Hack Instagram Account Password Cracker (Instagram Password Hacking)

Instagram is one of the most popular applications used worldwide. Instagram cracking usually happens through brute force attacks, social engineering, or phishing. In this article from Blog Lian, we intend to introduce you to some Password cracker tools to show you how to crack an Instagram account. You can also read our other articles, such as Hack instagram password 2023.

1) Crack Instagram Password with SPY24

SPY24 is a growing tool that helps you access people’s Instagram accounts or other social media platforms. If you are looking for a one-step tool to monitor someone’s behavior on social networks, SPY24 is the best option.


  • Simple two-step process
  • The incredible user interface on the dashboard
  • Comes at reasonable prices
  • Offers adjustments of syncing frequency starting from 5 minutes
  • Offers scanners and tracking 19 different social media and instant managing platforms
  • Significant features working without rooting
  • Accurate browsing history tracking and keylogger feature
  • free 30-day subscription package



  • Exhaustive installation process on iOS devices

2) Hacking Instagram Account with IG HACK

If you are only going to do this once, you can use IG HACK, a free web-based tool. This tool allows you to crack an Instagram account by collecting information.


  • Fast process
  • Smart user interface


  • You have to fill out a questionnaire to access the information.
  • Link:

3) Instagram Password Cracking with Instagram Hacker

Instagram Hacker is a free tool with a quick installation process. This process involves downloading the software and following the instructions. You can easily download this software and monitor the Instagram accounts of your friends or children.

Positive points

  • Simple installation and setup
  • The best tool for when you want to recover your Instagram account password.
  • Negative points
  • You have to download it
  • This tool has advertisements
  • Link: (Requires VPN.)
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4) Instagram password recovery with

If you need a tool to help you recover your Instagram password, Softpedia is a suitable option. This tool works on several browsers and quickly decrypts passwords.

Positive points

  • Fast and practical
  • Allows exporting information in a specific format
  • Works with all major browsers

Negative points

  • Only useful for decrypting Instagram passwords
  • You have to download the program
  • Link:

Instagram Password Cracking with Instainsane

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, and you probably use it almost every day. Today, we want to show you how a hacker can crack someone’s Instagram password using a script called Instainsane.

Step 1:

Download Instainsane. Unfortunately, Instainsane is not embedded in Kali distribution, so we have to simulate its repository from GitHub.

kali > git clone
Instagram Password Cracking with Instainsane

Now you need to install it. Go to the folder where you have simulated the GitHub repository and run the Bash script “”.

kali > cd
kali > chmod +x
kali > ./

Step 2:

Crack the target password! It’s time to crack the target password. All we need now is the Instagram username of the target. Although the script provides us with a Wordlist by default, which we prefer to use, you can also prepare your own Wordlist.

Note: The longer and larger the Wordlist, the slower the Password cracking process. This is due to the way files are controlled by the script. Therefore, we do not recommend large lists such as rockyou.txt!

Start running the Instainsane script. You should be in the directory where you have simulated it.

kali > chmod +x
kali > ./

Note: Depending on your terminal settings or issues in the script, the printing operation may be paused (just like our terminal), but usually there is no significant problem.


You will be asked to provide the username of the account you intend to crack its password. Enter the target username. In order to perform this tutorial, we have created a user account to test the script on it.


Then you will be asked to set up a Wordlist. Just press Enter at this stage or if you really want to use a Wordlist, just specify its path.

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If you encounter a bug that causes the text to be cut off, you will no longer be able to view the ports, but you do not need them anyway. For those who want to identify these ports, they are 9051, 9052, 9053, 9054, and 9055.

After the connection is established, the Password cracking process begins.

The way Instainsane works is that it establishes a connection through the TOR network, because Instagram only issues a license for 10 attempts to log in to an account for each IP, and therefore, Instainsane changes IPs with the help of the TOR network for every 10 guesses, in order to facilitate the password cracking process. To speed up the process, the script creates multiple threads.

Step 3: Success!

If the password is in the Wordlist, you can find it with a little patience.

Instagram account

Now you have obtained the password for your target Instagram account. Isn’t that interesting?!

Note: There is a bug in the script that sometimes does not stop the process after finding the password; therefore, you will see multiple passwords being tested one after the other. The script automatically pauses for a few seconds after testing every 100 guesses, so make sure to check the process.

Note: Also, when the script finds the correct password, an email is sent to the target account notifying them of a suspicious login attempt. Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent this message from being sent to the user.

If Instainsane was unsuccessful in cracking the target password, try using other wordlists.

Explanation of Instagram cracking

Nowadays, many people try to penetrate social media accounts, and one of the most commonly used attacks for this purpose is brute force attacks. In brute force attacks, the intruder tries to obtain the original password by presenting long password lists and testing them using high-speed tools.

For this reason, in this tutorial, I will explain how to crack Instagram and the methods of securing it completely and introduce two excellent tools in this regard. To penetrate an Instagram account, you need a high-speed tool with suitable performance so that cracking Instagram can be done correctly without any problems or lengthy time.

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Introducing the second tool

Instagram Bruter is an open-source tool in Python that we have placed its GitHub link at the end of the tutorial, and you can perform brute force attacks professionally on Instagram using it.

First, get the tool link from the end of the tutorial and enter the following command to download it in your Linux terminal:

git clone Link

Now, enter the downloaded tool folder:

cd Instagram

Enter the following command to install the tool prerequisites:

pip3 install -r requirements.txt

After the installation is complete, run the main file with the -h switch to display the help:

python3 -h

To crack Instagram, enter the following command:

python3 username password-list.txt
  • In the username section, enter the desired username.
  • In the password-list.txt section, provide the name and address of the password list file to the tool.
  • If you copy the password list tool to your folder, just enter its name.
  • Finally, wait for the passwords to be checked and the result to be displayed.
  • Note: The advantage of this tool is that it does not require a proxy list and automatically retrieves data from online sites.

Introducing the third tool

This tool is written in Python and can be used on various operating systems.
However, it is recommended to use the first method and use this method if there is any problem.


  • Use a proxy list for correct and error-free cracking.
  • Written in Python with high speed.
  • Can be run on all operating systems if Python is installed.
  • Can be used in two versions of Python 2.7 and 3.

Instructions for using the Instagram cracking tool:

First, download the tool from the link below.

Wget Link

Extract the file from the compressed state with the following command.


To start Instagram brute-force attacks, pay attention to the following command.

python -u user-list.txt -w password.txt -p proxys-list.txt -t 4 -d -v
  • In the user-list.txt section, give the desired usernames to the tool.
  • In the password.txt section, prepare a suitable password list for cracking and select it.
  • In the last part, enter your proxy list in the Instagram cracking tool.
  • You can see the tutorial on how to create a proxy list.

Note: Be careful to use authorized servers in cracking Instagram and social networks to make it faster and work better.

How can we increase our Instagram security?

So far, we have seen that even ordinary people can crack your Instagram without any special knowledge, using various tools. But there is no need to worry, as by following a few simple solutions, you can prevent your Instagram from being hacked. Let’s review these solutions together:

  1. Use a strong password (including lowercase and uppercase letters, characters, numbers, etc.), the longer the password, the harder it will be to crack.
  2. Use the 2-step verification feature, which provides a lot of account security.
  3. Don’t trust easily; social engineering is one of the methods used to hack accounts based on user trust.
  4. Use official pages and apps to log in to your Instagram account.

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