What is GB WhatsApp and why should you not install it?

To put it simply, GB WhatsApp is an unofficial version of the popular WhatsApp messaging app. It has many more features and capabilities than the original app, but it is developed by anonymous individuals. If you’re interested in knowing more about its features and the potential problems that may arise from using an unofficial app, be sure to read this article to the end, especially if you’re considering installing GB WhatsApp.

GB WhatsApp: An Introduction

Although WhatsApp is a popular and non-intrusive messaging app, it is not widely loved due to its limited features. This has led to the creation of many unofficial versions of the app, one of which has gained a lot of attention: GB WhatsApp. This app has many interesting features that tempt users to install it alongside the original app on their phones, without needing to uninstall the original version. However, once WhatsApp becomes aware that you are using an unofficial version of the app, they may temporarily or permanently deactivate your account on the official version. If you are still determined to install this app despite this risk, continue reading to learn about its features and limitations that make many users hesitant to install it.

GB WhatsApp: An Introduction

What are the features of WhatsApp GB?

Understanding the difference between WhatsApp GB and regular WhatsApp.

There is no doubt that the features of WhatsApp GB are much more numerous and interesting than the original version. For this reason, even though it is possible to activate WhatsApp proxy, many users still prefer WhatsApp GB and despite warnings from WhatsApp, they still install this app on their phones. In the following, we will take a look at these tempting features:

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Simultaneously creating multiple accounts on one phone; is the most practical feature of WhatsApp GB.

What are the features of WhatsApp GB?

These days, many people need to have multiple users accounts on social networks due to the wide range of their personal and professional relationships. The original versions of Instagram and Telegram have provided this feature for their users, but WhatsApp has not yet taken any action in this regard. Of course, there are tricks to installing two WhatsApp accounts on one phone, but this feature has not been officially defined by the program. In contrast, WhatsApp GB has managed to attract many users by providing this feature.

Automatic response time setting: One of the most interesting features of WhatsApp GB

One of the tempting features of WhatsApp GB is the ability to automatically respond to specific messages. Users can even set the time for sending these automated responses.

DND mode: One of the useful features of WhatsApp GB

DND mode, short for “Do Not Disturb,” is one of the features of this app. But what is the use of DND mode in WhatsApp GB? This mode makes it easy for the user to avoid notifications from the app at times when they are not needed. By activating this mode, only the connection between WhatsApp GB and the internet will be cut off, without the need to disconnect the entire phone’s internet.

Reading deleted messages: The most peculiar feature of WhatsApp GB

Although there are ways to read deleted messages on WhatsApp, a high percentage of users are unaware of this and choose WhatsApp GB only for this feature. With this feature, even messages deleted by the recipient can be viewed and read.

Variety in stickers: One of the most attractive features of WhatsApp GB

In WhatsApp GB, emojis can be accompanied by various effects and special features, making them even more attractive and appealing.

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Finding nearby people; One of the features of WhatsApp GB

In this unofficial app, users can find other WhatsApp GB users who are nearby and even chat with them.

Ability to send larger images and videos; The main difference between GB WhatsApp and regular WhatsApp

WhatsApp has set limits on the number of images, size of videos, and audio files that users can send. These limitations are much less prominent in the unofficial version of this app.

In WhatsApp, you can only send audio and video files with a maximum size of 16 megabytes. However, WhatsApp GB allows users to send videos up to 50 megabytes and audio clips up to 100 megabytes. Additionally, it is possible to send more than 90 photos in WhatsApp GB.

Downloading statuses; One of the best features of GB WhatsApp

If you ask users what the best feature of GB WhatsApp is, a high percentage of them will likely refer to the ability to download statuses. With this feature, users can download photos and videos that others have shared in their statuses. However, due to the app being filtered, a strong proxy is needed for this purpose. Therefore, it’s not a bad idea to take a look at proxy settings on your Android phone.

Defining a password on the app; a security feature of WhatsApp GB

Users can define a password to enter their WhatsApp GB app so that others cannot access their messages. In addition, it is possible to define a password for a specific chat only.

Online alert for contacts; an interesting application of WhatsApp GB

In the WhatsApp GB app, settings can be applied so that users can be notified by an alert or notification as soon as their desired contacts go online.

The possibility of using different languages

In the GB WhatsApp application, in addition to English, it is possible to set other languages for the application.

These are some of the most important features of this unofficial app. Now that you know what interesting features GB WhatsApp has, you are surely eager to install it; but hold on. Before installing it, be sure to take a look at its problems and limitations.

Problems with GB WhatsApp; Is GB WhatsApp safe?

Despite the features we mentioned, many people are tempted to install this application without knowing the problems of using GB WhatsApp. Unfortunately, many websites and sources have also mentioned that this application is secure. However, the fact is that GB WhatsApp is an unofficial app, meaning that no person or authority guarantees the security and credibility of the app. Therefore, if you use it, you will face many problems such as the risk of phone hacking, data deletion, virus infection, and more. If you don’t believe it, read on for reasons that prove this claim.

Problems with GB WhatsApp; Is GB WhatsApp safe?

WhatsApp Warning; One reason not to install GB WhatsApp

WhatsApp has repeatedly warned users not to install this unofficial app. Since 2019, WhatsApp has even temporarily disabled the accounts of people who used this unofficial version alongside the official WhatsApp. After that, this company officially warned users that if anyone uses this unsupported version of WhatsApp, they will face a temporary ban from using the original version.

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Of course, the story does not end here. If users do not delete the GB WhatsApp application after this temporary ban, their account may be permanently disabled. WhatsApp has also emphasized that this application is programmed by anonymous individuals and does not approve the security measures used in this application.

WhatsApp Warning; One reason not to install GB WhatsApp

The non-publication of this application by Google Play and the App Store is the second reason for not using GB WhatsApp. You may know that Google Play and the App Store are the only completely reputable sites that only publish verified and guaranteed applications. All applications on these sites are thoroughly reviewed, and if they have the smallest problem, they will definitely be removed from the list. If someone wants to install GB WhatsApp, they cannot find this application on Google Play and the App Store. They have to visit various sites that increase the risk of using the application.

The lack of message encryption is an important reason for proving the lack of security in GB WhatsApp.

The original WhatsApp version may seem simple and not have many features, but its most important feature is end-to-end encryption of user messages. GB WhatsApp does not have this feature alongside all its advantages. Therefore, the possibility of hacking user accounts and leaking personal messages on GB WhatsApp is much higher. In addition, there is no guarantee that this application is not malware or virus-infected and will not cause data loss. Therefore, to prevent phone hacking, it is necessary to refrain from installing it.

What is your decision to install GB WhatsApp?

In this article, you read about what GB WhatsApp is and what unique features it has. You also looked at the security issues and risks that may be waiting for you if you use this unofficial version. Now it’s up to you to choose between the security and interesting features of this application. We hope you find this article in SPY24 useful! You can also read our other articles, such as How to Track Gb Whatsapp Messages and GBWhatsApp Pro Download Latest Version APK – iPhone. We still recommend…

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