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You might be one of the millions of parents who are worried about the amount of time their children spend using screens and social media apps. You may also be worried about the people they hang out with and the places they attend.

If that is the case, you ought to give serious consideration to installing a phone monitoring app. There are many apps, including eyeZy, from which you can make your selection. In this post, we will conduct an in-depth analysis of the eyeZy interface and break down each component in order to assist you in making an informed decision. The market for phone surveillance applications is becoming increasingly competitive. During the course of your investigation as a concerned parent, you might come across hundreds of different suppliers. Keep reading to find out more about the pros and cons of the eyeZy app.
Android Yes
iOS(iPhone/iPad) Yes
eyezy .com/
Domain Age:
Overall Rank Ranked 11th from 4.9 parental controls
Web & App Filtering Yse
Time Limits NO
Location Tracking Yes
Starting Price $7.99 / month
Supported Operating Systems iOS, Android
Number of Devices 1
Free Plan NO
Money-Back Guarantee NO
eyeZy App Reviews
Finally, you found it! Keystroke Capture, Social Spotlight, Pinpoint,Plans Breaker, Files Finder, Web Magnifier, Connection Blocker, Magic Alerts, Phone Analyzer, Invisible Shield, Friendly Installer
Supported Phones: Android, iPhone

Android Monitoring:

  1. $68.56 1 Month For 1 Device
  2. $39.99 3 Month For 1 Device
  3. $14.27 12 Month For 1 Device

iOS Monitoring Pricing Plans:

  1. $68.56 1 Month For 1 Device
  2. $39.99 3 Month For 1 Device
  3. $14.27 12 Month For 1 Device


But SPY24 is free for 30 days

Ranked 5.9th from

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What is eyeZy monitoring app?

eyeZy is a highly effective parental control app and management tool that provides them with a great deal of information regarding how their children use their own electronic devices. After installing eyeZy and linking it to your children’s Android or iOS devices, you will be able to use its web-based interface to monitor your children’s location, browsing history, communications, pictures, and social media activities, among other things. What is eyeZy? eyeZy is a service that requires registration and comes with an extensive website that provides accompanying information as well as interactive instances of the app in action. In order to have full access to certain functions, you will need to unlock your Android smartphone or jailbreak your iOS device.

eyeZy Features

eyeZy is an expensive product, so it comes packed with a ton of features and provides some essential functionalities that give you complete command over your phone. They are as follows: Free Trial Phone Monitoring

Social Spotlight

How does Eyezy function to keep the kids safe? Just using eyeZy enables you to take a peek at the great feature called Social Spotlight. It is simple to install eyeZy and know what your children are discussing on social networking thanks to the Social Spotlight function that is embedded in eyeZy. You will have the ability to view their conversations, including those that have been removed, thanks to the surveillance software that consolidates all types of your social media chats and talks into a single useful feature. Additionally, it is compatible with the majority of the most well-known social media applications, including but not limited to WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Kik, and Tinder. EyeZy is a monitoring app


The word “pinpoint” pretty much says it all on its own. If you have a child who spends a significant amount of time away from home, you will most likely experience anxiety regarding their exact location at any given time. The fact that your youngster is attending school or receiving instruction probably won’t cause you too much anxiety. However, in order to guarantee that you are always aware of the location of your kid, you will need to have the ability to monitor their phone location. That is doable, provided, of course, that the GPS functionality is activated on the device. In this scenario, you will be able to see all of the search history and the browser history of the locations that have been visited either on the list or by using the map view, which will show the specific path that was taken.

Keystroke Capture

You want to make sure your children are secure while also providing them with the space and seclusion they need to inquire about different things and become more knowledgeable about the world. There may be times when you are concerned that they are going to post inappropriate content on social media or search engines. The Keystroke Capture functionality offered by eyeZy enters into action at this point. You will be able to view everything and anything that your own child’s calendar has written using it, including a message that was sent to a fellow student as well as a post that was made on the social media app Instagram.

Disruptor of Plans

eyeZy offers you the ability to transform your suspicions into evidence if you are concerned that your youngster may be planning to attend an event that is either unsafe or against your wishes. You are able to view every event that is scheduled into their agenda with the help of the Plans Breaker function that eyeZy provides. You are able to view the times, dates, and timestamps for the beginning and end of each event on the social calendar that has been registered in their schedule. You can also view the title and description of each event.
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eyeZy keeps an account of the time and date, as well as the Wi-Fi location of the app that was used, for each and every letter that is composed. You can always set up the app to deliver a notification for buzzwords of your choice if you don’t want to look through dozens upon dozens of inconsequential messages outgoing calls or inquiries.

