10 Best Free Facebook Messenger spy apps for Android & iPhone (2023)

Facebook is a popular social media site that has more than 1.2 billion users all over the world. But it also gives online predators a chance to target innocent people. Find the best Facebook spying app to protect your family and friends from online thieves and hackers.

It’s easy and fast to monitor your Facebook friends’ activities. This Facebook spy application allows you to monitor conversations with users, get alerts when a message is received, and even track their location. It’s difficult to find an app with free spying features that work best. We have listed the best Facebook Messenger spy app available. The free app allows you all the information needed to stay in touch; the app is a way of ensuring the safety of your loved ones, as well as tracking any suspicious activity on the internet.

The 20 Best Apps To Spy On Facebook Messenger

We’ve tried dozens of Facebook Messenger spy apps on both iPhones and Android phones. Here are the 20 best Facebook messenger spy apps for Android & iPhone and spy apps for 2023, based on what we found:

Name Supported Platforms Live Demo Free Trial/Refund Policy Devices Tracked
SPY24 iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows 1 month Free Trial 1 -2
Hoverwatch Android, Windows, Mac 3-Days Free Trial 1
Spyzie iPhone, Android 14-Days Money-Back Guarantee 1
Mobile Tracker Free Android  Free Trial 1
Spyera iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows 10-Days Money-Back Guarantee 1
KidsGuard Pro iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows 30-Days Money-Back Guarantee 1
Cocospy iPhone, Android 14-Days Money-Back Guarantee 1
XNSPY iPhone, Android 7-Days Money-Back Guarantee 1
iKeyMonitor iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows 3-Days Free Trial 1
mSpy iPhone, Android 14-Days Money-Back Guarantee 1

What is a Spy Phone Tracker?

Spyware tools and programs allow users to gain direct access to a PC. It is helpful to know the secret facts that a person is unaware of but would like to know. Normally, a spy is started by women to track the texts of their husbands or boyfriends. We have to see if he is telling the truth or not. Can I scan my boyfriend’s text messages for free without him knowing if that’s what you’re asking? Yes, this can be done with a spy program without the person being notified.

Spy apps are also categorized as software that lets us remotely monitor someone’s messages and call records. These are developed to gather the essential device data that makes sense. Without needing a password, we can readily access a personal phone utilizing an app.

There are a lot of online apps that offer monitoring at almost no fee. Therefore, if someone is doubtful about the activities of their boyfriend or husband, they can clear their suspicion by downloading an app and secretly spying on their phone.

Uses of a Spy Phone Tracker:

  • Catch the cheaters!

Being deceived is one of the most difficult experiences in life. It breaks you from the inside and leaves you shattered, hurt, and empty. Numerous individuals become gloomy and suffer from nervousness attacks. By installing the right software, we can catch a fraudster. We have to check their text messages and scan who they are calling. This makes it more uncomplicated for us to take care of our partner.

If someone doubts that their spouse is cheating, close them and talk to them. You may employ smartphone spy software to get rid of wrong relationships. When your spouse only sends loving texts to someone else, you may be providing everything you have to your relationship to keep it safe.

Mobile spy apps have streamlined individuals’ lives and many individuals use them to make sure their partners are worth their time and devotion.

  • Access to emails

We may achieve access to another individual’s emails utilizing mobile spy apps. This allows you to keep track of their bank receipts, and their incoming and outgoing addresses. Besides, you can see their Uber receipts and monitor where they’ve been traveling more frequently. Today, almost everything is linked to a Google account; gaining physical access to a Google account allows you to gain access to almost everything else.

  • Access to other apps 

SMS, call logs, and gallery access are all obtainable through mobile spying apps, as well as you can access other apps. Mobile spying apps have straightforward access to apps such as WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook. You can best spy apps to track who your partner or child is chatting with and sending texts to. As a result, you are stopping your child from coming into contact with any potential danger. You can also employ these apps to permit parental controls.

