10 Best Snapchat Spy Apps (100% Works!) in 2023

Snapchat App is a widely used phone application that allows users to send messages that automatically disappear after a set period of time. The app offers a range of attractive features, including the ability to create custom stories, track snap streaks, use filters, and scan Snap codes. However, its popularity among young people has also led to its widespread misuse. To keep track of their Snapchat activities, a Snapchat spy app can be useful. These spy apps offer specific spying features for Snapchat, allowing parents or employers to monitor their children’s or employees’ Snapchat usage. There are many Snapchat Tracker Apps available on the market, making it difficult to choose the right one. To assist in this decision, the 20 best Snapchat spy apps have been listed with their features, pros, cons, key specifications, pricing, and website links. Many of these best spy apps also offer a free trial or money-back guarantee, allowing users to try out the app and determine if it suits their needs before committing to a purchase.

List Of The Best Snapchat Spy Apps Android – IPhone

SPY24Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, WindowsYes30-days Free Trial
mSpyAndroid and iOSYes14-days Money-back guarantee
FlexispyAndroid and iOS, PC, macYes3-days Money-back guarantee
EyezyAndroid and iOSYes3-days Money-back guarantee
uMobixAndroid and iOSYes3-days Money-back guarantee
HoverwatchAndroid and PC, MacosYes7-days Money-back guarantee
KidsGuard ProAndroid and iOSYes3-days Money-back guarantee
CocospyAndroid and iOSYes4-days Money-back guarantee
XNSPYAndroid and iOSYes3-days Money-back guarantee
SpyngerAndroid and iOSNO14-days Money-back guarantee
PhonseeAndroid and iOSNO7-days Money-back guarantee
SpokeoAndroidNO14-days Money-back guarantee

SPY24 – Android Snapchat Tracking Apps


  • It offers a wide variety of impressive Snapchat account-monitoring features.
  • This free Snapchat spy app offered a free trial/ and an easy refund policy
  • You can use this tool to spy on someone’s Snapchat and other popular social media apps and network platforms.


  • It does not allow you to record calls and access remote camera activation.
  • SPY24 needs rooting/jailbreaking unless you have the target device password or Apple ID email address
🏅 Overall Rank 10SPY24
🖥️ Web & App FilteringYes
⏲️ Time LimitsYes
24/7 Support:Yes – Offers a toll-free helpline as well
💸 Starting Price$4.99 / 1 month
📀 Supported Operating SystemsiOS, Android, Mac, Windows
📱 Supported Social Media Apps:WhatsApp, Snapchat, Kik, Telegram, Hangouts, Line, Viber, Tinder, etc.
🎁 Free PlanFree / 1 month
💰Live Demo:Available

1. SPY24 – Best For IPhones And IPads - Android Snapchat Tracking Apps

SPY24 is a comprehensive cell phone tracking solution that is perfect for those who want to monitor Snapchat activity. With its ability to monitor Snapchat usage, you will have access to all photos shared on the target account, even those that have been deleted. This makes it possible for you to keep track of what is happening on the target account, even if they try to hide their activities.

One of the standout features of SPY24 is its full keylogger feature. This feature allows you to monitor every keystroke made within the Snapchat messaging app, giving you a complete overview of all conversations, messages, and other forms of communication taking place on the target account.

Whether you have an Android phone or an iOS device, SPY24 is a great choice for anyone who wants to hack into someone’s Snapchat account. The process of using the app is straightforward and requires only physical access to the target device. Once you have downloaded and installed the app, it will begin sending real-time updates about the phone’s activity to you. This enables you to monitor Snapchat activity from a distance, ensuring that the target user remains unaware that they are being watched.

The interface of SPY24 is user-friendly, making it easy for you to monitor Snapchat activity. The app is designed to run in the background so it does not interfere with the normal functioning of the phone. Additionally, it provides a wide range of features that make it possible for you to keep track of all activities on the target Snapchat account.

Here is a list of key Features of SPY24:

  • Snapchat activity monitoring: Allows you to have access to all photos shared on the target account, including those that have been deleted.
  • Keylogger: Monitors every keystroke made within the Snapchat messaging app, giving you a complete overview of all conversations, messages, and other forms of communication taking place on the target account.
  • Compatibility: Works with both Android and iOS devices.
  • Easy installation: The process of using the app is straightforward and requires only physical access to the target device.
  • Real-time updates: The app sends real-time updates about the phone’s activity to you, enabling you to monitor Snapchat activity from a distance.
  • User-friendly interface: The interface of the app is easy to use, making it simple to monitor Snapchat activity.
  • Background operation: The app runs in the background, so it does not interfere with the normal functioning of the phone.
  • Comprehensive monitoring: Provides a wide range of features that make it possible for you to keep track of all activities on the target Snapchat account.