Online Monitoring

Through EyeZy, parents can monitor the online activities of their children on various apps and websites such as social media, messaging apps, search engines, and many more. This feature helps them identify any potential dangers or inappropriate content their child might be exposed to. EyeZy provides a detailed report of the user’s browsing history, including the time spent on each site and the frequency of visits.

Screen Time Management

With EyeZy, parents can manage and limit their child’s screen time to prevent addiction to technology. The app allows them to set daily and weekly limits on device usage hours and restrict access to certain apps or websites during specific times of the day. Parents can also set up a schedule for their child’s device use, allowing them to balance screen time with other activities.

Location Tracking

EyeZy uses GPS technology to provide real-time location updates on the child’s device. This feature allows parents to keep track of their child’s whereabouts and ensure their safety. Parents can receive alerts if their child leaves a designated area or enters an unauthorized one. They can also use this feature to locate their child in case of emergencies.

Phone calls and Text Monitoring

With EyeZy, parents can monitor their child’s call logs and SMS. This feature enables them to keep track of who their child is communicating with and ensure they are not engaging in any inappropriate conversations. Parents can view the phone numbers of the contacts their child communicates with frequently and analyze the content of the messages.

App Usage Monitoring

EyeZy monitors all the apps that are being used on the child’s device as well as the duration of their usage. This feature helps parents understand their child’s digital behavior and identify any potential concerns. Parents can see which apps their child is spending the most time on and control access to certain apps or games that may be inappropriate.

Panic Button

EyeZy includes a panic button that children can press in case of an emergency. When activated, the app automatically sends an alert to the parent’s device with the child’s location information. This feature provides both parents and children with peace of mind knowing that help is only a button away.

Customized Alerts

EyeZy allows parents to set customized alerts for specific activities, such as receiving notifications when their child attempts to access restricted content or leaves a designated area. This feature ensures that parents are notified immediately of any concerning activities, giving them the ability to take action promptly.

Web Filtering

EyeZy includes a web filtering feature that allows parents to block inappropriate websites and content. This feature can be customized based on age, category, and other criteria. Parents can select from pre-set categories such as violence, gambling, drugs, and adult content or add their own custom categories.


EyeZy allows parents to set up virtual boundaries around certain areas and receive alerts when their child enters or exits those areas. This feature can help parents ensure their child is safe and secure in familiar and unfamiliar environments. For example, parents can set up geofencing around schools, parks, or friends’ houses.

Multi-Device Support

EyeZy can be installed on multiple devices with a single account in one app, making it easy for parents to monitor their children’s digital activities across different devices. This feature provides parents with flexibility and convenience as they can manage all devices from one place, regardless of whether they are iOS or Android.

EyeZy Instagram Monitoring

EyeZy also offers Instagram monitoring. This feature allows you to monitor your child’s Instagram activity and make sure they are not engaging in activities that could put them in danger. You can also set up alerts to notify you if your child is using the app in a way you don’t approve of.

Facebook Messenger Monitoring

Facebook monitoring has become easy now with EyeZy. Monitor your kid’s Facebook chat activities online and prevent them from online bullies.

WiFi Networks LOGS

Using EyeZy enables you to view locations and names of Wi-Fi networks your kids connect to throughout their day.

Screen Recording

EyeZy offers the all-new Screen Recorder for both Android and iOS. eyeZy’s hidden Screen Recorder app can help you see your kid’s screen at any time in order to protect them.

Installed Apps List

EyeZy helps you to view the installed apps list to take a peek into the monitored person’s app preferences.

Files Finder

It’s possible that knowing who they’re messaging and where they’re heading won’t be enough to protect your children. There will be instances when you will need to be aware of the contents of the files that your youngster is sharing and receiving. In these kinds of predicaments, eyeZy’s Files Finder is an excellent tool for the task at hand. Nothing that is stored on their phone will be able to escape your vigilant eye, regardless of who sent it to them, whether it was an acquaintance or a stranger, or whether they downloaded it from some sketchy website off the dark web. It is worth mentioning that both EyeZy and SPY24 are monitoring apps designed to help parents keep an eye on their children’s online activities, but if you need an app that provides you with more advanced features, the SPY24 app is highly recommended. Overall, the above-mentioned features provide parents with powerful tools to monitor and manage their child’s digital activities. The EyeZy monitoring app offers comprehensive protection, ensuring the safety and security of children in the digital age. As mentioned, both EyeZy and SPY24 are monitoring apps designed to help parents keep an eye on their children’s online activities. However, while similar apps, there are some differences in their features. SPY24 includes features such as monitoring online activities, location, call logs, view messages, text messages, and social media. SPY24 also is undetectable on the target device, which is a must-have option for spy apps.

