Buzzoid Review: Is it really what you think it is? {2023}

Hello dear readers; in this part we decided to talk about one of the Instagram service providers out there and evaluate its performance and features for you to give you the information you need to make a decision if you are thinking about buying Instagram services. As you know, this fast train of communications and Instagram businesses tempts everyone to make an effort to catch up with it and not miss any opportunities. Well, buying authentic Instagram followers, likes, views and more is a smart move. But there are many Instagram agencies and they can easily abuse your shortage of information and use it to their own advantage. We are here to shine a light ahead of you and give you a tool to make a smarter decision.

In this article, Buzzoid is completely scrutinized and discussed (all good and bad qualities are fairly considered and mentioned) to see if it’s really what they claim and to figure out if it’s a scam or not.  Well, keep up with us to understand.

What is Buzzoid?

Buzzoid is an Instagram service provider website established in 2012 and continues to provide services for its customers until now. As they claim, their goal is to help people grow their Instagram profile and they also believe that their services are real and authentic. We didn’t just rely on this and dug deeper to see if it was real or not.

In the ‘About Us’ section they introduce Jessica Miller as their author and editor-in-chief. That’s not so heart-warming because it only represents one person and you can’t know their crew completely and only one name comes up. Buzzoid can be trustworthy because it’s more than 10 years that they are working in this area and only based on their age, they get a good point.

buzzoid review4

How does Buzzoid work?

Buzzoid so much believes in the quality of its products and claims that all of its services are real with a high engagement rate. As they say on their website, any order you put will be delivered to you within an hour which can be good for some and bad for others, it totally depends on your timeline.

Based on its website, to buy Instagram services from Buzzoid, they only need your username and nothing more. No passwords are needed and the safety of your account is guaranteed. Basically, you determine the number of followers, likes, and views you need and you put your username in there and will proceed to the payment window.

Regarding its payment method, you can pay via MasterCard, Visa, Visa Electron, American Express, and Discover. Unfortunately, those who wish to pay with Paypal can’t use this site because it no longer supports Paypal, Therefore they need to change their service provider or their payment method.

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Review of Buzzoid features and benefits

Up to now, we talked about Buzzoid in general, now let’s take a closer look at its services and products to make a better judgment about it.

Buzzoid Instagram followers

Mostly, users opt for Instagram followers and every provider tries to do its best to offer the best Instagram followers. As for Buzzoid, they claim that all of their followers are 100% real and organic which will boost your activity highly (although we can’t guarantee that).

Buzzoid Instagram followers

Buzzoid provides two kinds of followers for its customers:

  1. High-quality Followers: as they say, these are follower’s profile pictures but without them, you aren’t able to upload them to the account. You can buy high-quality followers packages ranging from 100 to 20,000 Instagram followers and the auto-refill is allowed within the warranty they provide.
  2. Active (Premium) Followers: Buzzoid claims that this package of followers has almost no drop and it’s suitable for those who are thinking seriously about their careers. You can buy 500 to 5000 active followers from Buzzoid with a 30-day refill guarantee.

However, we can’t guarantee the authenticity of its services and we are merely talking about what Buzzoid claims they are. About the delivery of your services, you receive your followers over a couple of days, mostly within 48 hours after the purchase which can be a long time span for some people.

Buzzoid Instagram likes

Its packages are the same as its followers. Buzzoid provides high-quality likes and premium likes with exactly the qualities and features of its follower’s packages described above. You can buy up to 10,000 Instagram likes from Buzzoid through each purchase and you can also divide your likes between pictures shared on your page. Your likes will be delivered to you within 24 hours which can’t be efficient for some users. If you want to make sure about the authenticity of its likes, you can read customers’ opinions later.

Buzzoid Instagram views

Buzzoid provides only high-quality views and there is no service as premium views anymore. You can buy up to 50,000 Instagram views and as they claim, your service will be delivered to you as fast as possible. If you want to buy Instagram views from Buzzoid, you have to know about its risks and whether they are traceable or not.

