How to Android Phone Hacking Free Programs (2023)

Hacking other people’s phones? If this question arises, there are many different and free applications and software for hacking other people’s android phones, which we will thoroughly teach in the article. In this article from SPY24, we want to introduce the best Android phone hacking programs that are also free. Stay with the SPY24.

Many applications or programs provide the possibility of hacking the android phone. Using these programs, you can hack other people’s phones, but we must point out that many of the introduced applications have a completely normal function and are called phone hacking programs. In practice, they are just a tool for entertaining your friends and acquaintances.

We recommend not using the applications introduced in this article to abuse others’ privacy policies.

SPY24 is not responsible for the illegal misuse of this training.

In expansion, all the applications we introduce in this article are not programs made for directly hacking android mobile phones, but many of them must be physically installed on the target person’s android mobile phone to hack information.

You will learn the best mobile hacking applications and software in the following.

1. AndroidRAT App

It is considered one of the exciting programs for hacking Android phones. The part of the name of this program, marked with RAT, stands for Remote Administrative Tool. 

Android phone hacking: AndroidRAT App

Therefore, the nature of the application is determined by its name, and with this application, you can remotely control other people’s android phones. 

This program will be launched automatically after the recipient’s phone is turned on. Some of the most exciting information that you can get using the AndroidRAT application includes comprehensive details on your contact list, SMS, locations, etc. Using this program, you can even remotely command to make phone calls, send SMStake pictures with the phone camera, automatically open the browser page, etc. So if you are looking for an excellent and free phone hacking app, AndroidRAT is one of the best options out there.

Here are some of the key features of the AndroidRat:  

1. It allows the hacker to spy on the target’s phone and access any data or information they want.  

2. It can also secretly install other malware on the target’s phone.  

3. Android rat can be used to gain access to a target’s camera, microphone, and other private information.  

4. AndroidRat can steal essential passwords like bank logins and credit card information.  

5. Androidrat can track the user’s location and movements.

2. Hackode app

Hackode program is one of the latest mobile phone hacking programs for Android that we witnessed its release in 2018, but due to its good performance quality, it is included in our list of the best programs. 

Android phone hacking app: Hackode app

This program gives you access to exciting features based on SQL InjectionMySQL Server, WhoisIP, etc.

Therefore, this program leaves your hands ultimately free to do various tasks. 

So remember, the Hackode program is another best Android phone hacking program.

Hackode of Features:

  1. Hackode is an application for Android phones that allows users to perform various hacking-related tasks.  
  2. The app lists various hacking techniques that can be used against devices (such as phones, tablets, laptops, etc.).  
  3. The app also provides a list of tools that can be used to perform different types of hacking attacks (such as brute force, SQL injection, etc.).  
  4. Hackode can be used by both novice and skilled hackers, and it is a powerful addition to any hacker’s toolbox.
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3. cSploit app

cSploit app is another best Android phone hacking app.

The creators of this application claim that this program is the wealthiest phone hacking application in the Android operating system in terms of functionality.

This program supports features such as enumeration and provision of local host information, finding variables, finding wifi password and changing it, installing backup, etc. So, if you want to access a rich and functional Android phone hacking app, remember the cSploit app.

Android phone hacking: cSploit app

cSploit of Features:

  1. The app also includes a module for scanning and enumerating networks.  
  2. CSploit is a valuable hacking tool for both novice and skilled hackers. It is a strong tool that can be used to perform various types of hacking attacks.  
  3. The app is available for both ios and android platforms. It is a free, open-source tool that can be downloaded from SourceForge.

4. FaceNiff app

Another one of the most exciting programs you can use for hacking and obtaining various information on Android phones is called FaceNiff. Installing and running this program on your phone allows you to disrupt different wifi networks or track their exact status. 

Android phone hacking app: FaceNiff app

One of this program’s primary uses is spying on Facebook, Twitter, and other accounts linked to social networks. 

If you desire to browse users’ social network accounts, the FaceNiff application provides you with an excellent platform because, with this application, you can steal cookies from the wifi network. 

