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How to Hack Your Spouse’s WhatsApp Using Tracking Tools

You might think that your spouse is cheating on you because they do not let you use their phone and hold it secretively while chatting on WhatsApp. In this case, you might have considered hacking into your spouse’s WhatsApp to secretly read their messages and see who they are chatting with. In this article, we introduce 3 great methods to read your spouse’s WhatsApp chats without them knowing. Before we begin, you should know that the best solution for monitoring WhatsApp is the SPY24 app, which easily allows you to read your spouse’s WhatsApp chats, regardless of whether their phone is an iPhone or Android. Most importantly, this app operates in stealth mode without any icons, making the hacking process invisible. So, stay with us to continue with the article.

Part 1: Hacking WhatsApp and Secretly Reading Messages [100% Guaranteed]

Whether you intend to hack into your spouse’s WhatsApp, want to see a complete report of their calls and messages, or even record their WhatsApp calls, choosing an excellent monitoring app can be the most accurate option for you. Here, we want to introduce SPY24 as the best WhatsApp tracking tool that provides the ability to read your spouse’s WhatsApp chats remotely. After installing the app on the target phone, it becomes 100% completely hidden and can track all WhatsApp activities secretly. After that, you can hack into your spouse’s WhatsApp without needing physical access to their mobile phone. You can view chats, real-time location, call history, ambient sound playback, and more.

Hacking WhatsApp and Secretly Reading Messages

The Best Way to Hack Your Spouse’s WhatsApp Messages with SPY24 Features

  • Usable for both iPhone and Android phones
  • Ability to detect all types of sent and received messages, including deleted WhatsApp messages
  • Capability to take screenshots of your spouse’s WhatsApp screens
  • Showing the dates and times of your spouse’s chats
  • You can even view all the photos, videos, voice messages, and files sent over WhatsApp.
  • Ability to record audio and video calls of your spouse and access the call history on WhatsApp
  • The app is active 24/7 for ease of use at any time.
  • No need to root the phone
  • No need for contact numbers and the required code to access WhatsApp
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One of the features that makes the SPY24 app stand out is its complete control over your spouse’s mobile phone and the ability to track WhatsApp in a completely covert manner. To install and use this app, you must visit our website and go to the link

To gain a deeper understanding of the features and functionality of the SPY24 app, you can use the following link:

How to Install Spy24 to Read Your Spouse’s WhatsApp Messages Without Their Knowledge

Next, we want to explain step by step the installation process of the SPY24 app for tracking WhatsApp:

1) First, register on the SPY24 website at and purchase a subscription package suitable for your WhatsApp. By choosing the SPY24 App, you can utilize all the WhatsApp Spy App features.

Register SPY24
Register SPY24

2) In your dashboard and work panel, you have four options: Android, iPhone, macOS, and Windows. Depending on your needs, you select one of them and hit the purchase button.

Dashboard SPY24 APP
Dashboard SPY24 APP

3) At this stage, you need to take your spouse’s phone and select the guide and installation SPY24 App title in the website menu of For your convenience, we have prepared a tutorial video through which you can easily complete the software installation steps. If your spouse’s mobile phone is an iPhone, make sure to carefully apply the necessary settings for the SPY24 app on your spouse’s mobile phone so you can easily use it.

Help Install SPY24 App
Help Install SPY24 App

4) After installing the app, there’s no need to worry about the app or its icon being found on the phone. The App automatically hides, and you can easily start hacking your spouse’s mobile phone. For this, go to the SPY24 dashboard and then follow the steps below:

  • Go to the devices section in your user panel, and you can see your spouse’s mobile phone there.
  • Go to the work panel menu and select the option to control and monitor SOCIAL MEDIA.
  • On the newly opened page, the WhatsApp option is visible. On the right side, by clicking on the chat icon, you can easily view and record all messages or calls.
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Part 2: Hack Your Spouse’s WhatsApp Using QR Code (Web WhatsApp)

As many of you are familiar with the feature known as WhatsApp Web, you know that it allows WhatsApp users to access their accounts through their computer’s browser without needing any installation files. To use this method and access your spouse’s WhatsApp, you must first have access to your spouse’s mobile phone and know the screen lock code. This method provides a very simple and free way to hack and track your spouse’s WhatsApp chats, so stay with us as we explain the steps one by one.