Buzzoid 24/7 support

Buzzoid has 24/7 support available for customers if they have any questions or face any problems with their services. As Buzzoid states, their support line is live and you can contact them anytime you want.

Buzzoid Pricing

Buzzoid offers its services in two kinds of high-quality and premium; therefore, the prices vary because as they state, their qualities and features are different. Buzzoid provides no free trial with its packages and it can be not so pleasing because some users need to test services before they buy them. Considering its three packages, its prices are mentioned below:

  1. Instagram followers pricing: its lowest high-quality followers number is 100 followers which costs $2.97. For the premium followers, its lowest amount is 500 followers which is $11.99. It’s rather expensive compared to other good Instagram providers.
  2. Instagram likes pricing: you can buy 50 high-quality followers for $1.47 and 50 premium likes for $3.49. The reason for its money difference is because of its quality as they claim.
  3. Instagram views pricing: at Buzzoid, you can buy 500 Instagram views for $1.99 that are only high-quality and its 50,000 views package costs $74.99 which is a considerable amount.
Buzzoid Pricing Instagram Likes: pricing
Likes: 50$1.47
Likes: 250$4.99
Likes: 1000$12.99
Likes: 10,000$88.99
Buzzoid Pricing Instagram Likes
Buzzoid Pricing Instagram Followers: pricing
Followers: 100$2.97
Followers: 250$4.99
Followers: 1000$12.99
Followers: 10,000$59.99
Buzzoid Pricing Instagram Followers
Buzzoid Pricing Instagram Views : pricing
Views: 5000$14.99
Views: 50,000$74.99
Buzzoid Pricing Instagram Views 

Buzzoid free trial

Unfortunately, Buzzoid provides no free trial and if you need to test and evaluate the quality of its services, you must purchase any of its packages. This can be a big drawback for those who are beginners in this area and need to gain trust gradually. Not anyone can afford to buy Instagram services just to test their function, because most newcomers are on a tight budget.

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What does the Buzzoid community say about it?

The best way to know about a service provider and judge if they are really what they say or not is its popularity and overall appreciation of its products. In this part of the article, we are going to see some of the users’ reviews and discuss both good and bad reviews and then give you the right tools to make a smart decision.

The community reviews we have prepared for you are from Sitejabber, one of the most reliable review sites that users utilize to air their opinions and give you advice after they use a special product or service. Based on Sitejabber, Buzzoid has a consumer rating of 4 stars and it ranks 11th among Instagram service providers which is a clue for those who are looking for the best, as Buzzoid is not, but anyway, it has a good rating.

    These two reviews are the top positive and negative reviews:

What does the Buzzoid community say about it?
What does the Buzzoid community say about it?

Here are a bunch of reviews that are gathered from Sitejabber:

bunch of reviews
bunch of reviews
bunch of reviews

You can also read more reviews for Buzzoid yourself if you are not still sure what to do. Here we prepared both good and bad comments, this way it’s only fair. In the end, it’s up to you to make a decision if you want to use Buzzoid or not. If you’re hesitant to use its services or not, in this review we answer more questions for you to make it easier to decide.

What would be a better alternative to Buzzoid?

Well as you know, growth and success on Instagram isn’t a coincidence and you need to be consistent and patient to enhance your reputation and create useful content to become popular among users. In this path, buying Instagram followers likes, views and more is a great useful booster to help you in your journey, so we understand that you may be hesitant or worried about which website to choose or you may be concerned if they are legit, a scam or even if their services are worth it.

In this article we discussed Buzzoid and in conclusion, we say that it’s a good tool to use and buy Instagram services from. Of course, it has some drawbacks and disadvantages, but if your choice is Buzzoid, it’s less likely to be a scam or the services are not qualified. Anyway, here we are going to introduce you to another website provider which is a great alternative to Buzzoid and with better features and services.

What would be a better alternative to Buzzoid?

Instead of Buzzoid, you can use Buylike to buy Instagram services. Buylike provides Instagram followers, likes, views, and more with high quality and it’s guaranteed to be 100% real. Like Buzzoid, they have a dedicated staff willing to help you with your questions 24/7 online. It has some superiority over Buzzoid, for example, Buylike offers free trials to use so that Instagram users can test the quality of the products before purchasing. Personally, we believe it’s such an important factor to consider. The prices they offer at Buylike are more affordable and cheap, which is much better than Buzzoid. 

