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Hacking VS Monitoring Others’ WhatsApp Messages

Hello, everyone. I am Keleis Andre, a cybersecurity specialist with over 15 years of experience. Throughout this time, many people have asked me how they can penetrate other people’s WhatsApp accounts or completely and secretly Monitor WhatsApp messages. Are you also looking for definite and 100% professional ways to hack others’ WhatsApp? Do you wonder how to hack WhatsApp without accessing your spouse’s phone and how to hack and Monitor your spouse’s WhatsApp remotely? Or, how can I hack and remotely monitor my Child or children’s WhatsApp in a completely hidden and imperceptible way? What are the ways to hack WhatsApp? What should be done for WhatsApp hacking training?… The answers to all your questions are with us, so stay with us until the end of this article from SPY24.

Hacking Other People’s WhatsApp

Initially, it’s okay to know more about hacking others’ WhatsApp. Usually, when people are looking for a way to Monitor others’ WhatsApp, they start searching on Google with the phrase ‘hack WhatsApp.’ However, instead of learning WhatsApp hacking tutorials, which require a very high level of expertise, they should look for downloading Monitor and monitoring apps to hack and Monitor WhatsApp remotely. In this article from SPY24, we intend to introduce you to the best WhatsApp hacking apps and Monitor the messages of family members | hacking children’s WhatsApp | hacking spouse’s WhatsApp | hacking others’ WhatsApp, and hacking WhatsApp without accessing the phone.

Hacking Other People’s WhatsApp

Hacking others’ WhatsApp and Monitoring WhatsApp messages | One of the most popular topics that most people in the virtual space are looking for is having a program to hack WhatsApp without accessing the phone. As we all know, in the era of communication, messengers are among the most popular and widely used apps that have been added to the lives of all humans and have provided us with excellent service.

Thanks to various messengers and social networks like WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, Signal, Imo, and other professional messengers, in some of these messengers, there’s even the opportunity to get acquainted with different people and we can get to know new individuals and personalities. However, WhatsApp Messenger is among the most popular apps that have been added to the lives of all humans in the last two decades and has provided excellent service to all the people of the world. Thanks to this messenger, we can easily talk with all our loved ones no matter where in the world they are and be informed about their well-being.

Methods for Hacking WhatsApp and Monitoring Chats:

Regarding the methods of hacking others’ WhatsApp and Monitoring chats, you should know that these days, various apps are available to display the current status of WhatsApp chats. However, some people attempt to secretly access others’ WhatsApp chats and other information such as voice conversations, photos, videos, and other files. This article examines different methods of hacking others’ WhatsApp and Monitoring messages. These methods include various tools used by hackers to access information from others’ WhatsApp chats.

Methods for Hacking WhatsApp and Monitoring Chats:

1- Hacking WhatsApp Using a QR Code

The first step in learning to hack WhatsApp is to use its web version, but how? Initially, it must be said that hacking WhatsApp with a QR Code and hacking WhatsApp by accessing its central server is nearly impossible, as one of the prides of WhatsApp’s creator is the high security of its server. However, WhatsApp can be hacked in other ways, in the sense that hackers circumvent it. This circumvention has various methods, one of which, i.e., hacking WhatsApp with a QR Code without using any other program, requires direct access to the target person’s phone.

Hacking WhatsApp Using a QR Code

Hacking WhatsApp via WhatsApp Web:

  1. First, the hacker installs the Windows version of WhatsApp [] (WhatsApp Web) on their computer.
  2.  After installing the program and running it, they encounter a screen with a QR Code.
  3.  At this stage, the hacker opens WhatsApp on your mobile phone and, by clicking on the three-dot icon at the top of the app, selects the WhatsApp Web option.

After opening the dedicated scanning page, the hacker places the phone’s camera in front of the QR Code displayed in the WhatsApp desktop version (WhatsApp Web) to scan the code.

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As soon as the code is scanned, your account is quickly merged into the desktop application. In this way, your WhatsApp account is hacked, and all your activities in this messenger are visible to the hacker.

However, this method has its flaws, one of which is that voice and video messages need to be displayed on the computer. Another problem with this method is that after hacking in this way, in the WhatsApp Web section, the name of your device as the hacker is visible, and the person in question realizes your connection to their account.

2- Hacking WhatsApp with Links

This method of hacking WhatsApp is somewhat more specialized compared to the others mentioned. Firstly, you need to refer to Telegram bots that specialize in specific links (finding these bots is your responsibility, and the reason for this is their monthly blocking by Telegram).