View and Save All Media Types on Snapchat

  • Snapchat Photos
  • Snapchat Videos
  • Outgoing Snapchat messages
  • Snapchat Documents
  • Snapchat Screenshots

Steps to Hack Snapchat Using SPY24

The process of using SPY24 to hack into a Snapchat account involves several steps. First, the user must sign up for an account by providing personal information and selecting the type of mobile device they want to monitor (Android or iOS). Then, they must choose a pricing plan that fits their needs and budget.

Next, the software must be installed on the target device by following the on-screen instructions. This involves opening Google Chrome on the target device, visiting the SPY24 download page, and following the setup wizard. During the setup, the user will be prompted to enter a registration code received via email, which will activate the software.

After the installation is complete, the user can log into their SPY24 dashboard and access the “Social Networks” section. From there, they can add Snapchat and gain access to all photos, contacts, and chats on the hacked account. This will give them complete insight into the target device’s Snapchat activity.

Here is a list of the steps involved in hacking into a Snapchat account using SPY24:

  1. Create a SPY24 account with the provided information.
  2. Choose the type of mobile device you want to monitor (Android or iOS).
  3. Select a pricing plan of your choice.
  4. Install the software on the target device by following the on-screen instructions.
  5. Open Google Chrome on the target device and go to https://spy24.io/download-install-video-spy24-app/
  6. Follow the setup wizard instructions and enter the registration code received via email.
  7. Complete the installation by clicking on ‘Finish installation.’
  8. Log in to your SPY24 dashboard and access the ‘Social Networks’ section to add Snapchat.
  9. You will now be able to see all the photos, contacts, and chats on the hacked Snapchat account.

2. MSpy: Remote Parental Control App For Android & IPhone

mSpy is a tool for monitoring Snapchat messages on a target device from a computer, tablet, or mobile phone. It provides users with a secure way to view mSpy features through a web-based dashboard. With mSpy, you can uncover the content that has been sent and received on Snapchat, even messages that have been deleted from the phone.

Features of mSpy as a Snapchat Spy App:

  • Data encryption and protection
  • Ability to monitor all Snapchat conversations
  • Keyword alerts for specific mentions in chats
  • Access to expired Snaps

Pricing mSpy

mSpy is priced competitively among apps. There’s a 2-week refund policy. Read the fine print to understand their refund policy.

Monthly plans cost $49 for one device, while three-month plans cost $28, and annual plans cost $11.66.

Key Characteristics:

  • Supports various social media platforms, including WhatsApp, Snapchat, Kik, Telegram, Hangouts, Line, Viber, and Tinder
  • Compatible with Android and iOS
  • A live demo is available for users to try
  • Offers GPS tracking
  • 24/7 support is available through a toll-free helpline
  • Pricing starts at $11.66 per month, with discounts for yearly payments
  • Comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee.
mSpy: Snapchat spy app


  • Offers a wide range of monitoring features for Snapchat and other social network platforms.
  • Free trial and easy refund policy available


  • Does not offer call recording or remote camera activation
  • Requires either root/jailbreak or password/Apple ID information for the target device.

3. Flexispy: Snapchat Monitoring App

With Flexispy, you have the ability to track Snapchat messages from your device remotely and discreetly. The Snapchat Tracker feature of this spying app enables you to view all types of Facebook messages, which can then be captured and uploaded to a secure online dashboard for future reference. This gives you the convenience of reading these messages at any time from one central location. More details can be found by clicking on FlexSpy Review.

Flexispy of Features:

  • Ability to filter conversations by specific keywords
  • Option to read all Snapchat messages on the target device
  • Download and save important Snapchat conversations
  • Receive notifications when specified keywords appear in a conversation
  • detailed call logs

Key Characteristics:

  • You can monitor multiple social media apps, including Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Telegram, and WeChat.
  • It supports different platforms, including Android, iPhone, iPad, and PC.
  • A live demo is available to help you understand the features better.
  • GPS tracking is included.
  • 24/7 support is provided with a toll-free helpline.
  • You can choose from different pricing plans starting at $29.95 per month. Premium and Extreme plans offer discounts.
  • A 1-day free trial is available to help you decide whether the service is suitable for your needs.
Flexispy: Snapchat Spyware for iPhone


  • View all Snapchat contacts, message dates, and time stamps
  • Download and store important Snapchat messages
  • Search for keywords in messages
  • Access all information from a secure Flexispy dashboard


  • To access advanced features, the target device must be jailbroken or rooted.

