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10 Best Free Spyware Software for Mac and Windows in 2023

Are you worried about the activities happening on your Mac or Windows device? Perhaps you want to monitor your child’s computer or partner’s device while at work. Whatever your reasons may be, tracking software can offer a solution. With so many options available, it can be challenging to determine which one is right for you. In this article, we’ll explore the best free Spyware software options for Mac and Windows devices (Spy App), providing the information you need to make an informed decision.

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List of the Best Free Spyware  Software for Mac and Windows (Spy App)

Name: Supported Platforms: Fees:
SPY24 MacOS and Windows 30 days free
Spyera MacOS and Windows $49 / month
Ogymogy MacOS and Windows $55/ month
Flexispy Windows $79/ month
Realtime-Spy MacOS and Windows $79.95/ year
Spyrix MacOS and Windows $158 (one-time)
Theonespy MacOS and Windows $65.99/1 month
EaseMon MacOS and Windows $29.99/month
MoniVisor Windows $49.99/1-Month

1. SPY24: Undetectable MAC Spy Software for Comprehensive Monitoring 30-Day Free Trial 


SPY24 has introduced a new feature that enables easy monitoring of Mac systems, providing a suitable way to monitor your target device. This programming feature allows you to access all user activities, keyloggers, history, and media content, giving you the details you need to know. A complete guide has been provided to help navigate the unique user experience of Macintosh computers.

best free tracking software for mac and windows1

Advanced Tracking Features for Mac OS Monitoring

  • Live computer monitoring: This feature lets you view all changes on the target device in real-time.
  • Remote installation: The software can be installed remotely, allowing you to monitor the target device from your location.
  • Keystroke logging: This feature allows you to track who types on your Mac by logging all keystrokes.
  • Screen mirroring: This feature allows you to access all the screenshots taken on the target device.
  • Web monitoring: This feature allows you to access all searches and data on the target device’s web browser.
  • App monitoring: This feature allows you to monitor the applications installed on your Mac.
  • Computer usage tracking: This feature easily tracks anything from anywhere on the target device.
  • Social media tracking: Access all messages, media, and content on social media platforms with this feature.
  • Location tracking: This feature records all changes on your Mac by location

SPY24: Windows Monitoring Software for Remote PC Spy

With SPY24’s Windows Monitoring Software, you can remotely and completely monitor your child’s computer or check your partner’s device during work hours. If your co-workers are busy in their free time, you can check their activities to find out what they are doing. The software provides an easy-to-understand platform for spying on various Windows computers, such as ASUS, HP, Acer, Dell, TOSHIBA, Lenovo, and more.

Advanced Tracking Features for Windows Monitoring

  • SPY24 is capable of running in both online and offline modes.
  • Real-time PC monitoring enables you to observe your loved ones as they use their computer.
  • Easily access the tracking settings, remove or change any part you want, and set up a new one.
  • The Hidden Mode allows you to spy on their computer without being noticed.
  • Screen capturing lets you take screenshots of anything you want without being detected.
  • Timely recording records all the activities they make within a set period.
  • The Red line crossing alarm alerts you to inappropriate content your children may be searching for or watching.
  • You will receive user-friendly reports for even the slightest changes made on your PC.
  • Web blocking lets you see what websites they have searched for and block any unsuitable ones.
🏅 Overall Rank 10SPY24
🖥️ Web & AppYes
⏲️ Time LimitsYes
24/7 Support:Yes
💸 Starting Price$4.99/1 month
📀 Supported Systems Mac,PC
🎁 Free PlanFree / 1 month
💰Live Demo:Available

2. Spyera: Undetectable Monitoring Software for Mac  and Windows PC

Spyera is a powerful and undetectable monitoring software for Mac and Windows PCs. It allows you to remotely monitor and track various activities on the target device without being detected. 

telegram spy copy 14

Some Features of Spyera for Mac Devices:

  • Keylogging: records the entire keystroke history of specified applications
  • App screenshots: remotely take screenshots of the applications
  • Desktop screenshot: remotely take screenshots of the target computer
  • Network connections: see a list of names of all cellular and Wi-Fi networks the device has ever connected to
  • Browsing activity: spy on all websites visited by a target device
  • Browser bookmarks: view and track all bookmarks on a target device
  • Email spy: view sent and received email messages from the target’s device
  • Easy to install: installation is easy and takes minutes, and our live support can help you
  • Visibility option: choice of whether or not to display the application icon
  • Dashboard alerts: receive alerts whenever there’s an important event
  • Remote settings: control the target device remotely. Change settings, enable – disable features
  • Track notes: note capturing allows you to read notes saved on a target device remotely
  • Uninstall remotely: remotely uninstall Spyera from the target device
  • Remotely deactivate: remotely deactivate Spyera on the target device
  • Remotely restart: remotely restart Spyera on the target device
  • Remote update: remotely update the version of Spyera to the latest version

Some Features of Spyera for Windows PC:

  • Keystroke recording for specified applications
  • Remotely take screenshots of applications and desktop
  • View a list of network connections the device has connected to
  • Monitor browsing activity and view browser bookmarks
  • View sent and received email messages
  • Easy installation with live support available
  • Option to hide application icon for increased stealth
  • Receive dashboard alerts for important events
  • Control the target device remotely with remote settings
  • Capture and track notes saved on a target device
  • Uninstall, deactivate and remotely restart SPYERA
  • Remotely update to the latest version
  • Monitor USB connections and employee productivity
  • See search engine history and printed files on the target computer
  • Track transferred files and log on/off activity
  • A license can be moved to another supported device
  • Undetectable by anti-virus or protection software
  • The software can be moved between different platforms
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Subscription Cost: USD 49 / month

Monitor Options: Mac or Windows

Free Updates Included

Keylogger Included for Free

10-Day Money-Back Guarantee

3. Ogymogy – Advanced MAC Monitoring with OgyMogy Software

OgyMogy Software offers a comprehensive MAC monitoring solution to help parents and employers monitor computer usage. With remote monitoring and operation capabilities, this software allows users to closely watch the online and offline activities of their children or workforce. 

OgyMogy’s Undetectable MAC Tracking (spy) software records computer screens, monitors surroundings, and even creates online data backup for added security. With advanced features and easy installation, OgyMogy Software is the ultimate tool for MAC monitoring.

best free tracking software for mac and windows3

Mac Monitoring Software for Kids:

Comprehensive Features for Parental Peace of Mind

  • Remote control camera to capture photos and videos of surroundings
  • Control the microphone and listen to surrounding sounds and voices
  • Screen recording to capture computer activities
  • GPS location tracking to monitor the location of the device
  • Internet browsing history access to monitor online activity
  • Website blocking to prevent access to inappropriate websites

Advanced MAC Tracking App for Monitoring Employees

  • Website filtering: Block unproductive websites by category or keywords to increase productivity.
  • Password keystroke: Track all types of keystrokes, including passwords, on a target Mac device.
  • Geo-location tracking: Track the actual location of laptop and desktop computers.
  • Keylogger: Record keystrokes applied to MAC, including instant messenger chats, passwords, and emails.
  • Real-time activities: Capture computer screens in real-time to monitor children or employees.
  • Capture MacBook screenshots: Watch Mac screens and capture screenshots with the monitoring software.

Advanced MAC Monitoring Software for Personal Use

Email Tracking: Track all keystrokes of emails sent or received on the desktop or laptop device, along with timestamps.

GPS Location Tracking: Track the actual GPS location of the MAC device and view location history.

Password Saving: Record keystrokes of passwords and credentials of online and social media accounts, including those used on social messaging apps.

Remote Device Control: Remotely operate the camera and microphone of the MAC device via a web-based control panel to capture photos and listen to surroundings.

Application and Website Monitoring: Monitor the usage of applications and websites on the target device and block access to unproductive or inappropriate websites.

Screen Recording: Record the computer activities of your children or employees by capturing their screens in short videos.

Real-Time Monitoring: View the real-time computer activities of your concerned ones and find out what they are doing at the moment.