You can keep a safe world full of real relationships near us by installing suitable spy software. We can also keep ourselves away from scammers and harmful individuals. All you need is a fast internet connection and a suitable smartphone.

SPY24 - Most Browser History Tracker Free

SPY24 mobile tracker app lets you spy on Facebook Messenger chats and all multimedia your target phone holder shares through it. Spy on Facebook Messenger chats remotely.

Supported Phones: iOS, Android, Mac, Windows

List prices for SPY24

Android Packages:Premium
1 Month(31 Days) for free – $0
3 Months(93 Days) for $50
45 Days(45 Days) for $5
6 months(180 Days) for $76
12 months(360 Days) for $120
Column 1 Value 6Column 2 Value 6
IOS Packages:Premium
1 Month(31 Days) for free – $0
3 Months(93 Days) for $50
45 Days(45 Days) for $5
6 months(180 Days) for $76
12 months(360 Days) for $120
Column 1 Value 6Column 2 Value 6
Windows PackagesPremium
24 hours $0
1 month$25
3 months$46
6 months$60
MAC PackagesPremium
24 hours $0
1 month$25
3 months$46
6 months$60

But SPY24 is free for 30 days

Ranked 9.9th from

1. SPY24 Best Facebook Tracker 30-day free trial

SPY24 Monitoring is the next generation of smartphone spy apps. SPY24 is regarded as the very best spy app of choice because of its sophisticated characteristics.  This app records incoming and outgoing phone calls and messages. Besides, it can track GPS locations, browser activity, and messages from apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Skype, and Line. With SPY24 Monitoring you can remotely scan all messages from these apps even without ROOT access. It allows you to protect your kid from Facebook predators and protect them from notorious online bullies who can be hurtful. This spy tool works on both iPhone and Android devices. It is also possible to test the app using the free trial version. All phone activities will be obtainable just by readily installing the app on the phone you desire to track. Its simple installation procedure only takes nearly 5 minutes and needs no specialized skills.

iOS devices: 13.x to 16.x

Android devices: 4.4.4 to 13.x

Pros Cons
Read all social media and IM conversations Strict rules
Track all texts and emails, even deleted ones
Enables real-time GPS location tracking
Browse all files, photos, and videos stored on their device
Phenomenal for complete insight into Facebook activity

2. Hoverwatch Facebook Monitoring app

Hoverwatch is a Facebook spy app that can scan multiple other social media applications such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Viber. It lets you access and monitor Facebook activity logs remotely and secretly directly from your phone or PC. You can employ this app to scan the activities done on Facebook or any other application on the phone and PC of your child, worker, or any other individual whose Facebook activities you like to scan.

Pros Cons
Competitive Pricing Does not support iOS device
User-friendly interface Manual installation needs to be done on the device.
Calls up deleted messages
Compatibility  Android, Windows, Mac
Pricing Plans start at $12.49/month
Free Version 3-days Free Trial
24/7 Support Yes
Guarantee 7-day refund policy
Hoverwatch Facebook Monitoring App
  • Hoverwatch OF Features:
  1. You can access all their Facebook text messages online.
  2. It allows you to scan WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, SMS, and MMS.
  3. It enables you to scan all recorded information and calls in your account.

3. Spyzie Best Facebook Tracking Apps in 2023

Spyzie Mobile Tracker is a multipurpose mobile tracking app that brings many advantages and features to the user. We can think of it as a monitoring tool that provides device monitoring of a person without the process appearing evident. The app runs in the background without slowing down the phone or depleting its battery. This alone lets the user have safe and secure access to the contents of the device it is installed on.

