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How to Ban Someone from Instagram Report Bot Using Termux and PC and Linux

Imagine that you have gone to a family member’s party, and even at this party, you will see that almost all of the family members are busy scrolling through Instagram and exploring the app. What was the purpose of these words? I wanted to point out the importance of Instagram in society and among people, and as you know, today many people use Instagram, which has a significant impact on people’s lives. The fact that many people use Instagram has made this space in need of a lot of content creators. That is, with the presence of this population on Instagram, many pages should be active in this space. This has led many people to produce content on Instagram.

So, anyone who intends to create content on Instagram has many competitors, and these competitors usually do not have an interest in fair competition. Even Mr. Satan likes to pit people against each other on Instagram. Perhaps you might ask what is meant by unfair competition on Instagram. In response to this question, you should say that many people are willing to pay to deactivate your page so that they can attract your audience to themselves and destroy your page. One of the most common ways to destroy other people’s pages on Instagram is to report them, and your competitors can destroy all your efforts in less than a day by buying Instagram report bots.

Now, in this war, what should we do to protect our Instagram page? This question and request from Inbo’s users prompted us to write an article to help you counter Instagram reporting. So, let’s join us in this article from Inbo’s publication on Virgool to fully understand this issue :)

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Why are we being reported on Instagram?

As you know, any type of content can be posted on a social network. Sometimes, these contents may be offensive or +18 content can be published on Instagram. When Meta (formerly Facebook) bought Instagram and Mark Zuckerberg became the owner of Instagram, many new users joined Instagram, and the number of content published on Instagram daily increased significantly. Some of these contents were offensive, and Instagram users complained to Facebook because of this bad content and many protests were sent to the company. For this reason, Instagram developers worked on adding a feature to Instagram that would allow users to report inappropriate content, and Instagram support would review those contents and delete them if the report was accurate and the content was inappropriate. This feature still exists, and as shown in the image below, you can report a post or, in other words, report it.

Why are we being reported on Instagram?

What kind of content can be reported?

To avoid being reported on Instagram and not giving your competitors an excuse to report your page, it is better to fully understand Instagram’s rules and not publish content that violates them. In the following article, you will become familiar with these rules, and if you need more detailed explanations, you can go to this link and read Instagram’s rules in English to better understand them.

How to Report Things
The best way to report abusive content or spam on Instagram is by using the Report link near the content itself. You can also report a post or profile on Instagram. Below are examples of how you can report content to us.
Learn more about how to report abuse. If someone gains access to your account or you’re unable to log in, visit this page on your desktop or mobile browser to secure your account.
If you’re experiencing a technical problem on Instagram, you can report it here.
Keep in mind that your report is anonymous, except if you’re reporting an intellectual property infringement. The account you reported won’t see who reported them.
What kind of content can be reported?

1- Publishing offensive advertising content:

The first rule you should consider when publishing a post and its comments is not to publish excessive and offensive advertising content on Instagram. If you put a lot of advertising comments under a single post, Instagram may take action and deactivate your page temporarily. If you continue to do this for a longer period, your page may receive a heavier penalty from Instagram.

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This not only violates Instagram’s rules but also prevents your audience from enjoying your content. Social networks are generally created for entertainment and pleasure, and if one of your audience only sees ads, they will unfollow you and may even block you so that they no longer see your posts. So never put too much advertising on Instagram, so that neither your audience is upset nor you are reported by Instagram. Also, do not follow too many people on Instagram, and set a limit on following others.

2- Misuse of other people’s photos:

The second point that needs to be discussed in this section is that you should never pretend to be someone else on social media. For example, if you create an Instagram account and use the name and information of a celebrity instead of your own, you are pretending to be someone else, which is against Instagram’s rules. So, you should not use someone else’s photo for your profile or pretend to be someone else and put your name and information on the page.

