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Welcome to our review of, one of the many instagram service providers there are out there. In this context we have prepared a comprehensive review of this website and mentioned its pros and cons and whether it’s a logical choice or not. We can assure you that this review is enough to help you clear your mind and make a rational and correct decision. Although you can do research on your own after reading this review and use both results.

It makes no difference if you are an influencer or a branding company, you will definitely feel the need to buy instagram followers or likes in the middle of your way to becoming successful. The competition out there on instagram isn’t a joke and standing out in the bustling crowd isn’t something anyone can do. In this case, your solution is a professional provider website that gives the best instagram services.

You can buy instagram followers from any site you like but you should know that as instagram is moving forward so fast, many scammers see it as an opportunity to abuse users who are not well aware and gain profits from them. That’s the reason why you should search for what you want and ask others or read reviews to make sure you are choosing a legitimate site. Here we have reviewed and you can follow us to know more.

What is is a website that provides instagram services and they claim that you can buy Instagram followers quickly, safely, and easily with just a few clicks. Unfortunately, there are no details about the time they started their site and who their owners and writers are. With this leak in their information, a massive storm of dishonesty is built and it’s hard to trust such a provider.

There are other sites like that offer the exact services with fake followers and when you come to compare these providers, you see no difference in them. As for this website, we couldn’t find any other thing to tell you about their whereabouts and identity, considering this we don’t recommend such a provider that leaves its users up in the air.

followers io spy244

Anyway, if you aren’t convinced that isn’t a legitimate site, you can follow us through the rest of this article and finally figure out that this website is nothing but a scam and if you purchase any of their packages, you end up being scammed and with nothing buy fake followers.

How does work?

On their website, they say that you get your order a few days after you complete your purchase and that’s all, no exact delivery time is announced and all the information they provide is ambiguous.

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In order to conduct a purchase, like other sites, you select your desired package including followers, likes, or views and after that, you need to write your username in the chosen field and mention the number of followers or likes you need. After that, you will proceed to the purchase windows and the rest of the interaction is clear. They also claim that the checkout process is completely secure and you don’t need to worry about the safety of your account; of which we are not really sure. Regarding its payment methods, this website supports Visa, Mastercard, and Cryptocurrencies which is alright because it mostly covers widely used methods and you can buy services easily.

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Here we discuss the variety of their services and how many of each package you can buy. Scam through the context to get an overall understanding of their features.

Buying followers

The easiest and quickest way to judge a provider’s services and judge whether they are what they brag or not is to buy its follower’s packages and test their quality and the speed in which they are delivered to your instagram account. As for this website, firstly we analyzed its follower’s packages and how much they cost, and the bulk of followers you can buy. offers two kinds of followers:

  1. High-quality followers: these followers are provided to you with profile pictures and no additional posts and as they claim, the auto-fill is active within the warranty period. These are real-looking followers and in fact, they are not genuine and are distinguishable from real ones. The least amount of high-quality followers you can buy is 100 and the highest amount is its 25,000 followers package.
  2. Active followers: designed for those who are serious about their Instagram page and need to upgrade the level of their reputation and take their business to another level. These followers are guaranteed with very little but no drop in their amount. These are the best followers this website offers and in order to evaluate its quality we need to ask those who have purchased this package or go through its customer reviews. Just like high-quality followers, its packages range from 100 to 25,000 Instagram followers.

As you can see, there is no logical way you can confirm these packages and in order to add to your knowledge, the descriptions and information they mention for their packages and services are exactly like another website provider whose name is somehow like Based on what we have experienced, this is a clear sign of a scam!

Buying likes

Similar to its follower’s packages, this site offers high quality likes and active likes with exactly the descriptions written for its follower’s packages that show they haven’t even put some time and effort to write a different description for its likes packages. You can buy high-quality likes from 50 to 50,000 and for its active likes, you can buy in the range of 50 to 50,000 again. From what we observe, there’s no difference in their amounts and they are identical twins with different names.

followers io spy243

Buying views

Not surprisingly, you can buy two kinds of instagram views: high quality views and active views. High-quality views are available from 500 to 1M views which is a considerable amount and its active followers are offered at the amount of again 500 to 1M views. 

followers io spy242 support team

Their support team may be the only positive part of their services as they offer Live Chat and email support and they claim that you can contact them any time of the day and ask your questions or take advice from them. All that aside, there’s an exception in their Live Chat support and they only answer to you from 9 am to 5 pm PST time and if out of this time frame, you need to wait until the next day.

