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If your kids can’t persist in their life without their smartphones and spend a massive amount of time on the Internet, you may want to detect what they are doing online. Caring for your kids is especially significant these days when millions of online predators and cyberbullies search for the underage public.

One of the valuable ways to prevent your kid from getting into hardness is by monitoring their online actions with the assistance of a parental control app. Most apps let you look at your child’s text messages, call logs, multimedia files, and locations.

However, finding an excellent monitoring app can be more challenging for parents. There are a lot of apps existing online, but only a few are worth regarding. When seeking a monitoring app that suits your requirements, you need to pay attention to a few essential things:

    • A collection of monitoring features

    • Obvious offer on a website

    • Data keep the system


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My Mobile Watchdog App Reviews

What is My Mobile Watchdog

My Mobile Watchdog is a parental control application that allows parents to pursue and control their children’s mobile phone usage. 

The app is a brand of eAgency, Inc., a privately-held company based in Newport Beach, California, that was established in 2001.

What Is the My Mobile Watchdog App?

My Mobile Watchdog monitors phone usage, texts, photos, web browsing, and apps and holds tabs on the phone’s location.

What is the My Mobile Watchdog app?

My Mobile Watchdog is an application that lets parents follow their kids’ online actions. It involves necessary features, like viewing text messages, calls, contacts, installed apps, visited websites, and locations.

How Does My Mobile Watchdog Work

The Watchdog app demonstrates some insightful data about a child’s online behavior and smartphone usage. Android and iOS systems are worked by the app.

What features does My Mobile Watchdog have?

The app protects only a few essential features and can do eight actions. With My Mobile Watchdog, you can:

What features does My Mobile Watchdog have?


Read sent and take text messages, and see exchanged photos


Follow call logs and get alerts when fraud people contact your kid


Availability contacts set up an approved list of references and take alerts on any unapproved communication.


Allow or ban apps and organize screen time


Print reports on your kid’s online action


Vision all the sites ever seen by a child and takes alerts when they try to access a limited site.

Time Blocks

Limit your child’s phone use, except for making calls to determined numbers.


Pursue GPS locations and be aware of your kid’s position

Although My Mobile Watchdog suggests the most necessary monitoring features, it lacks advanced possibilities. The app is not able to monitor iMessages, social media accounts, Wi-Fi networks, and video files. You also won’t be able to set geofencing, view planned events, record calls, and receive screenshots remotely.

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My Mobile Watchdog stores my personal information.

Like other websites on the Internet, My Mobile Watchdog gathers data, such as your name, email address, mailing address, and phone number. It is used to know you amongst other users on their site.

Consider that the corporation may use third-party service providers to monitor their site use. But no worries here. My Mobile Watchdog ensures that your data is safe.

How Do I Install My Mobile Watchdog?

What is kid-safe by My Mobile Watchdog?

KidSafe is a cyberbullying prohibition program by My Mobile Watchdog. It assists in training children and their parents about using the Internet as intended — to teach and have entertainment. The program teaches parents how to realize their kids in this digital age and educates kids about positive online action.

The investigation has demonstrated that when educated and given an opportunity to succeed, kids not only stop their damaging cyber misconduct but actually become a massive part of helping others do the same, making our schools and communities securer.

Kid-safe by My Mobile Watchdog program assists in reconnecting parents and kids by teaching parents how to figure out their kids and effectively parent in this digital age.

Sadly, My Mobile Watchdog doesn’t equip any extra data about KidSafe. So, you must make a support ticket if you want to know more.

My Mobile Watchdog Pros and Cons


    • simple to glance web browsing record

    • easy installation method

    • Temporary blocking feature


    • without geofencing

    • heavy app-management tools

    • Confusing activity log

My Mobile Watchdog vs. SPY24

Suppose you have read My Mobile Watchdog Reviews on the Internet. In that case, you’ll notice that they all say equal problems: limited monitoring capabilities, a lack of pricing information, and a lack of direction on downloading and installing the app.

While it is only a standard piece of software that does not get any advanced features, other applications perform far better than it. For instance, the SPY24 parental control app, which involves more than 30 monitoring functions, can give you a perfect vision of your child’s online activities.

My Mobile Watchdog vs. SPY24

SPY24, in comparison to My Mobile Watchdog, has an apparent pricing policy and suggests many subscriptions to meet the needs of any user.

SPY24 app features you should know about it

SPY24 app as monitoring and pursuing app gives you these accessibilities:

SPY24 app features you should know about it

Remotely Control a phone: If you want to identify how you can regulate a phone from afar, SPY24 phone tracking can be useful. With this app, you can alter how things work on the targeted phone and forward commands to it from a distance.

KEYLOGGER: immediate Messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, Messenger, etc., can have their Keystrokes watched. (You can look at what they are typing on their keyboard before they send it out).

24/7 Instant warns: Gain urgent alerts whenever the targeted device is sending some words through any social media. This can be for supporting people we care about from both online and offline abuses.

SPY24 Analytics: Obtain a concise history of your most repetitive actions in a particular period also includes call time activity punch cards for each time a call has been made through the device in a particular hour or a day of a week.

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Emails And Online operations: Care an eye on your targeted person’s emails that they send or get and the websites they meet with this wonderful feature. You can also check their bookmarks and detect how often they visit them.