EyeZy Price

eyeZy gives customers the option to choose between three different pricing tiers. You have the option to purchase it regularly for $68.56 per month. The cost of the three-month subscription comes to a total of $119.97 and is broken down into individual payments of $39.99. When you purchase a subscription for an entire year, you pay just $14.27 per month rather than a total of $171.24. When compared to the monthly plan or the three-month program, the annual plan offers a significant discount; consequently, if you are considering long-term surveillance, it is in your best interest to purchase the annual plan. SPY24 offers a basic plan that costs $39.99 per month or $199.99 per year, which includes monitoring online activities, location, call logs, and text messages. Their premium plan costs $49.99 per month or $249.99 per year and adds a social media monitoring app and keylogger among other features. SPY24 may be a rather pricy option, but you are paying more for a lot of other options that are not offered by other spy apps.
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EyeZy Pricing

EyeZy monitoring app’s Free Trial

EyeZy offers a free trial period of seven days. During this period, you can use the app to monitor your child’s activity and decide if it is the right app for you. There are no hidden fees or obligations during this period, so you can try the app completely risk-free. SPY24 also offers a free trial of 30 days which is the longest among spy apps on the market.

Compatibility of EyeZy

The application can run on mobile devices running either iOS or Android. It provides the same variety of surveillance features on all of your devices, regardless of whether you have a smartphone or a computer. EyeZy supports the following Devices:
  • Android and 4.4.4 to 13
  • iOS
As mentioned before, EyeZy is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. The app is easy to install and use, and it offers a variety of features to help you monitor your child’s online activities. What are eyeZy's Features?

How to Install EyeZy monitoring app

Installing EyeZy is easy. All you have to do is download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store. Once the app is installed, you can then create an account and start monitoring your child’s phone activity. How to Install eyeZy App Download

EyeZy Review of Customer Support

EyeZy provides remarkable assistance to its customers. You are free to access your eyezy account and communicate with it in any manner you see fit; however, the on-site live chat application provides the most expedient means of doing so. After you have entered your email address and question, a customer service representative will immediately become visible and begin working on a monitoring solution to the solution to your problem. In addition, if you are not in a rush, you can always approach EyeZy by sending an email to the company or by using its accounts on social media. EyeZy can be found on popular social media apps and platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and it also has an account on YouTube with a few instructional videos. The availability of the eyezy customer support service team is remarkable, as they are available around the clock, every day of the year. It also provides two phones that you can use to contact them for assistance in case you want to get in touch with them directly. Take into consideration that these are not toll-free numbers, and that EyeZy is headquartered in Cyprus. With all these options available, this app still lacks in terms of customer support team and professional personnel who can really help the client. If you need a trustworthy customer and support team which is always available to you, SPY24 is definitely a better option.

Eyezy Review of Privacy and Security

eyeZy employs cryptography that is comparable to that used by banks to protect not only your personal data but also the data that you are extracting from the target phone or device. Your information has been protected with RSA-4096 for the highest level of security. Because your private key is also encrypted with AES-256, it would be exceedingly challenging to decrypt it using brute force alone. This cryptography is applied across the entire system. Because the app uses protected TLS protocols for all data transfers, no one will be able to see what you are copying off of your phone if they try to eavesdrop on you. Target device data is also removed from the computers of eyeZy once every three months. This ensures that there is not a significant accumulation of data in case there is ever a data compromise. Due to the fact that this information is encrypted, you are the only person who can view the readouts that eyeZy provides you from the phone that you are monitoring. In this manner, you will have the peace of mind that eyeZy’s computers have not been breached by a third party who is now able to view the confidential information pertaining to your child. Having said that, this is a blade with two edges. There is no alternative method for eyeZy to use in order to change your password if you have misplaced the private key or specific app that is affiliated with your account. It is imperative that you remember where you stored your confidential key. When you sign up for eyeZy, personal information such as your name, email address, IP location, and phone number are gathered for the purpose of delivering the service. eyeZy stores this information and does not reveal it to any third parties, with the exception of complying with requests from law enforcement. On the other hand, a de-anonymized version of your data is combined with other people’s data and used for marketing and internal diagnostics. The information that is gathered by the app itself is protected in a distinct manner using a private key that is only accessible to you. This ensures that any confidential information you record using eyeZy stays in your possession and falls solely under your sphere of responsibility. eyeZy disclaims any and all legal liability for the manner in which it handles the data received from a target device. Limitations