4. Eyezy: Snapchat Spy App Online

With eyeZy, you have the ability to keep an eye on your children’s social media activities and keep them safe from online dangers like predators and cyberbullying. It provides an effortless way to check what your kids are up to on Snapchat and other popular social media app apps. This app will track Snapchat messages, photos, videos, contact information, and everything you might be curious about. It will make sure you stay updated with everything your child is doing regarding their Snapchat account. But the good news doesn’t end here. Y

Eyezy of Features:

  • Monitor Snapchat conversations as they appear on the app
  • Ability to keep track of your child, spouse, friends, and social media activities
  • Wi-Fi network analysis capabilities

Key Characteristics:

  • Can monitor various social media platforms, including WhatsApp, Viber, Tinder, LINE, Snapchat, Hangouts, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger.
  • Compatible with Android, iOS, and iPads.
  • Offers a live demo.
  • GPS tracking is available.
  • 24/7 support is provided.
  • Monthly pricing starts at $9.99.
  • Comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee.
Eyezy: Snapchat Spy App Online


  • Easy GPS location tracking on a map
  • Helps monitor spouse’s Snapchat activities


  • It may not be cost-effective for monitoring multiple devices.

5. UMobix: Best Snapchat Spy App For IPhone

uMobix is a Snapchat monitoring tool that provides you with access to various target phone activities, such as phone calls, GPS location, and social media platforms. It’s considered one of the top Snapchat spy apps and allows you to easily view the target device’s photo gallery. Can I track Snapchat on my iPhone? Unfortunately, there is no such service that can spy on Snapchat on iOS devices. uMobix offers the most phone monitoring features of the most popular Snapchat spy. If you need to monitor someone’s Snapchat account or spy on Snapchat on an Android phone, there is no better Snapchat spy tool out there.

uMobix of Features:

  • View deleted Snapchat messages
  • Receive screenshots of erased photos
  • Access games, news, and entertainment add-ons
  • Monitor the location of your kids

Key Characteristics:

  • Compatible with a variety of social media apps, including Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Zoom, Viber, Telegram, WeChat, Skype, etc.
  • Works on both Android and iOS platforms.
  • Live demonstration available.
  • 24/7 customer support is provided.
  • Pricing starts at $12.49 per month, with discounts available for yearly payments.
  • A 14-day money-back guarantee is offered.
uMobix: Best Snapchat Spy App for iPhone


  • Flexible content filtering
  • Control and prevent inappropriate or bullying content


  • Limited features on a basic version
  • Jailbreaking required for iPhone

6. Hoverwatch: Snapchat Spy Apps For Free

Hoverwatch is a Snapchat monitoring app designed for Android mobile phones and tablets that provides users the ability to track and inspect all calls and contacts, as well as having a keylogger option.

Hoverwatch of Features:

  • Ability to track and view all Snapchat images
  • GPS tracking and mapping of the target’s location
  • Runs invisibly on the target device
  • Remote and secret access to the Snapchat streak from your device

Key Characteristics:

  • Includes monitoring capabilities for Snapchat, WhatsApp, Viber, and Facebook.
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS platforms.
  • The live demo version is available.
  • GPS location tracking included.
  • 24/7 support is available.
  • Plans start at $12.49 per month with discounts for yearly and quarterly payments.
  • A 3-day free trial is offered.
Hoverwatch: Snapchat Spy Apps for Free


  • Easy recording of call logs, text messages, call history, and location data
  • Ability to capture screenshots without the target’s knowledge
  • Access to multiple social media apps, including Snapchat


  • No support for iOS devices
  • Requires manual installation on the target device.

7. KidsGuard Pro – Snapchat Spying App

KidsGuard Pro Android spy app allows you to keep an eye on the activity on a target phone, which can belong to your child or employee. It offers a user-friendly and intuitive interface that makes it easy to use. This monitoring app allows you to monitor over 30 social media apps, as well as track the Wi-Fi and GPS location of the target phone. You can also access other information, such as call logs, browser history, app activities, and video thumbnails.

Kidsguard Pro Features:

Kidsguard monitors incoming Snapchats as well as those from outside. These kids Snapchat messages and chats include photos, e.g., video messages sent via Snapchat. Kidsguard is an online protection service that helps protect kids from inappropriate behavior in kid’s Snapchat messages.

  • Monitors interactions on social media apps
  • Gives you access to the target device’s web browsing history
  • Tracks GPS location
  • Provides details on the target’s contacts, messages, and multimedia content


Supports a wide range of mobile devices, including all major cell phones and tablets running on Android 4.0 and later, both rooted and non-rooted.