Plan Name:Features:Price:Physical Access Required:
Basic:Monitor MAC laptop/desktop devices with a basic set of features   $55/ monthYes
Standard:Monitor MAC laptop/desktop devices for 6 months with a standard plan  $125/6 monthYes
Extreme:Track MAC laptop/desktop PCs for 12 months with a robust set of features  $165/12  monthYes

Track Your Children and Employees with OgyMogy Windows Monitoring Software

OgyMogy Windows Spyware Software allows you to monitor your children and workforce’s online and offline activities through their Windows desktop and laptop computers. You can easily access Samsung, Dell, HP, Acer, LG, or any other Windows PC remotely with this advanced monitoring solution. Monitor your loved ones and employees to prevent unproductive acts, malice, and wrongdoings. 

Some Features of OgyMogy for Windows:

  • Real-Time Monitoring: Observe real-time computer activities through screenshots or screen recordings.
  • Website Blocking: Control internet access by blocking inappropriate or unproductive websites by URL, category, or keywords.
  • Online and Offline Tracking: Keep track of all online and offline activities performed on the targeted Windows computer.
  • Invisible Tracking Mode: Monitor the target device without being detected.
  • Remote Mic Bug App: Remotely turn on the microphone of the target Windows PC with the Mic Bug app.
  • Productivity Monitoring: Monitor employees’ productivity remotely with the Windows monitoring app. Get insights into the workforce’s productive and non-productive activities, prevent goldbricking and data breaching, and watch employee computer activities during working hours using the OgyMogy dashboard.

Plan NameFeaturesPricePhysical Access Required
Window BasicA special set of features to monitor Windows for a month$40/ monthYes
Window StandardTrack Windows PCs for 6 months with a basic set of features$80/ 6 monthYes
Window ExtremeRobust set of features to track Windows for 12 months$110/ 12 monthYes

4. FlexiSPY: Powerful PC Monitoring Software

FlexiSPY is a computer monitoring software that allows you to monitor PC and Mac devices remotely. Once installed, it invisibly records all computer activity and uploads the data to a secure online portal. FlexiSPY is a powerful software that generates reports on computer usage and activity. These reports can achieve various purposes, such as improving employee productivity, identifying insider threats, and initiating a conversation about safe online behavior with your children.

best free tracking software for mac and windows4

List of Flexispy’s Computer Monitoring Features:

  • Monitor IMs
  • Laptop Locator
  • Verify Network Activity
  • Spy on Internet Activity
  • Safeguard Your Data
  • Tamper Controls
  • Easy-to-View Data
  • Mac or PC Compatibility
  • Keylogger
  • Read Emails

These features allow you to monitor instant messages, locate laptops, verify network activity, spy on internet activity, track file activity and transfers, select visibility mode, view data easily, use it on both Mac or PC, access a keylogger, and read emails.

Plan Name



1 month

Powerful spy app for PC & Mac with 40+ features

$79/ month

3 months

Powerful spy app for PC & Mac with 40+ features

$119/ 3 months

12 months

Powerful spy app for PC & Mac with 40+ features

$179/ 12 months


5. Realtime-Spy: Cloud-Based Mac Monitoring Software for Remote Access

Spytech Realtime-Spy is a sophisticated Mac OS X and macOS monitoring software that operates on a cloud-based platform. This technology allows you to remotely track all of your child’s or employee’s activities on your Mac. You can install the software on any Mac that you own and monitor the activity logs from any location, at any time, via the secure Realtime-Spy website.

best free tracking software for mac and windows5

Features of Realtime-Spy Mac:

  • Real-time computer monitoring
  • Keystroke logging
  • Website usage monitoring
  • Tracking of computer usage (active and idle)
  • Remotely viewable and installable
  • Screenshot capturing
  • Application usage monitoring
  • Social networking activity tracking (messaging, emails, etc.)

Plan Name



Standard Edition

Cloud-based computer monitoring software for 1 Mac

$79.95/ year

PLUS Edition

Cloud-based computer monitoring software for 3 Macs, plus 500 extra screenshots capacity

$99.95/ year

Additional Mac License

Add an extra Mac license to an existing Realtime-Spy Mac purchase

$19.95/ year

Add 500 Screenshots

Add 500 extra screenshots capacity to your account (one-time purchase)


Remote PC Monitoring with Realtime-Spy

Realtime-Spy is a reliable cloud-based remote spy software that has been a trusted leader for over 20 years. It is a top choice for parents and businesses alike as it allows you to monitor any computer you own remotely and view activity logs from anywhere at any time.