While EyeZy provides extensive features and robust privacy and security measures, there are still some limitations that parents should be aware of:
  • False Sense of Security: While EyeZy can provide parents with a comprehensive monitoring feature, it should not replace open communication between parents and children. Relying too heavily on the app may create a false sense of security, which could lead to a lack of communication between parents and their children about online safety.
  • Incomplete Monitoring: Although the EyeZy app can monitor a wide range of online activities, it may not be able to monitor some activities on certain apps or websites due to technical restrictions or encryption. Parents should be aware that there may be some gaps in their child’s online activity monitoring.
  • Technical Limitations: The effectiveness of EyeZy may depend on the quality of the Internet connection, GPS signals, and battery life of the child’s device. Poor connectivity or low battery levels may affect the accuracy of location tracking and other features.
  • Privacy Concerns: Some children may feel uncomfortable with the level of monitoring provided by EyeZy, which could potentially damage the parent-child relationship. Therefore, parents should have open and honest conversations with their children about why they use the app and what information it collects.
  • App Compatibility: EyeZy may not be compatible with all devices or operating systems. Therefore, parents should ensure that the app is compatible with their child’s device before purchasing it.
While EyeZy is a powerful monitoring tool that provides parents with a comprehensive set of features, it also has some limitations that parents should consider. Parents should weigh these limitations against their needs and make an informed decision when choosing whether to use the app.
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Eyezy User Reviews

Users have praised the app for its ease of use, real-time alerts, and location tracking. However, some users have reported instances where the app failed to accurately track online activity or experienced a delay in receiving alerts. Nonetheless, most users are satisfied with the app’s performance. User Reviews

Eyezy Pros and Cons

  • Easy to use and understand
  • Variety of features
  • Secure and private
  • 24/7 customer support
  • GPS Location Tracking
  • Compatible with most iOS and Android devices
  • Thankfully, Eyezy works in hidden mode.
  • Phone Analyzer
  • Block apps
  • WiFi location
  • Not compatible with Windows devices
  • Limited features on the free trial


In order to bring this EyeZy evaluation for 2023 to a satisfactory close, we need to provide a suitable conclusion. So, what exactly are our thoughts on EyeZy? To put it another way, for people who place the utmost importance on being able to exercise paternal and parental control themselves, this is an excellent option to consider. As mentioned before, EyeZy is extremely useful for providing parental supervision. Moreover, people use it to keep tabs on their companions and even capture them in the act of infidelity. This is made feasible by EyeZy’s features such as Pinpoint, Keylogger, Screen Recorder, and the the Social Spotlight feature, which collectively make monitoring a lot more efficient.


Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions about the EyeZy app:

Q: What is EyeZy?

A: EyeZy is an all-encompassing surveillance tool that can assist parents in keeping track of their children’s Internet activities, locations, contact records, text messages, app usage, and screen time. EyeZy was developed to assist parents in this endeavor. The application comes equipped with a variety of features, including web filtration, geofencing, individualized notifications, an emergency button, parental control apps and support for multiple devices.

Q: How does EyeZy work?

A: Installing the EyeZy on the device that the child uses and creating an account for the same child’s phone on the device that the parent uses is required for the program to work properly. After being installed, the app supplies real-time data regarding the child’s Internet activities, location, call records, text messages, app utilization, and screen time. Other data that can be retrieved include call logs, screen recorder, text messages sent, and messages received. Through the use of the program, parents have the ability to personalize notifications, establish restrictions, and monitor their child’s device usage.

Q: Is EyeZy compatible with all devices?

A: EyeZy is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. However, some features may not be available on certain devices or operating systems. It is recommended to check device compatibility before purchasing the eyezy free app.

Q: Is EyeZy legal to use?

A: Yes, it is legal for parents to use a tracking app or EyeZy to monitor their children’s activities. However, it is essential to communicate with your child about why you are using the app and obtain their consent before installing it on their devices.

Q: How does EyeZy protect my child’s privacy?

A: EyeZy uses industry-standard encryption and secure servers to protect user data, ensuring complete privacy and security. All data transmitted between the child’s device and the parent’s device is encrypted, preventing unauthorized access to sensitive information. EyeZy also complies with all applicable regulations and laws related to data privacy and security.

Q: How do I get customer support for EyeZy?

