mSpy Free Trial Parental Control Review 2023: What Is mSpy?


Why is it important to read MSPY reviews? Surely there’s an advantage in tracking your partner and employer information. You may want some insight into their activities. If you are interested in knowing about the people in your life, you can use cell phone spy software to monitor their actions and honesty. You may want to check whether your children are visiting websites that are not legitimate and whether your employees spend too much time at work to get caught.

MSPY is arguably one of the best parental control and monitoring programs available. It provides every tool you need to keep your children secure not only offline and online but also in real life through social media monitoring.

There is no way parents can take a risk when it comes to their child’s safety. This is the main reason why every parent should use this mobile monitoring solution. According to critics, it is one of the complete parental control apps and monitoring software packages available.

Android: Yes
iOS(iPhone/iPad) : Yes
Website:  https:// mspy .com/
Domain Age:
Overall Rank 6  MSPY
Web & App Yes
Time Limits No
Location Tracking Yes
Starting Price $69.99 / month
Supported Operating Systems iOS, Android
Number of Devices 1
Free Plan No
Money-Back Guarantee no
MSPY Parental Control Review
Keep your children safe both online and in the real world with our mSpy parental tracking app. Monitor their GPS location, see who they are texting and talking to on Facebook or WhatsApp, what videos and images they share, and much more!
Supported Phones: Android, iPhone


  1. 1 month of $69.99
  2. 3 months of $40.00
  3. 12 months of $16.67


  1. 1 month of $69.99
  2. 3 months of $40.00
  3. 12 months of $16.67


But SPY24 is free for 30 days

Ranked 6th from

How Does mSpy Operate and What Is It?

A mobile phone spying program like mSpy can allow you quickly keep an eye on the target mobile phone’s actions with no hassle. You may get information about their phone calls, social media activities, their instant messaging apps, places visited, and more by actively utilizing this program.

The fact that this software operates entirely invisibly in the background on the target device is crucial since it makes it almost difficult for the user to be aware of its existence.

Since its release in 2010, mSpy has steadily enhanced its features to rank among the most trusted and frequently used mobile phone spying applications worldwide.

While it is mainly aimed at parents who want to constantly monitor their children’s actions on their smartphones, the software is also widely used by other users, such as corporations, spouses, and those who want to utilize it for their own specific requirements. In fact, more than 1.5 million parents use this software on a daily basis to ensure their kids’ online safety.

How Does mSpy Operate and What Is It?

The program is dependable, simple to install, and works with both iOS and Android mobile devices. In addition, it provides you with a thorough analysis of all the features and operations made on the target device.

As previously mentioned, mSpy will continue to operate in the background on the target mobile phone once you have successfully installed it. The information will then be uploaded to your account on the mSpy platform, including all call logs and records, text messages, IM conversations, your location history, and many more.

Afterward, at your convenience, you can log into your account using any web browser on a phone, desktop, laptop, etc., and peruse all the information that has been retrieved.

You may easily start monitoring your child’s device by following the three easy steps listed below.

  1. Pick a subscription 

Choose a membership package on the mSpy website depending on the precise features you need in the program as your first step. After that, you must enter your payment information and finish the transaction. You will then get a confirmation email in your mailbox after completing that.

  1. Install mSpy on the target device. 

An installation instruction that will make it simple for you to install the mSpy program on the target device is included in the welcome email that was given to you.

  1. Start Monitoring 

After mSpy has been successfully installed on the target device, you can access mSpy work on your control panel via the mSpy website and begin seeing the data that has been gathered using mspy work, an intuitive online dashboard.

Who Might Use the mSpy App?

Anybody may have the mSpy program installed on their phone, including members of your family (including your children), coworkers, and even yourself. Remember that if you want to install it on someone else’s Android phone or ios device, however, you must first get that person’s consent legally.

These security and surveillance applications aren’t only for snooping on your target through cell phone spy apps, despite what the public perception is. Also, you may utilize mSpy to constantly track the whereabouts of Android devices on your target device.

If you’re an employer, you may ask your staff to download the mSpy software on their mobile phones, so you can quickly and easily check who is where at any given moment. Moreover, you may check whether somebody is conversing online or using a Cellphone in the midst of the workday.


