Funamo App Review 2023: Parental Control and Cost


Would you like to discover the Leading Parental Control Apps for Android devices? Capture the Funama review app to a total list of Android Parental Control apps.

Having a difficult time finding out what your child is doing on their Android device? Or maybe you wonder how to monitor your child’s phone without them knowing it. Well, at that point, attempt an Android parental control app and track all their online actions. You’ll even see, in real-time the accurate GPS location they are right now. Other than that, you may moreover be able to get to their messages, contacts, multimedia records, and apps. It moreover can oversee and block apps and games that keep them from considering or resting at night.

Parental control apps for Android may come in helpful in case you need to limit or control how they utilize specific social apps as well. So, stick around in this Funama review app and you may figure out a few of the finest parental control apps to screen Android devices.


Android  Yes
Windows and macOS NO
Website:  https://www. funamo .com/
Domain Age: 2011-10-31
Funamo App Review

Why should I use parental control Apps?

The most excellent parental control app Android – iPhone, can assist you with a better insight into how your children spend time online. Other than demonstrating what they do on their phones and tablets, many of them moreover offer Windows and Mac programs for your child’s computer to grant you a better witness of their total screen time.

Regardless of whether you’ve got children or teenagers, observing what they do online and the websites they get to can be hard without the proper tools. Do they have Snapchat, WhatsApp, or TikTok installed on their phones, and are you acquainted with these apps? Maybe you’ve seen your child cover up their device’s screen as soon as you walk into the room. If this is the case, they’re likely covering up something from you and you’ll figure out exactly what it is with one of the leading parental control apps.

Why should I use parental control Apps?

Another incredible thing about the leading parental control apps is that they can assist you in discovering your child’s physical location and tell you if they aren’t at school when they’re assumed to be. Other than showing you who your kids are talking to online, these apps can be utilized to plan and restrain their screen time as well as unsuitable block sites.

 Whether you’re a modern parent considering the future or you just simply need to acquire further knowledge of the online actions of your children to assist keep them secure, these are the leading parental control apps accessible today.

About Funamo Parental Control

Let’s continue our Funama review app with a more detailed explanation of this app. Funamo Parental Control is the only parental control arrangement that bolsters secure browsing on Nexus 7 Chrome browser!

 Funamo gives comprehensive parental control for your kids’ Android gadgets. It offers 2–a day free trial and if it meets your desire, you buy a permit for $19.99 by clicking “Purchase Funamo now” inside the app. Funamo Parental Control permit secures your gadget for as long as you claim it. No membership, no month-to-month expenses! For as little as the cost of a book, presently, you’ll get peace of intellect together with your kids’ mobile devices knowing that they are secured by Funamo Parental Control.

 The Funamo Parental Control app permits you to not only screen devices but similarly filter websites. Contacts, calls, SMS, websites, apps, and areas of the device will consequently be logged and history information will be transferred to the Funamo server each day.

About Funamo Parental Control

This app can alter web settings, parent observation, and application control features so that parents can control the utilization of their kids. In expansion, parents can set a school clock so that kids can get up in time and go to school.

 As a parent, you’ll then be able to see this information from any browser whenever you need it. You’ll, too, uphold a secure look for Google, Yahoo, Bing, and YouTube, as well as set up watchword or state filtering – which lets you boycott particular subjects that can be considered secure by the look motors – and time limits for applications. Let’s peruse our Funama review app in a more detailed manner.

Funamo of Features:

We’ve gathered some of the leading features of this monitoring app in our Funama review app. They are as follows:

Funamo of Features

1. Internet filtering

Patent-pending web filtering innovation consequently blocks pornographic websites.

Allow extra control by indicating web location boycott, whitelist, and watchword filtering.

 Support whitelist-only mode, which limits the net access to a pre-defined list of websites.

 2. Gadget monitoring

 Log the history of all web locales gone by and applications utilized.

Track the area history of the observed device in actual time.

Automatically synchronize history information from the device to the server.

3. Application control

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Block secured apps; set time limits and everyday time allowance for chosen apps.

 Application isolate includes and consequently blocks recently downloaded apps.

Device control feature blocks all apps and silent the gadget for school or bedtime.

4. Cloud-based solution

Alter device settings online and synchronize the changes to the device in actual time.

No more emails! All device settings and history information are accessible online 24/7.

 Work with all main web browsers and is optimized for mobile and PC browsers.

Funamo app Cost

Funamo comes with a two-day assessment, so you’ll be able to try it out. If it meets your needs, you’ll be able basically to click “Purchase Funamo Presently!” in the Funamo application to buy a substantial permit. Otherwise, you can buy a permit specifically from their website.