Pros Cons
100% undetectable No geofencing available
Offers remote access to camera and microphone
Accurate GPS tracking
Compatibility  Android, IOS
Pricing $29.99 a month
Free Version No
24/7 Support Yes
Guarantee 14-day refund policy
Spyzie Best Facebook Tracking Apps In 2023

Spyzie of Features:

  1. You can efficiently access the WhatsApp messages and shared media of the target device along with the contact information of the sender and receiver of the message and the time stamps of the chat.
  2. This app lets you access the mobile SMS directory and track recent and past chats, contact information, and time stamps.
  3. Spyzie GPS scans not only where a person lives but also their ex-location as their GPS history.

4. Mobile Tracker Free – Facebook tracker app

Mobile Tracker Free lets you view all messages sent and received through the Facebook messenger app. Besides, the report includes the date, time, and recipient/sender data. Free Mobile Tracker does not need root to spy on Facebook Messenger. Nevertheless, developers still suggest rooting the device to simplify tracking of all messages.

Pros Cons
Free basic version A weekly log-in is required
Offers remote audio recording
Five live viewing sessions daily
Compatibility  Android
Pricing $11 a month
Free Version Free
24/7 Support Yes
Guarantee 7-day refund policy
Mobile Tracker Free – Facebook Tracker App

Mobile Tracker Free of Features:

  1. This app has SMS and calls recording, GPS location history, monitoring of prevalent messengers, live screen viewing, timing restrictions, etc.
  2. Utilizing this application, you can scan and remotely control the device through SMS.
  3. The Mobile Tracker Free app is free as the name indicates.
  4. Mobile Tracker Free is only compatible with Android OS.
  5. All Track Messages

5. Spyera Facebook spy viewer

Spyera is a spy application that suggests a Facebook Tracker feature. It allows you to secretly spy on any Facebook app. This app runs in the background and lets you upload received messages to your secure web account. It enables you remotely scan your worker’s activities, including phone calls and messages.

Pros Cons
Highly compatible Plans based on the device
Listen to phone calls in real-time
Keylogger included
Compatibility Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows PC, MacOS
Pricing $89 per month
Free Version No
24/7 Support Yes
Guarantee 10-day refund policy
Spyera Facebook Spy Viewer

Spyera of Features:

  1. It lets you spy on Facebook Messenger and read Facebook chats.
  2. Download and save important messages.
  3. monitor messages
  4. Uncomplicated to install the app as it presents step by step guide.
  5. Monitor all activities on your child’s Facebook account.
  6. This app also spies on other social media apps such as Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

6. KidsGuard Pro FB Spy Viewer

KidsGuard is a Facebook spy app that is the most robust app that can help you scan Facebook and WhatsApp messages on the desired phone. This Facebook hack application scans the activity of the Facebook account ios device and allows you to access all the messages, photos, and posts of Facebook, as well as other social media applications.

Pros Cons
It offers Multi-Language Support for the app itself and customer service. It only allows you to monitor one device at a time.
Stealth monitoring allows you to protect yourself from being discovered.
Track the location of your spouse and catch them red-handed.
Compatibility Android, iOS, Windows
Pricing $9.99 a month
Free Version No
24/7 Support Yes
Guarantee 30-day refund policy
KidsGuard Pro FB Spy Viewer

KidsGuard Pro of Features:

  1. It has an easy and seamless installation process.
  2. You can sync the data remotely over Wi-Fi.
  3. Every keystroke is recorded and can be reviewed by Control Panel.
  4. ClevGuard is compatible with most phones and tablets.
  5. KidsGuard is an easy-to-use spy app to manage your kids’ phones and save your family.
  6. Track your partner’s location
  7. KidsGuard is compatible with most devices.

7. CocoSpy Facebook Messenger spy

Cocospy is a spy app that allows you to track all your Facebook movements. It permits you to retrieve all Facebook messages and data connected to Facebook chats. It sends all the data to the online account. It even provides live call listening and recording, SMS tracking, location tracking, and more.

