SPYERA Review 2023: Does Spyera Really Work?


At times, having a comprehensive tracking tool with unrestricted access to all features on our desired device can be incredibly useful. Since monitoring can be a time-consuming task, having an assistant-like tool that provides all the necessary monitoring features is highly beneficial. When it comes to tracking tools, the Spyera phone tracker stands out as the best option. For more details and information on how it works, refer to this post. Although Spyera’s services come at a steep price, there is an affordable yet high-quality alternative available: SPY24. Keep reading this review to learn more about the app.

Android & iOS(iPhone/iPad) Yes
macOS and PC Yes
spyera .com
Domain Age:
Specs Remark
Free Trial No
Free Demo No
Money Back Guarantee 10 Days
Price starts at $49/month
Supported Operating Systems Android, iPhone, macOS, and Windows
Works Without Rooting Yes
Works Without Rooting No

As a parent concerned about your child’s online safety, you may have come across SPYERA, a monitoring app that works on mobile phones, tablets, and computers. However, despite its claim to be the best-selling undetectable monitoring software, SPYERA has received much negative feedback.

While SPYERA offers comprehensive features, the negative feedback and high price point make it difficult to recommend. However, if you’re still interested in SPYERA, you can read our thorough and informative SPYERA Review for 2023 to learn more.

Criteria Rating
Data Sync Speed 7 / 10
Ease of Installation 8 / 10
Pricing 6 / 10
Support 5 / 10
Ease of Use 8 / 10
Compatibility 9.5 / 10
Tracking Features 6 / 10

Spyera Quick Review

SPYERA is a comprehensive parental control software designed to help parents monitor their children’s online activities. With features such as call recording, email tracking, and social media monitoring, parents can have peace of mind knowing their kids are safe online. The app operates in stealth mode and offers advanced analytics about a target user’s activity. Compatible with most Android and iOS devices, as well as personal computers, SPYERA allows parents to monitor multiple devices with ease. Check compatibility online at

Spyera Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Wide range of features No demo available
Compatibility with multiple devices Dependability issues
Unlimited device changes Rooting and jailbreaking required
Stealth mode High pricing compared to competitors
10-day money-back guarantee Delayed support for new OS versions
No free trial

Spyera offers a comprehensive set of monitoring tools, making it a versatile choice for users seeking a reliable monitoring solution. It is compatible with multiple devices and platforms and allows for unlimited device changes during the subscription period. The software operates in stealth mode and comes with a 10-day money-back guarantee.

However, Spyera has some limitations and drawbacks. There is no demo available for the control panel, and some users have reported dependability issues. Rooting and jailbreaking are required to access certain features, which can be time-consuming and void the phone’s warranty. Spyera’s pricing plans may also be considered expensive compared to its competitors, and there is no free trial available. Additionally, it typically takes Spyera more than two months to support a new OS version after its public release.

Why is Jailbreaking iOS Essential for SPYERA App?

Jailbreaking an iOS device refers to breaking through the software limitations of the device. This procedure is necessary to download and install the SPYERA app on a target device since the App Store prohibits such apps. Jailbreaking is performed to force the iOS system to allow the installation of apps that Apple does not authorize.

Once a target iOS device is successfully jailbroken and SPYERA is installed, the user can access

various features such as recording phone surroundings, location tracking, media file monitoring, and SMS and text message reading. Therefore, jailbreaking an iOS device is essential for installing and using the SPYERA app to its full potential.

Is Rooting Required for Spyera App?

Spyera works on any device without requiring the rooting process on Android phones. This app doesn’t need a rooted device to be installed. Once the Spyera app is installed on the device you want to monitor, you can use it immediately. Learn more about Spyera in our SPYERA Review for 2023.