With Realtime-Spy, there is no need for a direct connection to the remote PC. Simply log in to your personal Realtime-Spy account and view logs from any computer on which you have installed the software. The software is easy to install and runs in complete stealth mode. It can log and record anything your child or employee does on your computer and display it in real time.

Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, NT, and 200x

Features of Realtime-Spy for PC

  • Remotely install the monitoring system on any computer you own
  • Access activity logs from anywhere at any time via a personal Realtime-Spy account
  • No need for a direct connection to the remote PC
  • View logs from any computer you install Realtime-Spy on
  • Logs and records all activity on your computer
  • Real-time display of user activity and typing
  • Requires no physical installation
  • It runs in complete stealth
  • View activity logs from any location at any time
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Plan Name



Standard Edition

Cloud-based computer monitoring software for 1 computer/device

$79.95/ year

PLUS Edition

Cloud-based computer monitoring software for 3 computers/devices, plus 500 extra screenshots capacity

$99.95/ year

Additional Device License

Add an extra device license to an existing Realtime-Spy purchase

$19.95/ year

Add 500 Screenshots

Add 500 extra screenshots capacity to your account (one-time purchase)


6. Spyrix Keylogger for Mac: Secure Remote PC Monitoring

Spyrix Keylogger for Mac provides a reliable remote monitoring solution for your PC through a secure web account. You can receive email log deliveries and record all keystrokes made on the computer keyboard, except passwords. The Keylogger also captures screenshots at specified intervals and records all visited website URLs. It is compatible with OS X 10.12 and above.

best free tracking software for mac and windows6


All versions of macOS

Spyrix Keylogger for Mac – Main Features

  • Spyrix Companion: Get the full functionality of the online dashboard on your iPhone.
  • Remote monitoring via secure web account: Monitor computer activities through a secure web account by logging in remotely.
  • Keylogger (keystrokes logging): See all the keystrokes made on your computer, except passwords.
  • Clipboard control: Monitors and records all activities in the form of programs and applications run on the system.
  • Live to view: Watch the screen in live Mode.
  • Screenshots capture: Takes screenshots of the desktop view without the user knowing it.
  • URL monitoring: Know what websites and pages the user visited.
  • Invisible Mode: The running program will not be shown to the user in the list of running and installed applications, desktop tray, Start menu.
  • Search engine monitoring: Records the searches carried on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and AOL.
  • Alert keywords: Renders keyword alerts to enable you to know the keywords used to make web searches through your computer system.

Spyrix Keylogger for Mac – How It Works

  1. Download Spyrix Agent: The first step is to download Spyrix Agent from the official website and save it to your computer.
  2. Install On Target Computer: After downloading the software, install it on the target computer you want to monitor.
  3. Choose the Method of Receiving Logs: Choose the preferred method of receiving logs, such as via email, FTP, or personal account.
  4. Start Monitoring: Once the installation is complete and the logging method is selected, start monitoring the computer remotely. You can access the logs from anywhere and at any time through your personal account or the selected method of receiving logs.

Plan NameFeaturesPrice
Spyrix Keylogger for Mac Desktop:Keylogger for Mac desktop for 1 PC$158 (one-time) / $79 (annual)
 Keylogger for Mac desktop for 3 PCs$198 (one-time) / $99 (annual)
 Keylogger for Mac desktop for 5 PCs$258 (one-time) / $129 (annual)
Spyrix Keylogger for Mac + Online:Keylogger for Mac desktop + online for 1 PC$178 (one-time) / $89 (annual)
 Keylogger for Mac desktop + online for 3 PCs$238 (one-time) / $119 (annual)
 Keylogger for Mac desktop + online for 5 PCs$338 (one-time) / $169 (annual) + $14/year per PC
Spyrix Employee Monitoring for Mac:Employee monitoring software for 5 PCs$398 (one-time) / $199 (annual)
 Employee monitoring software for 10 PCs$718 (one-time) / $359 (annual)
 Employee monitoring software for 20 PCs$1318 (one-time) / $659 (annual)

Real-Time Employee Monitoring with Spyrix

Spyrix Employee Monitoring is a cloud-based software that enables real-time employee monitoring from any device and location.

 The software continuously monitors user activities on employees’ computers, including keylogging, screenshot capture, application usage, social network and messenger activity, online activities, live screen viewing, and continuous screen recording. It is compatible with Windows operating systems starting from XP and above.