A: EyeZy customer support through various channels such as in-app help, live chat, email support, phone support, social media support, and a community forum. Users can seek assistance through any of these channels, depending on their preference.

Q: What are the best parental control apps?

A: There are various parental control applications, each with its unique features and perks. The followings are some of the finest parental control apps:
  • SPY24
  • Qustodio
  • Net Nanny
  • Norton Family
  • Bark

Q: Can EyeZy replace open communication between parents and children?

A: No, EyeZy should not replace open communication between parents and children. While EyeZy can provide parents with comprehensive monitoring features, it should not create a false sense of security, which could lead to a lack of communication between parents and their children about online safety.

Q: How much does EyeZy cost?

A: EyeZy different pricing plans depending on the number of devices and the subscription duration. Users can choose between monthly or yearly subscriptions, starting at $14.99 per month.

Q: Is Eyezy app safe?

A: eyeZy is safe to use but it requires you to jailbreak iPhone devices in order to access the advanced monitoring features. It also requires you to root Android devices in order to use the social spotlight feature.

Q: How do you use Eyezy?

A: Pick your membership, install Eyezy, and log in to your Eyezy Dashboard and discover the truth about those you care about the most.

Q: How do you install Eyezy?

A: Just download the app on the your target phone or device and Eyezy takes it from there. If the target person uses an Android, you’ll have all the information you need to keep them safe.

Q: Is there an app you can monitor everything on someone else’s phone?

A: SPY24 is another great app that allows you to monitor someone’s cell phone activity in real-time. You can view logs of all incoming and outgoing calls, monitor all received, sent, and deleted SMSs, and track everything users type onto their devices.

Q: Is Eyezy worth the money?

A: A whole range of monitoring features working on both iOS and Android have made Eyezy an irreplaceable tool for thousands of users around the world. So, it’s definitely worth the money spent on it.

Q: Is the Eyezy app legit?

A: Yes. This spy app is legit. We do recommend the eyeZy app for monitoring and tracking your loved ones for whatever reasons you may have. Its unique and comprehensive features, affordability, and prompt 24/7 customer support are all great reasons to try this app.

Q: How does the Eyezy app work?

A: eyeZy allows you to keep track of your kid’s social media and other apps and accounts. The monitoring app combines all types of social media conversations into a single function, allowing you to view their interactions, including deleted messages.

Q: How do I install Eyezy on my target phone?

A: The Eyezy app supports both iOS and Android devices, although the users usually find the setup on iOS to be much easier. If the target person has an iPhone, the whole setup lasts around a minute or two. EyeZy lets you connect to the device in 3 ways – by using an Apple ID, via a jailbroken device, or by using a local sync. The easiest method is by using the target person’s Apple ID. You just sign the phone in using your Apple ID and password, confirm that it was you who signed up on the phone, and you’re ready to use it. For the Android setup, the main thing is to disable Play Protect and its ability to scan applications. You need to download the EyeZy installer, enter the registration code displayed on the screen, and it starts to work properly.

Q: Does Eyezy work for Snapchat?

A: Yes. Eyezy works on the most popular social media apps, like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Kik, and even Tinder.

Q: How do I install Eyezy app?

A: Download the installation file from its website. Install Eyezy, give all the needed permissions, and remove traces of the app (optional). Log in to your Eyezy account from anywhere and see everything.

Q: Does Eyezy work on Instagram?

A: Yes. Monitoring Instagram with Eyezy lets you see their conversations on WhatsApp, Tinder, Line, Viber, Kik, and many more. So, if they’re having conversations on social media, you’ll know about it with eyezy shows an Instagram monitoring solution.

Q: How often does EyeZy update?

A: EyeZy uses a web-based dashboard that asks the target device for an update every 15 minutes (every 5 minutes for the location tracker). So, if there’s activity on the device, it won’t be registered on EyeZy until the next update, which can be as long as 15 minutes later.

Q: What does EyeZy track?

A: EyeZy is a parental control app with various features such as a location tracker, phone tracker (track contacts and install apps), GPS locator, and many other features.

Q: Is there a keylogger app for iPhone?

A: eyeZy is one of the best iPhone keylogger tools that help you monitor every keystroke.

Q: Does EyeZy show deleted messages?

A: Yes. The Screen Recorder feature can do this, so you can see what the target person is saying and what they’re sharing, even after they’ve deleted it from the chat.

Q: Does the Eyezy app work?

A: Yes, eyeZy does work on both Android and iOS devices. You can monitor the activities of your target person on their smartphones.

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