3- Publishing unethical content:

Inappropriate and unethical content is another type of content that can cause your page to be reported and taken down. You should not post +18 content on Instagram because children also use Instagram and by posting inappropriate content, you may cause them harm. Instagram also has a problem with +18 and unethical content and considers it a red line. Even if you post a simple story with inappropriate and +18 content, your page may be deleted in less than a day. Sometimes, if inappropriate content is seen in a particular live stream and the owners of the page have published inappropriate content in that live stream, their page may be closed.

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4- Violation of copyright law:

The fourth law we are examining is related to copyright law. It is very important, and not following copyright laws in Europe and America is considered a crime and you may even face a court case for not observing this issue. Instagram, being an American company and following the laws of this country, has strict laws regarding copyright. This means that you cannot use content that someone else has produced on YouTube or Instagram and post it on your page under your name in order to attract followers for yourself. Therefore, you must use content that does not have copyright issues so that you do not encounter problems and your competitors cannot destroy your page.

How to lift Instagram reports:

Now we have reached the main section of the article. If you have followed all of Instagram’s rules but your competitors were smarter than you and reported you using a trick or by using Instagram report bots, what should you do to escape the swamp of page destruction? In the following, we will explain these methods step by step.

Method 1: Contact Instagram support

The first and most common method to recover your Instagram account after it has been penalized due to being reported by others or by an Instagram report bot is to reach out to Instagram support directly. You can explain the situation and request that your account be restored by sending a message through the direct message feature on Instagram. You can expect a response within a few days.

Buying an Instagram report bot

Perhaps you are someone who wants to report pages with inappropriate content. However, you cannot close a page with offensive content on your own. To take down an Instagram page, you would need to use an Instagram report bot, also known as an Instagram report bot. However, this method is against Instagram’s rules, and you would have to perform this action illegally using hacking methods. A programmer from India has written a code that allows you to report any page you desire and close your account.

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To use the program mentioned above, you would need to be a programmer with knowledge of coding. Nonetheless, we will provide you with the GitHub link of the programmer we mentioned so that you can use their code.

Creating an Instagram Report Bot using Termux and PC and Linux

In this trick, you will learn how to create an Instagram Report Bot using Windows and Termux. So stay with us.

When you notice that an account is violating Instagram’s rules and regulations, or if it causes you harm by creating fake accounts, you can report the violator account to Instagram using the report feature and get their page closed.

Creating an Instagram Report Bot using Termux and PC and Linux

Creating an Instagram Report Bot on Windows

First, download the file we have provided at the end of this article and extract it from the zip file into a folder.

Now, hold down the shift key and right-click and click on the “open PowerShell windows here” option. After the window opens, enter the following command:

Download Python from:

Download ReportBot from Github:
cd Desktop
cd InstagramReportBot-master
pip install -r requirements.txt

After the installation is complete, close and reopen the window, and enter the following command:

  1. Your Instagram Report Bot is now running.
  2. After running the bot, if you want to use a proxy, enter Y, if you don’t need it, enter N.
  3. After this step, two options will be displayed, asking you about the type of report:
  4. If you want to report a page, enter 1, and if you want to report a post, enter 2.
  5. After this step, the bot asks for the link or username of the target account.
  6. Finally, the bot starts reporting.

Using a proxy in a robot

First, paste your proxy list into the file that contains the source code. When prompted for a proxy, enter the name of your proxy list along with the extension (.txt).

Closing someone else’s Instagram page with Termux

You may have seen a lot of content on creating an Instagram reporter robot in Termux. I must tell you that none of these sources work in Termux, so don’t waste your time creating a reporter robot with Termux.

Note: Instagram does not close any page without reason, and if the target does not have any violations, the page will not be closed and the reporter’s page will be checked. These violations can include prohibited words, use of certain images, unrelated bio, etc., which will be removed with a reported page or post.

Is there an Instagram report bot out there?

An “Instagram Report Bot” is a term that is frequently searched on Google, and many people are searching for it. Unfortunately, scammers have taken advantage of this opportunity to sell useless bots and make a lot of money. They claim that their bot can prevent users from being reported on Instagram, but in reality, there is nothing that can prevent you from being reported on Instagram. You just need to follow the rules and guidelines set forth by Instagram.

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