SpyStealth App Reviews 2023 Features: Android & iOS


Today mobile tracking apps are continuously being updated and renewed on a large scale, and we are lucky to hear their best recent features. This is why the great Spy Stealth came to help us all with its great features, which you will never find them anywhere else in other apps. The first question that comes to our mind is why we need tracking software in the first place. Well, with the help of tracking software, we can easily catch the ones we desire doing inappropriate things, such as our kids or our employees. SpyStealth, on the other hand, is, known to be the best choice for tracking activities.  Now you can easily track cell phone activities easier with the help of Spy Stealth remotely. As everything is online today, we spend most of our time online, and we fall back from our daily routines. As a parent, we should be focused on this because kids tend to spend the majority of their timeline rather than studying.

And in the case of employees, they spend their time online instead of working and hence bring no productivity to the organization.  After all, we live in an era where communication is very popular on social networking sites, and there is a way to be worried as well.  Now that you know what SpyStealth is, let us see how does SpyStealth work actually. 

To start with, we should say that this great SpyStealth will be available for you only if you create an account and subscribe to it. There is a detailed installation instruction provided by the app for users, luckily, and you will receive your credentials once your payment is confirmed.

If you are an iOS user, you should jailbreak it before installing SpyStealth. Once you are done with jailbreaking and done with the installation, you can go ahead and connect to any target device to the SpyStealth account that you just made. This is how SpyStealth actually works.

Getting further to its details, we have to say that SpyStealth is known to offer three subscriptions to all its users, such bad the basic, premium as well as non-jailbreak ones you will find at different costs. You can choose either of them based on your choice and preferences. 

Having a huge number of satisfied clients so far, we have to say that the app never failed to wow its users, and you can even read about the feedback if you desire from the website itself. 

Who would ever think that one day, thanks to technology and great apps, we would be able to even view deleted messages from the desired devices? Who would ever think that today while we are having a hectic day at the office or resting on the sofa, we would be able to see the live location or the activities of our kids remotely? 

It is more than what we ever desired. So make sure you use the app and give yourself some relief from the extra stress and tension that you had regarding your kids and employees. 

In the case of SpyStealth, the tracking process can start in only 15 minutes. Give these minutes as a start to your calm and relaxed life by knowing all the details you desire to know, thanks to the app. 


Android Yes
iOS(iPhone/iPad) No
Website:  spystealth .com
Domain Age: 2011-07-29
SpyStealth App

The details of the cost of the SpyStealth are as follows such as:

The basic plan

It has basic features, which are also compatible with Apple 7.0 as well as Android, and costs only $24.95 per month.

The premium plan

It provides advanced features such as social media tracking and call blocking. It works with Android as well as iOS well and costs only $59.95 per month only.

The jailbreak plan

Lastly, we should say that the jailbreak plan has limited features to offer the users, such as the ability to block apps and track GPS locations. For this plan costs $ 29.95 per month, you need to enable your iCloud backup before you start monitoring and tracking.

Now let us move further to learn about the features of SpyStealth that made the app so much demanding and famous.


The features of the SpyStealth are as follows:

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    • The app permits you to monitor incoming and outgoing messages easily. It gives you the ability to check the content of the messages, both sent and received, even if the target device deletes the messages.

    • Apart from message monitoring, you can even monitor the calls, both incoming and outgoing. Other details will be visible to you as well, such as the duration of the calls along with the details of the contacts. This sounds amazing.

    • Alerts will be shown to you as well. You will be given alerts such as profanity alerts, geo-fencing as well as contact alerts as soon as your children or employees use websites or do activities that are prohibited.

    • Website monitoring is another great feature of SpyStealth. In this way, you can track all online activities such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, or even LinkedIn. Using the app, you have the entire ability to view the web history quickly and seamlessly on a remote basis.

    • GPS tracking is a brilliant feature of SpyStealth. Go ahead and track the physical location of the desired device easily.

    • Monitoring the images and videos is also possible. Now you can track the captured, sent, or received images from the target device. You can even delete data as such if you desire remotely without anyone knowing.

    • The best part is that according to the reviews gathered in 2023, we see that the app is very compatible with Apple 7.0 as well as Android 4.6-6.0+.

features of the SpyStealth

Now that you know what services does SpyStealth offer, you should also know that it provides additional advanced services to all its users, such as the following:

    • You can block apps and websites according to your choice if you find them inappropriate for your children as parents.

    • You can use SpyStealth to record the activities of the keyboard strokes on a remote basis. This means that you can easily search for your desired queries and find their passwords.

    • Get your hands on the emails that are sent and received. You will also get other details, such as the name of the sender, date, and time.

    • Get to see the apps that have been installed.

    • Read the notes and tasks and a lot more.

Now that you read all these, it won’t be a bad idea to read about the pros and cons of the app as well.

The pros and cons of the SpyStealth are as follows:


    • It provides the users with an intuitive dashboard where they will be to see and retrieve data.

    • You will get a vast range of choices in order to meet customers as well.

    • It includes amazing features that are ideal for monitoring the desired devices.

The cons are:

    • It can employ misleading strategies such as the dissemination of fake or void information.

    • You may be able to implement more parental tools for controlling, such as the ability to control screen time and limit it.

    • The plans of SpyStealth are often costlier than other tracking apps.

SpyStealth App

The app has proved right be really handy and good, but there is a slight difference between the SpyStealth as well as the SPY24. The difference is that even though SpyStealth is considered to be a fantastic app yet, like other apps that we use today, it has its drawbacks as well.