Pros Cons
High customer rating and many positive reviews. Must have iCloud logins for the targeted iPhone’s account.
Excellent customer support.
Compatibility Android, iOS
Pricing Android: $9.99 per month (annual plan)iOS: $10.99 per month (annual plan)
Free Version No
24/7 Support Yes
Guarantee 14-day refund policy
uMobix - Internet History Tracker

CocoSpy of Features:

  1. You can monitor Facebook Messenger activity secretly.
  2. No need to root.
  3. Cocospy operates in stealth mode, so you can hide it after installing this Facebook spy app.
  4. Geofence notifications.
  5. Phone and SIM location tracker.
  6. Social media stealth monitoring.

8. XNSPY Facebook messages Spy Viewer Tool

XNSPY is a leading provider of mobile surveillance software. It lets you track a person’s whole Facebook on any Android gadget. You can follow Facebook chats from anywhere using your PC or smartphone. You can track Facebook messages and also access images or videos downloaded from the Facebook Messenger application on your phone.

iOS devices: 9.x to 15.x

Pros Cons
Offers call recording The targeted device must have an internet connection for real-time updates
Screen recording for social media apps
Watch list locations enables
Compatibility Android, iOS
Pricing $79.99 per month
Free Version No
24/7 Support Yes
Guarantee 10-day refund policy
XNSPY Facebook Messages Spy Viewer Tool

XNSPY of Features:

  1. You can read all Facebook conversations and threads.
  2. You can scan multiple devices at the same time.
  3. It allows you to see all incoming and outgoing Facebook messages.
  4. It lets you read emails, check your browsing history, and bookmark them.
  5. Watch list locations and get instantly notified of updates.
  6. You can monitor keystrokes from WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, etc.
  7. Track all their emails, including senders’ names and email addresses.

9. iKeymonitor Facebook Messenger Online Tracker Free

iKeyMonitor can help you with several various features as a Facebook spy app, and they are an incredibly trustworthy tool that allows you to review all conversations and listen to voice messages. This application operates discreetly in the background, recording every keystroke made on the monitored computer. All logged activities are stored in a specialized panel, which can be easily accessed. You’ll have access to comprehensive logs detailing all activities such as visited websites, chat conversations, sent and received emails, screenshots, and more.

Pros Cons
Compatible with mobile and desktop devices No app-blocking function
Free mobile plan
Access advanced features without rooting
Compatibility iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows
Pricing $29.99 per month
Free Version Yes
24/7 Support Yes
Guarantee 14-day refund policy
IKeymonitor Facebook Messenger Online Tracker Free

iKeymonitor of Features:

  1. You can track GPS location and scan a person’s WhatsApp as well as Facebook.
  2. You can take a screenshot of the activity of the desired device.
  3. You don’t need to be technologically advanced to use this Facebook messenger spy app.
  4. They suggest potential customers a free trial for three days.
  5. It has a straightforward user interface
  6. It allows you to access the user’s call history and spy on their text messages.
  7. This spy app is available in diverse countries as well as in different languages including French and Italian.

10. mSpy FB tracker

mSpy offers monitoring features including Facebook spying to cover all your necessities. You can read all incoming and outgoing texts and media files sent through Facebook. You know who your kid is talking to and what they are talking about. Therefore, you can take quick action in any trouble. This tool grants you remote and covert access to Facebook logs directly from your Android phone or tablet. With it, you can track and monitor the activities taking place on Facebook, as well as other applications, on the phones and computers of your children, employees, or any other person whose Facebook activities you wish to closely monitor.

Pros Cons
Provides social media monitoring You’ll need a separate subscription for each device
Easy to use
Offers a click-to-block option
Compatibility iOS, Android
Pricing $11.66  month
Free Version No
24/7 Support Yes
Guarantee 14-day refund policy
MSpy FB Tracker

mSpy of Features

  1. Location: GPS Tracking, Geo-Fencing
  2. Internet: Browsing History, Website Bookmarks, Wi-Fi Networks, incoming/ outing emails
  3. Others: Keylogger, Screen recorder, Application Blocking, View Photos, and Videos, Blocking Websites, Keyword Alerts, calendar activities
  4. mSpy can track more than ten other prevalent messaging and dating apps,
  5. such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Tinder.
  6. mSpy is compatible with Android and iOS gadgets.
  7. The app is fully loaded with top-notch surveillance features like monitoring calls, SMS, location tracking, blocking apps, screen recording, and more.