Spyrix Employee Monitoring Features:

Time Control:

  • Fixing employee coming, leaving, and idle time with intuitive graphs for easy accessibility.
  • Analyzing productivity with analytical graphs based on different types of activity, such as application usage and site visits.

Recording Features:

  • Continuous screen and webcam recording to monitor user activity within a specific period.
  • Keystrokes logging to track all keyboard activity, even deleted ones.
  • Screenshot capture of the desktop view without user knowledge.
  • Snapshots from web cameras are made on remote request or according to settings.
  • Hidden recording from microphone and web camera for audio and video surveillance.
  • Collecting data about all visited websites, Facebook chats, and search queries.
  • Recording social activities on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, and other popular social networks.
  • Interception of two-way dialogues on Skype.
  • Monitoring the work’s beginning and end with the computer, idle time, and printer and removable drives control.
  • Activity monitoring of domain users in corporate networks.
  • Recording searches on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and AOL.

Stealth Features:

  • Invisible Mode to hide the program from the user in the list of running and installed applications, desktop tray, and Start menu.

Methods of data viewing and security:

  • Spyrix Companion app to access the full functionality of the online dashboard on your iPhone.
  • Online access to collected data on
  • Live panel viewing of all employees’ screens simultaneously in real-time.
  • Local access to collected data directly on the employee’s computer.
  • Two-factor authentication for additional data protection.
  • Remote access to collected data via email, FTP, LAN, and cloud storage such as Google Drive.

Remote Control Features:

  • Remote snapshot and video requests from web camera, microphone recording, and other actions.
  • Remote configuration of data collection settings.
  • Remote program uninstallation on the target PC through a secure web account.

Alerts and Control Options:

  • Configuration of blocking sites by categories, URLs, and keywords.
  • Alert word tracking and notifications when specific keywords are typed.

PlanDevicesPrice (USD)Discounted Price (USD)
Spyrix Employee Monitoring for Windows:5 PC$398$199
Spyrix Employee Monitoring for Windows:10 PC$718$359
Spyrix Employee Monitoring for Windows:20 PC$1318$659

7. TheOneSpy: Powerful MAC Monitoring Tool for Worried Parents and Employers

TheOneSpy is an advanced computer monitoring solution that provides real-time access to the activities performed on your target MAC device. It is the ideal tool for parents, employers, and loved ones who want to monitor the activities of their target MAC desktop or laptop. With its cutting-edge features, TheOneSpy offers a reliable and secure way to obtain hidden information and put all your worries to rest.

best free tracking software for mac and windows2

TheOneSpy MAC Monitoring: Features for MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro

  • MAC Surround Recording: TheOneSpy MAC monitoring software can bug all conversations and sounds on a target MAC device with real-time stamps.
  • Camera Bug: Capture images from a target MAC laptop device using the Mac Camera Bug Feature.
  • Screen Recording: Get a screen recording of a targeted MAC laptop/desktop device for a short interval of time with an accurate time schedule.
  • Key Logger: Get exact keystrokes used on a targeted MAC device, including password keystrokes, messenger keystrokes, email keystrokes, and SMS keystrokes.
  • Website Blocking: Block access to inappropriate websites using the website filtering feature of the MAC monitoring application.
  • Block Media: Block all images.
  • Screenshots: Remotely capture screenshots of every single activity on a MAC using the MAC monitoring application.
  • Sync Settings: Remotely turn on and off all features of the TOS spy software using the Sync settings feature.

PackageFeaturesPrice (USD)Discounted Price (USD)
MAC PremierView 48 features  
1 month $65.99$55
3 months $130.99$105
6 months $169.99$125

How to Start Monitoring with TheOneSpy 

  1. Select Your Plan: Choose the package and duration of TheOneSpy (TOS) that you wish to purchase.
  2. Get TheOneSpy Monitoring App: Make a secure payment through an efficient and trustworthy online payment process.
  3. Download and  Install within 30 Seconds: Follow the installation guide available on your user control panel to activate the software.
  4. Start Monitoring Secret Surveillance: Access the secure control panel to remotely monitor all data logs of your target Android device.
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TheOneSpy: An Advanced Windows Monitoring Software

TheOneSpy is a modern tracking tool that enables you to monitor all activities on your Windows computer. It is a vital Windows monitoring software for parents and employers who wish to keep a check on their Windows machines. 