KidsGuard Pro – Snapchat Spying App


  • Does not require rooting the target device
  • Offers exceptional customer service support
  • Comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Runs completely in stealth mode


  • Does not have a call-recording feature
  • Does not offer a free trial period

8. Cocospy: Snapchat Spy App Without Jailbreak

Cocospy is a Snapchat monitoring tool that helps you retrieve all the Snapchat messages and information related to conversations on the app. The data is sent to your online account, where you can view it. In addition to Snapchat, it also has features for live call monitoring and recording, tracking messages and SMS, location tracking, etc.

Cocospy of Features:

  • Read all exchanged messages on Snapchat
  • Monitor contact details of the target device
  • Track conversation timestamps

Key Characteristics:

  • Compatible with Facebook, WhatsApp, and Snapchat.
  • Available on both Android and iOS platforms.
  • Live demonstration offered.
  • GPS location tracking is available.
  • 24/7 customer support is provided.
  • Pricing starts at $12.49 per month, with discounts available for quarterly and yearly payments.
  • 14-day money-back guarantee available.
Cocospy: Snapchat Spy App Without Jailbreak


  • Ability to remotely update the app
  • Ability to view group chats and timestamps


  • Requires jailbreak of the target device for installation.

9. XNSPY: IPhone Spy Snapchat

XNSPY is a top provider of cell phone monitoring solutions that enables you to monitor someone’s Snapchat activities on any Android device remotely. With this tool, you can access Snapchat conversations and view photos and videos from anywhere using a computer or smartphone. The service also enables you to download Snapchat media directly to your phone.

XNSPY of Features:

  • Ability to export Snapchat data as a spreadsheet to an off-server location
  • Offers periodic screenshots every 5 seconds
  • Includes automatic screen recording for Snapchat

Key Characteristics:

Supported Social Media Apps:

  • Facebook Messenger
  • WhatsApp
  • Snapchat
  • Skype
  • Line
  • Telegram, etc.

Supported Platforms:

  • IOS
  • Android
  • Live Demo: Available
  • GPS Location Tracking: Available
  • 24/7 Customer Support: Available


  • Lite Plan starts at $29.95 a month
  • Premium Plan starts at $68.
  • Discount available for yearly payment on the premium plan.
  • Refund Policy: 10-Days Money-Back Guarantee
XNSPY: iPhone spy Snapchat


  • Provides periodic screenshots every 5 seconds
  • Offers advanced spying features such as keylogging, Geofencing, and Geolocation
  • Valuable after-sales service with a helpful customer support team


  • Expensive monthly package
  • iPhone requires jailbreaking for full functionality.

10. Spyic: What Is The Best Snapchat Spy App

Spyic is a Snapchat monitoring solution that allows you to keep an eye on your child’s online activities. It gives you access to the photo profiles of the target device, allowing you to view all types of media files, including contact information such as names and phone numbers.

Spyic of Features:

  • View private and group chats on Snapchat
  • Read all text messages sent and received on Snapchat
  • Retrieve media files exchanged on Snapchat
  • Remotely track locations, messages, calls, and app usage on iPhone and Android

Key Characteristics:

  • Supports Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Instagram
  • Compatible with Android and iOS
  • Live demo available
  • GPS location tracking included
  • 24/7 customer support is available
  • The plan starts at $9.99 per month with discounts for quarterly and yearly payments
  • Offers a free trial
Spyic: What Is the Best Snapchat Spy App


  • Track chat start, duration, and end with timestamps
  • Easily access current and past location details


  • A bit pricey compared to other Snapchat spy tools.

11. Minspy: Snapchat Spy Tool

Minspy is a social media tracking application that helps you keep track of the activities on a targeted device. The app sends updates on the target device every 5 minutes, which includes information such as timestamps, duration, and caller information. With Minspy, you can also monitor the websites visited for reading or watching online content.

Minspy of Features:

  • Call Monitoring: This allows you to control all incoming and outgoing calls on the target device.
  • Web Browser Tracking: This enables you to view the web browsing history with timestamps.
  • Social Media Monitoring: You can check messages in social media apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram.

Key Characteristics:

  • Compatible with popular social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram.
  • Available on Android, iOS, and Windows PC platforms.
  • A live demo is available to see the app in action.
  • GPS location tracking feature included.
  • 24/7 customer support is available.
  • Pricing information must be obtained through customer care.
  • A free trial option is available.
Minspy: Snapchat Spy App Reviews


  • Message Tracking: Allows you to view all sent, received
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Access all chats, calls, and shared media. You can see what the target phone is currently viewing.
  • Media Access: You can view all photos and videos stored on the target device.