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If you are eager to know more about Buylike, you can read more about them on their website or see their customers’ reviews to make sure it’s a spectacular provider to choose from.

Buzzoid pros and cons


  • 30-day refund
  • More than 10 years of activity
  • Variety of services to provide


  • Doesn’t support Paypal
  • No free trial
  • More expensive compared to other websites
  • A bulk of bad customer reviews
  • Possibility of losing your follower’s likes, or views


Here we have provided more questions and answers for more clarification. One of the best and fastest ways to increase your Instagram followers organically and safely is to buy real followers from reputable websites.

Is Buzzoid legit?

Based on the years this website has been providing services and the research we have done, it’s clear that Buzzoid is legit and it’s not illegal. You can also search through customers’ opinions to ensure their authenticity.

Is Buzzoid safe?

As Buzzoid itself claims, the purchase process is safe and secure and if you want to buy any services, it only needs your username, and no vital information like your password is needed.

Is Buzzoid a scam?

We are not so sure that the followers Buzzoid provides are completely real and there’s no drop in their amount. We have come across views that customers complain about their followers and say that they decreased or not delivered on time. Generally, we are not completely sure if it’s a scam or not.

Is buying fake followers worth it?

Of course not. It’s crystal clear that buying fake followers not only harms your Instagram accounts and gives you wrong expectations about your business but it also is illegal and Instagram will ban your account. Instead, try to buy real Instagram followers which is so effective for your growth.

Can buying followers on Instagram get you banned?

Buying fake or bot followers can get you banned because it’s against Instagram’s terms of use. If you are thinking about developing your business and enhancing your visibility, you should try buying organic Instagram followers instead. Instagram won’t make trouble for you with real Instagram followers because they are real and therefore, it’s legal.

How long do Buzzoid followers take to deliver?

As Buzzoid states on its website, your followers will be delivered to you over a couple of days, mostly within 48 hours.

How do you cancel your Buzzoid service?

Buzzoid claims that its services are real from genuine Instagram accounts. Due to this, they state that you can’t take back your followers or other services you have purchased and unfortunately, it’s not possible to cancel the service.

Are Buzzoid Instagram followers real?

Based on what they claim, all of their followers are real and organic and once you get them, they interact with you. We can’t ensure it or deny it. Although there are reviews stating that the followers they received weren’t at all real. In this case, the decision is on you.

Can you buy 1000 followers?

Yes, you can buy its high-quality package for $12.99 and its premium package for $19.99 which is slightly pricier than other Instagram service providers.

How do you get 100 likes on Instagram for free?

Unfortunately, Buzzoid doesn’t offer any free trial and if you need to test its services, you are going to have to purchase it to see.

Do Buzzoid Instagram followers work?

We have received both good and bad comments on how Buzzoid followers work. So basically as Buzzoid claims, they work properly and are completely real. Some have said that the instance they received their followers, not only decreased but also there was no interaction from them.

Do Buzzoid followers stay?

Buzzoid states that its followers almost never drop and guarantees you to refill your loss (if it decreases) within 30 days. If you read through reviews and comments, you can see some people complaining about this issue, so basically, it’s on you to make your decision about it.

Is Buzzoid legit for likes?

Yes, Buzzoid is legal and you can buy Instagram likes from Buzzoid without worrying about its safety. After years of working in this area, it’s crystal clear that Buzzoid is legit.

Can I buy 500 Instagram followers?

The price for 500 high-quality followers is $6.99 and for 500 premium followers is $11.99. If you want to buy Instagram followers from Buzzoid, you should take care of its high price first.

Is Buzzoid com the same as


How can I get a Buzzoid free trial?

Unfortunately, Buzzoid offers no free trial for its users and you have to buy its services first and then proceed to test its functionality and effectiveness. It’s a huge drawback which makes it a little dubious to use.

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