Once you find these bots, several options regarding the choice of links will be displayed for you. You must select the opportunity for a malicious link, which will lead you to a website providing the desired links. When you send this link to people, and they click on it, their virtual page will be displayed to you.

Hacking WhatsApp with Links

(You should be aware that when sending the link to people, you should tell them in the caption to, for example, enter the link and participate in a lottery; overall, choose a title that ensures the person will click on the link.)

3- Hacking WhatsApp by Sending a Code to the Target Person

This method of hacking WhatsApp is one of the practical approaches and is often effective. To do this, you must install WhatsApp and enter the phone number of the person whose WhatsApp you want to hack. Then, you call the person and tell them that a code was mistakenly sent to them, and kindly ask them to forward it to you. After receiving the code, could you enter it in the WhatsApp application? You will realize that all messages of the targeted individual are now accessible to you, and you can read them and respond on their behalf without them suspecting anything.

Hacking WhatsApp by Sending a Code to the Target Person

4- Hacking WhatsApp by Circumventing and Misleading It

Up to this point in the article, you have learned all the methods of hacking WhatsApp, but in this section, we will discuss how to circumvent and mislead WhatsApp. How so? With software named ‘spoofing.’ Essentially, this software changes the IP and deceives your device to replace the targeted number. The target will not realize this action. Spoofing is also one of the methods that require some familiarity with the digital world so that you can mislead your target, making them think you are helping them. Then, you can obtain their IP and MAC address. A basic understanding of the digital space is one of the most critical factors in the success of the spoofing method. You need this skill to hack people using this method. Another feature of spoofing is that it is cost-free.

Hacking WhatsApp by Circumventing and Misleading It

5- Hacking WhatsApp Through Hidden Codes in GIF Files

In October 2019, security researcher Awakened revealed a vulnerability in WhatsApp that allowed hackers to Monitor the app using a GIF image. This hack occurs through the sending of images from the user’s gallery to send a media file.

When the hack takes place, the app parses the GIF before running it. GIF files are unique due to having several specially encoded frames. This means that code can be hidden within the image.

If a hacker wants to send a malicious GIF to a user, it can jeopardize the entire chat history of the user. Hackers can see who the user has messaged. They can also view files, photos, and videos sent by users through WhatsApp.

Hacking WhatsApp Through Hidden Codes in GIF Files

This vulnerability affected WhatsApp versions up to 2.19.230, Android 8.1, and 9. Fortunately, Awakened disclosed this vulnerability responsibly. Facebook has been able to rectify this issue. To protect yourself from this problem, you should update WhatsApp to version 2.19.244 or higher.

6- Hacking WhatsApp Through the Pegasus Program

Another vulnerability in WhatsApp is the Pegasus voice call hack. This frightening attack allows hackers to access a device by placing a WhatsApp voice call to their target. Even if the target does not answer the call, the attack can still be effective, and the victim may not even realize malware has been installed on their device.

This is done through a method known as buffer overflow. In this method, an excessive amount of code is intentionally placed in a temporary memory to “overflow” it and write the principles in a place where they should not have access. When a hacker can run the code in an area that should be secure, they can leave malicious actions in its place.

Hacking WhatsApp Through the Pegasus Program

In this attack, a spy installs the old and famous malware known as Pegasus. This allows hackers to collect data from phone calls, messages, photos, and videos and even enables them to activate the device’s camera and microphone for recording.

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This vulnerability exists for Android, iOS, Windows 10 Mobile, and Tizen devices. This attack was carried out by the Israeli company NSO Group for spying on Amnesty International employees and other human rights activists. After the hacking news was released, WhatsApp was updated to protect against this attack.

7- Using engineered social engineering attacks to hack WhatsApp

Another vulnerability of WhatsApp is hacking messages through social engineering. These hackers use the psychology of the victims to steal information or spread false information. A security company named Check Point Research has revealed a hacking attack called FakesApp.

In this method, it allows individuals to abuse the quote feature in group chats and change the text of someone else’s response. Essentially, this gives hackers the ability to produce fake content that appears legitimate to other users.