  • Customer Support: Does not have good customer care support.

12. TheOneSpy: What Is The Snapchat Spy App

TheOneSpy is a well-known monitoring solution that provides advanced phone and computer tracking capabilities. It allows the user to track various aspects of the target’s activity, including call logs, messages, GPS location, web browsing history, and instant messaging. The app also features keylogging, which records all the typing done on the target device. With TheOneSpy, users do not need to root the target device, and the app operates invisibly in the background. The app also includes video previewing and screenshot capture capabilities.

Key Features of TheOneSpy App:

  • Easy access to detailed call logs and audio recordings of target device’s phone calls.
  • Display of phone activities both online and offline.
  • Ability to monitor the browser history of the target device and block unwanted websites and apps.
  • One-tap display of the target device’s screen.
  • Screen recording feature for all social media apps and device activities.
  • Numerous other features.

Pricing of TheOneSpy:

TheOneSpy offers three packages for users, priced at $55 per month, $105 for three months, and $165 for one year.

TheOneSpy: What Is the Snapchat Spy App


  • No rooting is required.
  • No jailbreaking is required.
  • The app doesn’t drain the battery of the target’s device.


  • The app activity tracker of TheOneSpy is not so accurate.

13. SpyBubble: IPhone Spy App With No Jailbreak Snapchat

SpyBubble Snapshot Spyware is a monitoring and tracking solution for smartphones and computers. It is commonly used by parents and employers to keep track of their children’s or employees’ activities. This app has various features such as various phone monitoring features, call logs, recording live calls, tracking text messages, and spying on Snapchat conversations. SpyBubble is a reliable tool that helps its users to keep a watchful eye on their loved ones or employees.

SpyBubble of Features:

  • Access to web browsing history
  • Ability to capture screenshots secretly
  • Monitoring of multiple social media apps
  • Phone call recording
  • SMS tracking
  • GPS location tracking
  • Live screen recording
  • Monitoring of Snapchat, WhatsApp, Viber, IMO, and other social media/dating apps.

Pricing of TheOneSpy:

SpyBubble App offers 3 packages to the user. You may choose your own plan according to your needs. The monthly plan price is $29.95, the three-month plan price is $39.95 per month, and the year plan is $99.95. The plan will give users an extra year’s worth of savings.

SpyBubble: iPhone Spy App with No Jailbreak Snapchat


  • Innovative dashboard Fast download and installation Intuitive user interface Consistent operation


  • Jailbreak and root required

14. FoneMonitor: Spy Snapchat Now

FoneMonitor is a top-notch monitoring software for mobile devices, tablets, and computers. It gives users the ability to remotely monitor Android Phones, other Android phones, tablets, iPhones, or iPads. The Snapchat tracking app allows access to the target device and the ability to spy on Snapchat on both iPhone and Android devices. FoneMonitor offers features that allow users to view photos, stickers, emojis, and videos and listen to audio messages.

Key Features of FoneMonitor:

  • Monitor employee activity to protect your business
  • Keep track of your child’s activities for a better understanding
  • Easy installation with a user-friendly web control panel


FoneMonitor has two plans: Premium and Premium Plus+.

The Premium package is offered for a single payment.

The Premium Plus+ plan is priced at $89/month and includes access to all premium features.

The annual cost for FoneMonitor is $389.

FoneMonitor: Spy Snapchat Now


  • FoneMonitor Ambient Recording feature access contact details on the target device. No rooting or jailbreaking is required


  • Unavailable for iOS devices

15. Spyzie: Mobile Phone Spy Apps Or Snapchat Spyware

Spyzie is a highly effective and reliable Android spy app that offers a variety of features for monitoring and tracking activities on the target device. It is designed to help parents, employers, and individuals who need to monitor their kids, employees, or loved ones. With Spyzie, you can get access to all the data on the target Android, including detailed call log, messages, social media activities, GPS location, and much more.

One of the key features of Spyzie is its full keylogger feature, which records every stroke on the target device, allowing you to track passwords and other sensitive information. Additionally, Spyzie also has a full stealth mode and camera feature that can remotely activate the camera on the target device to capture photos and videos without the user knowing.

Furthermore, Spyzie offers a live control panel, which allows you to access all the data and monitor the target device in real-time. You can even listen to live phone calls and record them, giving you a complete insight into the activities of the target user.

Overall, Spyzie is a comprehensive and highly efficient Android spy app that is designed to cater to the needs of individuals and organizations. It is easy to use, undetectable, and provides a wealth of information that can help you monitor and track the target device in a discreet and effective manner.

