How to get Free Google Play Gift Card with Termux

Free Google Play Gift Card with Termux: In this article, we have taught you how to get a free Google Play gift card with the Termux app, so stay with us.

Getting a gift card in Termux:

Enter the Termux app and follow these steps:

First, download all packages:

pkg install git
pkg install python2
pkg install toilet

If you are asked any questions during the installation, press y to install.


rm -rf M_giftcard

After installing the packages, it’s time to install the Git.

Enter the following code:

git clone

After installing Git, we enter the Git file with the following code:

cd M_giftcard



Then, it asks you for a username and password:

Username: keleis

Pass: SPY24

The gift card codes provided to you do not necessarily work for all of them, and you must test them.

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