11. Snoopza Facebook Messenger spy App

Snoopza is an easy and effective way to monitor people’s Facebook activity. The app is easy to use, all you have to do is create a free account and install the app. After doing these things, you will start receiving all monitoring data, including messages, and audio and video files exchanged through Facebook. Reports also include information on phone calls, text messages, social media activity, screenshots, internet history, and more. Snoopza also tracks the list of tasks and contacts and can detect if the user replaces the SIM card.

Snoopza of Features:

  1. Snoopza keeps track of tasks and contact lists and can notice if the user replaces the SIM card.
  2. Fast setup and configuration.
  3. You can Spy on Facebook, Snapchat, and WhatsApp.

12. EvaSpy Facebook Messenger spy android device

EvaSpy is one of the best surveillance tools out there in terms of feature range and cost. It can track the most prevalent messaging and social apps like Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook, Tinder, Instagram, and Hangouts. In addition to chat conversations, EvaSpy documents incoming and outgoing calls and provides other data such as call duration and caller info.

EvaSpy of Features:

  1. Above 50 monitoring features.
  2. Spying on the living surroundings.
  3. Online dashboard with all monitoring information.
  4. Call report.
  5. No need to root.
  6. Reasonable price.

13. SpyMaster PRO Facebook messages tracking android

Spymaster PRO offers monitoring tools for Android and iOS. Although the features of both versions are almost the same, their configuration and process are totally different. Android Spy operates like any other app of its kind. After installing the application on the desired gadget, you will start receiving the gathered data to an online account / via email / etc. As for the iOS version, you don’t even require to install the app. Just provide your Apple ID credentials and the support group will set up it for you. Spymaster Pro lets you read all Facebook conversations even if you don’t know the user’s Facebook credentials. Every message will have a time and date. The app can also scan other famous social media chat apps like Instagram, Viber, WhatsApp, and Hangouts. In addition, phone calls, text messages, browsing history, location, and a contact list will also be under your power using SpyMaster Pro.

Spymaster PRO of Features:

  1. No need to jailbreak to monitor Facebook.
  2. You don’t require to install anything on your iPhone.
  3. It is compatible with Android/iOS.

14. Spyic App How to spy on Facebook messages for free.

With Spyic, you can monitor Facebook messenger chats remotely and secretly. It records all text messages, shared media, and activity history. You can access private and group chats and see the profile of individuals your kid is talking to. The information is displayed in a chat format very similar to Facebook Messenger itself, so it is very easy to view and read. The app suggests a very common surveillance package that contains tracking calls, contact lists, visited websites, locations, and prevalent social media, for instance, WhatsApp.

Spyic of Features:

  1. Compatibility with iPhone and Android phones.
  2. Remote control of the gadget.
  3. Browsing website history.
  4. A wide selection of additional features.
  5. Free trial version.

15. TheTruthSpy location tracker by Facebook

TheTruthSpy is a spy app with no need to pay a fee that comes with more than 15 features to scan cell phone activities. As for Facebook monitoring, this application records chat history with time and date stamps and information about the individual to whom your kid chats. So you can find and check their profile and make sure they don’t have any negative intent.

TheTruthSpy of Features:

  1. Great performance.
  2. Full monitoring of Facebook Messenger.
  3. Compatible with Android and iOS gadgets.

16. SpyHuman Facebook messages tracker app

If you desire to spy on Facebook conversations on ios and Android phones, SpyHuman is your preference. This Facebook tracking solution suggests a free 7-day trial period during which you can try all its parts: recording incoming and outgoing messages, media files sent via Facebook, and information about the individual who speaks with your kid. This feature lets you monitor if your child is receiving improper images or videos and take action if you notice they are receiving them. You can also block Facebook entirely remotely via your online account.

