How Hackers can use ChatGpt 💀 and How to Use it (WormGPT)

Tutorial on using ChatGpt for hackers + how to use it. The term ChatGpt stands for Chat Generative pre-trained. This AI is capable of answering both technical and non-technical questions, although certain filters have been implemented to prevent it from providing answers based on predetermined algorithms or filters. In such cases, it may either provide incorrect answers or attempt to redirect you 😂. In short, there are two possibilities: it will either provide you with an answer or not.

This artificial intelligence was created with the intention of being used for good and helping humans, but it can also be misused, which can ultimately lead to harm. In this article, which is the most comprehensive (about ChatGpt), I intend to familiarize you with Chat Gpt and how to use it. So, if you’re interested in learning more about this powerful technology, stay with me until the end ❤️. READ More: L3MON Download Hack Android Mobile Remotely RAT.

What is ChatGpt?

ChatGpt is a product developed by OpenAI, which was released in November of 2022. According to the company, this artificial intelligence can provide significant assistance to programmers and developers, as well as assist with research or finding answers to certain questions. For example, you can ask it if the earth is flat, and the answer it provides is interesting. However, many countries have banned or blocked this artificial intelligence due to misunderstandings that it may cause among students and individuals or because it may lead to laziness and improper learning in various subjects since it can help you solve assignments, exams, etc., and you no longer need to do many tasks yourself.

Learning ChatGpt for hacking and security:

As you read above, it can be a big help to hackers in various fields, and its primary application is in developing malware. If you browse hacker forums on the dark web, you will see that many ChatGpt exploits are being sold. You can receive malicious code from it through various methods and use it in your project, but according to research conducted, it will ultimately let you down. What does that mean?

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It’s true that it can give you a 200-line malicious code, for example, but when you want to add other codes to it or combine different codes, it won’t be of much help at present, and you will have to continue the work yourself. It can be said that ScriptKiddie hackers can use it a lot to complete their unfinished work, but professional hackers who have been active in developing malware for several years do not agree with the codes created by this artificial intelligence and prefer to work on their own.

If you want to get the most out of it, you need to have basic knowledge of what you are doing so that you can enter through different ways and try to use it without alerting and catching you, so that it can do what you want without warning or catching you, whether you are a ScriptKiddie or a professional hacker in either case, it can be a significant help to you.

How to use ChatGpt for hacking:

The first thing to keep in mind is not to directly ask it for anything that you want and know is malicious. For example, as shown in the image below, ChatGpt rejected our request! We asked it to give us a code that copies a junk file (or, in other words, a file that is of no use) to all drives and system folders when a flash drive is added to the system, but unfortunately, our request was rejected.

How to use ChatGpt for hacking:

However, by adjusting the wording of the question a bit, you can get the code from it. In the image below, I will provide you with the code that ChatGpt gave us after playing around with the question a bit! Of course, this code is not complete, so no one should use it incorrectly 😁 I only posted half of the picture, but that’s okay! How did I ask it to do this? By playing with the words and tricking ChatGpt, you shouldn’t let it understand that you intend to do something malicious! I have also included how to receive this code below!

How to use ChatGpt for hacking:
How to use ChatGpt for hacking:

Again, I have uploaded an image above where we asked ChatGpt to give us a code to inject into explorer.exe, but it rejected our request and said that the content was criminal. Now, you can bypass that, too, with the image below 👇🏻 :

How to use ChatGpt for hacking:

In summary, this is just like Google. Some people may think that using Google is an easy task, but in reality, it requires a lot of skill to use it effectively and achieve extraordinary results, which we call “Google hacking.” To make optimal use of ChatGpt, you need to familiarize yourself with its filters and bypass them, and it all depends on your creativity and how you request information from it. Just keep in mind that you should not make direct requests without explaining your purpose.

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How to use ChatGpt for hacking with API:

The use of ChatGpt in the production of malware goes far beyond what you might think! It’s not just a matter of taking code from it and using it in your project! Let me show you a diagram.

How to use ChatGpt for hacking with API:

In this diagram, you can see that a hacker receives a command for malware, and then you can transfer the request to ChatGpt with the help of an API and receive the code from it to add to the malware. Interesting, isn’t it? If you don’t know what a C&C server is, be sure to read up on it. The story is going to get more interesting because, through research and use of the API, we found that if you use the OpenAI library that exists in Python, there is no strict filtering on requests, and you can easily request and receive a response from ChatGpt. So one way to bypass this is to use the library and API, which bypasses the filtering present in the web version. To get the API, you need to register on the site and create a private key for yourself and use it in your code. I will provide you with sample codes in the download box.

How to use CodeGpt?

There is another method that is much more secretive, and that is to use CodeGpt to get the codes you need from the program. Well, what’s the difference? There is no difference; it’s the same ChatGpt that has been turned into an extension in VsCode (an IDE for programming). You can ask questions from it, request codes, and so on. Fortunately, the good thing is that we don’t see the filtering present in the web version of this software in this extension, and we can easily make different requests from it. It is only necessary to obtain an API Key after registering on the OpenAi website, which we explained above. This is simple and easy, and you need to set that API KEY on the extension, which will be explained to you during its installation on VsCode.

How to use CodeGpt?

How to use CodeGpt in VsCode?

How to use CodeGpt in VsCode?

After installation, go to the extension settings in VsCode by clicking on the gear icon in front of the extension you see in the above image. Set up your own API, and then you can ask ChatGpt by opening a new file in VsCode, creating a comment in the desired programming language, and pressing Ctrl+Shift+i to get a response from this AI in a new tab.

How to use CodeGpt in VsCode?

WormGPT – The biggest enemy of the ChatGPT

Introducing my newest creation, “WormGPT.” This project aims to provide an alternative to ChatGPT, one that lets you do all sorts of illegal stuff and easily sell it online in the future. Everything blackhat-related that you can think of can be done with WormGPT, allowing anyone access to malicious activity without ever leaving the comfort of their home. WormGPT also offers anonymity, meaning that anyone can carry out illegal activities without being traced.

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  • Fast and stable replies
  • Unlimited characters
  • Privacy focused
  • Blackhat allowed
  • Save results in txt file
  • Different AI models

Planned features:

  • System role – in order to get more accurate results, you can set a role to the AI (example: senior developer in c#)
  • Hosted website – everything is hosted online, with no downloads, no executables
WormGPT - The biggest enemy of the ChatGPT

Update: Finishing the website version, looking like this at the moment:

WormGPT - The biggest enemy of the ChatGPT

Update: I finally have it fully coded. I’m just waiting for my designer guy to finish the design on the website, and we are done! I will also skip the beta testing since I’ve been testing it daily for the last 2 months.

Update 2: Next week, it will be released. Private builds only. Not much expensive but not that cheap too.

So far, we have learned some points together that I have not seen anything similar to them in any English article because we are pioneers in teaching hacking and security, and we provide you with the best and most up-to-date information. To support us, please like or share this article, but most importantly, leave us a comment so we can rank higher on Google.

I hope you enjoyed this article and learned something new. This article is 100% updated, and we will share newer topics related to this artificial intelligence with you. So be sure to visit the website again 🙂.

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