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Here we prepared the list of its prices and with a quick look, you can figure out about the cost of their packages and how much you need to pay if you want to buy a considerable amount of followers, likes, and views.

  1. Instagram followers pricing: you can buy 1000 high-quality Instagram followers for $12.99 which is rather expensive compared to other providers. For its active followers, you can buy 1000 numbers for $19.49.
  2. Instagram likes pricing: imagine you want to buy 1000 Instagram likes, to buy high-quality likes you need to pay $11.99, and to buy active likes you need to pay $17.99 which is slightly affordable.
  3. Instagram views pricing: 10,000 high-quality views cost you $13.99 and if you consider buying this amount of active likes, you need to pay $20.99 straight. free trial

Every instagram service provider offers its customers free trials to give them a chance to test their service and also earn trust by doing so. For, there’s no such option available and if you need to test their service there are no ways unless you buy one of their packages and see the credibility of their followers for yourself. Plus all their negative points, it can be the worst disadvantage.

What people say about

In order to gather a comprehensive collection of customer reviews about this website we went through Sitejabber and Trustpilot to get valid information and to judge the value and quality of this website, as you know the best way to know if a site is lying or not is to ask its customers.

By the results we acquired within these two review sites, we are pretty sure that is nothing but a scam project and there’s a certainty that with your first purchase from this site, you will get scammed and your money will be gone. Not only were there so few comments for them which show that their community isn’t actually real but only they were all negative comments. In order to prove our claim, we have brought here some screenshots we took from the comments we read through these two sites:

image 253

Well, you have what you need to make a smart decision and we warn you about this website. If you care about your money and more importantly about your time, stay away from and save your energy because only one bad experience may ruin your expectations and make you give up on your dream to become successful on instagram.

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What is the best alternative to

Actually what we are going to introduce isn’t an alternative to this website because it’s a scam provider and doesn’t even count as an instagram provider that we call an alternative for it. Anyway, if you want to buy instagram followers from an authentic source and don’t have concerns about where your money is going, we have an awesome company to introduce to you.

Our recommendation is Buylike. It’s a legitimate instagram service provider with real instagram followers, likes, views, and more that effectively increases your activity on Instagram, and through its genuine interactions, you reach an awe-inspiring level of visibility and reputation that will boost your instagram growth heavily.

Buylike has many advantages that counting them all in here is something we can’t do. But to summarize, they offer cheap services with the highest quality possible, their support team is 24/7 online and there is no exception in their answering time, anytime you need help you can feel free to contact them. Payment methods at Buylike are so diverse and your purchase is securely completed through SSL-encrypted servers.

It’s a smart choice for those who are new to instagram or the ones who want to upgrade their instagram page and get the edge in the instagram market. After all, you should just rely on our words and you have to go do more research to see if we are right, although we are sure of what we recommend. pros and cons


  • 24/7 online support
  • Secure various payment methods


  • No information about them on their website
  • Expensive packages
  • Extremely awful customer comments
  • Completely scam FAQ tab on their website
  • Copied prices and packages from other sites


See more questions and answers below:

Is legit?

We personally don’t confirm this website and believe they are nothing but a scam provider. On the hand, they provide no data on their website that states they are legal and have any kind of certificate. Need advice? Steer away from

Is safe?

They claim that your purchase goes through safe servers and it’s securely completed with various payment methods they offer. Well, actually we can’t confirm nor contradict their claims.

Is a scam?

Of course, it is. What do you call a website that provides no information about its launch date and who its creators are? We couldn’t find any useful information that helps us trust this website and based on that we completely disapprove of

Can buying followers on Instagram get you banned?

Buying fake or bot instagram followers will definitely cause instagram to ban your account because it’s against their terms of use and counts as an illegal activity. Instead, you should buy followers that are real with organic interactions that are from real people on instagram. There’s no need to say that buying followers from probably gets you banned because we believe they are fake and scams.

How long do followers take to deliver?

The only thing they say about the delivery time of their order is that your package will be sent to you within a few days, no further information is shared. Users will be up in the air with this ambiguous information.

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