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Hi, Keleis Andre, a cybersecurity expert. In this article, I intend to conduct a thorough review of TheTruthSpy app. My goal is to help you make an informed decision about whether or not to use this app. When one hears “cell phone spy app”, they often ask: Why would someone want to spy on someone’s cell phone? Well, here’s why. Parents often want to oversee their children’s phone use and ensure safety from threats like cyberbullying. Also, businesses typically want to ensure their employees aren’t misusing company-owned phones. Both can be accomplished with spy software. 

But, which spy phone app should one use? In this article, we review one such app, TheTruthSpy


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What Is TheTruthSpy App?

TheTruthSpy is a cell phone spy app that allows someone to spy on another person’s cell phone. They market their product for employee monitoring, parental control, and spying on one’s spouse. 

The features included depending on which package you decide to get. They offer the following plans: Free, Standard, Premium, and Gold. Their paid plans start at $21.99 per month. 

TheTruthSpy app offers spy software for Android devices and iPhones. Physical access to the device to be monitored is needed to install the app. 

What Is TheTruthSpy App?

Pros & Cons of TheTruthSpy


  • TheTruthSpy Gold package includes all of the necessary features to monitor a cell phone. 
  • The control panel/dashboard is easy to navigate and view the extracted phone data. 


  • The product is quite expensive when compared to competitors. 
  • They market their product to those wanting to spy on their spouse. This is illegal unless the spouse knows they are being spied on.
  • Includes call recording which is illegal unless the other person knows they are being recorded. 

List Of ThetruthSpy Features

The following are some of the main TheTruthSpy software features:

List Of ThetruthSpy Features

Social Media Messages: You can track the social media messages of the target person along with the exchanged media files. TheTruthSpy supports tracking of WhatsApp, Instagram, Line, Viber, QQ, Kik, WeChat, and Tinder of the target phone.

Call and Text Message Reports: You can even review the received and sent text messages from the target phone in full detail. You can also go to the call reports on the target phone via TheTruthSpy dashboard to find call details with name and phone number, duration, type of call, date, and timestamp.

Browser History: You can track the online activities of the target person by reviewing their browser history. TheTruthSpy allows you to review the browser history of the target phone, which includes websites they have visited, searches they have made, bookmarks, and even visit frequency.

Blocking Websites and Apps: TheTruthSpy allows you to block apps and websites that are harmful to your child. Provide the website link or app that you want to block, and by clicking on the block, the app or website will no longer be accessible to your target.

Location Tracking: TheTruthSpy allows you to track the location of the target person’s life. Tracking is done via GPS and also Wi-Fi. You can check the location on the map and even set a Geofence to receive live alerts when the target person enters or leaves the area.

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Photos and Videos: You can even review photos and videos on the target phone directly from TheTruthSpy dashboard. You can download photos and for videos, you can only see previews. In addition, you can review calendars and reminders that the person has saved on their phone.

Environment Recording: You can listen to the phone environment live whenever you want. You can also record the environment when you are away and listen to the recordings when you are available.

In addition, you can monitor sent and received emails and also review photos saved on the target phone.

How Much Does ThetruthSpy Cost?

Up to three devices can be monitored with TheTruthSpy, which has a monthly subscription fee. Location tracking, SMS tracking, and call tracking are features included in the Standard Package. TheTruthSpy will offer rapid download instructions following the purchase of a subscription.

  • Typical Package: $21.99 per month
  • Package Premium: $25.99 per month
  • Gold Plan: $30.99 per month
How Much Does ThetruthSpy Cost?


ThetruthSpy is compatible with a range of devices, including iPhone, and Android.

  • Android (only supports Android versions 4 to 10)
  • iOS (is available for iPhone versions 4.1 to 13.0. It has issues with jailbreaking and rooting.)

ThetruthSpy Support Team

TheTruthSpy website has a Contact Us page and online chat. It initially directs customers to the frequently asked questions section and then, if the question is not answerable with the provided information, they fill out the contact form. We did not find a customer support number on the website.

Support via email: [email protected]

Sure, here is the translation of your text from Persian to English, maintaining the tone and style of the original text:

Does TheTruthSpy work?

Yes, TheTruthSpy app does work and after mentioning its features and benefits, it’s hard to say it doesn’t. This app helps you manage your family members, especially children, know their actual location and see who they are messaging on social apps.

You can also access their location history or listen to their calls and record them, which makes your life much easier, especially when you are a busy parent with a lot of things to do. Therefore, this app is everything you wish for in a mobile tracking app and much more.

How does TheTruthSpy app work?