Spyzie of Features:

The Spyzie app provides the user with easy access to their Snapchat activities and the tracking features of the app.

  • Reading all text messages sent and received
  • Tracking the location of the target device
  • Accessing contacts Call Logs Monitoring
  • Viewing pictures and videos
  • GPS Locations Tracker
  • APP Blocker List Phone calls
  • Reading messages on social media platforms such as Twitter and Snapchat, viewing private profiles on Facebook, and viewing Instagram posts
  • Monitoring the browsing history on the target Android device

Pricing: Spyzie is affordable and only available for Android.

Compatibility: Spyzie is compatible with Android versions 4.0 and higher.

Spyzie: Spy App to See Snapchat


  • Affordable pricing
  • Free lifetime upgrades
  • Easy 5-minute installation process through OTA link


  • Can only monitor one phone with one license.

16. Instant Snapchat Hacker

Instant Snapchat Hacker is not exactly a Snapchat spy app, but it can be used to obtain information about a target person’s Snapchat account. All that is required is to enter the username of the person you want to monitor, and the tool will hack their Snapchat account.

Through this app, you have the ability to view both incoming and outgoing messages on Snapchat, as well as deleted messages. The app also enables users to change their passwords and block access to their Snapchat accounts.

With Snapchat’s built-in security feature, “My Eyes Only,” saving photos and videos to a hidden folder, this Snapchat Monitor app for both Android and iOS provides access to hidden multimedia files.

No software needs to be downloaded to hack the Snapchat account, simply enter the username, and the information will be retrieved. The tool is highly efficient, bypassing Snapchat’s encryption standards in as little as ten minutes, allowing for quick access to the data.”

Instant Snapchat Hacker:

  • It can be used to obtain information about a target person’s Snapchat account.
  • Simply requires entering the username of the person you want to monitor.
  • Allows viewing of incoming and outgoing messages on Snapchat messages
  • Enables users to change the password and block access to the target’s Snapchat account.
  • Provides access to the hidden multimedia files saved in Snapchat’s “My Eyes Only” feature.
  • No software needs to be downloaded, enter the username to retrieve information.
  • An efficient tool that bypasses Snapchat’s encryption standards in as little as ten minutes.
KidsGuard Pro - Best Free Spy Apps


  • Compatible with both Android and iPhone.
  • Gives the ability to change the password and block access to the target’s Snapchat account.
  • Displays incoming and outgoing messages on Snapchat.
  • Displays deleted messages, regardless of the format.
  • Grants access to the hidden data saved in “My Eyes Only.”
  • Quick and efficient.


  • Limited to only spying on Snapchat.

17. IKeyMonitor: Spy App That Monitors Snapchat

iKeyMonitor presents itself as a trustworthy and effective parental control software app that aims to address the security concerns of parents. This app allows parents to manage their child’s screen time, detect any harmful content on their device, and monitor their real-time GPS location.

One unique feature of this Snapchat Monitor app is that it allows you to set up a boundary, and if your child crosses it, you will receive alerts. This provides parents with added peace of mind.

Parents can also monitor their child’s social media for any suspicious messages such dating apps, such as sexting, detect any pornographic screenshots or media files in the phone gallery, and block access to risky dating apps too. For Android devices, you can even monitor their Youtube history and block videos.

However, the iKeyMonitor spy app is not as comprehensive for Apple users, as certain features like browser history, activity reports, and Youtube app and control panel are not available on iOS. Despite this, you can still use the main features such as web filters, app blocking, Youtube content detection, and suspicious picture detection. And intuitive; that’s what people are saying about this app. No wonder; it has advanced options for spying on someone’s Snapchat messages that anyone would fall in love with. Let’s take a look at why this app is a great purchase.

Compatibility: iKeyMonitor is compatible with Windows, Mac, Kindle Fire tablets, Android phones, and iOS devices.

Price: iKeyMonitor offers three different pricing plans: Monthly (up to 5 devices per account) for $9.99/month, Quarterly (up to 10 devices per account) for $6.66/month, and Annual (up to 30 devices per account) for $4.99/month.

iKeyMonitor – Key Features:

  • Screen time control
  • Detection of inappropriate content on the device
  • Real-time GPS location tracking
  • keylogger, Boundary alerts
  • Monitoring of suspicious messages, such as sexting
  • Detection of pornographic screenshots or media files in the phone gallery
  • Ability to block risky apps
  • Monitoring of Youtube history and video blocking (for Android devices)
  • Web filters and app blocking
  • Youtube content detection and suspicious picture detection


Monthly plan (up to 5 devices per account) – $9.99/month

Quarterly plan (up to 10 devices per account) – $6.66/month

Annual plan (up to 30 devices per account) – $4.99/month

iKeyMonitor: Spy App That Monitors Snapchat


  • Periodic screenshots every 5 seconds
  • It offers advanced spying features like keylogging, Geofencing, Geolocation, etc.
  • iKeyMonitor provides valuable after-sales service that is a helpful customer support team.


