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After Instagram Is Hacked What Should Be Done?

What to do after Instagram is hacked? After Instagram’s hack and the theft of information by profit-seeking individuals, it is necessary to take necessary actions and we intend to introduce ways to confront Instagram hacking in this article. So stay with us. In 2023, Instagram is one of the most important applications that most of us have on our smartphones and we do various activities through it. Like having fun promoting your business or even making money from Instagram itself, it’s all about what we do on Instagram, and spend a lot of time on it every day. Hacking Instagram is probably a word that we have all heard and are afraid of. Instagram hacking can be very scary for us. Imagine that someone else can see your activities on your Instagram page, see the posts you see, and access your personal messages on Instagram.

But if we are hacked on Instagram, what should we do? How to restore our page?

Is there any way to figure this out or get the page back? In the continuation of this article from SPY24, we are going to introduce you to several important things to do after your Instagram is hacked so that you know what to do after Instagram is hacked.

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Can an Instagram account be hacked?

One of the most wrong beliefs that a small percentage of people have and should be careful about is that many people think that since Instagram is highly secure, it is not possible to be hacked and they do things without worrying and endanger their safety. I can tell you that there is no software or application in the world that is safe from hacker attacks.

The second point that you should pay attention to is that many hacks on social networks like Instagram are client hacking and hacking on behalf of the user, and this is how they hack your account on your behalf and it is you.

Can an Instagram account be hacked?

You must establish security measures to avoid being hacked. You can read the article “How to increase your Instagram security?” from the SPY24 App blog, get to know the important methods of increasing Instagram security, and get to know these things better.

What is Instagram hacking?

As we mentioned, these days many Instagram accounts are hacked for various reasons. But what does Instagram hacking mean? Hacking Instagram refers to when individuals with malicious intentions gain access to someone’s Instagram account password and view the private information present on it. Hackers use various methods to gain access to users’ passwords. Instagram beginners who are not familiar with its security issues and do not follow the necessary precautions are more vulnerable to being hacked than others.

What is Instagram hacking?

Hacking Instagram refers to when individuals with malicious intentions gain access to someone’s Instagram account password and view the private information present on it.

There are various factors that make a hacker’s job easier:

There are various factors that make it easier for hackers to hack someone’s Instagram account. Some of the most important methods that make it easier for individuals’ Instagram accounts to be hacked are:

1. Choosing an insecure password

Many people choose simple or easily guessable passwords for their accounts. Passwords like “123456,” which used to be the most common password for many people’s accounts and emails, can be considered very insecure and inappropriate passwords. Other factors such as using one’s name, date of birth, and other similar information that can be guessed make it easier for hackers to hack individuals’ Instagram accounts.

2. Entering passwords in inappropriate situations

Some people enter their account passwords in inappropriate situations, such as in public places like restaurants and taxis in front of others. If someone sees this password, they can access your Instagram information and, in a sense, hack it.

Also, entering your Instagram account password or other passwords in a location where there is a security camera is another factor that can allow others to access your password.

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3. Using insecure devices

Using phones and computers that are infected with spyware tools such as Keyloggers is another factor that can cause your Instagram account password to fall into the hands of malicious individuals due to a lack of attention.

4. Writing down your password

Some people write down their passwords on paper, phone text messages, or personal messages on Telegram and WhatsApp so that they don’t forget them. If someone else gains access to this writing, they can easily log into the person’s account and do Instagram hacking with ease.

5. Instagram Password Hacking Bot

A bot is actually a program and code written by a hacker for hacking Instagram. Bots are generally created for specific purposes and the job of each one is usually clear. That is why it can be said that the only purpose of the Instagram password-hacking bot is to obtain this code and hack the Instagram accounts of individuals. Usually, most Instagram Password hacking bots work on the Telegram platform and social network. Ignoring bots allows hackers to easily access your password.

There are various factors that make the process of hacking Instagram accounts easier for hackers. One of the most important factors is logging in to your account in inappropriate places and on insecure devices, writing simple passwords, and choosing simple passwords.

How to know if your Instagram account has been hacked

There are various factors that happen after Instagram is hacked by hackers. Paying attention to these factors helps you quickly realize that someone else has access to your account. These factors include:

How to know if your Instagram account has been hacked

1- Inability to access the account

One of the first things hackers do after hacking an Instagram account is change the password. This makes it impossible for you to log into your Instagram account. However, sometimes Instagram glitches may cause you to be logged out of your account. To make sure whether you have been hacked or facing a software issue, try entering your password once. If you still cannot enter your account with the correct password, you should know that your account has been hacked.

2- Changing the email address associated with the account

Another thing that hackers do is change the email address associated with the Instagram account. However, there is a point to note in this case that helps you realize if you have been hacked. Before changing the email address, Instagram sends you an email that essentially announces the account change. By paying attention to this email, you can figure out if someone has tried to change your email address or is in the process of doing so.