Compatibility of Spyera with Operating Systems

    • Android: Spyera is compatible with all smartphones and tablets running on Android, including the latest version 12. However, to use some features of the software, the Android device needs to be rooted.
    • iOS: Spyera works with all iOS cell phones and iPads, including version 13. x. But, unlike Android, most of the features cannot be used without jailbreaking the target device.
    • macOS: If you want to track the Mac device of your child, Spyera can help you monitor macOS Sierra/High Sierra, macOS El Capitan, Apple macOS Yosemite, Apple macOS Mavericks, and Apple macOS Mojave.
    • Windows: Spyera is also available as laptop spyware, and you can easily monitor Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows 7, and Microsoft Windows 8. X, and Microsoft Windows 10.

          In summary, Spyera is compatible with Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows operating systems, and depending on the device, rooting or jailbreaking may be required for some features.

          Compatibility of Spyera with Operating Systems

          Understanding How Spyera Works

          Spyera is a spy app that operates in a hidden mode. After installation on the target device, whether it is an Android or iPhone, the app starts recording all activities and syncs them to your Spyera account. You can remotely access this account on your computer, tablet, or mobile device. However, to successfully spy on a phone, you need to set up the Spyera app on both the target device and the device from which you will monitor them.

          How to Set Up Spyera on Parent’s Phone

          • Go to the Spyera website and click on the “GET STARTED” button on the homepage.

          How to Set Up Spyera on Parent's Phone

          • Choose a plan that suits your needs and click “BUY NOW.”
          • BUY NOW

          • Make your payment on the checkout page by clicking “SIGN UP NOW.”
          SIGN UP NOW
          • After a successful purchase, you will receive a portal URL and login details via email.

          How to Install Spyera on an Android Phone: A Step-by-Step Guide

          Disabling Play Protect

          Before starting the installation process, turn off the Play Protect option on the target phone.

          Open the Play Store, tap on the hamburger icon at the top, select the Play Protect option, and toggle off the button that says “Scan apps with Play Protect.

          How to Install Spyera on an Android Phone: A Step-by-Step Guide

          Enabling Unknown Sources

            • To install Spyera, enable the Unknown Sources option on the target phone.
            • Open the Settings app, locate the Additional Settings option, select the Safety & Privacy feature, and toggle on the Unknown Sources option.

            Enabling Unknown Sources

            Disabling Play Store Notifications

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              • Disable Play Store notifications to prevent the target user from getting a notification about the installation of an unknown app.
              • Open the Settings app, select the Notification & Status Bar option, open Notification Manager, and toggle off the Allow Notifications button.

              Disabling Play Store Notifications

              Downloading and Installing Spyera

              Go to the Spyera app installation page using the kid’s or spouse’s phone and select “I am a customer and I have a license code.

              Downloading and Installing Spyera

              Tap on “View all software options” and select the platform (Android, iOS, etc.) on which you need to install the Spyera app.

              View all software options

              View all software options apk

              The app will start downloading. Once downloaded, tap on the file to start the installation and confirm the installation by tapping on “Install.”


              For a successful installation, give location access and mobile data access to Sync Services (Spyera) and allow the app to read SMS records from the target phone.


              Spyera app

              Read and accept the license agreement, activate the device administrator settings, and ignore battery optimization if you want the app to work 24/7.


              settings app

              settings apk

              Provide the license key that was emailed to you by Spyera when you purchased the subscription and allow the app access to call history, MMS records, and contacts.

              MMS records, and contacts

              MMS records, and contacts

              Hide the app icon so that your kid or spouse doesn’t know about the installation.

              Enabling an Important Option for Monitoring:

              Enabling an Important Option for Monitoring:

              Even after the complete installation process, you may not be able to see any data on the Spyera portal. To enable the monitoring option, follow these steps:

                • Open the phone Settings and select the “Additional Settings” option
                • Now select the “Accessibility” option and under the accessibility, select the “Large keyboard text” option and toggle it on.

                Enabling an Important Option for Monitoring:

                Once you have completed all the installation steps on the target cell phone, you can go back to your device and open the Spyera portal login page. Provide the username and password that was emailed to you by Spyera and click on the “Login” option. You will now be able to see the data from your kid’s or spouse’s phone remotely.