Using engineered social engineering attacks to hack WhatsApp

Researchers, by decrypting WhatsApp communications, were able to do this. This allows them to view data sent between the mobile and web versions of WhatsApp. Through this, they can change values in group chat. Then, they can send messages that do not exist by impersonating others, and they can also change the text of the responses. The researchers noted that this is concerning for the realization of scams or the fabrication of news. Even though this vulnerability was exposed in 2018, it has not been resolved to this date.

8- Hacking WhatsApp Through Video Files (Media File Jacking)

One of the vulnerabilities affecting both WhatsApp and Telegram is known as Media File Jacking. This attack occurs in the time interval between writing files to the external storage of a device and their loading on the chat page.

The attack begins with the installation of malicious malware hidden within a harmless application. This malware can access files received through Telegram or WhatsApp. When a new file is received, the malware can replace the real file with a fake one. Symantec, the company that discovered this vulnerability, states that this method can be used for scamming users or spreading fake news.

Hacking WhatsApp Through Video Files (Media File Jacking)

To quickly address this issue in the WhatsApp application, go to the chat settings. Then, find the option “Save to Gallery” and make sure it is turned off. This protects you from this vulnerability. However, a proper fix for this issue requires developers to completely change the way media file management applications are handled in the future.

9- Facebook Application’s Access to WhatsApp Chats

WhatsApp had previously claimed that due to its messaging encryption, reading chat content by Facebook is practically impossible. However, some developers dispute this claim. The fact that WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption doesn’t mean that all messages are private. On operating systems like iOS 8 and higher, applications can access image files in a shared directory.

Facebook Application’s Access to WhatsApp Chats

It seems that both Facebook and WhatsApp use a shared folder on the operating system, and this is while the chat contents are encrypted during transmission. This means that the Facebook application can have access to WhatsApp information. To prevent WhatsApp from being hacked in this way, you need to update your WhatsApp.

10- Fake WhatsApp Application

Creating fake applications is an old strategy for hacking WhatsApp, which is still used by cybercriminals worldwide. To understand the hacking of WhatsApp, it should be mentioned that in this method, the attacker first tries to install a special version of WhatsApp with interesting features on your phone, which may look very similar to the original application.

For example, the WhatsApp Pink application starts collecting data from your smartphone as soon as it is installed. Therefore, to address WhatsApp hacking, one must be cautious of such websites to avoid falling into the trouble of being hacked and the complicated process of recovering your account.

Complete Monitoring of the target device with SPY24 APP

A method of hacking someone else’s WhatsApp is to use WhatsApp Monitoring applications like the SPY24 app. With these applications, you can easily log into another person’s account and Monitor and view their chats, calls, photos, and videos.

As the topic’s title suggests, upon entering the mentioned application, you first need to register. After doing so, you enter the cloud panel, input the desired person’s number, and install the software completely on their mobile. This way, you can have complete surveillance over their device.

The SPY24 app is a remote monitoring application to supervise WhatsApp and other social networks of others, mainly marketed for parents to monitor their children. However, in recent years, it has been used for other purposes and has gained a lot of fans around the world.

Complete Monitoring of the target device with SPY24 APP

So far, all aspects of this software have been discussed, and it is highly recommended for use. (An important note about SPY24 is that you should use the free version because other versions require in-app payments for those who want to use other features of this app.)

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Hacking WhatsApp of others remotely

One of the significant issues that has worried many people in recent years about hacking others’ WhatsApp accounts is that many people, for various reasons such as Monitoring their spouse’s WhatsApp or monitoring their children’s online activities, are looking for ways to remotely hack WhatsApp and Monitoring messages, even doing so covertly. For instance, most people who search the internet for apps to hack others’ WhatsApp and monitor messages use the following search queries:

Monitoring WhatsApp of a spouseImmediate hacking of WhatsApp
Hacking the WhatsApp of a childHacking WhatsApp of others
Hacking WhatsApp of peopleHacking WhatsApp
Infiltration of WhatsAppMonitoring WhatsApp of child
Supervision of WhatsAppMethod of Hacking WhatsApp
Tracking WhatsApp of individualMethod of Monitoring WhatsApp
Teaching hacking WhatsAppWhatsApp hacking apps
WhatsApp hacking robotFree hacking of WhatsApp
Monitoring the WhatsApp of a spouseHacking WhatsApp with code
Secret hacking of WhatsAppHacking WhatsApp by number
Hacking WhatsApp of others remotely

Hacking WhatsApp without access to the phone

But how is hacking WhatsApp without access to the target’s phone carried out? Before we discuss ‘Hack WhatsApp without access to the personal phone,’ or in other words, hacking WhatsApp without having access to the other party’s phone, it’s okay first to understand what hacking is and whether it’s possible to hack WhatsApp or not. And what is the level of security and privacy of the WhatsApp application?