  1. FaceNiff is an Android app that can perform various types of man-in-the-middle attacks.  
  2. Man-in-the-middle attacks are a type of cyberattack in which a third party inserts itself in the middle of a communication between two other parties to intercept data or information.  
  3. FaceNiff intercepts data from the communication and then forwards it to the attacker. The attacker can then use the information to perform various attacks, such as eavesdropping on conversations, stealing private information, etc.

5. Shark for Root app

One of the considerably advanced tools experienced hackers use to bypass various security platforms is the Shark for Root program. This program works like a traffic spinner (wifi data spy) and can be used on wifi, 3G, and FroYo Tethered (USB and wifi networks). You can use the Shark for Root program with tcpdump commands in rooted Android phones. Therefore, if you are looking for a practical Android hacking application to spy on the traffic of wifi networks, the Shark for Root application will be one of the best options in front of you.

best Android phone hacking app: Shark for Root app

6. Droidsheep app

The droid-sheep program is made by security experts interested in hacking wifi networks and getting information from these networks. Therefore, the program is designed very precisely and functionally. For this reason, it is included in the list of the best hacking programs for Android phones. This program can steal internet profiles and be compatible with almost any website and internet network. So Droidsheep is a free and hassle-free app to hack Android phones. This program can act as a router and monitor and thus store all user information. This program lets you quickly access user account information like Facebook, Twitter, etc. So keep the Droidsheep app in mind as another best Android phone hacking app.

Android phone hacking: Droidsheep app

The DroidBox program provides a dynamic analysis of other applications and supports spying on different wifi networks. Therefore, this program is beneficial for tracking users’ information on the Internet and provides the possibility of hacking accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Using this program. You can access the contact details, contact lists, text messages, etc., of users on other Android phones.

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7. best Android phone hacking app: SPY24

SPY24 App is not an application for hacking and stealing information from others, but it is a helpful application for parents and parental monitoring that lets them monitor and have full access to their children’s phones.

Android phone hacking app: SPY24

The greatest need for mobile hacking is monitoring children’s performance in social networks and messaging software.

  Therefore, SPY24 is provided for parents so that by installing a special control program, it is possible to control the activities of their children using tablets and mobile phones.

In the following, we will introduce this program, the necessity of installation, how to install and activate the SPY24 program, and use this system’s services.

Is it possible to hack an Android phone with SPY24?

This is not a mobile hacking program but a control tool to monitor the activity of children under 18.

The working process of the program is that after installing and activating the program, the software is hidden and sends the following reports to the parental control panel:

  • Call report
  • SMS list
  • Announcement of location
  • Report of all messengers
  • Executed programs
  • Websites visited and activity in all programs and social networks

And in this way, parents can safely control their children’s activities remotely in virtual and real spaces without needing a mobile phone hacking program.

  This program has tried to provide all necessary monitoring and management tools for the children so that the heads of the family can easily use them to manage their families.

Installation and operation of SPY24

Register on the SPY24 website.

1. To start, first register on the SPY24 website, and after creating a user account, proceed to prepare a subscription. Preparing the subscription will activate your management access to use the panel services.

Also, note that you can use the various features of SPY24 as a free one-month trial.

2. After accessing the SPY24 control panel, you can download and install the relevant program on your child’s mobile phone, according to the guide.

  After installing the program, the program icon will be hidden, and the report will be sent to the user panel.

3. All the daily activities of the desired mobile phone will be sent to your user panel in the family care system, and you can monitor your child’s activities without needing a phone hacking program or remote access.

8. APKInspector app

APKInspector is a unique application that allows you to use reverse engineering techniques. Using this program, you can access graphic features and functional analyzes of the status of different users to have a comprehensive view of their performance and the conditions of each user. With this program, you can find the source codes of any Android application you want. Therefore, the APKInspector application is helpful for users looking to hack and spy on Android phones in unique ways.

best Android phone hacking: APKInspector app

9. Nmap app

One of the numerous famous and popular applications available for checking the status of wireless networks and spying on them is the Nmap program. 

This program includes a version compatible with desktop computers and a version compatible with Android phones.

By installing this program on your phone, you can break into different wireless networks and steal the information of its users in different ways. Nmap is compatible with both rooted and unrooted Android phones. 

The user interface of this program is designed, and any user can easily use it. For this reason, this program will be beneficial and suitable for use by beginners.