Knowing what TheTruthSpy app is one thing, but understanding how to use it is another. This means you need to know how to install it and use it.

In this section, you will learn all the necessary steps for this. But after that, the ball is in your court and you have to execute the steps for it to work for you.

How to install TheTruthSpy?

Step 1 Registration:

Before anything else, you need a user account to proceed. Visit the TheTruthSpy website and create a user account. The username section is filled with email.

Access any service and then choose one based on your needs, such as the type of device you want to monitor or the number of devices you want to monitor.

Step 1 Registration
Step 1 Registration

Step 2: Install the app

An email will be sent to you that has instructions for installing the monitoring app on your target device. Just follow the instructions and install the app. Once the app is installed, it goes into stealth mode to stay hidden from the target device user.

System setup

Step 2.1: System setup

Play Protect and Google Play Store notifications need to be turned off. Play can find the app on your phone, so it helps you prevent getting caught.

Play Protect
Play Protect

Step 2.1: Turn off Play Safe.

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Open the Play Store, select Play Protect, click on the top icon that looks like a gear, and then select OFF.

Turn off Play Safe
Turn off Play Safe

Step 2.2: Turn off notifications from the Google Play Store

Open Settings, click on Notification and then turn off Google Play Store.

Step 2.3: Download the Thetruthspy app

Visit to download the spy app on your phone. Or you can click on the link below to receive Thetruthspy.

Download the Thetruthspy app >
Download the Thetruthspy app >

Step 2.4: Get the APK file for TheTruthSpy.

Click on the button below to get TheTruthSpy. Click the OK button.

Step 2.5: Allow this source to be used.

If Chrome opens a pop-up, click on Settings, turn on “Allow from this source,” and then click on Install. Done.

Allow from this source
Allow from this source

Step 2.5: Install TheTruthSpy on the phone

Open the APK file for TheTruthSpy and install it. If a pop-up says “Blocked by Play Protect,” click on Details and select Install anyway (unsafe).

Step 2.6: Allow TheTruthSpy to use all its settings

Enable all permissions Maximize your battery. Provide access Turn on Notification Access\Access Stable (if the device is rooted)

Allow TheTruthSpy
Allow TheTruthSpy

Step 2.7: Get rid of your browser history and TheTruthSpy APK file.

Remove the Tab ( > from Chrome and Firefox and clear all history.

TheTruthSpy.apk should be removed from My File > Downloads.

browser history
browser history

Step 2.8: Log in and you can spy on Android

Now, all you have to do to spy on the phone is to log in. You should go to and log into your spy account. After that, you can spy on the Android device for free using any of the features listed next to the dashboard.

Log in and you can spy on Android

Step 3 Start monitoring:

Open your browser and log into your TheTruthSpy account. The online portal will be provided to you so now you can monitor the activities of the target device.

Start monitoring

Comments on the process:

The process is very simple and can be completed in a few minutes, so people who do not have a technology background will have no problem installing the app on their target device.

Can I remotely uninstall TheTruthSpy?

Currently, only the TheTruthSpy version for iOS devices (iPhone/iPad) supports remote uninstallation. To do this, you need to set up a monitor number and then use that monitor number to send the SMS command <*#93> to the target phone number (the phone on which TheTruthSpy is installed). The monitor number is not the same as the target phone number. The email and password are your TheTruthSpy account’s email and password.

However, for all platform versions, you can go to the user control panel ( to go to settings and see more options where you can click on “remote uninstall”. In the next sync, the app will automatically be removed from the target device.

Or, if you have the target device in hand, you can uninstall the app like regular apps.

To close or delete your account, you need to log into your control panel. It’s usually (in some cases, other sites for more security depending on what you offer to large customers), and then go to the top/right menu: Account Information. You will see a Delete Account sub-tab.

On this page, you need to confirm your password again to make sure you want to close your account and then click on the Remove My Account button.

After deletion, you will be directed to the login (logout) page and all data including the linked device, your account data reports, email address associated with our system are immediately deleted.

SPY24 vs. TheTruthSpy: Which Is The Better Cell Phone Monitoring App? 

So, is TheTruthSpy worth your money? No. Even when not comparing it to other monitoring apps like SPY24, TheTruthSpy has too many cons to consider trying the product. And don’t be tempted by their FREE versions, it’s not worth trying. 

