How to Use AnyDesk Software – Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

Have you ever encountered a problem while working that needs to be resolved immediately and you don’t even have time to get a specialist to your location to solve the problem? Have you ever considered remote access tools for troubleshooting computer problems? One of the fast, secure, and cheap solutions for troubleshooting and solving computer problems is the use of remote access tools. Stay with SPY24 to get to know one of the best, most reliable, and most powerful remote access tools and learn how to install and work with it. Yes, the software is AnyDesk.

What is the AnyDesk app?

In these days of COVID-19, when many of us are working remotely, or doing our online tasks and studying, we may face problems while working with systems. In such cases, asking for the dispatch of an expert for troubleshooting and Problem-Solving is not a quick and suitable solution. What is the appropriate solution if the system problem must be resolved immediately?

What is AnyDesk software? AnyDesk is a very good Software for remote desktop connection and screen sharing. It’s a simple but versatile software that requires very little space to install and does not require a lot of main memory to run and uses a small percentage of the central processor’s power to perform work activities.

AnyDesk has a faster performance than other remote access mechanisms and allows users to connect with each other with good security (according to the company).

One of the best features of AnyDesk is saving users with whom you have previously communicated, and in addition, it allows you to see users who are online.

Before AnyDesk became popular among Iranian users, TeamViewer was the main option in this field, which, due to the practical and powerful features it provided, had become the first choice of teams, especially developers. However, because it stopped serving Iranian users, people who needed powerful software for their work activities turned to AnyDesk. The operation of this Software is very similar to TeamViewer and it offers almost similar features to TeamViewer. In addition, AnyDesk has a user-friendly interface with good graphics, and it is not complicated to work with.

Use of AnyDesk software

Nowadays, various software like TeamViewer, Zoom, Trello, and similar examples are available to teams and individuals who intend to collaborate remotely and keep each other informed of the progress of tasks in an integrated and structured environment. However, each of these software has its own specific problems.

What is the function of AnyDesk software? AnyDesk is one of the best-known and most powerful Software for remote computer connection and control that has attracted the attention of companies due to its powerful capabilities.

But what is AnyDesk software for?

The most important use of the AnyDesk app is the remote control of a computer with AnyDesk. For example:

If you are a company’s help desk and need to perform settings on employees’ systems, AnyDesk is the best solution.

  • If you need to help troubleshooting and solving your system problems, the fastest way to access the relevant expert is to use AnyDesk, which allows them to remotely connect to your system.
  • You can use AnyDesk features in practical training courses with the Internet.
  • One of the important and interesting features of AnyDesk software is about remote control of computers through the version installed on Android devices.
  • We have fully provided the tutorial of AnyDesk Android, and AnyDesk for phones in this article.

If after installing and using AnyDesk and solving your system problem you wish to remove this software from your device, you can easily do this with a few clicks. Read how to remove AnyDesk software at the end of this article. Be aware that before you use AnyDesk software, check your device’s internet connection.

Downloading AnyDesk Software

Before starting to work with AnyDesk, you should first download and install it on the device you intend to use it on. Fortunately, AnyDesk is multi-platform, allowing installation and usage on various operating systems such as Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, etc. To download AnyDesk, use the button below and download and install the option compatible with your device’s operating system, e.g., Windows version, Linux version, Mac version, Android version, iOS version, etc. We will instruct the installation process for all of these below.

To download AnyDesk software, click on the button below:

[Download AnyDesk Software]

How to install Anydesk in Windows 10 and 11

After downloading AnyDesk for Windows, it’s time to install it. Fortunately, the installation process for AnyDesk is straightforward and can be done with a few simple clicks. The process of installing AnyDesk for Windows 7 is similar to installing AnyDesk for Windows 10 and Windows 8. Below, we will guide you through the installation of AnyDesk. In this tutorial, we will be using AnyDesk for Windows 10, which does not differ from other versions.

1) Download AnyDesk for your preferred operating system, for example, AnyDesk for Windows.

