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Have you got parental- or employee-surveillance-related epiphanies? Worry no more. SPY24 is an all-in-one parental and employee Phone Tracker Free App that will keep you updated on their activities in real-time, all the time! With our robust software, you can monitor and archive all smartphone activities like browsing history, live location, call recording, media, messages, social media alerts, emails, installed Apps, web filters, contacts, and other items. All you need is the SPY24 Parental Control App. You can also use the 30-day free trial to familiarize yourself with how the app works and use it under the following conditions:

  • Tracking the geographical location of the desired device
  • Remote control of the device
  • Tracking a stolen or lost mobile phone
  • Locating children and other family members
  • Tracking lost people, Alzheimer’s patients, and the elderly
  • Racking marketers, motorcycle couriers, and employees
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The Powerful Features that Make SPY24 the World's Most ​

Advanced Cell Phone Tracker App


Specify neighborhoods, restaurants, or other favorite points in the location monitoring list and be informed immediately after the monitored user enters those areas.

Route Map Tracker

Our route tracker is usually one of the features of the SPY24 mobile tracking or control app that allows users to track and review the location history of the device of interest.

Real Time Location Tracking

SPY24 has an online dashboard that enables you to track the location live and check the exact and current location. Users can virtually see the point where the person of interest has been tracked on the map. You can keep an eye on the movements of the person of interest.

View Location History Of The Phone

SPY24 is a mobile tracking software that allows you to virtually view the location history of another phone on the map and with timing.

Tracking Without GPS

Users can use the phone tracking software on the device of interest for tracking the location of the phone without using GPS.

Location Through SMS

You can track the live location of the phone remotely by sending a commanding short message to the phone of interest.

Location Tracking

Track and find the live location of the mobile phone and have access to the complete location history.


1- Choose Your Subscription

Please choose which mobile tracking subscription plan and payment option is suitable for your monitoring needs. Complete your payment and check your email to receive installation instructions.

2- Install and Set Up

Follow the installation guide provided to you in the welcoming email and set up SPY24 on the target device.

3- Start Tracking

Log in to SPY24 Control Panel to start monitoring calls, texts, GPS location, apps and any other activities taking place on the monitored device.


How Can We Track People’s Mobile Phones?

Mobile phones today are equipped with location technology using GPS technology, and this has led many people to track others using mobile phone locations. This technology is very useful in crises, and we will continue to discuss how to use this App to track mobile phones remotely. Just install the parental control software on your child’s mobile phone and use it under the following conditions:

  • Remote employee monitoring software
  • Employee tracking software for tracking time, location, and workforce productivity
  • Employee control software for evaluating their performance
  • Parental control software and child phone for family care (Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS)
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Tracking Your Child's Mobile with a Free Parental Control App

To monitor and track mobile phones using the SPY24 app, just install it on your desired mobile phone and activate the “Online Location Finder” section. After installing and activating the app, it automatically becomes hidden and starts sending the location of the desired mobile to your management panel.

To be aware of the instantaneous location of the desired mobile phone, just select your desired device in the management panel to see the current location of your device and observe all the routes of the people of interest at different times.

At the moment, you can track your child’s mobile phone or your stolen device, or find out about your employee’s location. You can also define permissible and non-permissible traffic boundaries for them so that you can easily be informed of their entry or exit from specific places. Home, school, park, library, etc. can be among the points that can be defined on your selected map.

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Why do we need a Cell Phone Tracking App?

Access to the location and tracking of the mobile phones of children and loved ones brings mental peace to family caregivers. This is because you may not always be able to stay in constant contact with them, or sometimes in emergencies, you may not be able to get in touch with them. However, by being aware of their geographical location at any moment, you can carry out your daily activities with a more relaxed mind.

Knowing the time of their arrival at school or being notified of their arrival home reduces many of your daily worries. You will also follow the movements and outings of the elderly or people with Alzheimer’s with less concern.

You are monitoring the movements of your employees and marketers across the city and will have more control over the quality of their performance in terms of time and how they deal with customers. In this way, you will achieve a more suitable work efficiency for your business.

Cell Phone Tracking App

Is it Possible to Track a Stolen Mobile Phone With SPY24 App?

Most of today’s mobile phones have a section called Find My Phone, which allows the owner of the Google account or Apple ID to track it in cases such as mobile phone theft or loss. However, these services usually do not provide you with the history of the device’s location and the routes it has taken, and sometimes they have some restrictions for domestic users.

But tracking your mobile phone with any location service on mobile phones is only possible until the mobile device in question has access to the Internet. Since a smart device without the Internet is a useless device, you can almost be assured of the app location announcement in special circumstances.

But with parental control software, you can have the location of your device on Google Maps or other map service providers at any hour of the day or night without activating any side location service, and you should not worry about the history of previous locations.

Knowing the time of their arrival at school or being notified of their arrival home reduces many of your daily worries. You will also follow the movements and outings of the elderly or people with Alzheimer’s with less concern.

