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1- Get your plan now

No matter what device you use or what your requirements may be, SPY24 has got you covered.


2- Select your installation method

Whether your device is jailbroken or not, SPY24 offers detailed, step-by-step instructions for monitoring the specific device you desire.


3- Start monitoring

Once the initial synchronization is complete, you’re all set. Simply log in to SPY24 to gain access to comprehensive monitoring features and view all the collected information.

An Array of Features. A Singular App.

SPY24 goes beyond being just an app. It serves as your gateway to the vastness of the Internet. It’s designed to empower you with the ability to uncover the truth and experience a sense of reassurance in their digital realm.


Envision the capability to observe every keystroke made on their mobile device. It may sound like magic, but it's actually made possible with SPY24. With the integrated Keylogger feature, gaining insight into their conversations becomes effortless, enabling you to precisely understand what they are expressing.

Screen Recorder

Now, not only can you gain a textual understanding of their phone activities, but you can also visually witness what they are saying within virtually any application. With the Screen Recorder feature of SPY24, it consistently captures screenshots of their mobile device's activities and conveniently uploads them to your Control Panel. This feature provides you with visual evidence like never before, allowing you to have a comprehensive view of their digital interactions.

WhatsApp Monitoring

WhatsApp, the widely-used cross-platform messaging application, facilitates seamless texting and calling with individuals across the globe. With SPY24, gaining insight into their conversations becomes even more convenient. Every message, every picture shared through WhatsApp is made accessible for you to view with SPY24, ensuring you have comprehensive visibility into their digital communications.

Facebook Messenger Monitoring

Are you aware of all the friends they have on Facebook? Do you know who they frequently chat with? SPY24 can provide you with comprehensive information on both fronts. With its monitoring capabilities, SPY24 can reveal all their friends on Facebook and provide insights into their regular chat interactions. You can gain a clear understanding of their social connections and conversations through the power of SPY24.

Keyword Alerts Functionality

Are you concerned about whether they might be heading towards trouble? SPY24 has the solution. By configuring keywords within your Control Panel, you can receive notifications if any of those specified keywords appear in their chat conversations or search activities. This powerful tool acts as a proactive measure to help ensure their safety, allowing you to stay informed and take appropriate actions when necessary.

Call Monitoring

Curious about their activities during phone calls? SPY24 can assist you with its detailed call monitoring features. You can access a comprehensive call log that includes timestamps, call durations, and more. This functionality enables you to gain insights into their call history and better understand their phone-related activities.

Text Message Monitoring

Do you wonder who they're constantly texting? Discover their conversation partners and the content of their messages, including texts, pictures, and videos. SPY24 provides you with access to every aspect of their text messaging activities.

Tinder Monitoring

Concerned about their use of the popular dating app to connect with strangers? SPY24 allows you to find out if they are engaging with Tinder right under your nose, providing you with valuable insights.

Snapchat Monitoring

Snapchat, with its disappearing photos, can be a source of worry for parents. With SPY24, you can uncover the pictures they send and receive on Snapchat, offering you a way to understand their interactions.

iMessage Monitoring

If they use an iPhone, you can effortlessly view the iMessages they have sent and received. SPY24 conveniently sends all this information to your Control Panel, ensuring you are always in the know.

Photo Viewer

Are they exchanging controversial photos? SPY24 lets you access their camera roll, complete with timestamps, enabling you to gain a better understanding of what they have on their device.

Video Viewer

Children often enjoy sending and receiving videos. Now you can review these videos whenever you wish. It's an excellent way to ensure they aren't storing any inappropriate content on their device, such as violent or explicit material.

GPS Locations Tracker

While they deserve the freedom to explore, you also deserve peace of mind. That's why SPY24 allows you to track their location on a map. You can even check their route history to know where they have been in the past.

Geofencing Alerts

Concerned about their whereabouts? SPY24 notifies you when they enter an area that you have not approved. Simply set your safe zones on a map, and you'll receive alerts when they come and go.

Skype Monitoring

The widely-used Skype app is utilized by people worldwide. With SPY24, you can discover their Skype conversations without having to physically monitor their device.

Telegram Monitoring

Even the highly secure Telegram app is no match for SPY24. In just a few clicks, you can find out what they are saying, including texts and pictures.