The purchase now button in the app does not function, and it makes it unable for the users to use the app. Whereas the SPY24 app has all its functions working properly, and adding to that, it has 24/7 active customer support that is always ready to solve problems and help users.

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This tremendous mobile tracking app continues to surprise all with its updated features, along with a hard-working team that tries its best to bring the best for all its users.

The app works well with Android and iOS and is known to be very compatible. All you need to do is quickly check your desired target phone using three easy steps first, buy the app and install it on the device and proceed with the login process. Do not worry. There is detailed instruction given, and you will be able to download and work with it with ease.

The app is great for tracking all the activities that your employees, kids, or even parents do online. Yes, now you can even check the loyalty of your partner and monitor their smartphone as well. Who wouldn’t like to get a live observation on the device you desire to monitor, see their exact current location, lock devices and apps that you feel are not supposed to be seen, and see a huge list of other benefits and features?

Thanks to SpyStealth, now parents are worry-free as they can track their children no matter if they are at home or outside. Now employers can track their employees to see why their productivity level has decreased, and finally, you get to see how loyal and faithful your partner is towards you.

Do you know what the difference is between SpyStealth and mSpy? With the help of mSpy, you can easily start your tracking journey and check texts and calls and end it up with a key logger or even a screen recorder.

On the other hand, you will experience an easy app installation process. The app tries its best to satisfy all users’ needs by offering many subscriptions, which are different in duration, cost, and functionality.

But keeping the best for the end, there is an even better app that does all the functions and satisfies all its users. The app is the SPY24 app which we will talk about in detail further.

Not to forget that the SPY24 provides all its users with a huge range of features for hacking and monitoring on a remote basis that works perfectly on both Android as well as iOS.

You can even find other striking features of the SPY24 app on the official website of, and you will find the answer to many questions you have in your mind regarding the app here.

The SPY24 App Features You Should know

It has a huge list of unique features that we are going to tell you about. So read till the end, and you will get convinced as to how great the SPY24 app is.

    • You can track your WhatsApp account with the help of SPY24. It gives you the entire ability to see messages that have been received and sent, incoming and outgoing calls, video calls, sent and received files, and even images.

    • You can also screen-record video calls as well remotely.

    • Tracking Instagram accounts as well as Facebook accounts is possible via the SPY24 app. Now you can track and see the accounts your children or your desired target device follows, communicates, and see the people they text and call.

    • Tracking Snapchat accounts and well as tracking signal accounts is another great feature of SPY24 that is worth mentioning.

    • Last but not least, via SPY24 today, you can even see the contacts’ watch list. You can eliminate the ones you do not want, and you can even check the contacts to find the fishy ones and get them away from your employees or your children.

SPY24 App VS SpyStealth

You see, there can be many apps suitable for monitoring and tracking, but since SPY24 uses recent technologies and its features are always up to date, we should tell you that no app has been able to beat or replace SPY24. You can get convinced only when you try using the app, and then you will see it is an outstanding app.

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Get your hands on all the details you desire on the target devices you wish quickly in no time with the help and use of the SPY24 app. With this great app’s help, you can now protect your children while you are not there, save your business and all its confidential matters, prevent it from leaking outside, and finally check on your partner. Now sit back at home and see where your children are via the live GPS tracking option and worry about nothing. SPY24 is a savior, so grab the opportunity, use the app, and benefit from its features. In a world where there are parents who are working day and night or employers who have to manage vast numbers of employees, it is difficult to check them both offline and online. The SPY24 came to aid with its unique features, and now the little burden has decreased from everyone’s shoulders as tracking can be done easier and remotely without anyone noticing.

Parents try their best to find great ways to protect their children in many ways, but the app has been acting as a shield that parents use to protect their children from afar.

Now you can see why their grades fall, what they do online, who their contacts are, and who they are calling and texting. And you can see why your workers’ productivity level has also decreased.

So you see, all you need today is SPY24. So go ahead and read all you need further regarding the app on the official website of SPY24 and all your questions will be answered in detail. You can also read our other articles, such as Best Phone Tracker Apps.

What can I see by using SpyStealth?

The app allows you to track and see calls, messages, images, contacts, social networks, and even activities e on mobile.

Is SPY24 free?

Nothing in life is free. If you desire the best app, you need to pay for it as well and enjoy its huge range of features. The following is the cost of the SPY24 app based on your choice and preference.

You can subscribe and pay to get the confirmation email stating that your payment has been approved.

For Android users, the Android Packages are:

One month – $0

Three months – $50

Six months – $76

12 months – $120

Is SPY24 free?

For Windows Packages, the costs are:

One month – $25

Three months – $46

Six months – $60

24 hours – $0

For Windows Packages, the costs are:

For MAC and iOS, the Packages are:

One month – $25

Three months – $46

Six months – $60

24 hours – $0

For MAC and iOS, the Packages are:


Why do we need to track and block calls?

Via tracking and blocking calls, you can easily save your dear and near ones from fake people, scams, and even abuse. Go ahead and block the undesirable calls in their devices remotely without them even knowing.

Is SpyStealth free?

Based on the device you use and the plan you choose, you will be able to find the costs accordingly. The basic plan costs about $ 24.95, and the premium plan is $ 59.95. In the case of the jailbreak plan, you should know that it is $29.95 monthly.

Is the process of hacking legal?

Hacking, in general, is not a legal act, but if it is done to protect someone and save a business, then it is legal. Make sure you do not use the apps for malicious or evil activities, as it is highly illegal, and the app does not hold any responsibility for it.

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