3- Login alert from a new device

If the hacker has not changed your password for any reason and you can log in to your account, you will receive a login alert from a new device. If you are sure that you have not logged in from a new device (phone or computer) yourself, you can understand that someone else has gained access to your account. In such cases, it is better to change your password as soon as possible to avoid further trouble.

4- Changing Page Content

If the content of your page has changed in any strange way, you should know that you have been hacked. Posting a new post or story, comments or messages that you did not write but have been sent, and other similar cases that you should pay attention to. These indicate that someone else also has access to your account.

5- Checking Login Activity

Another way to keep informed about your Instagram being hacked is to check login activity. It is better to go to your activity section and check recent logins every once in a while, whenever you suspect that someone else has access to your account or when you notice suspicious activity. To do this, you must first go to the Settings section and select the Security option.

Then go to the Login Activity section. In this section, you can see all the devices that have access to your account. If you see a device that does not belong to you and you have not logged into your Instagram account with it, you should know that someone with hacked Instagram has access to your account. At this point, you need to take necessary security measures such as checking your email and changing your password.

There are various things that happen after Instagram gets hacked by hackers. Paying attention to these points can help you become aware of your account being hacked.

What information does an Instagram hacker have access to?

Some people think that after their Instagram account is hacked, the hacker has access to all the information on their mobile phone, such as contacts, gallery photos, and many other things. Let’s start by saying that Instagram does not have the ability to show such information to hackers.

Perhaps when other apps like Telegram and WhatsApp are hacked, they may have access to your contacts’ information. However, this will not happen with an Instagram hack. Among the most important information that a hacker has access to after hacking an Instagram account are personal messages, archived posts and stories, and old stories.

What information does an Instagram hacker have access to?

Also, many Instagram hackers find the intimate friends of the hacked individuals by reading their messages and sending them messages. These messages can be irrelevant, ugly, contain malware and spyware links, or request money. Some hackers pretend to be the owners of the accounts and message the close friends of the person, stating that something has happened and they need money, asking for money from them. This is a point that every person who uses Instagram should pay attention to.

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Some of the most important information that a hacker has access to with an Instagram hack includes personal messages, archived information and posts, and old stories.

Recovering a hacked Instagram account:

You should know that recovering an Instagram account after changing the email can be difficult and time-consuming. You may not ultimately achieve the desired result. Of course, there are methods for doing this, but one of them must be activated before being hacked, and another may not ultimately have the desired result.

If you notice that the hacker wants to change your password when they have access to your account, you can prevent losing your account by changing your password. If they succeed in changing your password, before changing your email, you can take action against their further actions by recovering your password.

You can also get help from Instagram’s security team by using the Revert or Reset password option. After taking some actions and verifying your identity as the account owner, the security team will return the account to you. The common actions that Instagram’s security team takes to recover an account vary. Some of the most common actions this team takes include:

1. The picture with a Note

In this method, the Instagram security team sends you a code to your email and asks you to write this code on a piece of paper and keep it next to you. Then, you should send them a photo of yourself holding the piece of paper with the code and your face visible. They will return the account to you once they see the photo and posts in your account and confirm that you are the account owner.

2. Device Used

Another method that the Instagram security team uses is asking about the model and brand of the mobile device that you used to create the account or used it for an extended period of time. After completing one or both of these steps and confirming it with the security team, the account will be returned to the owner. However, it should be noted that this process takes time and is not done quickly.

Recovering a hacked Instagram account without email

As we mentioned, changing the email and password is one of the first things that hackers do after hacking an Instagram account. Therefore, it is necessary to have information about the methods that can be used to recover an account that has been hacked and whose email has also been changed. There are two common ways to recover an Instagram account without using email. These methods are as follows.

Recovering a hacked Instagram account without email

1- Using your phone number

The first method you can use after hacking Instagram and without using email is your mobile phone number. However, keep in mind that you must have registered your phone number before being hacked. In this case, you can easily retrieve your account. To do this, go to the Instagram login page and click on the Forgot Password option.

At this point, select the option to recover your password by mobile phone. After entering your phone number in the account section, a code will be sent to your device. By entering this code in the specified section on Instagram, you can choose a new password for your account and regain access to it.

2- Contacting Instagram Support Team

Another method that exists after an Instagram hack without using email is to contact and send a message to the Instagram security support team. You need to message this team and explain your problem. After they become aware of your identity and that you are the real owner of the account using the methods mentioned in the previous section, they will return the account to you.

However, please note that if for any reason you cannot prove that the page belongs to you, the account will not be returned to you. This problem occurs more for online shops and pages where the owner’s photo has not been used.

Ways to prevent Instagram hacking

You should know that hacking Instagram is a difficult task if you follow the initial precautions we mentioned, and not everyone is capable of doing it. Some of the most important things to keep in mind to prevent your Instagram account from being hacked are:

Ways to prevent Instagram hacking

1- Avoid logging into your account on insecure devices

Never log into your account on a device (mobile phone or computer) that doesn’t belong to you or is accessible to others. This can make it easy for others to access your account, even without knowing your password.