2) To install AnyDesk, right-click on the executable file and select ‘Run as Administrator’. You will then see a window like the one below:

How to install Anydesk in Windows 10 and 11

Note: During installation, a unique identification number will be assigned to your system. This identification number, similar to an IP address, enables other users who know this number to connect to your system.

As long as the software is installed on the system, this number remains constant. However, if you completely uninstall the software along with its configurations and reinstall it, a new identification number will be assigned to your computer.

In the picture above, click on the ‘install AnyDesk’ option to start the installation process:

How to install Anydesk in Windows 10 and 11

The default options do not need to be changed unless you are looking to change the software installation path or you don’t want to update the software, which isn’t a wise choice. By clicking on the ‘Accept & Install’ option, the installation process of AnyDesk on Windows begins. On the final installation page of AnyDesk, you will see a 9-digit identification number.

How to install Anydesk in Windows 10 and 11

How to Install Anydesk on Linux

Installing AnyDesk on various Linux distributions is similar to installing AnyDesk on Windows and is not complex.

  1. Download and run the .deb file from the AnyDesk website. A window similar to the one below will open:
  2. Click on the ‘Install’ button to automatically start the installation process. During installation, you might be asked to enter the root password. After completing the installation, you can find the AnyDesk application among the other installed applications on Linux.
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How to Install Anydesk on macOS

To install AnyDesk on macOS, follow these steps:

1) Download the .dmg file from
2) Double-click on the .dmg file. A dialogue box like the one below will appear.

Select the AnyDesk symbol on the left side of the image and drag it toward the Applications folder on the right side. After completing this action, you are ready to run the AnyDesk application from the Applications folder.

Anydesk Portable Software

AnyDesk Portable software for PC is a free remote desktop tool developed by AnyDesk Software GmbH for Windows OS.

Important features of this version include file transfer capabilities and the establishment of secure communication channels to improve employee productivity. The software is compatible with mobile devices, and users can use AnyDesk software for both phones and computers. AnyDesk Portable has all the features of TeamViewer but costs less to use.

Key features of AnyDesk Portable for PC include:

  • A free Software for remote desktop connection
  • Screen sharing and full remote control of other devices
  • Touch and control visual movements
  • Low latency and optimal use of bandwidth
  • Use of powerful encryption algorithms to protect data in transit
  • Implementation of authenticated communications
  • Usability on mobile devices
  • Support for multiple platforms (AnyDesk Web, Linux, Windows, Mac, FreeBSD, iOS, or Android)
  • Fast file transfer capabilities
  • Online management panel
  • Remote reboot
  • Free for personal use

AnyDesk software tutorial

So far, we have seen what AnyDesk is and how it is installed. Now let’s see what AnyDesk access is. Now it’s time to learn how to control a computer remotely with AnyDesk and run it. Double-click on the software icon to run it. You will see a window like the one below.

What is the AnyDesk code?

In the first field (This Desk), the system address ID appears, which is used to establish connections with others in your system.

The second field (Remote Desk) is for entering the ID of the device you want to connect to. This section is used when you intend to connect to someone else’s computer. For this purpose, you need to enter the desired computer ID in this field.

The Connect button initiates the connection. If you have entered a system ID in the Remote Desk field, you should click on this option so that AnyDesk can connect you to the desired device. When you click on this button, if you see the phrase “AnyDesk Ready”, it means that everything is set for using AnyDesk and a successful remote connection has been established.

At the bottom of this section, you will see a list of different devices that you have recently connected to. In this case, you can connect to previous devices in the shortest possible time without needing to enter the device ID.

Now suppose you have sent a connection request in AnyDesk, a request similar to the image below appears on the target computer. By confirming the request, the user enables the connection between the two systems. The options shown in the window are as follows:

1- In this section, the profile picture and user ID of the person who intends to connect to your system is displayed.

