Installing 2 Penetration Testing Tools in Termux

As we know, the Linux operating system is one of the best platforms for penetration testing experiments. However, there are individuals who cannot carry their systems (laptops or personal computers) everywhere or those who lack the financial ability to purchase a system. For all these problems, the solution is Termux. We can install Termux on our mobile phones and carry it everywhere. It can be considered as a weapon for hackers and security professionals.

Termux is a Linux terminal emulator for Android that works directly without requiring root access. Most required packages are available using the APT package manager. Termux can be easily installed from the Google Play Store.

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In the following, we will learn how to install the necessary tools for penetration testing on Termux. In this tutorial, we will work with the following three tools:

  • Tool txtool (A tool suitable for exploiting and scanning vulnerabilities)
  • Tool Lazymux (A tool suitable for all areas of penetration testing)

Familiarity and installation of txtool

Most security experts or hackers are looking for automated tools to perform penetration testing steps and save time. Txtool performs most tasks automatically, so it can be useful for us.

To download this tool, I use Github. If you don’t have git and python installed on your phone, you can get it with the following command.

pkg install git && apt install python2

Then, with the following command, you can clone the tool-x tool onto your device.

git clone

After receiving the tool from GitHub, you can install and run it in the following order with the following commands.


After running the tool, its environment will be as follows, and you can select the desired options.

Familiarity and installation of txtool

Installation and Introduction to Lazymux:

Most of us tend to be lazy when it comes to individually installing tools, and we don’t have the patience to install each one of them. Lazymux is designed to automatically install most tools for us.

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We can obtain this tool from the GitHub website. Just enter the following command in the terminal:

git clone

Then, navigate to the tool’s directory and execute it.

cd Lazymux

After executing the commands, the environment will look like this:

Installation and Introduction to Lazymux:

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I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.

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