                Installing Spyera on iPhone: A Guide

                Installing Spyera on an iPhone is a bit more complicated than on an Android device. Unlike Android, you must first jailbreak the iPhone to install the Spyera app. If you’re unsure how to jailbreak an iPhone, don’t worry. The Spyera support team can assist.

                Spyera Key Features

                Call Logs Call Recordings
                Key Logs SMS
                Emails IMs tracking
                VoIP Call Recording MMS
                Photos Videos
                Audio Files Locations
                Ambient – Listen To Surrounding Sounds RemCam – Access Camera Remotely
                RemVideo – Record Video Remotely Contact
                App Activity Installed Apps
                Web Activity Alerts

                Upon logging in to Spyera, users will be directed to the dashboard, which displays all the data and information related to the target phone. The dashboard features various details, such as the phone model, operating system, IMEI, SIM information, battery percentage, last sync time, and device connection status. This information is readily available for users to monitor and keep track of their target phone.

                Spyera Key Features

                Call Logs

                  • The Call Logs feature lets users see all the calls their spouse made, received, or missed.
                  • The contact name, phone number, call duration, and time and date stamp are available for each call.
                  • Users can sort calls on the basis of incoming, outgoing, or missed calls and delete any suspicious calls.
                  • A search option is available for finding specific numbers or contacts.

                  Call Logs

                  Call Recordings

                    • The Call Recording feature allows users to listen to conversations between their spouse and another person.
                    • Contact name, phone number, call duration, date, and time are available for each call.
                    • Users can download call recordings and use the search option to find specific calls.
                    • An audio recording source can be changed to improve audio quality.

                    Call Recordings

                    Key Logs

                      • The Key Logs feature allows users to see all the keystrokes made on various apps on a child’s phone.
                      • The keylogger is deep and accurate, tracking keystrokes made on the calculator and settings apps as well.
                      • Erased and rewritten text is also present on the portal.
                      • Date and time stamps are available for each keystroke.

                      Key Logs


                        • The SMS feature allows users to monitor text messages sent and received by their loved ones.
                        • Contacts or numbers are listed on the left side, and messages can be checked on the right.
                        • Users can use the search option to find specific messages.



                          • The Emails feature allows users to keep track of their teen’s emails.
                          • Emails are essential to monitor because they can contain sensitive information.
                          • Users can see each email’s sender, recipient, subject, date, and time.
                          • The search option can be used to find specific emails.


                          IMs tracking

                            • Spyera can monitor WhatsApp and Viber conversations.
                            • Other social media and instant messaging apps cannot be monitored while tracking an unrooted Android phone.
                            • Data is updated quickly and accurately.
                            • Messages are uploaded to the portal the moment they are sent or received.
                            • Chat history is organized by contact name on the left-hand side and chat displayed on the right.
                            • A yellow outline appears around new messages, with date and time stamps.
                            • Messages may occasionally appear twice on the portal.
                            • Unwanted messages can be deleted, and important contacts can be starred.
                            • WhatsApp call recording feature is available and now works without root for internet calls made on social media apps like WhatsApp, Skype, and Facebook.

                            IMs tracking

                            VoIP Call Recording

                              • Hack VoIP calls by going to the VoIP Recording section on the dashboard.
                              • The feature can record calls on most instant messaging apps but cannot record the other end’s voice.
                              • The feature can still be useful as the target person’s voice is clearly audible.


                                • MMS is a part of SMS and includes messages with photos, videos, or other media.
                                • Spyera makes tracking MMS effortless and quick, with all MMS updates appearing instantly on the Spyera portal.
                                • MMS can be viewed in full size and can be saved, deleted, sorted, and searched using the portal’s options.
                                • The date and time, and subject of the MMS make tracking easier.

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                                  • The Photos feature allows users to view all photos on the target phone.
                                  • Only photos taken after Spyera’s installation will appear on the portal.
                                  • Users can view older photos by clicking the Get Historical Image option.
                                  • Photos can be viewed in full size, downloaded, starred, and deleted.
                                  • The date and time help users identify when inappropriate photos were taken.
                                  • The slider option and date bar make it easy to navigate through photos.