Before you can install the mSpy software on your target user’s smartphone or another device, the target device must comply with a few technical criteria, just as with any other parental control program. These will also be covered in the current review.

Android devices

A minimum Android 4+ OS is required for an Android smartphone. If you are interested in being capable of tracking instant communications spy apps like WhatsApp despite end-to-end encryption and removing Last Seen in the settings, which still lets you know when the target person was online, you’ll need to root the phone.

You may also keep an eye on Snapchat by disabling all restrictions and taking complete control of the smartphone.

Regardless of whether it is rooted or not, you must have the device physically in your possession in order to install the mSpy program.

iPhones or iOS Devices

MSPy has discontinued offering a jailbreak iOS app. When looking at monitoring jailbroken devices, you will need to restore them to the factory default settings.

The prerequisites for iPhone devices vary depending on whether the device has been jailbroken or not. mSpy for iOS devices without jailbreak If the monitored device is an iPhone and you want to jailbreak it, you can consider choosing mSpy Without Jailbreak.


First, jailbroken iOS devices need a little more work to install mSpy than non-jailbroken ones do. You must confirm that the device has an Internet connection and an iOS version of 7 to 9.1. To download and install mSpy and complete the app installation process and setup, you must also have physical access to the device for at least 10 minutes.

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On the plus side, mSpy-installed jailbroken iOS devices have access to more parental control capabilities than non-jailbroken devices do. Only jailbroken devices may access features like social media, location tracking, geofencing, email access, phone recording, and browser filtering, to name a few.


No concerns if you don’t want to jailbreak your iPhone. In fact, it is far simpler to install the mSpy program on a non-jailbroken phone. If two-factor authentication is not set, all you need to install this spy software are the owner’s iCloud credentials. Yet even if they do, you’ll still need to have physical access to the target device. Also, as was already noted, doing things this way has a lot of restrictions.

However, recent security patches from Apple have further restricted the functions of mSpy. The functionality for the most recent iOS versions may be restricted to GPS, contacts, geofencing, and a Panic button, according to the mSpy support staff.

mSpy Compatibility

Installing mSpy app

As mSpy isn’t offered in app stores and requires additional setup effort, installing it is trickier than it seems. The website doesn’t make it simple to identify the installation instructions.

For instance, in order to use an Android smartphone, Google Play Protect must be turned off. If you didn’t, it would see mSpy as a danger to your privacy and prevent the whole installation process.

The next step is to manually download the app from mSpy URL, launch it, and adhere to the installation instructions with Play Protect deactivated.

IOS installations have their own unique set of regulations and are highly distinct. iCloud login information may be all that is needed for setup for non-jailbroken devices, enabling you to install the program without having physical access to the device. But, if two-factor authentication (2FA) is enabled, that won’t work (you have to enter a verification code on the target device.)

After everything is set up, log in to your mSpy control panel, input the information for your phone (model, phone number, etc.), and you should start receiving information about the device.

Installing mSpy

The phone user won’t be able to see what has happened even after mSpy is installed, activated, and functioning. On the phone, there is no mSpy app icon yet, no indication that anything has changed, and no notifications or alerts. Even technically savvy children may not be aware that they are being watched at the moment.

How To Install mSpy On A Target Phone Android devices and IOS devices (Download mSpy)

mSpy Functions and Features:

Anyone will desire mSpy’s feature set in a phone tracking app program. We’ll go into more depth about these features in this section of the mSpy review.

Location Tracking

MSpy has a very good GPS location tracking system, but the app only supports Android smartphones and tablets. During my tests, this call tracking software was very effective in locating phone of my son. The location timeline allowed me to quickly find out where they were from recently. This feature can help your child stay in the place that is needed, as well as help locate missing devices.

GPS location Tracking

GPS location tracking is one of the main features of this parental control software for both parents and employers. No matter where your target device is in the globe, you may use this capability to track its current position. You will always be able to view the position of the device as long as it is online.

GPS Tracking

The ability to create limited regions using Google Maps is another significant feature included in this app. You’ll get an email alert or an online notice whenever the target phone user reaches a forbidden region. One of the most useful characteristics of mSpy is how simple it is to set this up.