SpyHuman of Features:

  1. A free 7-day trial.
  2. Integrated monitoring solution for Android.
  3. Remote control through an online dashboard.

17. uMobix App Facebook messages spy app camera

uMobix is a Facebook spy app that allows you to track different target phone activities such as phone calls, sms messages, GPS location, social media platforms, and more. This is one of the most suitable Facebook spy apps that give you access to the photo gallery of a certain gadget. Best Spy App for Android & iOS Overall When you start looking for the best cell phone spy app to monitor someone’s activity, you usually realize that one of the leading services on the market is uMobix.

uMobix of Features:

  1. Get full access to Facebook for iOS.
  2. GPS Tracker
  3. You can track your children’s actions with screenshots.
  4. Offers full access to all your Facebook account messages and sends and receives Facebook messages.
  5. It allows you to search for keywords in messages.

18. EyeZy Facebook spy app chart

eyeZy is a mobile spy app that lets you scan social media activities and save your children from online predators and cyber bullies. It’s effortless to find out what your kids are doing on Facebook and other social media applications. It also permits you to monitor your child and their movements on social media.

eyeZy of Features:

  1. You can see a visual presentation of their Facebook conversations and check all sent and received text messages.
  2. It enables you to keep track of all the events on the desired phone, where they’re going, who they’re meeting, and at what time by browsing the phone’s calendar.

19. Mmguardian App

If you’re concerned about who your child is texting and why MMGuardian allows you to see it all and even warns you if words or images related to the messages are revealed. MMGuardian also stands out for its in-depth reporting, custom alerts, and perfect contact management.

MMGuardian of Features:

  1. Content filter and web blocker.
  2. Granular controls.
  3. You can read texts on iOS and Android.

20. Pumpic Facebook Spy Application

If we compare popular Facebook spy apps based on the number of users around the world, Pompic is one of the most used. It is utilized by millions of people around the world, which is clear from the numerous positive reviews it has garnered from some of the biggest media outlets such as Forbes.

Pumpic of Features:

  1. A wide range of high-level monitoring functions
  2. Appropriate subscription packages
  3. The control panel updates users within 5 minutes.
  4. It does not require root or jailbreak to function.

21. Webwatcher How To Monitor Facebook Messenger Chats

WebWatcher is one of the most prevalent parental control apps for scanning kids’ online movements. This helps save children from predators on the Internet. The parental control app collects data from a desired gadget and shows it in a secure web-based account.

WebWatcher of Features:

  1. WebWatcher is compatible with almost all Android and iPhone devices and Windows PCs and laptops.
  2. WebWatcher lets you view the list of applications installed on the target device.
  3. Apart from accessing messages, WebWatcher allows you to track all calls received by the target phone. Users can track all images taken and saved on a target device.
  4. With WebWatcher, parents will get an accurate history of their child’s location within a minute or two.

Free Apps to Spy on Facebook

Many applications allow users to spy on Facebook Messenger online. While free is a big plus, these applications often have restrictions compared to other Facebook spy applications.

For instance, they may just have access to Facebook Messenger, not the main Facebook application. Besides, they might not contain screen recorders or keystroke loggers, features that allow ensuring full access to the desired user’s online activities:

  1. Storing and sharing user data with third parties.
  2. Bombard you with ads for profit.

They usually lack the performance you’d find with paid apps or they don’t work at all. For those who cannot afford it, it could be worth investigating a free Facebook Messenger spy app like Mobile Tracker.

How to Use a Spy App on Facebook (SPY24) Free

Getting started with one of the most suitable Facebook spy apps is more straightforward than you feel. To demonstrate, we’ll show you the procedure of choosing our top choice, SPY24, but keep in mind that the procedure will be similar for other apps.