 Funamo is priced at $19.99, and it’ll ensure your device for as long as you own it. There’s NO subscription and NO monthly/annual expenses. You’ll be able to stop worrying about your kids’ mobile devices, knowing that they are safe. Note that the Funamo license is on a per-device premise, meaning you need to buy a partitioned permit for each device that you need Funamo to operate. And they permit exchange within 6 months of buying for any device problems.

Funamo app Cost

What’s the difference between Funamo Parental Control and Funamo Accountability?

Funamo Parental Control and Funamo Accountability app have fundamentally the same attribute set with only minor wording contrasts. Funamo Parental Control is implied for parents ensuring their kids and Funamo Accountability is for grown-ups utilizing it for themselves. You only require one or the other and don’t install both on the same device.

Funamo Pors

Undetectable. The following program wouldn’t operate in case the app itself was obvious to the target device’s owner. Funamo sparkles in this perspective since it’s undetectable. The owner can keep utilizing the phone without knowing that it’s indeed installed. The app doesn’t show up on the app list or within the app director. There’s, moreover, no apparent battery drain that might make the owner suspicious that something else is working in the background.

    •  Easy to use: It’s exceptionally simple to utilize Funamo. It takes only several minutes to set up the app on both iOS and Android devices. Once you’ve completed setting it up, you’ll be able to access the Control Panel to screen the target device. In case you need to see particular data, everything is already laid out for you within the online dashboard. As long as the target phone is connected to the web, you won’t experience any problems whatsoever.

    • Accessibility: Funamo’s clarity, ease of utilization, and accessibility on all sorts of devices make it superbly open to anybody and everybody who needs to utilize a tracking and checking app. Even somebody who isn’t so acquainted with innovation will be able to utilize Funamo.

    • No need to root or jailbreak: Numerous tracking apps out there require the device to be rooted or jailbroken before it can operate on that exact device. The great thing about Funamo is that you simply can install it on an unrooted or non-jailbroken phone and still be able to get to numerous features. You’ll moreover utilize Funamo to screen a non-jailbroken iPhone without even touching the phone.

    • Full of features: Funamo has all the features you would like in a monitoring program. As a parent, you’ll appreciate the awesome degree of control that the app gives. You’ll be able to track your kid’s whole device action, such as their call logs, messages, interactive media records, location history, and more. You’ll be able moreover to block access to questionable websites, set up geofencing, and limit utilization to certain apps amid particular time spaces as well as incoming calls from certain numbers. Funamo even works on several social media apps, like Instagram (alongside a few other spy apps) and Facebook.

    • Customer support: Funamo’s customer service is positively reviewed, thanks to the support team’s competency and professionalism. There are numerous roads for support, such as live chat, phone, and mail. Back agents are continuously fast to reply to questions, even when it comes to specialized problems.

Funamo Cons

By pursuing our Funama review app, you’ll find out that there’s no such thing as a flawless item and Funamo is no special case. Here are all the reasons why you ought not to buy Funamo.

    • Quite costly: Although the basic Plan is fine enough, for the most part, you ought to spend a lot more cash to obtain more features. The Premium Plan, which comes with all the other features not included in Basic, costs twice as much. Tragically, in case your primary objective with Funamo is to track social media and e-mail apps and to block possibly destructive websites and applications, you have got no choice but to induce the Premium Plan since these aren’t accessible on the Basic Plan.

    •  One plan for one device: All memberships on Funamo can only be utilized on one device at a time. In case you need to track different devices, you must purchase either extra memberships, which permit three devices at the same time. This could get exceptionally costly in case you have got numerous devices that you simply need to track, like in the case of bosses who need to utilize Funamo for work-related purposes.

    •  Must root or jailbreak for full use of features: Although the app can be utilized on unrooted or non-jailbroken phones, there is still a bounty of features that are not accessible for these devices. You truly got to root or jailbreak your phone in case you need full access to all the accessible features. And, of course, you need physically get to the device to do that.

    • Doesn’t upgrade in real-time: Online tracking on the Control Panel doesn’t upgrade in real-time. Uploading and downloading information can take some minutes, depending on the web connection speed on the target device and on the device utilized to get to the Control Panel individually.

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How To install Funamo App

    • Download and install Funamo Parental Control or Funamo Accountability

    • Download and install Funamo Secure Browser

    • Start Funamo Parental Control, sign up, and follow the setup wizard to enroll your device with the Funamo server (Note: Introductory adjustment does take a little time to transfer data to the server, especially in case you’ve got numerous apps installed on your device. It is additionally slower if you’re on a slower mobile network. In case you have got an issue with it, attempt to adjust once more, and if necessary, you can press the “Begin Over” button to re-register your device.)