                                    • All videos taken after Spyera’s installation will appear on the portal.
                                    • Historical videos can be viewed by clicking the Get Historical Video Now option.
                                    • Users can download or watch the video by clicking on Get File and then on Download.
                                    • Videos are dated and timestamped.
                                    • Users can delete or star the videos they want.


                                    Audio Files

                                      • Audio files can also be monitored using Spyera.
                                      • Large audio files won’t get uploaded.
                                      • Audio files can be downloaded by clicking on Get File and then on Download.
                                      • Audio files can be deleted or starred.
                                      • Historical audio files can be uploaded by clicking on Get Historical Audio.

                                      Audio Files


                                      With Spyera’s location tracking feature, you can track the live location of your target person 24/7. You can also see their previous locations recorded by Spyera from time to time. Other information related to locations includes the longitude, latitude, accuracy, and date and time of that location. You can access Google Maps right from the Spyera app for more detailed tracking of location.


                                      Ambient – Listen To Surrounding Sounds

                                      Spyera’s Ambient feature lets you listen to the surrounding sounds of your loved ones. You can set the recording time from 5, 10, or 15 minutes and click on Start Ambient Recording Now. The recordings are crystal clear and easily audible. You can also schedule the recordings and delete the ones you don’t want.

                                      Ambient - Listen To Surrounding Sounds

                                      RemCam – Access Camera Remotely

                                      With the RemCam feature, you can remotely access the camera of your target device and click a photo that gets uploaded on the portal. You can view the photo in full size, and star or delete it.

                                      RemCam - Access Camera Remotely

                                      RemVideo – Record Video Remotely

                                      The RemVideo feature lets you remotely make a video on your target device for a maximum of 5 minutes and a minimum of 1 minute. You can choose the camera with which you want to make the video, i.e. from the front or rear. Once the video is ready, you can download it to watch it on your device.

                                      RemVideo - Record Video Remotely


                                      You can sync the contacts from your target phone by clicking on the Get Latest Address Book option. After a few minutes, all the contacts that are on your lover’s phone can be seen on the Spyera portal remotely. By clicking on any of the contacts, the phone number registered with that contact will appear on the screen. If there’s a photo set by the target person for that contact, that will appear too. By clicking on the SMS, call, or email icon, you will directly jump to that specific section.


                                      App Activity

                                      • Giving a personal phone to kids can result in addiction to the phone and the apps.
                                      • Spyera is supposed to show parents what all apps the kids use on their phones and for how long they use them, but unfortunately, this feature didn’t work during testing.

                                        Installed Apps

                                          • In the Installed Apps section of Spyera, you will see the names of all the apps that were present on the phone when you first purchased it.
                                          • To see the names of those apps which are installed by the kid, click on the Get Installed Apps option.
                                          • Other than the simple app names, other details of the app are also present.
                                          • Use the Search option if you want to see the installation of a particular app.

                                          Installed Apps

                                          Web Activity

                                            • Use the Web Activity feature of Spyera to monitor your teen’s online activity and check for inappropriate content.
                                            • Spyera reveals the exact title and URL of the site that your kid opens on the internet, along with the date and time when the search was done.
                                            • Spyera even records the secret browser history i.e. the pages visited in the incognito tab.
                                            • Use the Search option at the top to see if a particular site is accessed by them or not.

                                            Web Activity


                                              • Spyera offers three different types of alerts: Caller ID, Keyword, and Location.
                                              • Use the Alerts feature to receive notifications of important leads and not miss any crucial information.
                                              • Choose the type of alert and provide the necessary information to set the alert successfully.