Record Phone Calls and Surroundings: With this power, you can discover people’s ambitions and aims whenever they have their phones around them. You can hear them talking live or listen to their phone call recordings without their regard.

Multimedia Files and Appointments: Check all pics and videos they have stored on their phones and tablets. Also, monitor all appointments scheduled on the target systems.

SMS/MMS: This attribute lets you read all the messages sent or captured on the targeted device.

Calls: This distinctive feature allows you to view all incoming, outgoing, and missed calls of the targeted system; Not only that, but you can observe the period, the date, and the time that they happened.

GPS Locations: This Feature lets you pursue the condition of the targeted device LIVE, and you can keep track of the places that the targeted person sees anytime.

Remote Control: With this feature, you can wholly govern the phone, like, deleting information, making it vibrate, and taking pictures.

Live to see: With this feature, you can see whatever occurs on the screen and around the phone without consideration.

File Manager: With this feature, you can browse the file manager application of the targeted device freely and view all the available files without consideration.

Schedule limitation: This feature bans the targeted person from using their phone by blocking access to all the apps.

Calendar: This feature allows you to check out the events added to the calendar and warns you whenever a new happening is added to the targeted device’s calendar.

Contacts: This feature lets you view the targeted phone’s contacts, edit, or even delete them, and you get an alert whenever a new contact is added. 

Analysis Tools: This feature lets you produce a PDF or Excel report about the targeted person’s actions. It would help if it were recognized whom your targeted person is chatting to, which games they play the most, etc.

Immediate Messaging: SPY24 gives you access to the targeted phone’s incoming and outgoing messages and from many Instant Messaging Apps (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.) without the targeted phone needing to be rooted or noticing your presence.

WhatsApp tracking app

With the SPY24 WhatsApp tracking App, you can remotely follow WhatsApp messages, calls, and multimedia sent and received in the targeted machine. Directly check the names and numbers of senders and other details like time and date stamps.

SPY24 is the best WhatsApp spy app confidently; all you require is a download on the target device to begin spying on WhatsApp logs. View WhatsApp call logs. Read all chat threads. See all pictures with WhatsApp photo tagging. View time and information.

Instagram tracking

With SPY24 Instagram spy, you can access all the pics from your child’s Instagram app installed on their phones or tablets. SPY24 Instagram Spy Tool allows you: Spy on all Instagram photos. Check the information and time stamp for every Instagram photo. Detect the Most Effective Instagram Tracker App. 

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You have to opt for one of the best applications that will notify you of the targeted man’s online activities. As a result, SPY24 is a significant software for spying on someone’s social media account and learning about their activities. It gives users full access to the efficiency of the targeted person’s Instagram account.

Facebook tracking

With SPY24, you can monitor Facebook Messenger conversations from far away at a suitable time. Follow Facebook Messenger chats. Availability of multimedia files stored on the target device from Messenger. See the time, date, and contact stamps. Export Facebook chat information as a spreadsheet to an off-server location. 

It is a unique social media activity tracking program that works with both Android and iOS mobile devices. It is impressive for business protection for all worried parents toward their children. The Facebook surveillance app will make users aware of the targeted person and be safe from online risks.

Twitter tracking

Some people spy on Twitter in a variety of ways. Some try to find the password, and others try to read the messages sneakily. If you spy on Twitter, you can detect everything. Now that technology is getting better, there are a lot of tracking apps that assist people in spying on Twitter. Like many other social media sites, Twitter has the potential to harm its way. 

Although we can’t change how it works, we can stop the most perils things from happening, like when kids work together to damage each other or send threatening messages. You can trust the SPY24 Twitter Spy App to support you with this.

Snapchat tracking

With Snapchat Screen Recording, Snapchat Messenger can be watched in real-time. Snapchat’s screen recording lets you make and keep videos in real-time. Users can download the data and see what’s happening with the messaging app. 

SPY24 enables you to watch Snapchat: With the Snapchat tracker, you can view what you lose even after deleting a message.

Signal tracking

Even though the Signal messaging app is known as the monarch of messaging apps because of its privacy and security, SPY24 can still track it. You can see everything your child does on the messenger through your dashboard, no matter how safe it is.

 Even though the app is famous for being secure and private, SPY24 software can give you access to everything your child does there. Signal Spy is a tool that lets you hold track of all chats, contacts, shared media, and even encrypted chats.

Telegram tracking

With the Telegram spy app by SPY24, you can observe all Telegram texts and even secret conversations, as well as the accurate date and time. Telegram Screen Recorder allows you to watch what’s happening on your screen from afar on Telegram Messenger.  


If you require to use an app to follow your kid’s activities on social media or the internet or if you need to control your employee’s activities at a workplace, or if you need to track your spouse to discover if he/she is deceiving or not, you can use SPY24 app with many helpful features that assist you.

Moreover, SPY24 has more clear pricing policy than My Mobile Watchdog and suggests many subscriptions to meet the needs of any user. We hope you find this article in SPY24 useful! You can also read our other articles, such as the best parental control app for iphone.


Which systems are supported by My Mobile Watchdog?

My Mobile Watchdog supports Android devices.

Can my child remove My Mobile Watchdog?

Only someone with the password can remove My Mobile Watchdog from a phone it is on.

How do I cancel my account? 

Simply log into your account and click Cancel Account from the Settings Menu.

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