  • Expensive monthly package.

18. Spynger

Spynger is a unique spy app designed specifically for partner and spouse spying. Unlike parental control solutions, it focuses on providing a comprehensive toolset for tracking your girlfriend. Notably, it features a keylogger that tracks all typed content, including passwords, across various apps and dating networks. Additionally, Spynger offers a hidden screen recorder that provides live insight into your girlfriend’s activities, even capturing deleted content. The app also includes features like location tracking, call monitoring, and website history tracking. Overall, Spynger aims to address suspicions about your girlfriend’s activities and offers a tailored solution for partner monitoring.


Spynger’s pricing is comparable to other girlfriend spy apps. However, it doesn’t offer a free version or a money-back guarantee, which could be a drawback for some users.



  • Keylogger captures passwords and other typed content.
  • Monitors over 16 social media chat apps.
  • Recovers deleted content, including SMS messages.
  • Hidden screen recorder for live monitoring.
  • Runs undetected on the target device.


  • No free version or money-back guarantee.
  • Lacks website and app blocking capabilities.

19. Phonsee

Phonsee is a leading phone tracker app that offers real-time tracking and essential safety features. With geofencing capabilities, users can set virtual boundaries and receive alerts when the tracked device enters or exits specific areas. The app ensures discreet tracking through its stealth mode, allowing users to monitor their loved ones without their knowledge. Phonsee provides a reliable solution for tracking and monitoring various smartphone activities, including SMS messages, phone calls, location data, and internet usage. Its location tracking feature is particularly useful for parents concerned about their child’s safety or businesses needing to monitor employee movements. Phonsee utilises advanced technology to extract data from devices, providing valuable insights into communication and online behaviour.


Phonsee offers pricing plans ranging from $29 to $69 per month.



  • Accurate real-time tracking.
  • Geofencing for added security.
  • Stealth mode for discreet monitoring.


  • Limited compatibility with some devices.

20. Spokeo

Spokeo is a well-known background check service that also offers a people search engine. It helps users find general information about individuals, making it useful for reconnecting with old friends, colleagues, or long-lost family members. Founded in 2006, Spokeo has attracted millions of customers over the years. While it offers a free plan with basic contact information, its paid services provide more detailed analysis. Spokeo is recognised for its affordable pricing and useful features.


  • Allows you to monitor target device activities from your computer or phone.
  • Enables downloading of recorded videos.
  • Offers a user-friendly setup.
  • Supports downloading recorded videos in MP4 format.


Spokeo’s monthly plan starts at $19.95 per month, while the quarterly plan costs $14.95 per month (charged quarterly at $44.85).



  • Fast processing of search queries.
  • Ensures top-notch security and privacy for users.


  • Very user-friendly, suitable for all types of users.

How Do Android Snapchat Tracking Tools Work? How To Use A Snapchat Monitor App

Spy software may look sophisticated, but setting up SPY24 is easy. Let’s get started in a few easy steps.

Step 1—Register with SPY24.

First, get a paid plan. Launch SPY24 and press the green “Try Now” button.

On the next screen, enter your email address to establish your SPY24 account. Finally, pick a subscription package for the device you wish to monitor.

Register with SPY24

Step 2— Install SPY24 on Target Device

After purchasing your package, SPY24 will give you account credentials and detailed installation instructions. So, retrieve the SPY24 email in your inbox and follow the instructions to install the software on the target device.

To download the app on the target phone, enter the download URL from the email into Chrome. Allow security permissions and download the app before starting the installation phase.

Finally, enter the SPY24 credentials from the email and click “Complete Installation.”

Install SPY24 on Target Device

Step 3: Start Monitoring

After installing the app on the target device, visit your SPY24 dashboard.

Start Monitoring

After signing in, you may name the tracked phone and input its model, manufacture, and phone number. Finished. Monitor your kid or spouse’s phone today.

Table of Contents

Final Thought

There are several top-rated best Snapchat spy apps available for users to utilize. These tools are specifically designed for monitoring the Snapchat app, but some can also be used for other mobile apps. This makes it easier for users to keep track of the target user’s chats and browsing history. Some of the Snapchat spy apps are intended for parental supervision. However, they can be used for other purposes as well.