Android phone hacking app: Nmap app

Nmap of Features:

  1. It is a powerful tool used by network administrators, administrators, engineers, and security researchers to troubleshoot networks, identify potential vulnerabilities, and maintain security.
  2.  Nmap has a powerful API that can be used by other applications to interact with the tool.
  3.  It is compatible with all major operating systems, including Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X.
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10. SSHDroid app

SSHDroid application is an SSH server implementation tool developed for the Android operating system and allows the user to connect the Android phone to a personal computer and execute commands such as terminal and adb shell commands. 

Android phone hacking: SSHDroid app

This program makes editing many files remotely and through the phone possible. Therefore, the SSHDroid program is suitable for those users who want to spy on a computer with their Android phone.

11. WIFI Kill app

Wifi Kill is another one of the best Android phone hacking apps for rooted devices. You can disable or disrupt a specific wifi internet network using this application. 

best Android phone hacking: WIFI Kill app

This program completely blocks the sending and receiving of information about the wifi network, and therefore it will disturb its operation and connection with other gadgets. 

The wifi Kill program has a straightforward user interface, making it a good option for beginners.

12. Fing Network Scanner app

Another famous program used to spy on wireless and wifi networks is the Fing Network Scanner program. 

This program will show you which devices are connected to a particular wifi network and provide comprehensive facilities to obtain the details of each device and the information exchanged between it and the wifi network in question. 

 best Android phone hacking app: Fing Network Scanner app

The Fing Network Scanner application has a convenient and user-friendly interface and is considered one of the best hacking programs for Android phones.

13. zANTI app

zANTI is a mobile pen testing and reverses engineering tool for Android and iOS.  

It can be used for penetration testing, cyber intelligence, threat intelligence, forensics, and incident response.  The tool can collect data from a target device and analyze the collected data to find vulnerabilities.  zANTI can also be used to reverse engineer mobile applications to detect vulnerabilities in their code.

Android phone hacking: zANTI app

zANTI is a high-performance and advanced tool that can perform advanced security operations on mobile devices.

USB Cleaver app

The USB Cleaver program is another free and useful program that you can use to spy on the information of desktop computers connected to it. 

The USB Cleaver application will quickly receive information such as user passwords through the browser, wifi passwords, network information, etc. Using the USB Cleaver program is relatively easy, and everything has been tried to be presented clearly and accurately.

  1. The tool is designed to perform its attacks stealthily. As such, it can bypass many of the standard security checks performed when a USB device is plugged in. This makes the tool extremely effective at infecting computers with malware or gaining access to sensitive information.
  2.  It is an advanced tool that can be used to attack many different types of USB-based devices.
  3. Some of the most commonly targeted devices include mobile phones, cameras, external hard drives, and USBs.

How to secure your Android phone against hacker attacks?

1. Only install apps from trusted sites/sources  

2. Be careful about clicking links or attachments in emails and texts from unknown sources.  

3. Be wary of public wifi networks. Don’t enter sensitive information (like banking credentials or other Personal Identifying Information) on a public wifi network.  

4. Install a mobile antivirus software package if your device doesn’t come with one pre-installed

5. Avoid jailbreaking your phone because it can weaken the security of your device.


As you can see in this article, we introduced the best hacking programs for Android phones. The programs presented in this article provide many features, such as spying on wireless internet networks and accessing user information such as wifi passwords, account passwords, etc. 

We remind you again and recommend that you never use these programs for spying purposes and respect the rights of others.


Can an Android phone be hacked?

Yes, there are many tools for hacking Android phones, some of which are free. We introduce you to 10 of the best free Android hacking tools.

What are the best applications for hacking Android phones?

The best applications for hacking an Android phone can be called Nmap, Droid Ship, APK Inspector, and SPY24, which you can use for free.

How to hack an Android phone through SPY24?

To hack the target person’s phone, you must first register in SPY24 and then install the SPY24 application on his phone; then, through the control panel, you can access the phone’s information, such as location, contact list and all other activities.

Do you need to be a hacker to hack an Android phone?

Not necessarily; there are some free or paid programs that you can use to hack the target phone without needing any programming or hacking knowledge. For example, the SPY24 application to control and monitor children is one of these programs.

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