Seeing Call History

Users of mSpy may record phone calls on the target device. While you won’t be able to hear the call precisely, you can find out every information about every call, both incoming and outgoing phone calls made. This comprises the caller’s name, the time the call was made, the duration of the call, and other related information.

Seeing Call History

Hence, by installing mSpy on your target user’s phone, you will know the answer to your question right away if you are curious about who they have been talking to on the phone till the wee hours of the morning.

Blocking Calls

Another feature of the mSpy program is the ability to block all incoming calls from undesired callers as well as their previous incoming and outgoing calls on the target device. For parents who worry that their kids could be chatting with someone they shouldn’t be, this is extremely crucial.

On the dashboard of your mSpy Control Panel, you will have full access to the whole list of contacts, including the call log and records. Here, you may create a block list to stop unknown callers from attempting to reach the destination phone.


If you become more and more anxious about the time your kids spend sending and reading text messages (SMS) or if you are afraid that employees’ SMS may deliver secret data to rivaling businesses, it is the right time to prove or dispel your worries and spy on text messages. We are able to provide you with an SMS tracker solution that will discover what is hidden from you and monitor text messages.

Seeing Messages

You might also use mSpy to see all emails, incoming and outgoing call calls, and texts, depending on your device. This function works on Apple devices even without a jailbroken phone. But the phone must first be rooted for Android smartphones.

Seeing Messages

You may view even deleted instant messages thanks to this function, which is another advantage of this app. Even if your target user attempts to hide their traces by deleting messages, mSpy will still allow you to access all the logs of already deleted messages and communications.

Date, time, and sender or receiver information are all included in the text messages. Nowadays, you don’t have to worry about your child’s sms messages or youngsters engaging in dubious chats with strangers or other negative influences of online activities.

Obtaining Media

In your online mSpy dashboard, under the Pictures tab, you may also view media files on the target device. You may choose one of three subsections under Pictures to view the photographs and videos on the target device.

Obtaining Media

The first part showcases all of the images captured today, the second showcases all of the images captured yesterday, and the third showcases all of the images captured in the past. Any multimedia files sent or received by the target phone or user on the target phone will be visible to you.

Monitoring and blocking of apps

mSpy has the ability to track and disable certain applications on the target child’s phone. Popular social media apps and platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Telegram, Snapchat, Line, and Kik, are on the list. These platforms might be hazardous for children.

Parents who are concerned that their kid may be engaging in online dating will find it beneficial that this parental control app and software can even monitor their behavior on Tinder.

Monitoring and blocking of apps

Users will be able to access text messages, call records, and multimedia files sent and received on these applications as well as see when the target phone’s owner is actively using the apps by employing app monitoring and blocking. Another option is to completely block the application.

Employers may use this function to prevent their staff from using obtrusive social media networking applications, and parents can use it to shield their children from potentially hazardous online settings.

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Monitoring and blocking of websites

You probably already know how challenging it can be to monitor your children’s Internet behavior if you have children. As children are naturally curious about everything around them, they often poke their noses where they shouldn’t.

You no longer need to be concerned about your kids visiting potentially hazardous or strange websites, thanks to mSpy. You get access to a list of all the websites they have visited, along with the most popular ones and the most recent times they visited each site.

You may limit access to websites you don’t like and check their whole site surfing and browsing history. On the target phone, you may even choose the kind of limitation you desire. For illustration, suppose you wish to stop your staff from idly using social media apps monitoring or networking sites like Twitter and Facebook during working hours.

To avoid any idle activity and boost daily productivity, you may use mSpy to block particular applications during defined time periods, such as working hours of 8 am-5 pm.

Keeping a keystroke log

The ability to record each keystroke made on the target device using mSpy is another feature of the app. Users may discover data such as login information, usernames, passwords, encrypted text, URLs, text messages, and emails by doing this.

Keeping a keystroke log

In fact, the users’ Internet Control Panel gives them access to anything that was entered on the target phone. The greatest part about this is that the only mobile surveillance program that can capture and preserve keystrokes is currently mSpy. Regrettably, this function is only accessible on Android smartphones; however, there are plans to make it available on iOS devices as well.

Wi-Fi Monitoring

Public Wi-Fi sites may be pretty harmful, in case you didn’t know. The fact is that public hotspots may be a quagmire of spyware, viruses, and phishers waiting to pounce on your device and thus cause havoc.