2- With the options shown, you determine the method of establishing the connection. The options shown in this section are as follows:

What is the AnyDesk code?
  • Allow to hear sound: Allows the user to hear your microphone sound. Therefore, if this option is active, the possibility of establishing audio communication is provided.
  • Allow to take control: The other person has the ability to access and control your system. This option is useful when you are interacting with other developers and your code needs editing, or if your system is broken and a technician intends to fix a software problem remotely. However, keep in mind that in this case, the other person has access to your system’s content. If you disable the tick of the above option, the connected person can only see the screen content and cannot control it.
  • Allow to use clipboard: It provides the ability to use temporary memory between two systems and is a simple way to transfer files between two systems.
  • Allow to block keyboard and mouse: Deactivates your system’s keyboard and mouse, which in most cases it is not logical to activate and not be able to do anything yourself!

3- The Accept button, which is shown in green, means accepting the request, and by clicking on it, you accept the connecting computer’s request.

4- If you click on the Dismiss option, the connection will be rejected.

When the connection between the two devices is established, you will see an image similar to the image below. The important parts of this page are as follows:

What is the AnyDesk code?
  1. You see the connection time to the origin system.
  2. It is used to disconnect the two systems and the requester’s access to the computer is cut off.
  3. All chats or conversations between you and the person connected to the system are displayed in the form of a txt file.
  4. Performed events are shown in a list format. For example, receiving a connection request and a successful connection can be seen in this section.
  5. You can directly chat with the person connected to the computer.

When someone requests a connection to a system, the user interface of the Anydesk software on his system looks like the image below.

What is the AnyDesk code?

1- You may intend to connect to multiple systems simultaneously. In this case, you have a separate tab for each system.
2- Clicking on this section brings up the chat window and shows your conversations with the person to whose computer you are connected.
3- By clicking on this section, you can access the keyboard settings.
4- Clicking on this section opens a window that contains various options.

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The options in this section are as follows:

  • Switch side: The way the two systems connect to each other changes instantly. For example, if you are connected to a system and click on the above option, they connect to your system. The purpose of this option is when you want to give control access to your system to the other person.
  • Take Screenshot: This allows you to take a screenshot of the other person’s computer screen.
  • Show System info: The hardware specifications and operating system of the other computer are displayed.

The more practical options for more professional interaction with the Anydesk software are as follows:

  • Full-Screen mode: Allows the screen image of the person’s computer you are connected to be displayed in full screen on your computer.
  • Original: Displays the screen image of the person’s computer you are connected to in its original form without any changes.
  • Stretch: Allows the image of the computer of the person you are connected to be displayed in accordance with the resolution of your system’s display.
  • Auto-Adapt screen: It automatically aligns the resolution of the content of the two systems.
  • Show remote cursor: You see the mouse pointer of the user to whose system you are connected.

You will see access to more advanced settings as follows:

  • Transmit Sound: The sounds of the other party’s system are audible.
  • Control Mouse and Keyboard: Use your system’s mouse and keyboard to control the other system.
  • Synchronize clipboard: If the above option is not enabled, the feature of transferring files and text between the two systems is disabled.
  • Block users input: If this option is active, it disables the mouse, keyboard, and system operation that you are connected to, and only you can control the system via mouse and keyboard. Of course, this happens when the above option is enabled by the other party in the “Allow to block keyboard and mouse” section.
  • Exit: Disconnects the two systems.

Teaching Installation of AnyDesk on Windows and Using It

You should note that the AnyDesk software is a fully secure and reliable application, and there is no way to remotely access the computer again after exiting this Software. In fact, you have to use a new code that is issued for each entry. An interesting point is that when you give someone access to your computer remotely, you can sit behind your system and observe and control all the behaviors of the person connected to your system. Thus, the host system or mobile phone only temporarily has control of your system’s mouse and keyboard under your supervision, and you as the host system can stop their access whenever you want. Working with the AnyDesk application is very easy, and you can gain remote access to a computer with just a few simple steps. In this regard, you should:

1- First, install the AnyDesk software on the host system and also on the guest system or phone. To do this, click on the green buttons above to download the AnyDesk Software with a direct link and install it.

2- After successfully installing AnyDesk on the guest and host systems, it’s time to start remote access to the computer with the AnyDesk software. In this regard, you should simultaneously log in to the two computers that you intend to connect to each other using AnyDesk.

3- Upon entry, you will encounter a page similar to the image below. This page includes two main sections that you need to be familiar with to receive or provide remote access to a computer:

This Desk: In this section, you will see a code that you should copy and provide to the guest person if you intend to give remote access to your system to another system.

