How to Hack on Your Spouse’s Phone without Installing any Apps

In most cases, your work or personal life circumstances may require you to remotely hack and control the phones of your family members. And the first thing that may come to your mind for controlling their phones is using all the hacking methods and apps available for your spouse’s phone. But is it possible to hack and control your spouse’s phone without installing any app and without accessing their phone remotely? in this article, we speak about the 10 Best Free Apps to Spy on Cheating Spouses (Android – IOS).

Hacking and Spy your spouse’s Phone

In today’s world, it’s not uncommon for individuals to seek out methods on the internet and social media platforms to hack and manipulate their partner’s phone without installing any software or remotely accessing the device. The goal is to discreetly manage their spouse’s mobile phone without their knowledge. But it’s good to know that in most cases, the app you receive from websites and social networks is not something that you can use to hack or control your spouse’s or children’s mobile phones remotely without installing any app.

Hacking and Spy your spouse's Phone

Unfortunately, in the searches conducted by the SPY24 team on Google, we have come across some fraudulent websites in this area, which deceive users with false information, and after attracting them to their websites, they receive large sums of money from them without providing any practical app or method for controlling and hacking their spouse’s phone. Therefore, it is better not to fall for such websites that use fraudulent methods and apps to control their spouse’s phone without installing any application.

Hacking and Tracking a mobile phone without installing any App

If you wish to remotely hack and control your partner’s mobile phone without installing any applications, you can accomplish this by using a specialized professional control app known as “Free Monitoring.” The SPY24 family care system offers the Free Monitoring app, and you can obtain the phone hacking or control software for your partner and children by following the instructions provided at the end of this article.

Why might you want to hack your partner’s phone?

You may be wondering why you would want to use a hacking and control app to access your partner’s phone without installing any applications. As previously stated, there may be circumstances in your life that necessitate the control of your family members’ and acquaintances’ phones. This is due to the fact that smartphones have become the storage place for secrets and the primary mode of communication among individuals.

Why might you want to hack your partner's phone?

For example, you may feel that due to the widespread use of social networks among all members of society, your spouse is also cheating on you, or that your spouse is communicating excessively with strangers, or perhaps your child has recently exhibited strange behaviors due to uncontrolled access to social networks and disobeys his/her parents. In such situations, the best course of action is to use a hacking and remote control app for your spouse and child’s phone.

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Training on hacking and controlling your spouse’s phone:

Keep in mind that in order to use a hacking and control app for your spouse’s phone, you must act in a way that your spouse and/or child never becomes aware of the existence of the app. However, the question that arises is how can we remotely hack our spouse’s phone and other family members’ phones. But sometimes the situation is slightly different. Many married couples are always afraid that their spouse will cheat on them. They are looking for a way to make sure that their spouse will not cheat on them, and this leads some people to look for ways to hack and control their spouse’s phone without installing any apps.

Free method of hacking and controlling your spouse’s phone:

There are many ways to hack and control your spouse’s phone without installing any apps, but you must have complete apps and hacking skills and deal with many complexities. The simplest method is one where you have access to the person’s phone for about 10 minutes, and during this time, you can install hacking and control software on their phone. This method is known as the simplest method because it is not very complex and does not require app knowledge.

Free method of hacking and controlling your spouse's phone:

Family members’ phone control app

Controlling a spouse’s phone without installing any application and remotely is one of the most requested demands that most SPY24 users have. Now, some people may have made this decision for personal reasons. But if you also intend to control your spouse’s phone without installing any application, you should know that generally controlling others’ phones without installing an application or with an installed application is illegal and unethical, unless it is for those individuals whose supervision you are responsible for.

The best way to hack and control a spouse’s phone

Perhaps you still repeat this sentence to yourself: Is it possible to hack and control a spouse’s phone? Because when it comes to remote hacking and controlling a spouse’s phone, the first question that comes to mind is whether this is really possible. Different people give different opinions in response to this question based on their readings and hearsay.

But if we want to answer this question briefly and without confusion here, we must say that yes, remote hacking and controlling a spouse’s phone is entirely possible. Even hacking a phone remotely and without accessing the person’s phone is also possible. But how this is done is a very long and complicated subject, and to understand it, you need knowledge of apps and other hacking skills.

In fact, if you want to hack a phone properly and professionally, you need to spend a long time learning and doing it. But these days, there is always a shortcut with the advancement of technology. In terms of hacking smartphones, hacking applications play the role of a shortcut and make it easy for ordinary people. Professional apps have provided the opportunity to even ordinary people to perform hacking operations by creating apps for hacking and controlling phones remotely.

What is a phone hacking app and how does it work?

An app designed to hack a mobile phone (Android or iPhone) should be able to give you as a hacker access to various parts of the device. Phone hacking can have different meanings, but one of the most common meanings is to gain unauthorized access to all the information stored on someone else’s mobile phone.