                                              Factors to Consider When Choosing a Spy App

                                              Factors to Consider When Choosing a Spy App

                                              1. Factors to Consider
                                              2. Features
                                              3. Device Compatibility
                                              4. Pricing and Subscription Plans
                                              5. Installation and Setup
                                              6. Customer Support and Help Resources
                                              7. User Experience and Reliability
                                              8. Privacy and Legal Considerations
                                              • Features

                                              The features offered by a spy app are crucial to consider. Some apps specialize in call recording, while others may focus on social media monitoring. Determine what functions are most important for your monitoring needs and ensure the app you choose has them.

                                                • Device Compatibility

                                                Verify that the spy software is compatible with the target device’s operating system before purchasing. While most spy apps support Android, iOS, Windows, and MacOS, there may be limitations in terms of the specific versions they support. Also, consider whether rooting or jailbreaking the device is necessary for certain features.

                                                  • Pricing and Subscription Plans

                                                  Compare pricing and subscription plans across various spy apps to find one that fits your budget. It’s essential to understand the differences between subscription tiers, as advanced features may require a higher-priced plan. Also, check if the subscription is a one-time payment or a recurring charge.

                                                    • Installation and Setup

                                                    Choose a spy app with a straightforward installation process and clear setup instructions. Complex installations could result in errors, making the app ineffective or detectable by the target user. Look for apps with detailed step-by-step guides and responsive customer support to help you through the process.

                                                      • Customer Support and Help Resources

                                                      Customer support is vital when selecting parental control software. Choose an app with a reputation for responsive and knowledgeable support, including live chat, email, or phone support. Additionally, look for helpful resources like FAQs, tutorials, and troubleshooting guides to assist you in resolving common issues independently.

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                                                        • User Experience and Reliability

                                                        User reviews and testimonials provide insight into a spy app’s user experience and reliability. Choose a dependable app with a user-friendly interface and a proven track record to ensure a smoother experience and more effective monitoring.

                                                          • Privacy and Legal Considerations

                                                          Ensure the spy app complies with privacy laws and regulations in your jurisdiction. Remember that spying on someone without their consent may be illegal in certain circumstances. Use spy apps ethically and responsibly, and always inform the device owner if required by law.

                                                          Comparing Spyera and SPY24: Which is Better for Monitoring?

                                                          Both Spyera and SPY24 offer a wide range of monitoring features, but there are some differences in their offerings:

                                                          Comparing Spyera and SPY24: Which is Better for Monitoring?


                                                          • Features

                                                          Both apps offer call recording and keylogger features, but Spyera has the unique ability to listen to and record surroundings and delete SMS messages with specific keywords. On the other hand, SPY24 supports a wider range of iOS versions without requiring jailbreaking for some features.

                                                            • Pricing

                                                            SPY24 generally offers more affordable pricing plans compared to Spyera.

                                                              • User Experience and Ease of Use

                                                              Both Spyera and SPY24 have user-friendly interfaces and installation processes. However, SPY24 stands out for its no-jailbreak solution for iOS devices, making it easier to install the app without the need for jailbreaking. This can save time and reduce the risk of voiding the device’s warranty. Additionally, SPY24’s customer support is known for being responsive and helpful, adding to the overall user experience.

                                                                • Dependability

                                                                While Spyera offers a comprehensive set of features, its dependability has been reported as less consistent compared to SPY24. Users looking for a more reliable spy app may prefer SPY24 for its consistent performance and data accuracy.

                                                                Why SPY24 is the Better Option

                                                                Ultimately, the choice between Spyera and SPY24 depends on the user’s priorities. Spyera offers unique abilities like call recording, surroundings listening, and SMS keyword deletion, but SPY24 offers a more reliable and affordable parental control solution with a no-jailbreak option for iOS devices. With responsive customer support and consistent performance, SPY24 is the better option for users looking for a trustworthy monitoring app.

                                                                Spyera Pricing Plans

                                                                Device Type Price per Month
                                                                Smart Phone USD 89
                                                                Tablet USD 69
                                                                Computer USD 49
                                                                All in One USD 479 / year

                                                                  Spyera Pricing Plans

                                                                  Bottom Line

                                                                  In conclusion, the Spyera app offers a variety of features for monitoring smartphones, tablets, and computers. However, it requires jailbreaking for iOS devices, and some of its advanced features are only available on rooted Android phones. If you need to monitor your child’s phone usage without physical access, Spyera may not be the best choice.