The software’s advanced features allow you to access all information that is not visible to the naked eye, making it an efficient and effective monitoring tool.

Top features of TheOneSpy Windows Spy Software

  • Windows Browsing History
  • Activity Logs
  • Record PC Surround Sounds
  • Computer Camera Photos
  • Windows Screenshots
  • Record Windows Screen
  • Windows KeyLogger
  • Windows Tracking Location
  • View Installed Applications
  • Block URL & Keywords
  • Read Emails
  • Windows Software Usage Timing
  • Computer Usage Reports
  • Windows Remote Access
  • Network Data
  • Windows Logging Dashboard

PackageFeaturesBilling cyclePrice (USD)Discounted price (USD)
PremierView 31 features1 month$65.99$40
PremierView 31 features3 months$130.99$60
PremierView 31 features6 months$169.99$80

8. EaseMon: Reliable Time and Productivity Tracking Software for Employee Monitoring

EaseMon is trustworthy and dependable productivity-tracking software that has been around for a decade. 

Easemon Employee Monitor is a powerful employee monitoring solution that is designed for both Mac and Windows PC. It is a centralized monitoring system that can invisibly track and log various activities such as keystrokes, emails, instant messages, screenshots, websites visited, and applications used. This software provides a fast and accurate way to monitor employee activities, enabling you to effectively manage and optimize their productivity. With Easemon Employee Monitor, you can easily monitor and keep track of employee performance in various aspects.

best free tracking software for mac and windows7


  • MacOS 10.12+ 
  •  Windows 7/10

Easemon Employee Monitor: Features for Effective Employee Monitoring

  • Alert on Dangerous Words: Get alerts when employees use potentially harmful or inappropriate words.
  • Website Monitoring: Track websites visited by employees to identify non-work-related activities.
  • Application Usage Tracking: Monitor which applications employees use to identify unproductive activities.
  • Screenshot Capture: Capture automatic screenshots to monitor employee activities in real time.
  • Email Alerts: Receive email alerts for specific events, such as dangerous word usage or suspicious activities.
  • Remote Control: Remotely access and control employee computers to resolve issues or provide assistance.
  • Automatic Time Tracking: Automatically track employees’ time on each task to optimize productivity.
  • URL and App Tracking: Track URLs of visited websites and usage of installed apps to identify inefficiencies.
  • Document Title Tracking: View document titles to see what employees work on in programs like Google Docs.
  • Idle Time Tracking: Identify when employees are idle during work hours to improve time management.
  • Project Time Tracking: Track the time employees spend on projects to distribute hourly rates effectively.
  • Automatic Screenshots: Automatically capture screenshots to visualize harmful activities such as data leaks or inappropriate website visits.
  • Absence Calendar: Record employee absences to improve HR planning and organizational transparency.
  • Shift Scheduling: Manage employee shifts through assigned schedules or allow employees to request specific shifts.
  • Invoicing: Generate client invoices based on time spent on specific projects and calculate employee rates.

3-day Free TrialNo Credit Card RequiredFree
Easemon OnlineEmployee Monitor for Mac/Windows, use Secure Cloud Server$29.99/month
Easemon StandaloneUse your Local Server, 10+ Devices, Pay Yearly$5/month

9. MoniVisor: The Windows Monitoring Software

MoniVisor is a powerful Windows monitoring software that supports over 20 features, including WhatsApp chat reading, Gmail interception, and screen capturing. It operates in an invisible mode on the target computer, allowing you to monitor activity without detection.

 You can remotely check monitored data from the online dashboard anytime and anywhere. MoniVisor offers real-time data syncing and an excellent data exporting feature for easy data analysis.

best free tracking software for mac and windows8


Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7

MoniVisor for Windows Features

  • Monitor Social Media
  • Capture Screenshots
  • Track Internet Activity
  • Read All Mails
  • View Keystroke Typed
  • Track App Activity
  • File Activity
  • Login Activity
  • Print Activity
  • USB Connection

How to Monitor Employees with MoniVisor in 4 Steps

  1. Choose and Purchase a Plan: Choose and purchase a suitable plan that fits your needs.
  2. Download and Install the Software: Download and install the MoniVisor software on the target computer. Then, complete the setup process by following the on-screen instructions.
  3. Install the Chrome Extension: Install the MoniVisor browser extension to unlock the software’s ability to monitor employees’ email and social media chats.
  4. Start Monitoring on Dashboard: Login to the online dashboard on the ClevGuard website using your license account to view all the monitored data from the target computer.





