPY for Android and iOS

Almost each and every device which has Android version 5 and upper is compatible with the AddSpy application.

Unfortunately, no program has been provided and designed for the iOS operating system to date.

ADDSPY for Android and iOS

How to Install ADDSPY

    1. In order to monitor your kids or employees via this phone monitoring spy tool, you need to buy this application first from

    1. After paying the successful fee for the AddSpy phone monitoring app, you will receive an auto-generated email from ADDSPY company end with your user id, password, Application downloading link, and installation guidance.

Please download the ADDSPY app from that link.

    1. This company demands you kindly follow and perform all the steps properly (mentioned in the installation guide) on the device on which you are going to install the ADDSPY application. If you are facing any issues with the installation, you can contact the ADDSPY support team via chat or call.

    1. Once you have finished the installation process, log in on your dashboard via your mobile or PC and start monitoring social media, call recordings, SMS, live locations, and much more activities of your staff and kids on your dashboard.


You may have a question about the hiddenness of the AddSpy program.

The AddSpy app stays hidden on the device and works completely in stealth mode.

It cannot be detected by any anti-virus program, and you can rest assured about this.

How to Remove ADDSPY

If you’ve installed a hidden spy phone app on your Android device without your knowledge, there are a few solutions to uninstall it:

First, you can try to detect the app in your device’s settings and remove it from there. 

If you can’t find the app or if it’s not listed in your settings, you can try uninstalling it using a third-party app like AVG AntiVirus. 

Finally, if all else fails, you can factory reset your device to remove the hidden spy phone app completely.

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How to Remove ADDSPY


AddSpy App is suitable with most android devices that have the following operating systems: Android OS 5.0 and higher; check below to identify if your phone has been fully tested for compatibility.

• Asus Mobile Phone Monitoring

• Huawei Mobile Phone Monitoring

• Lenovo Mobile Phone Monitoring

• Motorola Mobile Phone Monitoring

• Google Pixel Mobile Phone Monitoring

• LG Mobile Phone Monitoring

• Nokia Mobile Phone Monitoring

• One Plus Mobile Phone Monitoring Spy App

• Oppo Mobile Phone Monitoring

• Samsung Mobile Phone Monitoring

• MI Xiaomi Redmi Mobile Phone Monitoring Spy App

• Vivo Mobile Phone Monitoring Spy App

What is ADDSPY’s purpose?

AddSpy was established in the year 2018, and it is an Indian corporation dedicated to expanding the best android mobile tracking platforms. 

AddSpy comes outfitted with the best android tracking software available today. Users – including parents and employers – can monitor all phone activity over ADDSPY’s simplified online platform.

What is ADDSPY's purpose?

Pros and Cons of ADDSPY

    • Monitor Social media call logs like Facebook call logs, Track WhatsApp call logs, Skype Call logs, and much more.

    • Live location and GPS location history instantly on your AddSpy dashboard.

    • Works in stealth mode, totally undetectable.

    • Works with mobile 3G/4G connection.

    • Unlimited device changing option in one package.

    • More Features with fewer prices Install in the target device in just 5-7 minutes.

    • 24/7 Customer support.

    • 25+ features with 99% results.

    • AddSpy helps you in monitoring Live Call Recordings and Hidden mic recordings.

    • Hear Live Audio with ADDSPY App (with consent).

    • Check all the keywords pressed while chatting with someone using AddSpy.


Advantage: AddSpy offers over 30+ features like WhatsApp tracking, Facebook Monitoring, Instagram monitoring, SMS tracking, Call recordings and much more without rooting.

AddSpy is an Android Phone Monitoring Application for children and staff.

It helps you in tracking your kids or your employees. 

AddSpy is the best spying tool for android mobiles remotely and efficiently. 

This application works in stealth mode and has been totally undetectable with any of the Antiviruses till now. 

SPY24  Best Features

AddSpy gives you real-time data on your dashboard, which you can easily access on your PC or Mobile.

Disadvantage: The only disadvantage that AddSpy has compared to SPY24 is that SPY24’s software is provided for other operating systems, including android, windows, mac, and iPhone.


AddSpy is the best spying tool for android mobiles remotely and effectively. This Application works in stealth mode and is totally undetectable with any of the Antiviruses till now. It’s an efficient and strong app for parents to make their children secure from digital and real-life perils. We hope you find this article in SPY24 App useful! You can also read our other articles, such as the Best Phone Tracker App Free.


Is it possible to install AddSpy remotely? 

No, it’s not possible to install your application. AddSpy requires to be installed physically in the device.

Is AddSpy legal?

This company has specially developed its application to monitor your kids & employees’ activities. Therefore, the application should be used for monitoring youths. Also, it is advised that AddSpy should be installed on the device with the proper consent of the device user.

Is the AddSpy works in offline mode also?

Yes. This application functions in offline mode and will save all the offline data in the temporary files, but internet connectivity is needed in order to upload that data on your dashboard.

Is it possible to monitor the information which has been omitted by the user?

Yes. You can monitor the data which has been deleted by the target device (call logs, SMS, gallery photos, WhatsApp chats that have been deleted after 5 minutes, etc.) after installing AddSpy on that device.

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