For those who save everything on their cell phone, including private information like passwords and banking information, this is highly concerning.

Children, who may not even hesitate before connecting to any free hotspot they see while they’re outdoors, make this situation much more complicated.

Users of mSpy are able to keep an eye on and manage each Wi-Fi connection that the target phone establishes. This implies that even if the device’s mobile data is turned off, you will be able to follow it over Wi-Fi networks.

You may see all the connection information, including when the device contacts a particular network. If you don’t think the Wi-Fi network is secure enough to use, you may even prevent the device from attempting to connect it.

This functionality is especially beneficial if you provide employees with work-related devices in order to avoid any corporate information from leaking as a result of a risky public Wi-Fi network.

Locking and wiping p remotely

If the owner of the monitored phone should ever lose it, this capability will come in extremely handy. If worst comes to worst, you can even remotely delete the phone’s data using mSpy. Without the phone’s owner being aware of it, all of this happens in the background.


Geofencing, which allows you to set certain prohibited and safe geographic zones for your children using the monitored Cellphone, is seen to be a very useful function for parents. You may define an unlimited number of such zones.


You will get automatic updates from the target device on the frequency and times of occurrences when a fenced-out zone was entered or departed by the user. You may also get this information by email.

Parents actively use this tool all around the globe to keep their kids away from locations that might be dangerous. You can quickly create safe zones around your child’s house, school, and many other frequented locations with mSpy’s geofencing feature.

Other Qualities

Comprehensive reporting is included with every mSpy subscription, and you may tweak it to your heart’s delight. The reports’ contents may be tailored to your preferences, and you can decide how often you wish to get them.

Installations on one device or many devices are permitted by all mSpy programs. Each individual plan, however, is only valid for one device at a time. You must first delete the first monitored device if you wish to monitor a different one. The advantage is that you may change out the devices you’re monitoring as often as you want.

In addition to this, the main selling feature of mSpy is perhaps the fact that, in contrast to many other tracking and monitoring software available today, it doesn’t need you to root or jailbreak the target device in order to use it.

While root access to the device is not necessary to install the software, it may provide you with access to extra functions. This is excellent if you want to use mSpy covertly, particularly if you want to install it on the phone of your target user.

mSpy price and plans

Depending on the subscription you choose to buy, you may access a different set of mSpy capabilities. For 1–12 months, they offer premium packages. Remember that the cost of your membership decreases with the length of its validity.

Premium Subscription for Parental Control App mSpy

It is recommended to purchase the mSpy Premium bundle if you require more information on your child’s Internet activity:

  • One Month: $48.99

  • Three Months: $27.99

  • Twelve Months: $11.66

A mSpy Premium membership enables the following Internet activity monitoring:

mSpy price and plans

  • SMS messages

  • View call logs

  • social media apps

  • Facebook Messenger call logs

  • Contact information and chat history

  • History and bookmarked websites

  • Activities and notes on the calendar

  • Installed programs

  • Videos and images

  • Current GPS coordinates

  • Calls, both incoming and outgoing

  • Keyword warnings

  • More device information

  • Tracking apps and webpages

  • Monitoring WhatsApp, Hangouts, Instagram, Facebook, Kik, Line, Skype, Snapchat, and Viber

  • Tracking connected Wi-Fi networks

  • Limiting incoming caller ID

  • Viewing iMessage

  • Installing geofencing

  • Matching passwords with Keylogger

  • Using a screen recorder

Is it Legal to Use Mspy?

As long as you use mSpy ethically, it is not unlawful to do so. The software was initially developed to empower companies by allowing them to monitor the productivity of their employees and to assist worried parents in keeping a careful eye on their kids. Having said that, you must make sure that your use of mSpy complies with any of the following legal mandates:

Is it Legal to Use Mspy?

    • You put the mSpy software on a device that you own.

    • You monitor company-owned devices using mSpy, making sure the staff is informed of the monitoring.

    • To monitor minors, you utilize mSpy in the guise of a parental control program.

    How Safe is mSpy?

    A username and password system integrated with the online shop is used by the mSpy control panel. No authentication information is saved on the device since the app just uses an activation code to connect to the profile. When mSpy is installed without any icons, it is completely quiet and leaves no trace of its usage on the target device.