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Instead, we highly recommend you try SPY24. SPY24 excels in several ways such as:

SPY24 vs. TheTruthSpy
SPY24 vs. TheTruthSpy
  • SPY24 includes all of the necessary cell phone monitoring features in ALL of their budget-friendly package options. 
  • SPY24 is compatible with the latest iPhones, Android devices, and operating systems. 
  • Their customer service team is top-notch, and happy to help current and potential customers. 
  • Jailbreaking and rooting the target phone is not necessary when installing the product. 
  • They only promote their product for legal use and do not include any illegal features. 
  • They are a veteran phone monitoring app with countless satisfied customers. 
Live Surround ListeningAvailable – Listen to ambient noise around the target phoneNot mentioned
Live Camera StreamingAvailable – Access to target phone’s camera in real timeNot mentioned
Call LogsTrack live calls, call logs, and contact numbersSpy Call – Track call logs, call duration, time, contact information
Call RecordingRecord and listen to live phone callsSpy Call Recording – Record all calls
VoIP Call HistorySpy on VoIP call history on various appsNot mentioned
SMS TrackingAvailable – Access to target phone’s camera in real-timeFree SMS Tracker – Track sent and received messages with date & time stamps
Social Media MonitoringSnapchat, WhatsApp, Viber, Line, Instagram monitoringWhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Viber monitoring
KeyloggerKeylogger, Capture keystrokes on various appsKeylogger – Record all keystrokes made on the phone
GPS TrackingGPS Tracker – Real-time location trackingFree GPS Tracker – Real-time location tracking with details
Multimedia Files AccessAccess photos and videosMultimedia Files – Check shared media on the phone
Internet Browsing HistoryTrack Browsing HistoryTrack Browsing History – Details of visited sites
Remote Control FeaturesRemotely control and bug phone’s camera, microphoneRemote features like call blocking, app control
CompatibilityAndroid, iOS, MacOS, WindowsAndroid and iOS devices
CostBasic plan starts at $4.99/month, Premium at $24.99/monthGold is $30.99 per month, Premium
$25.99 per month, Standard
$21.99 per month
Free PlanAvailable – Free Plan ForeverNot explicitly mentioned

In the analysis we conducted, we observed that Thetruthspy is still in its testing and completion phase. This software may face challenges in the future that could cause concern for users. In particular, it has been mentioned that this app has encountered problems in Android versions higher than 10 and has weak technical support. These issues can be important for users who use this software or intend to use it.

So, which one is better? Based on reviews and other important points, we suggest you choose SPY24. If you want to monitor your children and prevent troubles, SPY24 is a great choice. However, Thetruthspy is also a good spy app and is suitable for those who are willing to pay more. This app also provides useful information, but not as much as SPY24 and its price is higher.


On the website, TheTruthSpy seems to be a useful spy app for Android and iOS. However, this was not our experience when we tested the product. Out of the 22 advertised features, we were only able to use the simplest ones, it only works with monitoring rooted devices. We also experienced a lack of customer service and had a hard time upgrading to more advanced packages. We conclude that TheTruthSpy does not provide everything it claims online and it is better to refrain from this spy software. You can save your money and get more features by choosing another product.

TheTruthSpy is available for iPhone and Android users and offers three different product levels with three different subscription plans. Our review is based on a one-month subscription to TheTruthSpy Premium for Android.


Does TheTruthSpy offer Stealth mode?

TheTruthSpy has a dedicated Stealth mode that allows the app to remain completely hidden after installation on the target device. Since the app is not visible to the target person, they cannot detect and delete the app. However, if the device is formatted, it may be necessary to reinstall the app.

Does TheTruthSpy offer location tracking?

TheTruthSpy offers both location tracking and geo-fencing. Location tracking allows parents to see the locations their children have visited while geo-fencing ensures that certain specific areas are inaccessible. When children cross these forbidden areas, parents are informed via alerts so they can intervene to protect their children.

Is TheTruthSpy free, or how much does it cost?

TheTruthSpy is not free and requires a subscription to work. Subscriptions will vary depending on the number of features and the duration of the subscription. The smallest period that TheTruthSpy offers is 3 months, and for the standard App, it will be about $35.20.

Is TheTruthSpy safe?

TheTruthSpy is safe for now. However, people have reported several problems with the app. Most of the time, the app performs poorly, and when they contact customer support, they suggest solutions that most often do not work.

Can TheTruthSpy be remotely deleted?

Only the iOS version of TheTruthSpy currently offers the ability to be remotely deleted. Setting up a monitoring number is necessary, then you need to use that monitoring number to send the SMS command *#93 to the destination phone number (the phone that TheTruthSpy is installed on). The target phone number is not the monitoring number. Your TheTruthSpy account email and password are the same.

What mobile devices are supported by TheTruthSpy?

TheTruthSpy is now compatible with Android 4.1 & 10 and IOS (4. x to 13. x and above).

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