  • Step 1 — Sign Up for SPY24

Go to the official SPY24 website and sign up for a new account. Enter your email and choose whether you need to monitor an Android device or an iPhone gadget. Then, select a monthly, 3-month, or 12-month subscription and complete the checkout procedure.

Step 1 — Sign Up for SPY24

  • Step 2 — Install SPY24

After purchase, SPY24 will be sent to your email address. The easiest way to install SPY24 is to download it on the target cellphone and run the installer.

Step 2 — Install SPY24

  • Step 3 — Start Tracking

After installing SPY24, you can scan the target phone via your online SPY24 dashboard. Just log into your SPY24 account, choose the phone you like to check and begin exploring.

Step 3 — Start Tracking How to Use a Spy App on Facebook (SPY24) Free

Facebook Spy App FAQs

Why Are Facebook Messenger Spy Apps Useful?

Facebook Messenger keeps individuals connected. However, along with the many advantages of Facebook, there are also many disadvantages. Considerable Facebook users enjoy insulting and bullying others. This is why many children suffer from a lot of stress and anxiety on Facebook. By observing your child’s Facebook chats, you can find out who they are messaging with. You can read each message and get to know your kid’s friends.

Is It Legal To Spy On Facebook Messenger?

Monitoring personal use of Facebook Messenger is legal. It is recommended that you know your local and federal laws regarding the monitoring of a PC or mobile phone. Although there may be regional differences, the rules in many countries focus on a few key issues. You can install monitoring apps on your gadgets or ones you have the owner’s consent to control. For instance, if you purchase a smartphone for your kid or get a work computer for your worker, it is okay to install a Facebook spy app on it. However, you are responsible for telling the user of the monitored device that you will be monitoring them.

Why Would I Want to Spy on Someone’s Facebook Messenger?

There are some reasons we can think about why you might like to scan what text messages someone is sending on Facebook Messenger. Maybe they’re a friend you’ve had a falling out with and desire to catch up on what they’ve been up to recently. Or, they could be your ex-partner, and if they’re talking about you to a friend, you like to know.

Can I spy on someone’s Facebook Messenger without touching their phone?

If you target an iPhone, you can spy on someone’s Facebook messenger without needing to touch their phone. Yet, if you are targeting an Android phone, this is not feasible.

Is it better to use a free app?

It depends. There are many Facebook messenger spy app choices that have a free version or a free trial that you can take advantage of, but in general, we recommend against using a free app, as their security is poor.

How to do spy apps for Facebook work?

With the help of spy apps, you can easily track the Facebook activity of your target device in secret mode. For that login to these spy apps and create an account. Select a subscription plan and then install the app on the desired device.

Best Facebook ad spy tool?

The most useful Facebook ads spy tool is SPY24. SPY24 offers full access to the user’s Facebook feed on the iPhone and you can efficiently notice what ads the user is being targeted with.

Facebook spy apps: detectable?

Facebook spy applications are developed to be difficult to detect. They are usually hidden as another app and do not contain an app icon on the home screen. Normally, users require specialized software to discover and remove a Facebook spy app.

What’s the best Facebook spy app?

We think the best app to spy on Facebook news feeds and messages in 2023, is the SPY24 app. The SPY24 app can document the target phone’s screen and provide full access to Facebook Messenger.

Can you hack Facebook?

You don’t even need to be an experienced hacker to hack into a personal Facebook account. This can be as easy as running Firesheep on your PC for a few minutes. The most typical method a Facebook account is compromised is by tricking people into giving their passwords to hackers.


Whether you are a parent or the boss of a large company, Facebook Spy will be useful for you. If you are a business owner, it is very important to be able to scan from time to time and make sure that your workers are working properly. It’s also necessary if you’re a concerned parent to be able to scan what your kids are doing on their phones. With numerous apps on the market, it can be difficult to select the best one. If you’re not sure which app to pick, you can test a few apps that suggest a trial period. So you can test the app for free and see if it works for your needs.