    Your data is protected by mSpy using a reliable two-factor authentication scheme. Each client account is secured with a private key in addition to a username and password. When the account is formed, a private key is created. You must keep this key secure since it is your only other option for changing your password in case you forget it.

    How Safe is mSpy?

    How does mSpy safeguard user and target information?

    In the past, mSpy was the unlucky target of many cyberattacks that exposed user information. In 2015, malevolent hackers gained access to their systems and published information on their victims on the dark web, which was later validated by outside cybersecurity expert Brian Krebs. To ensure that a breach of that gravity doesn’t occur again, mSpy has improved the security of both the server-side and client-side architecture in reaction to these attacks.

    Customer data is now protected utilizing asymmetric RSA-4096 encryption and symmetric AES-256 for key transfer, in accordance with their privacy policy. This is a significant improvement over mSpy’s prior security configuration, which allowed hackers access to unencrypted data that was retrieved from monitored devices and stored on mSpy’s servers.

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    Even if there is another breach, the data acquired from your phones will be encrypted, and hence it is worthless to an attacker if you use a separate private key along with a login and password to access your data.

    Now, mSpy complies with PCI-DSS standards. Every business that handles a client’s payment information must have this level of accreditation.

    All user data must be encrypted, and when a payment is made, payment data must be securely exchanged across encrypted channels. It’s comforting to see that mSpy complies with all necessary regulations to support all major credit and debit cards.

    Safety is obviously a top priority for mSpy and its users, but we’re happy to report that the program seems safe. The data channels used for communication are encrypted, and mSpy itself won’t let you change your password if you don’t have your private key.

    This means that neither the device data nor the account credentials of their users are stored on unencrypted social media apps and accounts. Good news for the privacy of your data!

    Pros & Cons of mSpy

    mSpy is a great application that offers a variety of features. Yet, in this mSpy review, we’ll look at some of its outstanding advantages and disadvantages.

    Here are several factors that might make this software suitable for you or vice versa.


    • This program has a fantastic user experience that makes it quite simple to use and available.

    • Keyword alerts, call log, and SMS text log, Social Media Monitoring app With mSpy, you can monitor Snapchat, Telegram, Skype, Tinder, Kik, Line, Viber, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp messaging applications as well as text messages in real time with no lags or delays.

    • web browsing history

    • A 14-day money-back guarantee is offered.

    • There is excellent customer care that is offered around the clock and in several languages.

    • It is embedded with several monitoring capabilities that make spying simple and enjoyable.

    • The software has many price tiers.

    • REAL-TIME CELL PHONE GPS TRACKER Check the real-time GPS location of your beloved ones every time such necessity occurs

    • It includes features for remotely managing a target’s device that allow users to capture screenshots, videos, or audio recordings.

    • In case the free trial is not accessible, the app provides a 30% discount in its place.

    • It operates in roughly 180 countries.

    • It offers geofencing and GPS tracking capabilities that are very precise.

    • It monitors apps on the target’s smartphone that is undetected.

    • It is compatible with the majority of iOS and Android devices.

    • No jailbreaking or rooting is necessary to use the app


      • It adheres to the one-plan-per-device rule.
      • To access all functionality, jailbreaking or rooting is necessary.
      • There is no desktop version that is officially supported.
      • The price plans might be considered exorbitant by some.

      mSpy best alternative: SPY24 Parental Control apps

      The SPY24 app is a more advanced and sophisticated type of monitoring phone app. It comes with additional features, such as the ability to record video footage in high quality, making it ideal for parents who want to keep an eye on their children while they are using the Internet to play games or watch videos online while they are at school (or even at home).

      • SPY24 App is free for 30 days.

      • Compatibility parental control apps (Android- iPhone free trial) (Mac OS – Windows- PC free trial) 


      mSpy best alternative: SPY24


      While mSpy is a decent monitoring tool, it is a subpar parental control tool. It will provide you with access to all of your child’s text messages, messages sent via chat apps, and emails, but it only offers very limited parental control options.

      It has the ability to ban websites and applications, monitor call and browser history, locate your kid, set up geofences, and notify you if your child uses a prohibited word or phrase. But it is unable to establish screen time restrictions, monitor your child’s YouTube activity, or categorize websites. Similar to how its native Android browser app lacks many essential functions, so does its iOS app.