If someone has doubts about their relationship, these two tracker apps can be used to determine if their partner is being unfaithful. Parents can also utilize these apps to keep an eye on their children. Both Android and iPhone users have several Snapchat chat tracking app options available to choose from. Selecting the best app can be a difficult task.

From the list provided, the Best free Snapchat spy apps: SPY24, mSpy, eyezy, uMobix, Cocospy, XNSPY, KidGuard, Spyzie, and Flexispy are the top recommended free Snapchat tracking apps. The features, advantages, and disadvantages of each Snapchat spying app have been detailed to help users make the best decision for their needs. Ultimately, the choice of which Snapchat tracking app to use will depend on the individual’s specific requirements. We hope you find this article in SPY24 useful! You can also read our other articles, such as the best Whatsapp messages spy apps reviewed for 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can Snapchat be tracked?

Yes, it is possible to track someone’s Snapchat. This is often used by parents to monitor their children or by employers to monitor their employees for the benefit of their kids or business.

How can I monitor my child’s Snapchat without them knowing?

The only way to do this is by using a Snapchat parental monitoring app that can monitor all the activities and communication on the target user’s Snapchat account without them being aware.

How to hack someone’s Snapchat account?

Snapchat monitoring apps allow users to hack into someone’s Snapchat account and monitor all the messages, photos, and activities on the target phone, including tracking their GPS location.

How to hack Snapchat passwords on Android?

Tracking apps come with a keylogger password feature that enables users to capture the login password of the target person, including Snapchat.

What is the best app to monitor Snapchat?

Some of the best Snapchat monitoring apps include SPY24, mSpy, eyezy, uMobix, Cocospy, XNSPY, KidGuard, Spyzie, and Flexispy. Most spy apps are available for both iPhone and Android devices. These apps can provide a comprehensive insight into the target user’s Snapchat activities.

Is it possible to access multimedia files shared on Snapchat?

Yes, by using a Snapchat spy, users can monitor Snapchat and access multimedia files such as videos, images, and audio. For example, the eyezy Snapchat Monitor app offers features such as viewing the most frequent text messages, calls, logs, and contact history. It also provides the option to filter by incoming and outgoing communications. Parents can use it to see which other social media apps their kids are using most and even block numbers on Snapchat. Free Snapchat spy app tool app also allows users to cross-check contact names and numbers with emails and has an alphabetically sorted address book.

How can I spy on someone’s Snapchat without them being aware?

One option is to use iCloud Backup, where messages are stored in iCloud and linked to an Apple ID across all devices. The data is stored in the user’s space and will not disappear unless deleted, so the target user remains unaware. mSpy and SPY24 are some of the most effective monitoring Snapchat spy apps available, and they allow the user to remain undetected by the target user.

Is it possible to spy on a Snapchat user for free?

Yes, it is possible for parents to monitor their children’s Snapchat for free using parental control software and certain Snapchat spy apps. You can take advantage of the free trial options offered by these apps and select the most suitable plan for your needs. Snapchat tracking Tool is a trustworthy Snapchat tracking and parental control app for iPhone users, while Snapchat spy parental control apps for Android users also have parental control apps that have the capability to block access to specific websites. Users can set keyword alerts to receive notifications if the other person is engaged in inappropriate content or communicating with a questionable individual.

Can SPY24 spy on  Snapchat on iPhone?

Yes, SPY24 can be installed on iPhones and spy on  Snapchat.

What is the best free app for monitoring Snapchat on iPhone?

The SPY24 Parent Monitoring App for iPhones is a popular and reliable option for monitoring Snapchat.

Can SPY24 help see who your girlfriend is Snapchatting?

Certainly, the SPY24 app can assist you in identifying who your girlfriend is communicating with on Snapchat.

Is it legal to install Snapchat spy apps on a target device?

Using Snapchat to spy on someone’s Snapchat app can be legal, but there are strict rules to follow. It’s essential to only use the app to spy on and monitor someone’s Snapchat account from your own device and to track your own movements. Violating these rules may result in sanctions.

Is there any legitimate free Snapchat spyware?

Be careful of Snapchat spyware companies that claim to offer free services, as they may be scams. Legitimate spyware may require monthly subscriptions and have limited functionality in its free versions.

How do Android Snapchat tracking tools work?

Snapchat tracking tools capture snapshots of user actions within the app. They directly plug into the device to track messages and discussions.

How do iOS Snapchat tracking tools work?

While many iCloud backup programs can store data from mobile phones, Snapchat data is not stored on iCloud. Thus, jailbreaking an iOS phone may not be enough to detect suspicious activity on Snapchat. However, after an iPhone is jailbroken, spy software like SPY24 can be used to track Snapchats.