What is Termux? What are the capabilities of Termux?

Enthusiasts of hacking and security topics have undoubtedly heard of the Termux App by now, which is an Android app for running Linux packages on Android. This application is, in fact, a simulator of the Linux terminal environment that can run many Linux packages on an Android phone. However, you should by no means have the same expectations you would have from a Linux terminal for this 200KB app. Nevertheless, you can significantly fulfill your desires in various fields such as hacking and security or programming by enhancing your knowledge and skills. In this article, we will introduce the capabilities of Termux and especially provide explanations on how to perform hacking with Termux.

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What is Termux?

As mentioned, Termux is a Linux emulator that simulates the terminal environment of this operating system. The user interface of this application lacks any graphical tools, and all commands in this program are textual. Therefore, if you do not particularly enjoy working with command-line environments such as Windows CMD, we suggest you forget about working with Termux.

However, those familiar with Linux know about the incredible power of the Linux terminal, and there is no need to introduce the capabilities of this tool again. Termux will simulate this environment on the Android operating system and will be able to execute some commands that should run in the Linux environment, as well as in Android to some extent. Do not forget that Linux, like Android, is an open-source operating system and thus possesses incredible power.

What is Termux?
What is Termux?

Note: Termux is not a virtual machine and only creates a Linux-like environment for coding on Android.

Termux turns an Android device into a lightweight and portable development environment, allowing users to perform various tasks such as coding, scripting, system administration, and network testing directly on their smartphone or tablet.

Installation and Setup of Termux:

The Termux application can be downloaded from many different sources. The primary source for obtaining this application is Google Play. In this section, we have provided the APK file of this application with a size of 221KB, which you can download through the link below. After downloading the application, now, depending on the operation you intend to perform, refer to your desired sources and learn how to execute it. Following is a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

How to download Termux from Google Play?

To download Termux from Google Play, follow these steps:

  1. Open Google Play on your device.
  2. In the search section, type “Termux”.
  3. Click on “Termux“.
  4. Tap on “Install”.
  5. After installing Termux, you can open it from your device’s main screen.
Google Play» Termux App
Google Play» Termux App

Why doesn’t the Google Play version work?

On some devices, the Google Play version of Termux may not work properly. If you are facing this problem, you can download the updated version of Termux from the official Termux website.

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To download the updated version of Termux, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the official Termux website (
  2. In the “Downloads” section, tap on “Download Termux”.
  3. Download the APK file.
  4. Install the APK file on your device.

After installing the updated version of Termux, you can open it from your device’s main screen.

The official website of Thermox
The official website of Thermox

Download and Install Termux from F-Droid:

You can download Termux from F-Droid, an alternative store for open-source applications. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. On your Android device, open the F-Droid app.
  2. In the search bar, type “Termux”.
  3. Tap on “Termux” to open the application’s information page.
  4. Tap on the “Install” button.

After installation, the Termux App will appear on your main screen.

Basic commands or Termux commands

After installing the Termux terminal on your device, you can immediately benefit from its features. Below, some basic commands that you will need to get started with Termux are provided.

Basic commands or Termux commands

Basic Termux Commands

The following table provides a list of some basic Termux commands:

apt updateUpdates the list of available packages.
apt upgradeUpdates all installed packages to their latest versions.
apt install <package name>Installs a new package.
apt remove <package name>Removes an installed package.
pkg list-allLists all available packages.

Here is a table of some basic Termux commands that you can use:

apt updateUpdates the list of packages available on the system.
apt upgradeUpdates the packages installed on the system.
pkg install <package_name>Installs the specified package.
pkg uninstall <package_name>Removes the specified package.
cd <directory>Changes the directory to the specified directory.
mkdir <directory>Creates a new directory.
rm <file>Removes the specified file.
cp <source> <destination>Copies a file from the source to the destination.
mv <source> <destination>Moves a file from the source to the destination.

The Most Important Termux Commands for Android

Here is a table to share the information:

lsLists all directories and files in the current working directory.
ls -aHelps to list all files and folders along with hidden files and folders in Termux.
ls ~Lists all files and folders in the home directory.
ls -lShows file attributes like – modification, date and time, file owner, permissions, and more.
cpUsed to copy a file to another directory.
mvUsed to move a file or a specific folder to another folder/directory.
pwdUsed to display the current working directory.
touchUsed to create a file in Termux.
apt updateUsed to update packages.
pkg install slTo check if the program is installed correctly.

Termux Activation Commands:

These commands enable certain Termux features:

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termux-battery-statusDisplays device battery status
termux-sms-inboxDisplays the SMS inbox
termux-contact-listDisplays the contact list
termux-camera-photoTakes a photo with the device camera

Package Management:

apt updateUpdates the list of packages.
pkg installInstalls packages.
pkg uninstallRemoves packages.
pkg searchSearches for packages.
pkg list-allDisplays a list of all packages.

Python Package Management:

pip installInstalls Python packages.
pip uninstallRemoves Python packages.

I have presented the article on how to install Python in Termux here. If you wish, you can review it.

Git Commands:

git cloneClones a repository to your local machine.
git pullUpdates the contents of a repository with the latest changes from the remote repository.

Other Useful Commands:

`wget -O- URLsh`
curl -O URLDownloads a file.
`curl -O URLsh`
whoamiDisplays the username you are logged in with.
uname -aDisplays system details.
pingTests the connection to a service or server.

Is Termux safe?