    • Configure the settings for Web filtering, Device observing, Secured apps, Time-limited apps, and Device control setup. Check “Block other browsers” beneath Account settings to consequently block all other browsers except for Funamo Secure Browser.

    • Click Begin Funamo to empower Funamo parental guard.

How To install Funamo App

Funamo Safe Browser 3.0 – Apps on Google Play

How to uninstall Funamo App

1. In case you’re still within the assessment period otherwise, you have an accurate license:

    • Log into the Funamo app on the device, then press the “Uninstall Funamo” choice at the bottom.

 2. If your assessment permit has expired:

    • Open the Funamo app and tap the “Uninstall Funamo” button.

What are the supported browsers and OSes?

What are the supported browsers and OSes?

1. Supported PC/Mac OSes:

    • Windows Vista or later

    • Mac OSX 10.6 or later

2. Supported PC/Mac browsers:

    • Internet Explorer 7 or later

    • Firefox 2 or later

    • Opera 8 (with TLS 1.1 enabled) or later

    • Google Chrome v5.0.342.0 or later

    • Safari 2.1 or later

3. Supported Mobile browsers:

    • Mobile Safari for iOS 4.0 or later

    • Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) and later

    • Windows Phone 7 or later

What happens when Funamo releases a new update on Google Play Store?

By now, we have answered almost every basic question in our Funama review app. So now it’s time to handle some more specific issues. Funamo frequently releases new versions on Google Play Store for bug fixes and modern features. In case you’ve got enabled “Permit automatic updating” for Funamo in Google Play Store, Funamo will be consequently upgraded and restarted if:

    • You have obtained a Funamo permit for the device

    • Funamo security is enabled when the automatic upgrade happens

Otherwise, Funamo will be upgraded, but it’ll not be consequently restarted and it’ll be within the protection off mode after the upgrade.

What happens when Funamo releases a new update on Google Play Store?

If you’ve got any issues with the automatic upgrade, you’ll debilitate the automatic update for Funamo in Google Play Store (the checkbox for Permit automatic upgrading is on the Funamo page in Google Play Store) and do a manual upgrade after you see a new version is obtainable.

Is the Funamo App safe?

We talked clearly in our Funama review app about the safety of this app. Funamo is secure to utilize. The data from the target device will only be available to the user and will not be kept on Funamo’s servers. It implies the information will not be stored there for afterward utilization (like if you remove the web connection from the phone).

Is the Funamo App safe?

Funamo App is legal?

Funamo is a flawlessly legitimate app. You’ll utilize it to track your child’s mobile activity or even to screen your employees for work-related purposes, given that they’re mindful of its existence.

Is Funamo Detectable?

No, Funamo is undetectable except on the Control Panel of the user. The app is known for being so tactful that even your credit card charge will appear for your membership beneath PayPro or pay

Funamo VS SPY24 App

By perusing our Funama review app, you’ll see that the app has a few downfalls. To overcome them, I would recommend utilizing SPY24, which could be a more intelligent and reasonable elective for Funamo.

Funamo VS SPY24 App

With SPY24, you’ll effectively track the real-time whereabouts of a device or check its past location history.

Since SPY24 comes with an inbuilt keylogger, it’ll let you get their account passwords or the erased messages remotely.

SPY24 sustains the checking of their calls, contacts, messages, emails, browsing history, and so much more.

You can also monitor all the main social media apps (like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and more) with SPY24.

To follow any user without getting identified, you’ll be able essentially to enact the stealth mode included in SPY24.

SPY24 App Features

Let’s pass by our Funama review app and have a look at a few of the crucial things that you can track utilizing the SPY24 tool. Whereas Spy24 can access lots of details from any device, these are a few of its major features.

SPY24 App Features

 1. Location-based Features

The most noticeable element of Spy24 is that it sustains real-time location following the device. You’ll just do Spy24 login to screen their live whereabouts and past location history. There’s moreover an arrangement to set up Geofences and get alarmed by their movements.

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 2. Calls and Contacts

 No need to say. The Spy24 app can too let you get to their whole contact list. Other than that, you simply can check their incoming and outgoing call logs counting contacts and timestamps.

3. Messages Tracking

Just go to your Spy24 dashboard to review their sent or received messages. You’ll be able to examine their messages through conversational strings counting their contact and timestamp details.

4. Social Media Monitoring

 Likewise, Spy24 sustains the following of all the major social media platforms. You’ll just head to the Spy24 sign-in to screen details from apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Viber, and more.