Steps to Hack Spouse’s WhatsApp with WhatsApp Web {QR Code}

1) First, to use WhatsApp on Windows or macOS, PC you should visit the official WhatsApp website at to download and install it on your computer. Or, for convenience, you can open your Google Chrome browser and go to

2) At this stage, a QR code will be displayed in your browser.

WhatsApp Web
QR Code

3) Next, you need to take your spouse’s mobile phone and open WhatsApp on it. Depending on your spouse’s mobile phone, you can use one of the following two methods:

  • If your spouse’s phone is Android, you should click on the three dots at the top right of the screen and go to the “Linked Devices” section.
  • If your spouse’s phone is an iPhone, select the “Settings” option at the bottom right of the screen and click on “Linked Devices“.
Linked Devices»WhatsApp
Linked Devices»WhatsApp

4) After selecting “Linked Devices” the camera will activate, allowing you to scan the QR Code displayed on your computer screen.

Linked Devices
Linked Devices

5) Congratulations, your spouse’s WhatsApp is now accessible on your computer, and you can access all the information from your spouse’s WhatsApp.

WhatsApp QR Code
WhatsApp QR Code

Hacking your spouse’s WhatsApp without a QR code

If you have not succeeded in obtaining your spouse’s mobile WhatsApp QR code, the above method might be a bit more difficult for you. For this reason, you can use a WhatsApp monitoring application, which is an excellent and much more practical option that does not require scanning a QR code, to secretly access your spouse’s WhatsApp chats.

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Part 3: Hack Your Spouse’s WhatsApp Using WhatsApp Backup

There is another method through which you can hack into your spouse’s WhatsApp using the recovery of chats from WhatsApp backup files, thereby gaining access to your spouse’s WhatsApp. Next, I will provide a step-by-step guide for reading your spouse’s WhatsApp messages through backup files, which can be done without them noticing.

Hacking your spouse’s WhatsApp using WhatsApp backup (for Android phones only)

1) First, take your spouse’s phone, then open the WhatsApp application.

2) To enter the WhatsApp settings, click on the three dots at the top right of the screen.

WhatsApp settings
WhatsApp settings

3) Go to the CHATS section, and then select the “Chat Backup” option.

CHATS»Chat Backup
CHATS»Chat Backup

4) You are now in the backup section. By accessing the Google Drive settings, you can activate the backup with a new Gmail account.

Google Drive settings
Google Drive settings

5) You must perform the activation steps on another mobile phone, which includes verifying a new mobile number. By doing this, you can use WhatsApp Business.

WhatsApp Business

It’s important to note that your spouse’s backup files are located in the “WhatsApp/Databases” section.

Note: Be sure to use data recovery software to extract messages or backup files. Some of the software we recommend include:


6) At this stage, a display screen will automatically open for you. By clicking on the recovery option, you initiate the process of recovering chats and media from the backup version (this process may take some time).

recovery» backup » WhatsApp chats
recovery» backup » WhatsApp chats

7) After the process is completed, you should select the next option to be able to view the chats on your device’s screen and access your spouse’s WhatsApp chats covertly. After completing all these steps, you will be able to see all your spouse’s chats.

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Comparing all the mentioned methods for hacking your spouse’s WhatsApp

We have designed the table below for your convenience, through which you can obtain complete information about these 3 methods.

MethodTime commitmentDifficulty levelData is cleaned?Identifiability riskRecommendation level
SPY24 for WhatsApp5-3 minutesEasyYesHighRecommended
WhatsApp Web2-3 minutesEasyNoPossibleNot recommended
WhatsApp Backup15 minutes or moreMediumNoSometimesNot recommended
hacking your spouse's WhatsApp

In the above article, we have explained in detail all 3 methods for tracking your spouse’s WhatsApp. According to the statistics you see in the table above, our unique and effective recommendation for you is the SPY24 WhatsApp monitoring app. This application easily allows you to view your spouse’s chats on WhatsApp completely secretly. Moreover, its usability on all Android and iPhone devices has made it an efficient program. In addition to all these features, privacy and security are guaranteed at all stages of the program. In conclusion, if you are looking for access to your spouse’s chats secretly and safely, the SPY24 monitoring application is your solution.

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