2- Do not enter your password in inappropriate places

As we mentioned, you should not enter your password in places where there are surveillance cameras or where others can see your phone screen. This helps hackers easily hack your Instagram account.

3- Use a strong password

If your Instagram account is hacked and you have recovered it, the best thing to do is to go to the app settings and create a strong and secure password using a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and various symbols.

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Make sure to choose a password that contains at least 10 characters or more and it is recommended to use a two-step verification password as well. This is because this password will be sent to you every time you log in to Instagram and it is disposable, meaning that you can only access Instagram when you receive this password and enter it in the relevant box.

In such situations, a malicious person cannot easily attack your account and hack it again. Therefore, the best step to take after your Instagram account is hacked is to use a secure two-step verification password.

4- Use appropriate passwords

Suitable passwords can be a combination of upper and lower-case letters, numbers, and symbols. Also, keep in mind that the longer and more complex your password is, the harder it will be for someone to hack your Instagram account. Of course, when choosing a password, choose one that you can remember and not forget alongside being difficult.

5- Change your password periodically

It is better to change your password from time to time so that if someone has discovered your password, they cannot access your account anymore.

6- Limiting Access to Different Applications

Some applications, when installed, request different and illogical access such as contact lists, gallery photos, and some other items. Some applications, such as Instagram, require access to your phone’s camera so you can take photos and post them on the social network. However, some accesses, such as a game’s access to your Instagram account, are completely illogical. For this reason, when installing various applications and to prevent hacking of your Instagram or other accounts, pay attention to the access you give to the applications.

7- Use the Official Instagram Application

Perhaps one of the mistakes that many people make and which causes them to face the problem of hacking their Instagram is using miscellaneous applications to log in to their Instagram accounts. Some users go to applications that offer services such as downloading photos or checking the status of their followers for more features. These applications require their usernames and account passwords. By entering this information, the person has given permission to those behind the application to hack their Instagram. Because they have access to the information they need and can easily enter that person’s account.

8- Pay attention to your email

Keep in mind that the easiest way to hack Instagram without knowing the password is to hack the person’s email. In this case, the person not only faces problems with their hacked Instagram account but their email account is also compromised, causing additional issues. It is better to acquire knowledge about important points for protecting the security of your email.

9- Use two-factor authentication

The two-factor authentication method is one of the most suitable and best methods that can prevent your Instagram account from being hacked. Using this method makes it very difficult for hackers to access your Instagram account. Additionally, it is important to note that many hackers do not even know how to hack accounts that use two-factor authentication and cannot hack accounts that use this method.

It is important to understand that hacking Instagram is a difficult task if you follow the precautions mentioned at the beginning of the text, and not everyone has the ability to do it.

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Activating two-factor authentication is recommended

Activating two-factor authentication is recommended

As we mentioned, one of the best ways to prevent Instagram hacking is to use two-factor authentication. To activate this feature on Instagram, you need to follow the steps below:

  1. Go to your profile page.
  2. Then go to the Settings section of your Instagram account.
  3. Go to the Security section and select the Two-Factor Authentication option.
  4. Click on Get Started.
  5. In the next section, you will be presented with two options.
  6. Each of these options uses a different method to accomplish this task.

These two methods are:

Using one-time password generator apps The first method involves using one-time password generator apps for various purposes. To use this method, you need to:

Download and install suitable and secure apps like Google Authenticator for this task. Then, in this section, transfer the code provided to you by Instagram to the Google Authenticator app or other similar apps. These apps generate short-term passwords for you that are valid for only under a minute.

After doing this, when logging into your Instagram account, enter your password, followed by the second-stage password during the time when it is valid.

Using your mobile phone number

In the second method, you ask Instagram to send you a second password via text message to prevent hacking into your Instagram account. To activate this method, you need to link your mobile phone number to your Instagram account.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Instagram Hack

As we mentioned, hacking an Instagram account that uses two-factor authentication (2FA) is very difficult. Therefore, hackers use other methods to accomplish this task. Some of the methods that hackers use to hack an Instagram account that uses 2FA are:

1- Email Hack

Some hackers hack the email account associated with your Instagram account. Then, they send a message to Instagram support stating that they are unable to use the 2FA method. In this email, they request that Instagram disable the 2FA method. Once the 2FA method is disabled, they easily hack the Instagram account and gain access to it.

Using spyware App

One of the things that you should pay attention to not only to prevent Instagram hacking but also for greater security of all your accounts and information is the spyware App. These Apps are usually installed on mobile phones and computers by installing apps from inappropriate stores and sites, opening some links, and other cases. Monitoring and spyware applications can transfer a lot of information such as temporary passwords to hackers, and they can hack your account in this way.

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Using two-step verification can be considered one of the best ways to prevent Instagram hacking.


In this article from SPY24, we tried to teach you some of the most important and key tips to increase Instagram security and how to recover your account so that you know what to do after Instagram is hacked!

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