Teaching Installation of AnyDesk on Windows and Using It

Remote Desk: However, if you intend to log in as a guest to someone else’s system, you should enter the code that the person gives you into the specified field and finally click the Connect button.

Remote Desk:

Now if you have provided the code to someone else, you need to confirm that person’s access as a guest to your system in another step. In this regard, a page similar to the image below will be displayed to you, and by clicking the Accept button, permission is granted, and the person can temporarily take control of your system. If you are supposed to log in as a guest to someone else’s system, you should wait for that person to confirm the connection request sent by you.

Once permission for remote access

1- Once permission for remote access to the computer has been granted, you have logged into the system and can manage it. Note that the host computer can easily disconnect your access at any time by clicking the Disconnect button.

clicking the Disconnect button

2- In the event of disconnection, a message similar to the image below is displayed on the guest system, indicating that you no longer have the ability to access the computer remotely, and to reconnect, you need to click on the Retry button so that if the request is accepted again, your connection will be established.

Accessing a mobile device via a computer

Accessing a mobile device via a computer

The Anydesk application also enables users to manage an Android device remotely from a computer. If you intend to control an Android phone from a computer remotely, you need to follow the steps below:

1- In the first step of the process of accessing a mobile phone via a computer, you need to install the Anydesk app on your desktop system and the target mobile phone. To do this, make use of the green box at the top of the page and proceed to install Anydesk.

2- In the next step, ask the person with the mobile phone to access their mobile phone and copy the code located in the “Your Address” section and share it with you.

Accessing a mobile device via a computer

3- Now in the next step, you need to access Anydesk on your desktop system and enter the received code in the empty field in the “Remote Desk” section, and finally click on the “Connect” button.

Remote Desk

4- On the target mobile phone, a message like the one in the picture below will be displayed. The person with the phone should touch the “Accept” option to grant access permission.


5- After that, the connection request sent will be visible on the Android mobile phone, at this stage you must again touch the “Accept” option.


6- Now it’s time to decide whether to permit recording or accessing the information displayed on the screen or not. To view mobile phone information on your computer, the “Start now” option must be selected by the mobile phone holder.

Start now

7- Finally, access to the phone via the computer is provided, and you can view the information about the Android mobile phone on your computer.

access to the phone via the computer is provided

Setting a password on Anydesk

To enhance the security of the Anydesk application, a feature is available that allows you to set a password on the Anydesk application installed on your computer. To set a password on Anydesk, you should:

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1- Access the active Anydesk application on your computer.

2- Then, like the picture below, click on the 3-line symbol located at the top right of the application.

Setting a password on Anydesk

3- Now, among the options available in the menu that is displayed to you, select the Settings menu.

select the Settings menu

4- Then the page related to Anydesk settings will be shown to you. At this stage of setting a password on Anydesk, you should select the Security option.

setting a password

5- Now, you need to activate the checkbox for the “Enable unattended access” option.

Enable unattended access

6- Consequently, a pop-up box will be displayed to you. You should enter your desired password in the specified field and then click on the “Apply” button.


7- By doing this, you will see that when someone tries to connect to your system via Anydesk from their mobile phone or another computer, they will encounter an “Authorization” message, as shown in the picture below. They will only be able to gain remote access to your system if they enter the password that you have set.


Dangers of the AnyDesk Software

Theoretically and generally, AnyDesk uses TLS 1.2 and RSA 2048 encryption algorithms to verify users’ identities and securely transfer information. However, since the internet is the medium for information transfer, AnyDesk has settings that provide system access and control. If the software is not properly configured, and you connect with an unknown person via AnyDesk, there’s a possibility of access to personal information.

One of the dangers of the AnyDesk Software that users face is unauthorized access to personal files. If you’ve enabled options like remote access, mouse and keyboard access, and overall computer control on your system, haven’t defined a password for connection to AnyDesk, and your ID number is available to others when you receive a connection request and click the “Accept” option, the other person may be able to access your files.