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The level of access you can gain to someone else’s mobile phone will depend on your knowledge and the software you use for hacking. For example, you may be a beginner in the field of hacking and penetration and have no knowledge in this field. In this case, with a powerful phone hacking tool or software, you can easily penetrate someone else’s phone.

What is a phone hacking app and how does it work?

But how can you control your spouse’s phone without installing an app and generally hack a phone remotely without installing an app on the target phone? This is the next question that we will answer below.

How to secretly hack your spouse’s phone

But in a complete answer to how to hack and control your spouse’s phone without installing any application, or how to hack and control your spouse’s phone without installing any application on the target phone, we must say that this question has no definite answer. This means that you cannot do this without installing any app on the person’s phone. However, you can remotely install a hacking app on their phone without them noticing.

You have probably heard a lot about hacking methods such as phishing or using Trojans and malware to obtain information such as passwords. As you know, hackers create fake pages or send malware to their target to record all the necessary information behind the scenes and send it to the hacker.

How to secretly hack your spouse's phone

You can also use these methods to hack and control your spouse’s phone without installing any application and send the desired app to your spouse or children in some way. Now, if you are wondering how to do this, we must say that the only solution is to use software that has been designed for this purpose and whose support team will provide you with complete training on installation and sending.

In order to control a phone without access, you need to spend at least one year learning how to control the phone and acquiring the necessary knowledge, such as app languages. However, here we are looking to avoid common complexities and control methods. So, we will set aside app discussions and introduce an app to control the phones of your spouse, children, or employees, so that you can put an end to your concerns and doubts.

At SPY24, we are here to provide you with all the solutions for legal and proper access to the information on your spouse’s and children’s phones. Please note that controlling and hacking your spouse’s and children’s phones is illegal, and you should use these apps for useful purposes and to improve the online security of your family.

Download the remote phone hacking and control application

With the use of the spouse and children phone control app, you can take remote and completely covert control of your spouse and children’s phones and have complete supervision over all their activities and communications. This app is offered in three fully professional versions, which we will explain to you in detail below.

The first version of the software can be installed directly on the phone, and as soon as the installation process is completed, the app icon will automatically become hidden, and even the most intelligent people will never be able to find the app on their phone or tablet.

Download the remote phone hacking and control application

The second version of the phone hacking software with unrestricted monitoring works in such a way that you can remotely and only using the mobile number or serial number of the phone, hack the target mobile phone by (mobile number | serial number), and after hacking the target phone, you can have full access to all the information and activities of your spouse or children’s phone, and control their phone completely in a completely hidden way.

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The Family Care System app provides you with the ability to track and monitor discreetly, view call logs, text messages, and images in the gallery, and monitor social networks such as Telegram, Instagram, WhatsApp, and more, in all versions offered.

In the latest version of the Family Care System app, you can send the software to your child with your preferred icons, such as Telegram without a filter, anti-virus, or anything else you want, and ask them to click on the link you sent. 

As soon as your child clicks on the link, the software is installed on their phone, and by entering your registered email and password in the app, your child completes the installation process, and the app is completely hidden from the list of installed applications on the phone so that your child never notices its functionality. Please note that after purchasing a subscription, you must contact support to have our colleagues customize the app for you.

With this version, you have essentially hacked the phone with a link. The unique features added to the app in this version include the ability to record all conversations and view surroundings through the child’s phone camera.

Professional monitoring and controlling system for smartphones

The SPY24 family care system is a very professional and powerful system and application designed with the latest world technologies for remote control and management of the spouse and children’s phones to provide control and monitoring services for the phones of all family members in the field of increasing family security and comfort. The first tracking and hidden control system for children’s mobile phones for family care.

● Real-time control, location tracking, and tracing of mobile phone position

● Control and tracking of phone calls and messages with full reports

● Control and tracking of social networks such as Telegram, Instagram, and others in the virtual space

● Hidden control and tracking of mobile phones without detection by children

● Easy and fast installation of mobile control software with guidance

● Fully professional and permanent versions, even without monthly or annual charges

Professional monitoring and controlling system for smartphones

✔ The first and best educational system for Android control software, for direct control and monitoring of children’s phones and for increasing the security of all family members. This system provides you, dear parents and guardians, with the ability to easily access all the professional services of the system applications even with the least technical knowledge.


In this text, we examined the spouse phone control software and provided some programs for controlling the phone. Finally, we should mention that by installing the SPY24 application, you can easily track your phone remotely using the link below and also prevent it from being stolen or lost. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know. You can also read our other articles such as The Best free phone tracker app without Permission.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can we download the app to hack our spouse’s phone?

To download the app to hack a phone for online monitoring of children, simply click on the download button and receive it directly.

Why should we be careful in choosing mobile control software for our spouse?

Since the information available on a person’s phone is valuable to them, you should be careful in choosing your own tracking software so that your information is not at risk.

Why should we not use free phone hacking software?

There is no such thing as a free lunch. Many free phone hacking apps earn their income by collecting your information.

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