Hangouts Monitoring

Chatting on Hangouts may be effortless for them, but finding out what they're saying is even easier for you. With SPY24, you gain access to their conversations, allowing you to know if they are chatting with strangers.

Viber Monitoring

Cyberbullying can occur on various platforms, including Viber. SPY24 can help you determine if they are in danger by providing you with insights into their Viber conversations.

Kik Monitoring

Controversial conversations can happen on various messaging platforms, including Kik. However, with SPY24, you can take control and see what they have been saying.

Instagram Monitoring

Instagram, known for photo sharing, also provides a platform for connecting with strangers. With SPY24, you can find out who they are interacting with on Instagram.

App Viewer

Curious about the apps installed on their phone? SPY24 allows you to find out without physically accessing their device. Simply log in to your Control Panel to gain insights into their app usage.

Website Bookmark Monitoring

Ever wondered which websites they frequently visit? SPY24 can provide you with that information. With just one click, you can find out which websites they have bookmarked in their browser.

Browser History Monitoring

The vastness of the Internet can be overwhelming, but SPY24 is designed to help you navigate through it. By logging into your Control Panel, you can discover which websites they have visited and when they accessed them. Additionally, you can filter web content.

App Blocker

If they are using an app that you do not approve of, such as one that facilitates connections with strangers, SPY24 makes it easy to block it. With a single click, you can prevent them from using or downloading the app in the future.

Website Blocker

If they are visiting websites that you do not approve of, such as adult or gambling sites, SPY24 allows you to block them effortlessly. You can ensure they are not accessing these websites with a snap.

Wi-Fi Network Monitoring

Are they connecting to unfamiliar or unauthorized Wi-Fi networks? SPY24 helps you find out. By logging into your Control Panel, you can gain a clear picture of the Wi-Fi networks they connect to and when they connect.

Email Monitoring

SPY24 provides you with a glimpse into their inbox. You can view the emails they have sent and received, helping you stay aware of any potentially concerning content.


Certainly! Here are some frequently asked questions about SPY24:

SPY24 is a comprehensive monitoring solution designed to protect your loved ones online. It works by intercepting data from their mobile devices and transferring it to your account, providing you with detailed reports of their activities. This includes tracking their location, monitoring social media chats and text messages, call logs, and much more.

SPY24 features a user-friendly dashboard that can be accessed after signing up and purchasing a subscription. Once you log into your account, you will see various tabs associated with different monitoring features. To get an idea of what the dashboard looks like, you can check out the free demo version available on our website and see SPY24 in action.

SPY24 operates discreetly on Android devices, collecting data in the background. To monitor someone’s Android activity, you need to install the SPY24 app on their phone. Once installed, you can access a wide range of data by simply logging into your account.

SPY24 is fully compatible with iPhones. Similar to Android, you need to download and install the SPY24 app on the iPhone you want to monitor. Afterward, you can log into your Control Panel to view their iPhone activities and gain insights into their digital behavior.
Using SPY24 is legal as long as you are monitoring the activity of your underage child or have obtained proper consent from the adult being monitored. However, it is important to familiarize yourself with the laws and regulations specific to your country, state, or region as they may vary.
Yes, SPY24 is a reliable monitoring solution that works effectively on both iPhone and Android devices. By following the installation instructions provided, you can set up SPY24 correctly and start monitoring your child’s activities. In case you encounter any difficulties, our 24/7 Support Team is available to assist you.

Setting up SPY24 is a quick process. After creating an account and purchasing a subscription, you will receive an email with your account details. Using these details, you can log into your account and follow the on-screen installation instructions. In just a few minutes, you will be able to utilize all the monitoring features to keep track of your child’s activity.

Yes, SPY24 is a complete monitoring solution that requires installation on the target phone to collect and transfer data to your account. The collected data will be stored securely in your Control Panel, which can be accessed conveniently from your computer, smartphone, or tablet through a web browser. However, for iPhones, SPY24 offers installation methods like Wi-Fi sync or Local sync that do not require installing an additional app on the target phone.

Remote installation of SPY24 is not possible. However, for iPhones, SPY24 provides installation methods like Wi-Fi sync or Local sync that do not require physical access to the target phone. These methods enable you to monitor their activity remotely and discreetly due to the background mode feature.