                                                                  Additionally, Spyera’s price plans are relatively high compared to other spy apps in the market. Despite these limitations, Spyera remains a viable option for those seeking a comprehensive spy app. It provides a keylogger, access to social media messages, and GPS tracking, among other features. Overall, whether Spyera is the best choice for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences. Be sure to consider the factors discussed in this “SPYERA Review for 2023 ” before deciding to purchase this spy app.   You can also read our other articles such as The Best Phone Tracker Apps.


                                                                  Is Spyera Legit?

                                                                  Spyera is a popular spy and monitoring app used by parents and employers to track people on their phones. Consumers often ask if it is legitimate both legally and technically. Spyera is constantly updated to deal with changes to operating systems and works on both iOS and Android devices. While there may be some technical issues after an update, the support team responds quickly to resolve them. As for legality, monitoring apps like Spyera are legal in certain circumstances, such as when you own the phone you are targeting. However, if the targeted user is an employee or over 18, they must be informed that they are being monitored. Spyera reviews reflect the app’s fast response and helpful customer service support.

                                                                  Does Spyera Require Jailbreak?

                                                                  Yes, you need to jailbreak the target iOS phone to monitor it without facing any issues.

                                                                  Can Spyera Be Detected?

                                                                  While setting up Spyera on the target cell phone, if you select the option to hide the application, the target user will not be able to detect the installation of Spyera.

                                                                  How Much Does Spyera Cost?

                                                                  If you go for a monthly subscription to the app, it will cost $89/month for smartphone monitoring. $69/month should be paid for the monitoring of tablets and $49/month for the monitoring of PC.

                                                                  Can I Spy On Someone’s Phone Without Touching It?

                                                                  While using Spyera, you need physical access to the phone for the initial setup. Once the app installation is done, you don’t need to access the target phone physically anymore.

                                                                  Is Spyera the Best Undetectable Spy App?

                                                                  Claiming Spyera as the best undetectable spy app would be an exaggeration, but you can count it as one of the best spy apps on the market.

                                                                  Does SPYERA have a free version?

                                                                  While there is no completely free version of SPYERA, there is a 10-day money-back guarantee.

                                                                  Can SPYERA read WhatsApp messages?

                                                                  Yes, the SPYERA app for iPhone and Android can give you full access to all WhatsApp messages that are sent from your child’s phone. In addition to WhatsApp, SPYERA can access messages and calls from other messengers and VoIP apps, such as Facebook Messenger, Skype, Instagram DM, and Telegram.

                                                                  Do I need to jailbreak my child’s iPhone to download SPYERA?

                                                                  Yes, you need to jailbreak the iPhone to install Spyera on it.

                                                                  Do I need to root my child’s Android to download and use SPYERA?

                                                                  No, rooting is not a requirement for installing and using SPYERA. However, some features are only available if the phone is rooted.

                                                                  Can I use SPYERA to enforce screen time limits on my child’s phone?

                                                                  No, SPYERA is a monitoring software and does not have features for limiting screen time or filtering content. If these features are important to you, you may want to consider using another parental control app like SPY24.

                                                                  How to uninstall and deactivate SPYERA?

                                                                  Want to uninstall or deactivate SPYERA? You can do so directly from the target device or remotely through your web account dashboard. Simply go to the Help menu on the left panel, then navigate to Device Settings > Device Controls.

                                                                  Keep in mind that deactivating SPYERA will delete all logs in the account.

                                                                  If you want to remotely uninstall and then deactivate, you can do so. However, if you deactivate first, you won’t be able to uninstall remotely.

                                                                  Additionally, you have the option to uninstall without deactivating your account. This will save all data logs in the account until you either deactivate or reinstall at a later time.

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