Cancel Anytime




















10. Actual Spy

Actual spy

This is an excellent find for company leaders whose employees are working remotely. With the help of the program, you can track the time spent on a task by a group of employees or an individual.

Actual Spy is designed for hidden monitoring of computer activity and allows you to monitor the system when the manager is absent. The product functionality includes a keylogger. A keylogger is a keyboard spy with advanced features that tracks all keystrokes. During the operation of the operating system, Actual Spy monitors all processes, records copying of files from the clipboard, and records the time and opening of applications and websites, but does not have the ability to block them.

The service monitors the opening, deletion, and changes of files. The program records and sends all reports to the specified address or email to the manager. If an employee has a printer connected, it is possible to control the printing of documents (the system remembers the time and date, username, and document name). The program selectively reflects the user’s actions with files and websites, without providing complete and comprehensive monitoring of the employee while working on the computer. Undoubtedly, this is not a full-fledged program for monitoring a computer in hidden mode. It records actions selectively, and the information provided is not detailed. Moreover, there is no function for blocking dangerous actions and task tracking.

  • Works on OS: Windows
  • Free mode: full without limitations

How to detect spyware on a computer

If the spy Software is working in stealth mode, it can be difficult to detect. In our review, we only used legal software that is not malicious, but at the same time, it can be detected by antivirus Software. It is recommended to add such software to exceptions. If you don’t need to remove the Software, but just want to mask your actions on the PC from it, use anti-spyware protection tools that will block keystroke interception.

How to choose Software for remote computer monitoring

Computer monitoring may be required in many situations. For example, if your child is of school age and actively travels through the expanses of the Internet. You need to know who he or she communicates with in messengers and social networks, and what he or she faces when viewing sites. After all, there is a lot of dangerous information in the global network that can really harm a child’s mental and physical health. And for a parent, it is vital to protect their child from network resources where such things are present.

Another common situation is when users are your employees, and you intend to watch a person through special software to ensure staff productivity. It is clear that if an employee spends half a day on LinkedIn instead of calling clients, there will be no sales. And most often such an employee receives a fixed salary. It turns out that you are paying for his or her entertainment, not work.

Other situations are possible, but the above are the main ones that make people wonder how to monitor someone else’s work computer, corporate, or home. There are many applications for this, and they can differ greatly in functionality. Conditionally, they can be divided into three groups:

simple keyloggers without additional features (we will also include solutions that track mouse clicks here).

keyloggers with advanced features, but without special functions like a time tracker and sending reports with screenshots to email.

multifunctional software for monitoring employee computers (includes all the capabilities of the above complex solutions).

Do you want to know what your child is discussing with friends on Telegram?

A simple keylogger will suffice. Do you want to comprehensively monitor their presence and interaction in the network, including visits to sites and sources of messages (with the ability to block dangerous information)? In this case, keyloggers with extended functionality will be better.

If you need comprehensive control to provide your child with the highest level of security, or if it is a large company that needs to be protected from insider leaks and also ensure 100% staff performance, your logical choice is complex solutions. We recommend downloading several options from our top list and comparing them objectively to approach the issue thoughtfully.

Final Words

If you are looking for the best free Spyware software for Mac and Windows, the above-mentioned tools are some of the best options available. Whether you are a concerned parent, a business owner, or just want to monitor your own computer usage, these software tools offer a range of features and functionalities to suit your needs. With easy installation and user-friendly interfaces, you can start tracking and monitoring your computer activities in no time.

keleis andre

Keleis Andre is an experienced specialist in network security and the web world, with a decade of experience in the virtual space. He has expertise in about 80% of the topics related to e-commerce and works as a designer and consultant in the field of launching and developing internet businesses. Andre's experience in this area includes guiding and advising businesses to create an effective and competitive presence in the digital world.

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