Surely, by the time you reach this section of the article, the question has crossed your mind: Is it safe to install and use this app? Downloading and installing Termux itself will not pose a risk to your mobile phone. Termux for Android is one of the safest software coding simulator applications for mobile; but what factor could endanger the security of your phone? The original versions of the Termux terminal available on Google Play or reputable sites are not infected with viruses, and this program alone will not compromise your device’s security. However, installing suspicious scripts from unreliable sites will cause problems for your phone. However certain actions and permissions of this program could endanger your phone’s data or lead to malware infiltration. Below, actions that might endanger your mobile phone are listed.

Root Access: Termux needs root access for some of its functions. This means if your device is rooted, you might be able to execute commands with high privileges. If you are not careful with what you do, it could pose a security risk to your phone.

Unwanted Access: If you share your device with others or connect it to public networks, someone might gain access to your Termux sessions. To minimize this risk, you should use strong passwords and ensure you log out of your sessions once you are done.

Malware: Like any other app, there’s always a risk of downloading malware or malicious software. Make sure you download Termux only from the Google Play Store and regularly update it to be protected against known vulnerabilities.

Social Engineering: Like any terminal or command-line interface, you should be wary of executing commands or scripts from unreliable sources, as they might contain malicious codes.

Is Termux safe?

Termux Advantages

Termux, as a practical and powerful tool for your mobile phone, has numerous advantages:
Portability: Imagine you want to carry out a man-in-the-middle attack at a victim’s home using a laptop; it would be very suspicious, and after the attack, everyone could realize it was you. On the other hand, using a mobile phone is natural everywhere, and you can use Termux on your mobile phone instead of a laptop.

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No Need for Root Access: To use some applications available in the Google Play Store, you need root access, but Termux does not require root access. It only requires Android version 5.0 or higher.

No Need for Complicated Settings: You do not need complicated settings to install Termux on your system. Just download it and be ready to install your favorite packages.

Simple and Lightweight: The size of the Termux app is less than 200 kilobytes, and it increases as you download packages. You can also delete packages that you do not need. Moreover, the appearance of Termux itself is very simple and attractive.

A Large Number of Packages Available: Various packages in Termux allow you to perform different tasks. The size of the packages is small, and you can delete them when you do not need them. This makes Termux efficient in data consumption and storage space.

Continuous Updates: Termux is updated day by day, meaning that new features and new packages are added to it.

Support for Programming Languages: Termux supports various programming languages such as Golang, Lua, PHP, C/C++, and Python. This allows you to type and compile all these languages on your mobile phone using Termux.

Python Support: The best feature of Termux is its support for Python. There are a large number of libraries for Python on the internet that allow you to perform a task just by running a Python script. Python projects are available on GitHub; just copy them and do serious work with Termux.

Termux Advantages

Who is Termux suitable for?

Programmers: If you are a programmer or someone who wants to become one, Termux is an essential app on your Android phone because it supports various programming languages and familiarizes you with the CLI (Command Line Interface).

Hacking and Security: If you are a student and want to learn about cybersecurity and hacking, this app can be of great help to you. You can use many tools for free just by using your smartphone.

IT Students: If you are studying in CS or an IT branch, you should try to learn Termux. This app combines everything like coding, CLI (Command Line Interface), Python projects, and cybersecurity tools which will provide you with a basic experience that will be very suitable for your learning.

What can we hack using Termux?

Disclaimer: Unauthorized access is illegal! This site is for educational purposes only. It is your responsibility to use this data ethically. If data is misused, this site and Termux are not responsible. You are responsible for what you do!

Metasploit framework: One of the most popular frameworks that allows you to hack other people’s mobiles. You can hack an Android phone by creating an (Android app) and once the victim installs the app, you can access almost everything in the phone like photos, sounds, text messages, call logs, documents, and anything you want to access.

Routersploit: This is a framework similar to Metasploit that allows you to find vulnerabilities in routers. You can find a specific target in the network check which ports are open and also check if a device is vulnerable or not.

Phonesploit: Allows you to access other systems in your network using the victim’s IP address. To use this tool, you need to install Python on your Termux and clone it from GitHub.

Hydra: This tool allows you to hack passwords using the brute-force method. Using this tool, you can attack most websites and protocols. With Hydra, you can perform dictionary attacks.

Nmap: A network security tool that allows you to scan and collect different data in your network system. You can check for open ports.

Shellphish: One of the best phishing tools for almost all social networks on the internet. This tool creates a link, and you just need to give that link to the victim. When the victim uses that link to log into their account, you will receive their login credentials.

Termux is an application on the Play Store, but it is more like a Command-line operating system, and you can do many things in the Termux app.

Learn Termux!

Termux is an excellent program for learning. If you are not familiar with the command-line interface, instead of wasting your time playing online games, it’s better to spend some time learning Termux. If you are interested in learning more about Termux, visit the SPY24 website. I have written more than 70 articles about Termux, which include related images and practical instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions about Termux

What is Termux?

Termux is a terminal emulator for the Linux operating system that allows users to write applications for the Android operating system.

Is using Termux free?

Yes, Termux is a free and open-source tool that can be used and benefited from for free.

Do you need programming knowledge to use Termux?

No, Termux is also suitable for people who are new to the Linux world. By learning the basic concepts, you can benefit from it.

Is Root access in Termux dangerous?

Yes, improper use of Root access can damage the system’s security. Therefore, use it carefully.

What is the difference between Linux and Termux?

Linux is an operating system that has its commands. However, Termux is an application for emulating Linux on other operating systems. In fact, Termux provides a platform for running Linux on other operating systems.

What is a Linux terminal?

The terminal in the Linux operating system is an interface between the user and the Shell. Using the terminal, one can fully manage the operating system. Linux operating system users can enter their commands through the terminal and see the output of the entered commands.

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