WhatsApp is one of the most complete and simple yet feature-rich messaging apps, widely used daily by numerous people around the world. The app has been acquired by Facebook and has been active in this area for quite some time, managing to attract millions of users globally over this period.

Hacking WhatsApp essentially means that a hacker can breach the main servers of this messenger and thus gain access to the information in WhatsApp user accounts. However, it’s important to note that the server security of most messaging apps is extremely high, and they effectively protect their data, significantly reducing the possibility of server hacking by hackers.

The Best Method for Hacking WhatsApp Remotely

One of the best methods for hacking others’ WhatsApp remotely can be attributed to the SPY24 application. SPY24 is among the most professional apps for Monitoring phones and messaging apps. This program was developed by the Child Monitor app to monitor spouses’ and children’s phones. One of the best features that distinguishes SPY24 from other applications is that you can use it even without having access to the target’s phone, meaning you can hack and Monitor others’ phones and WhatsApp remotely.

The professional software of the Mobile Phone Monitoring and Tracking System for Family Members (SPY24) can provide family heads and parents with services for Monitoring and monitoring messages exchanged on the WhatsApp messenger of spouses and children in the realm of parental Monitoring. Next, we will discuss how to use the app to secretly hack WhatsApp remotely, which is in line with protecting and taking care of the family and children.

WhatsApp Message Parental Monitor App

The “Hack WhatsApp Others” app, conducted by the SPY24 application, allows family heads or parents to remotely Monitor and have precise and complete Monitors overall sent and received messages of their spouse’s and Child’s WhatsApp messenger. This enables them to be fully aware of the complete security of their family members (spouse and children) in this virtual and risky world.

Furthermore, you will become more familiar with some of the SPY24 Monitoring app features, such as (viewing and Monitoring WhatsApp messages, restricting WhatsApp messages, accessing WhatsApp contacts), etc. After installing the app on the mobile phones of family members (spouse and children), the software permits you to have complete Monitor and supervision over the WhatsApp messenger of your spouse’s and child’s phones.

Features of WhatsApp Parental Monitor App

The WhatsApp hack application allows family members, especially parents, to Monitor the WhatsApp accounts of their spouses, children, and other family members. Family heads and parents can gain full Monitor over the desired person’s WhatsApp using the SPY24 application and access the following professional features:

✔ Monitor and view received and sent WhatsApp messages.

✔ Monitor message details, including date, message type, and recipients.

✔ View and Monitor sent and received WhatsApp images.

✔ Monitor incoming and outgoing WhatsApp voice calls.

✔ Monitor incoming and outgoing WhatsApp video calls.

✔ Monitor sent and received WhatsApp files.

✔ Receive complete information about WhatsApp contacts, including their numbers.

✔ View deleted WhatsApp messages (sent and received).

✔ Access the archive of all WhatsApp information.

✔ Monitor WhatsApp without the need to root the mobile phone.

Dashboard SPY24

Why is a WhatsApp monitoring app useful?

The WhatsApp hack and Monitor app for other people’s messages is a type of full Monitor app for the messaging apps of spouses and children, which is used for both Android and iOS devices. The best thing about using the WhatsApp hack and Monitor app for other people is that you can use the program without accessing the other person’s phone and, in a way, hack and Monitor WhatsApp for others remotely. This program was created by SPY24 to monitor the behavior of spouses and children.

  • Do you want to know what messages are being exchanged on your Child’s WhatsApp?
  •  Now, you don’t have to worry about your Child’s WhatsApp communications.
  •  All your concerns are resolved by the SPY24 app.

Fully identify the harassment created by some individuals and obtain the contact information and details of such individuals. With the WhatsApp hack program for family members, you, as parents, will always be completely hidden and inconspicuous alongside your children and in the virtual world, and you will have complete Monitor over your children’s WhatsApp from a distance, and in this way, your concerns will be greatly reduced.

The WhatsApp social network is made up of millions of different social groups and channels that people join, share, and follow various content, which is very likely that some of these groups and channels need to be more suitable for children.

It is the right of parents to be aware of and prevent their children from entering WhatsApp groups and channels with inappropriate content.

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