      While its sophisticated capabilities require you to jailbreak or root the target phone, mSpy may be difficult to set up, and its customer service is inconsistent. mSpy does not provide a free trial or a free plan, and a full refund is only possible if the reason for the request doesn’t contradict their refund policy. SPY24 hopes this post helps! See also the best Android phone call tracker app.

      mSpy FAQ

      Tell me the biggest problem when using monitoring apps such as mSpy.

      How do I choose the best cell phone monitoring app?

      Great question. We’re often asked what makes the best phone tracking app, and while everyone’s needs are different, we keep coming back to the same three answers. Features.

      On the target phone, how does mSpy appear?

      On the target phone, mSpy is completely absent. The program solely accesses iCloud backups on non-jailbroken iPhones. Thus, there is no risk of being unintentionally detected by the device owner. The program operates silently and secretly in the background on Android phones.

      How much data is used by mSpy?

      Due to the frequent uploading of data, mSpy installation somewhat increases data use. That data usage could be visible, depending on how much data the target device regularly consumes.

      How does mSpy obtain the information?

      For the data to be updated on the Control Panel, the target device must always be connected. mSpy on the target device won’t be able to send information to your web dashboard without a Wi-Fi or data connection.

      Does mSpy keep track of phone location while it is off?

      When the location is disabled, mSpy continues to follow the target device. The company phone’s sole need is that the device should always have an Internet connection.

      Is it possible to trace a mobile phone for free?

      While there are some free options available, they are not particularly effective. These solutions just allow you to see someone’s position on a map and have very few other capabilities. Note that most of the time, businesses that assert to provide the greatest phone monitoring software for free are just trying to bilk you out of cash.

      Can you track someone with mSpy without them knowing?

      Tracking my kid’s phones is illegal but not always possible. In the United Kingdom, the laws allow children to monitor the smartphone of their own child. This includes installing parental control apps, including spy apps. Parents may watch children under the age of 15.

      How much is mSpy for a month?

      Using mSpy on the phone, you can pick up three simple subscription plans. The monthly subscription costs $26.29. Three months: $59.90. 12 Months.999.

      Can you use mSpy on iPhone?

      Yes, mSpy is compatible with iPhones running iOS 11 – 14.8.1, but it also depends on the device model. Jailbreaking or rooting the phone is not required for mSpy to work, unlike some other monitoring apps. However, if you want to unlock social media monitoring, you will need to jailbreak an iPhone or root an Android phone. With mSpy, you can set safe zones on a map and get alerted when the monitored device enters or exits those areas. This feature is especially useful for parents who want to keep their children safe.

      Which app is better than mSpy?

      SPY24 provides an effective spy solution for iPhone or Android devices. Among the biggest differences mSpy has with SPY24 is that they have many functions. SPY24 can track employees’ mobile phones, their children, and even loved ones.

      Does mSpy really work?

      This app works for both Android and iOS users. No jailbreak device is compatible. Mspy .com offers 24-hour customer support.

      Does mSpy remain hidden?

      mSpy is designed to remain undetectable on the target device and works in the background mode without sending any notifications to the device. However, it is not 100% true that the app cannot be detected.

      How long is mSpy free?

      I’m sorry, but mSpy does not offer a free version. However, they do offer a 7-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the app’s performance.

      Does mSpy work on an iPhone?

      In the last year, MSpy became a global leader in mobile surveillance technology and quickly grew. The app is reliable, easy to use, and is available on all Android phones, including iOS devices.

      Can you install mSpy without them knowing?

      No, installing mSpy without the knowledge and consent of the user is illegal and unethical. Additionally, it is not possible to install mSpy without physical access to the target device.

      What does mSpy show on Snapchat?

      mSpy is a Snapchat spy app that allows you to monitor Snapchat conversations, including chats and pictures, on the target device from your computer, tablet, or mobile phone. With mSpy installed on the target device, you can view all incoming and outgoing Snapchat messages and media files, including photos and videos, as well as the time and date stamps for each message. Additionally, mSpy can also monitor other device activities like GPS tracking, call and message history, and social media usage. It’s important to note that using monitoring apps like mSpy without the consent of the user can be illegal and unethical.

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