You are monitoring the movements of your employees and marketers across the city and will have more control over the quality of their performance in terms of time and how they deal with customers. In this way, you will achieve a more suitable work efficiency for your business.

Possible to Track a Stolen Mobile Phone With SPY24

30-Day Free Subscription!

To verify the functionality of the app and gain your trust, dear user, a free ID is provided with a 24-hour deadline to use the software.

Parental Control App

Features: SPY24 the World’s Most ​ Advanced Parental Monitoring App

SPY24 is a great parental monitoring app that helps you check your kids’ phone or computer activities remotely. You can see messages, places they’ve been, contact lists, and much more.

To start, log into your control panel with the login information you received in the confirmation email and follow the installation instructions. Remember, to use some of the special features, go to the installation guide section. If you don’t know how, you can ask our support team for help.

You must install the application directly on the target iPhone only if two-factor authentication is active. Otherwise, SPY24 connects to the device via iCloud. Enter your iCloud login details in your control panel, and the software will automatically connect to the device.

No, the application works in a background mode and the user won’t be able to see any icons related to SPY24 on their device. However, you can choose to leave the icon visible during the installation process.

You can monitor the devices of your loved ones with SPY24 if you have their full consent for doing so. You are to install the software only on your own device, on the device of your underage child, or any other device with the consent of its owner. You can purchase the Family Kit to monitor up to 3 devices at the same time.

Yes, you most certainly can. While SPY24 is a top-notch parental monitoring app, it also has a built-in GPS tracker that allows you to monitor the device’s location and GPS history.

Yes, with SPY24 you can keep an eye on almost any activity that happens on your kids’ phone. You can even remotely set restrictions for app or website usage and block unwanted calls.

Once you’ve placed your order and your payment has been confirmed, you’ll receive a confirmation email. If the email doesn’t arrive, be sure to check your spam folder. Then, follow the link in the email, log into your control panel, and open the installation wizard to set up the app.

For this, you need to install a tracking app on the person’s device. With this, you can check the person’s GPS history. The SPY24 app shows you the coordinates of the places the person has visited and also the times they have been in each area.

No, especially if your child is underage. When push comes to shove, it is your responsibility as a parent to make sure your children stay safe by whatever means necessary. Installing a GPS phone tracker app on a child’s device is actually becoming more and more popular as it is an efficient way to keep an eye on your loved ones while you are away.

We recommend you to always inform your children that you are tracking them. However, if your child is a minor, you have a legal right as a parent to monitor their phone without getting permission from them first.

No, despite what you might read online, it is impossible to track a phone location from a number only. To monitor someone’s location, you will need to install GPS tracking software on their device.

If you or one of your family members have lost their phone and now want to find out its location, you can ask your cell phone provider to ping the phone’s location. Mind you, only an authorized person can do this. However, if you have previously installed SPY24 or another monitoring app on your device, it can track the phone’s location for you even if the SIM card was changed.

Yes, a GPS cell phone locator needs to be installed on the device beforehand. SPY24 can either be downloaded directly on the target device or synced up remotely by inputting iCloud credentials in the Control Panel.

While it is important to trust your children and let them be independent, you can never be too safe. Especially if you live around potentially dangerous areas. SPY24 will let you stay updated on your child’s whereabouts without the need to call them and bug them constantly.

Children, especially teenagers, tend to be very secretive about their life. Because of those secrets, parents often have no idea that their child is going through something horrible. And a lot of those secrets are stored on their phone. By monitoring your children’s phones with our Android and iPhone location tracker, you can keep them away from online violence, cyberbullying, catfishing, and other threats that the world may bring your way.

Other Methods of Tracking People and Mobile Phones

Across the internet, you will encounter numerous advertisements with titles such as tracking people via Telegram, tracking your spouse’s mobile, child, and other similar cases. However, to familiarize you with the validity and direction of these advertisements, we will explain other operational methods for tracking people.

Tracking People via Telegram

To be aware of the location of Telegram contacts, Telegram has recently added the Live Location service, which has been added for announcing the location of Telegram users to be aware of each other’s current location. To use this service, click on the “clip” and select the “Location” option. Then in the opened menu, select the “Share My Live Location For” option so that the field for selecting your location announcement time range will be displayed to the desired contact. After selecting the desired time range, the “Share” button will automatically display your location in the selected range to the desired contact.

Tracking People via Instagram

Unlike WhatsApp and Telegram software, there is no possibility of live location tracking of people via the Instagram app. Generally, no reliable location tracking method has been provided for using this software to announce the location. You can only find out about the location of the posted picture by the location of the posts recorded at the top of the images that are selected by the user. It should be noted that this method is also reliable for being aware of the approximate location of the user if the user has registered the real location in the sent post.

Tracking People via Phone Number

This method, which is usually used in cases such as tracking stolen mobile phones, attracting or pursuing fraudsters, and by judicial order, is performed.