AnyDesk License

While it is possible to use the AnyDesk software for free, however, the available features in the free version are very limited and practically not suitable for conducting business activities. Professional users go for purchasing licenses of this software:

AnyDesk License
  • Lite for ordinary uses
  • Professional for professional work and suitable for small businesses
  • Enterprise for organizational scale uses

The latest panel that AnyDesk has released about its licenses is as follows:

Users can use the trial version of this product for free for 2 weeks, however, for the basic version, they have to pay nearly $19.99 per month, for the professional version nearly $38.90 per month, and for the enterprise version, they need to contact the company. To see the capabilities offered by each of these versions, visit

Removing AnyDesk

To remove AnyDesk from your system, perform the following steps:

  1. First, open the Windows Control Panel by pressing the Windows button.
  2. Click on the Uninstall a Software button.
  3. In the displayed list, select the AnyDesk option.
  4. Now select the Uninstall/Change option. The AnyDesk removal window appears similar to the picture below.
  5. If you intend to remove all settings and parameters related to the Software, it is better to select the Remove Configuration files option. This way, if you install AnyDesk again, a new identification number will be assigned to the system. Finally, by clicking on the Uninstall button, the software will be removed from the system.
Removing AnyDesk

Answering the most important questions about downloading and installing Anydesk

Is it possible to install Anydesk on mobile as well?

Yes, different versions of the Anydesk software are available, including the Anydesk Windows version, Mac version, Anydesk for Android, Anydesk for iPhone users, Anydesk specifically for Linux, etc. You can download the Android version of Anydesk and run it on your mobile phone.

Can we connect to a mobile device via a computer using Anydesk, and vice versa?

Yes, by downloading the Anydesk version relevant to your operating system and installing it, you will have the ability to connect a computer to a mobile device and vice versa, as well as the ability to connect a computer to another computer.

Can we connect to the opposite device without the person accepting the remote connection request?

The only time a connection request box will not be sent to the person on the other end is if they have entered a password on their Anydesk software, according to the tutorial guide. By entering the ID and password without sending a request, you will be able to connect to the other person’s system.

Does Anydesk provide the necessary security for remote connections?

We cannot 100% guarantee that a Software is safe and reliable because any software may have bugs that are fixed in subsequent updates, but to a large extent, you can increase the security of Anydesk through the settings section. For this purpose, through the Access control list section, you can implement access restrictions, or as mentioned in the tutorial, set a specific password for connecting to your system from the unattended access section, or restrict clipboard access from the standard permissions of remote users section, and also specify that the requesting system’s details should be displayed when connecting.

Which website should I go to download Anydesk?

The Anydesk download link is provided at the beginning of this tutorial in a green box, but by going to, you will be able to download Anydesk for your desired operating system.

When connecting via Anydesk, no message is received to accept the connection. What is the reason?

You might have set a password for your Anydesk and the other person might have access to this password. By completely uninstalling the software and reinstalling it, the settings will return to the default state.

Translation into English:

Downloading AnyDesk and installing it on a computer are actions taken when remote system management is needed. If you’re asking, “What is AnyDesk software?” We must say that AnyDesk is a free and indeed very useful software that enables you to manage your computer or mobile remotely. It’s interesting to know that due to its popularity, various versions have been made for installing AnyDesk for Windows, installing AnyDesk on Android mobiles, installing AnyDesk on iPhones, etc. There is even the possibility of connecting AnyDesk from Android to a computer. Therefore, you can connect a computer to another computer or connect a computer to a phone. You just need to install AnyDesk on the host and guest computers. Working with AnyDesk is also very simple. After downloading AnyDesk for PC or mobile and running it, you will see a 9-digit code. You just need to give this code to the other person to enter their AnyDesk Software, thus providing remote access. Another important point that you should pay attention to is that you must definitely download the AnyDesk Software with a direct link and only receive it from the official AnyDesk website. We have tried to tell you how to work with the AnyDesk Software and teach you how to access a computer remotely with this software. By using the AnyDesk Software, which is exclusively designed and offered for this purpose, you can easily follow the process of logging into a computer remotely. If you have any questions or ambiguities, you can contact us in the comments section.

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