5. Access stored Media

 You can go to the Spy24 dashboard to get the saved photographs and recordings from your device. Apart from seeing their photographs, you’ll download them to your system.

 6. Inbuilt Keylogger

If you need, you’ll empower an inbuilt keylogger on the Spy24 app. This will let you get to their account passwords, erased messages, and each other keystrokes written on the device.

 7. Browsing History

Spy24 will let you get to their exact browsing history – the websites they have gone by with timestamps. You’ll check what they seek on the net and how much time they went through browsing it.

SPY24 App Cost

presently, our Spy24 review would have cleared most of our questions. In case you’re preparing to utilize it, at that point, you must check the Spy24 cost of its accessible plans. As of now, Spy24 is accessible in three plans that would cost $free $59.99/$98.99 per month. The costliest plan ($98.99) has all the developed features that I have recorded above.

You can also apply for a Spy24 refund within the first 7 days of your buy in case you’re not fulfilled with the product.

1 Month 3 Months   6 Months
Free: 59.99 $   98.99 $
Call RecordingSMS/MMSWhatsAppGPS TrackingPhotosInstant MessagingFacebook MessengerSkype

SPY24 App Pors cons

Before you get an active Spy24 membership, ensure that you check the following advantages and disadvantages of the app.


    • Spy24 is completely compatible with all the top Android and iOS devices.

    • It incorporates a few developed features like call recording, geofencing, keylogger, etc.

    • You can get tons of analytics concerning the device’s general activities.


    • Tracking numerous devices with the Spy24 app can be pricey.

    •  It can be very complicated to install and set up Spy24 on the target device.

    • To access most of its developed features, you’ll need root/jailbreak access.

    • There is no Spy24 free trial accessible, and you’ll only get to its demo online.


Now that we have come to the end of our Funama review app, we find out that it’s simply sufficient to let your children stroll off but be sure of their security, particularly on the web. Android parental control is the number one forerunner of guaranteeing your children’s assurance, so utilize them to be sure they are secure.

 From our Funama review app, you’ll effectively check the general usefulness of the app. I have moreover included tons of other details like Funamo cost, features, pros, cons, and more here. In case you like to allow it an attempt, at that point, just take after the Funamo installation that I have listed above. Apart from that, if you’re searching for a more developed, user-friendly, and reasonable app, at that point, install SPY24. It’ll let you meet each device following your requirements of yours without any specialized bother.

Here’s the deal, attempt SPY24 parental control app for Android, and believe me, you won’t lament it. Download and install it and begin blocking the web and apps on your child’s mobile devices from SPY24. Secure kids utilizing the SPY24 parental control app for Android and be certain that they are secure beneath your observation. Do not let them stroll away and get annoyed when you’re not observing.

Before making any decisions, investigate carefully and read about more parental control apps to choose the best one that fits you and your needs. We hope this Funama review app was helpful.  We hope you find this article in SPY24 useful! You can also read our other articles, such as the best parental control apps.


I am seeing a message asking me to enable Funamo for application usage data and it blocks all apps. What does it mean and what should I do?

In case you see this message, it implies that your device has been updated to Android 5. x Lollipop and you wish to empower Funamo to access application utilization information. For most device models, Funamo opens the correct page where you’ll be able, basically, to enable it by checking the checkbox for Funamo. In the case where Funamo cannot naturally open the page, you’ll be able to do so by progressing to the Settings app (not Funamo) and beneath the Security area. Here are the screenshots for the Samsung device for your reference.

How to set up Funamo on a device that supports multiple accounts and how to prevent a user from bypassing Funamo using a guest account?

You’ll only run one copy of Funamo on a device that strengthens different accounts. Internet filtering ought to work for all accounts since network settings are shared. The application control would only work for the account where Funamo is installed. So, we would suggest simply setting up the main account on your Android device as the admin account and setting up a separate user account for all kids to share. You ought to install Funamo parental control within the kids’ account. Doing so prevents the user from skipping Funamo using a guest account (for devices running Android 5. x Lollipop or afterward) since a user account cannot open a guest account.

Does Funamo support the Google Search widget?

In Google Search settings, empower SafeSearch. Once Funamo protection is empowered, the Settings page is secured by Funamo, and it cannot be accessed without a password.

Do I get to sign up in case I am attempting to set up a second device?

No, you do not. You’ll be able basically to log in with the email/password you made when you were setting up your first device. Funamo wizard will walk you through the steps to enroll your device.

What mobile platforms does Funamo support?

Funamo right now supports all Android-based smartphones and tablets. The application can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

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